Fisher on Young's benching: "He shouldn't like it"

V. Young6.jpgAfter a flawless opening effort against the Raiders, Vince Young found himself back on the bench for the second half of Tennessee’s loss to the Steelers.

Weren’t we past this with him?

“I don’t see it happening again and if it does I’ll make the appropriate decision at that time. But Vince is our starter,” coach Jeff Fisher said Monday via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

Fisher cited Kerry Collins’ experience against the Steelers as a reason he made the move. Fisher also pointed towards all the benchings around the league on Sunday as proof that quarterback is a tough position to play.  But Young doesn’t want his peers to be Matt Moore, Derek Anderson, and Jason Campbell. 

Young certainly doesn’t get paid like those guys.

“He shouldn’t like it. Anybody you take out of the game, do you expect
him to like it? No, he shouldn’t like it,” Fisher said. “And I would
expect any player that was replaced for whatever reason not to be happy
with it. But what you do is you come back to work, you work harder, you
learn from it and you improve.”

Right there is a window into Fisher’s thinking.  He’s still trying to motivate his quarterback while winning games along the way. Young apologized to his fans via Twitter on Monday, but didn’t speak otherwise.

Like a lot of Titans fans, Young probably thought he was past getting benched in Week Two.

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  1. Awww, he looks so sad 😦
    It was a conference game but it was not a “must win”. VY should’ve been allowed to play it out take his lumps. They were only down by a handful, who’s to say a little Music City Magic couldn’t be made?

  2. QB’s with million dollar arms and 10 cent heads don’t make in the NFL long term. This is going to be an ongoing story line with this guy, so Titan fans better get used to it.

  3. did you see the part where Fisher said if Brady or someone got body slammed to to the ground like VY there would have been 14 flags on the field….. 0 for VY.
    VY will be back strong, Its a great test for him. He will succeed.

  4. Jeff Fisher is an idiot. Either Young is your future or he isn’t. Benching him in that situation was useless and unjustifiable.
    55.5% winning percentage as a head coach. Made the playoffs 6 times in 17 years. Why is everyone so enamored with this chump?

  5. The real window into Fisher’s thinking is this quote:
    “As coaches we probably had too much in the gameplan,” Fisher said. “We probably asked too much of our offense against this defense.”
    Soooo… is VY too dumb to run the offense or do the genius coaches have no idea how to attack Pittsburgh’s defense?

  6. well it wasnt that long ago that even mcnabb got benched like this, much ado about nothing. the game wasnt going anywhere but south. might as well keep your qb alive after getting pile-driven into the ground. its nice to have a qb isnt it?

  7. BDrunk: oh hell yes it was a must win. They’ll never win the AFC South with Indy and TX in there. IF they even come close to the wildcard race, this game will bite the in the arse big time! Pittsburgh would have the head to head tie-breaker.

  8. “Soooo… is VY too dumb to run the offense or do the genius coaches have no idea how to attack Pittsburgh’s defense? ”
    maybe a little bit of the former, but definitely a whole bunch of the latter…it was pretty clear that Fish didn’t have an answer for PIT’s D and turned to KfC out of sheer desperation…

  9. I think it was the right call to get VY out of there because the Steelers had every intent on trying to hurt him. They took it to the Titans, but their play was also some of the dirtiest play i have seen in awhile.
    He was having a bad game, I don’t think the book is written on his season yet. The “hair” baited him into an interception at the last moment. (something all-pro players do). And he fumbled on a play where they left CJ to block Harrison 10n1. That was the “C’mon man” of the week right there. You don’t do that unless your asking for trouble.
    Take your licks and come back in play the next game.

  10. Young is simply never going to be a consistently good NFL quarterback. He’ll have flashes of greatness followed by long periods of incompetency.

