Antrel Rolle: Giants' travel schedule "drove me crazy"

Antrel Rolle just played his first regular-season road game with the New York Giants, and he doesn’t think much of the way the team structured the players’ travel schedules.

Rolle said in an interview on WFAN that he thought the Giants took the players to Indianapolis too early in the day on Saturday, and that the Giants arrived at the stadium to play the Colts too early in the day on Sunday. Rolle said a lot of sitting around sapped the team’s energy.

No one was enthused, there was no excitement, there was no swagger out there on the field, which actually drove me crazy,” Rolle said, per the New York Daily News.

Rolle said the Giants got to the stadium more than three hours before kickoff and were “just sitting around, being lackadaisical.” He said that when he played for the Cardinals they’d usually arrive at a road stadium about two hours before a game.

“Things have to change,” Rolle said. “If you want a winning team. If you want a team that has a competitive attitude and to have that dog mentality sometimes you have to let that team be a dog. Everything can’t be controlled. And right now everything is controlled within this organization. Everything is controlled.”

It’s not exactly a news flash that Giants coach Tom Coughlin likes for everything to be controlled, so Coughlin might take Rolle’s statement that “everything is controlled” as a positive sign. But Coughlin also wants his players to use their time productively, and Rolle seems to think the Giants had a counterproductive 24 hours leading up to the game.

“I just felt like we had too much down time, doing nothing,” Rolle said. “Honestly I really felt that it carried over to the game. Of course you’re supposed to relax before the game. But we got to Indy at 3 o’clock Saturday, so we had that entire day of doing nothing. Then we had the next day of sitting around, not doing too much.”

Rolle wasn’t necessarily saying a different travel itinerary would have made a difference in a game the Giants lost 38-14, however.

“We got our butts whooped,” Rolle said. “There’s no other way to put it.”

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  1. He talks about Arizona like it’s been a model franchise, and that the Cardinals do things all the right way.

  2. So Rolle is saying that he prefers to get to the stadium two hours early instead of three hours early?

  3. And another PFT exclusive story about absolutely nothing. Maybe you can find out which stall Tebow takes a pregame dump in and report on that. Maybe if this story had that Coughlin imposed a mandatory strippers and coke hour from 3 am to 4 am before game day I’d be interested.

  4. Bro your lucky to be in the league, your hangin by a snot. As smart as you get credit for being you should know no one wants to hear rich people complain about being bored. Doesnt take a Rhodes scholar to get that.

  5. # of championships Rolle won with the Cardinals: 0
    # of championships Coughlin was won doing it his way: 1
    Shut up and stop making excuses.

  6. that drives me crazy too though, in hs i remember when we’d have to sit on a bus for an hour or longer before a game, by the time we got to the game nobody was even tryin to play, everybody been sittin all cramped up on the bus, nobodys ready to go…. its gotta be the same sitting there doing nothing at the stadium for a couple hours before you do anything. the giants need to do something though, the way they’re playing they’re a .500 team… matt moore handed the panthers game to them with a big bow on top, lobbing the ball into triple coverage on a couple occasions on otherwise decent drives… that was nonsense. still early in the season, can definitely turn it around, but the giants have lots of work to do to get there.

  7. So let me guess Antrell. You would like to show up to the game with enough time to put on your uniform and then run onto the field just in time for your teams first play? Is that it.

  8. Correction, got you mistaken with the smart Rolle that got cut. Maybe it does take a Rhodes Scholar to realize no one wants to hear rich people complain about being bored

  9. Personally I feel a professional athlete (esp one getting paid like Rolle does) should be able to get himself ready for a game himself. This is the NFL, not kindergarten. Although sometimes the two look alarmingly similar.

  10. Ballinmore says: Maybe you can find out which stall Tebow takes a pregame dump in and report on that. ——————– Third one from the left. I’m told it has his jersey number painted on the door.

  11. Maybe he ought to use that extra hour to go over the playbook or discuss coverages in critical situations with his team mates. The Giants paid big bucks for this whiner?

  12. Of course, it was the abundant down time that led to Peyton’s passing clinic. Point that finger at anything but the mirror, loser mentality.

  13. NomNoms – I think you’re mixing up your Rolles. Antrell is no Rhodes Scholar, I think he went to Miami…enough said there. You’re thinking of Myron.

  14. Ballinmore says: Maybe you can find out which stall Tebow takes a pregame dump in and report on that.
    The one with the halo over the toilet, of course!

  15. Maybe some players needed to be there 3 hours before the game to get treatment or taped or whatever and the coach just wants everyone there at the same time.
    I think 2 hours should be sufficient but what do I know.

  16. Ballinmore says: Maybe you can find out which stall Tebow takes a pregame dump in and report on that.
    The one with the halo over the toilet, of course!

  17. I kind of agree with this. I played college sports and always thought that timing mattered a lot to the team’s energy on road games. I acted as my team’s match secretary, setting up travel and sometimes accomodations if necessary, and getting there with enough time for pregame warmups without getting there too early was one of my biggest concerns.
    Granted, one would think it should be different for pros, but I totally believe that downtime before the game can sap a team’s energy.

  18. Man look,
    We would get there 3-4 hours before it was time to dress and we’d all get in the train rooms and turn off the lights and nap until it was time to start dressing… rest and think about what you had to do that game.

  19. Complaining about being bored? WTF? Read the playbook, go over some situational coverages, etc. Find something constructive to do rather than sit on your ass and complain that you are bored or are oppressed.

  20. Um, more out of context trash from PFT. The travel schedule didn’t ‘drove him crazy’, it was the lack of enthusiasm and control from the giants staff and players. The travel schedule was being mentioned as a reason why the giants were flat, not why antrel was supposedly crazy. But eh, what do you expect from Florio and his gang of fools

  21. It’s about time Coughlin starts listening to his players. The players obviously aren’t responding to him. He never really was a great coach. The only reason why he won a championship was because of Spags and his amazing D. I can understand what Rolle is saying. Showing up that early before a game is rediculous.

  22. @Neverend
    Why come here at all? According to you they are awful but yet you come here and give them clicks. That is insane.

  23. 3 hours before game time is a bit much. Some guys like getting there that early, but some get bored sitting around. 2 hrs is PLENTY of time before a game.

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