Tom Cable won't reveal Oakland's quarterback yet

Raiders coach Tom Cable knows who he’s going to start at quarterback this week against the Cardinals.  He’s just not ready to share yet.

“I’m pretty sure about the direction we have to go,” Cable said Monday, via Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune. “I have a pretty good idea what we’re going to do.”

Logic says Cable will start Bruce Gradkowski after the Polish popgun led the Raiders to a comeback victory.  The perception in Oakland is that Al Davis supports Jason Campbell because of his contract and arm, among other factors.  Cable says it’s his decision only.

“It has to be,” Cable said.

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  1. Does Al like the way J.C. flexes or something? You can’t be talking about him throwing the ball…I can throw 5 yard checkdowns. I might even be able to get out of the way of one pass rusher.

  2. Of course he’s not going to reveal who will start. It’s better to keep the other team guessing and force them to spend time preparing for both. Not that it takes much preparation to face Captain Check Down Campbell.

  3. PFT is really stupid sometimes.
    Of course Cable won’t reveal his QB. Duhh. Are you PFT folks Homer Simpson??
    I like Cable.
    But here is the bottom line: the Raiders beat the friggin Rams, the team with the fewest wins for, oh, some large number of years. Any first, second, or third string QB in the NFL and probably 33 guys on the street could do that. And have. The end.

  4. “I’m pretty sure about the direction we HAVE to go” !! It’s Gradkowski, the way the team lights up when he comes in, the comeback, Cable knows his butt is on the line, It the Polish Popgun!! Sorry Campbell

  5. If we want to win some games this year it has to be Bruce and we need to keep giving McFadden at least 20 touches a game and using Bush as a spell back at best.
    Let the winners take the reigns and stop this committee approach shit that’s gone on far too long at every position.

  6. But here is the bottom line: the Raiders beat the friggin Rams, the team with the fewest wins for, oh, some large number of years. Any first, second, or third string QB in the NFL and probably 33 guys on the street could do that. And have. The end.
    So I guess that makes Jason Campbell a fourth string QB? Because there was no way in hell he was going to win that game. The dude has absolutely zero pocket presence and holds onto the ball WAY too long. He’s like Rob Johnson 2.0. The only way Campbell starts on Sunday is if Cryptkeeper Al has his way.

  7. What a masterstroke by Cable. Now instead of knowing who they will play and gameplanning accordingly, the Cards will have spend time preparing for one QB who sucks and then spend extra time preparing for another QB who sucks.

  8. I thought Campbell was their savior. He gets benched after 1.5 games. Sad.
    Raiders are still a grease fire and always will be as long as Skeletor is in charge.

  9. I feel like this is a theme for the Raiders every year. Starter or 2nd stringer goes down. Gradkowski comes in, lights it up. Coach/logic says Bruce should start. Al Davis chimes in and Gradkowski goes back to the bench. This team will never be successful with Al Davis at the helm

  10. who cares ,the o line is shitty. and at the end of the rams game ,raiders were up 16 – 7. rams got ball ,and our d dropped 7 and 8 guys into coverage, no blitz, with a rookie qb ,and guess what? rams phuckin scored to make it close. as a raider fan, we will see this type of shit all year , and it makes me phuckin sick. derek anderson would be a great pick up this week for u fantasy homo’s.

  11. preparation to face Captain Check Down Campbell.
    Drat says:
    September 20, 2010 6:52 PM
    PFT is really stupid sometimes.
    Of course Cable won’t reveal his QB. Duhh. Are you PFT folks Homer Simpson??
    I like Cable.
    But here is the bottom line: the Raiders beat the friggin Rams, the team with the fewest wins for, oh, some large number of years. Any first, second, or third string QB in the NFL and probably 33 guys on the street could do that. And have. The end.
    Newsflash … believe it or not the Raiders were losing at halftime with JaMarcus’s bro Jason Campbell at the helm … trust me the Rams could have beaten the Raiders if JaMarcus or Campbell played QB for the whole game.
    It looks like Shanahan tried to put a fast one over Al by giving him Campbell but Cable was smart enough to figure it out … Campbell sucks … Go Gradkowski.

  12. Undead Al would support Jason Campbell more than he supports WINNING. He compares him to Jim Plunkett? Gradkowski is a poor man’s Rich Gannon. I like that comparison a lot better, since Gannon played in this league a little more recently (no disrespect to Jimbo).
    Whenever Undead gives an interview, it’s always focused on the past and recapturing that past. The man is constantly fighting the last battle and he runs his team that way.
    The only relic from the past I would want returned to this team is Ron Wolf, since he deserves a lot of credit for the Raiders’ glory from their yesteryears.
    Geesh, this was all a long freakin’ time ago!

  13. I am just pleased it is not Number 2 taking the snaps.
    In-fact I think the Raidaahs should retire Uniform Number 2.
    Never let another player wear that number again. Just bring it out on draft day every year and hang it in the war room, as a reminder to focus.

  14. Hey El Way:
    Why don’t you take your mile high ass on outta here. Your comments are as bad as the broncos win/loss record against us.