  11. The funniest thing in all this is to listen to that idiot Michael Irvin and mouth Deion Sanders rail on and on about how bad it was to yank Vince Young as he is 13-2. Never mind how horrible he was, the look on his face during the game, the terrible interceptions (Polamalu and Woodley), the fact that later Young said HE NEVER SAW WHAT THE STEELERS were doing before, on and on. How can the NFL Network continue to employ those 2 hacks?
    Then, Collins comes back and gets a td and almost a second td. It was clearly the right move to bench Young. Harrison had almost killed Young on one sack. Young had enough and was not going to do anything all day.
    Here is a stat Irvin and Sanders ought to try to get in their heads: Young was 7-for-10 for 66 yards and 2 costly INTs before being yanked. See more below. T For the NFL Network to continue peddling this trash they spew, it is truly sad. The Steeler defense was hellish. Chris Johnson shut down by the 4th quarter, probably tired from the heat and beaten up. Vince Young looked sad, had a blank face much of the time as he knew he could do nothing against that defense.
    Here’s an overview of just how futile the Titans’ next ten series were before their late, desperation score.
    Drive No. Time of Possession Drive Began No. of Plays Yards Gained Result
    4 2:10 OWN 20 3 8 Punt
    5 2:01 OWN 37 4 21 Interception
    6 2:46 OWN 20 3 -11 Punt
    7 0:09 OWN 23 1 0 Fumble
    8 2:53 OWN 24 4 15 Punt
    9 1:14 OWN 47 3 -12 Punt
    10 0:51 OWN 42 2 -7 Fumble
    11 1:59 OWN 29 5 0 Interception
    12 1:33 OWN 20 3 1 Punt
    13 0:10 OWN 20 1 -5 Fumble
    29 plays, 10 yards, 5 turnovers. Incredible.
    Regardless, we may not ever see the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers be that dominant over the course of a 30-play stretch ever again.

  12. he is 13-3 in his last 16 games, lets all just start attacking him because he had a bad game. joe flacco sucks too, and favre never should have played football, tony romo cant win anything ever, tom brady, david garrard and matt hassleback might as well hang it up too, they all lost last week and are totally useless…… you guys need to get your head out of your arse.

  13. Steelfan when Collins came in the whole gameplan changed from pounding CJ into a wall for 3 quarters to throwing, Collins lost a fumble and threw a pick too dude! The Steelers defense dominated but to say that somehow Collins is or did better is retarted. The whole gameplan changed for him and thats the gameplan they should have had from the beginning. Half his yards came against the Steelers prevent. It was a dominant perfomance by the Steelers D, period. The whole Titans offense looked bad all day.

  14. This says more about Jeff Fisher’s greatness as a coach than it does about Young’s ability or failings. When Pittsburgh’s D is “on” there are very few teams in the league that can put up points, and good for Fisher at least giving it the old college try. Still, Vince, you need to quit using CJ as your security blanket and realize you have to be a playmaker when the opportunity arises. If you need to stretch the D and your offensive coordinator isn’t getting it, audible out and make things happen. Nobody can overrule the man with the ball in his hands once it’s snapped, and if you showed that kind of leadership we wouldn’t be reading about you now.

  15. Both defenses played superb.
    Overlooked is how pathetic the Steelers Offense was in this game? 127 total yards w Ward & Mendenhall starting. Special teams was the only offense for Steelers.
    Its clear both teams need a clinic on how offense is suppose to work.

  16. heyguru:
    Problem is Young was not understanding what he was seeing for 3 quarters and was not improving. Collins came in cold and threw and interception but then showed improvement driving down the field. That is the difference. Young had no flow, no continuity, threw bad interceptions (McFadden made a great INT on Collins) and got physically beat up by the Steelers Defense. This is not an indictment against Young overall, only on Sunday. He needed to be yanked, there was just no good coming out of keeping that kid in there. Sunday he will play better. He was confused many times. Collins has 16 years in the league and can read the d better. Young will be far better this week.

  17. Vinve has to learn how to decipher 3-4 exotic defenses…..
    Use your cell and call Carson Palmer……He can show you a few things on hot to beat the Ravens and the Steelers…..Stay focused

  18. LMAO at the Young supporters who tout “HIS” winning record….
    The FACT is Young has been DRAGGED across the finish line by the defense, special teams and running game for the overwhelming majority of “his” wins….

  19. First let’s remember that just last year Fish let Collins have 5 horrible games before benching him. Let also not forget that Young brought the team within a hair of making the playoffs from that deficit, an unheard of accomplishment.
    I hate to play the race card, but call a spade a spade. I feel Fish wants a white quarterback and this benching is a way to undermine Young’s confidence and his leadership in the locker room.
    When a defense is as dominate of an offense like that game was, it’s the coaches fault for having a bad game plan. Pulling Young, is Fish’s way of sticking the blame on the players. I think it was a travesty to the team and another sign that Fish has got to go.

  20. If Young plays like this in 3 or 4 more games it might be time to give Rusty Smith some playing time and start getting the kid ready.

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