  15. Oakland is finding out what Washington knows. Jason Campbell is nothing more than a back up at best. He has no feel for the rush, he throws sideline patterns a step or two out of bounds and he fumbles too much. You get a good game from him now and then, but you can’t expect to win with him. Why do you think the Redskins gave him away for so little?

  16. Allow me to repeat myself (from an earlier post):
    Al Davis doesn’t mind a head coach with cojones who bucks organizational philosophy. The coach just has to defend his decision with results in the win column — i.e., Madden benching stong-armed Lamonica in favor of weak-armed Stabler or Gruden cutting strong-armed George and signing weak-armed Gannon.
    That’s why weak-minded coaches never last –e.g., White, Bugel, Norval, Shell 2, [insert name here].

  17. Common Mr. Davis. You are the boss. You know Jason Campbell is the best option here.. Cut Grad from the team.. He is just a distraction.. Oh , cut Mc Fadden as well..

  18. TylerDurden says: September 20, 2010 7:53 PM
    It’s Monday. Why should he tell anyone who the starting QB will be next Sunday?
    There it is. So simple, yet so hard to comprehend for some.

  19. I hope it’s Gradkowski. I think he’s earned it. Something gives me the feeling though, that Cambell will be taking the snaps when we head to AZ.

  20. Listen to all the idiots!Al is 83, not a moron, he has 3 rings. Don’t you think he was watching the game.Wtf? He lets his coaches coach and he is the scape goat.He’s ben doing the same thing since Madden was there and if, I say if you pay attention you can find film of John talking about it.Go BRUCE!!!!!!

  21. The most troubling thing I’ve seen from Campbell-and there are several-is his habit of grounding the ball when the play is still alive. He has done it two weeks in a row. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it before when a QB wasn’t trying to kill the clock to save a time out. It’s weird.
    As for John El Way and the other predictable posters: Everything you could ever think to say has been said here at least 500 times. If any of you have friends, ask them for some new material. Your comments aren’t offensive to Raider fans. They’re just tired. I can come up with better shit, and I’m a homer. You’re like the guy that arrives at the party with no girls, no beer, and no weed.

  22. The Onion is reporting that “in a first for an NFL team, the Oakland Raiders have just decided not to play a Quarterback.”
    “Hey, it hasn’t really worked well when we play a QB so why not try NOT playing a QB at all?” Tom Cable went on to say.
    A reporter asked a fan, “Sir, even if your Raiders don’t play a QB as they are intending, are you still planning on dressing up like a Grayskull-meets Gene Simmons lookalike even though you’re 45 and your team doesn’t stand a chance?”
    “Well when you put it that way, umm, no probably not.” The fan replied.
    It is unclear if the Raiders will even gameplan or practice and might just take the week off. Cable plans to stay in Napa all week for a wine-binge, while the whole D-Line is going to Tahoe.
    -The Onion

  23. John El Way says:
    September 20, 2010 8:10 PM
    Raider abomiNation!
    Now there is an original thought/post.
    Be original. This is P.F.T. There is no reason to embarrass yourself in front of thousands of readers by being unoriginal.
    You remind me of the idiot in the back of the theatre that yells out something he heard. Then laughs out loud at himself. The guy with a zit complex, that thinks if he his funny no one will notice the puss oozing out of his face.
    You should be embarrassed that so many people are laughing at you for such an unoriginal post.
    Be original.

  24. He should stick with Jason Campbell. Campbell is a better quarterback than Jamarcus Russell. The coach needs to display some patience. Two games do not make a season.

  25. Who’s fault is it now, Jason Campbell? Your plethora of offensive coordinators? Your offensive line? Your receivers.
    Oh let’s face it, you suck.

  26. Forget Gradkowski, Campbell or Boller ! Aldavisisgod is a self proclaimed expert and he should start. This is assuming dead al will let him out of the house for a few hours !! Would not mind seeing that idiot on his back bleeding from his spineless body !

  27. tango you fat, ignorant, retarded, moronic, cretin, window licking, banjo playing, redneck, hillbilly bigot: You really are the most retarded sack of pig shit I’ve ever heard of. When did I claim to be an expert on anything? Never happened, retard. All I ever said was that a fat, ignorant, drooling retarded high school football waterboy like you has no business opening your sewer about anything because you are a totally braindead idiot. I don’t claim to be an expert and I have no right to question those who’ve been in the game for many years and neither does an obese pile of crap like you.

  28. To:aldavisissatanatbest : No originality. Nothing constructive, just spewing the same BS. Very similiar to dead al. Saying and doing the same things since 1970 ! Boring and redudant. Get clue you POS

  29. tango you fat, retarded, ignorant, drooling, window licking, redneck, cretin, hillbilly bigot: If you weren’t so incredibly stupid I wouldn’t have to keep repeating myself. But, since you obviously have the attention span of a gnat I have to continually remind you that you are an idiot, illiterate, uneducated POS who knows nothing, never will know anything and has no business telling God (AKA Al Davis) what you learned as the waterboy of the high school football team. And, I take great joy in reminding you of that you POS.

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