Gradkowski, Campbell conundrum could spark a locker-room rift

NFL_gradkowski_250.jpgWith the Raiders unexpectedly yanking quarterback Jason Campbell for Bruce Gradkowski and then apparently doctoring the post-game quotes from coach Tom Cable to suggest . . . well, something, we’re picking up strong indications of a potential locker-room problem between Campbell and Gradkowski.

Campbell perceives, we’re told, that Gradkowski actively has lobbied quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett, who worked with Gradkowski in Tampa, to give Gradlowski a chance to play. 

Gradkowski got that chance on Sunday, and he made the most of it in a come-from-behind win over the Rams.

Whether Campbell’s perception is accurate doesn’t matter.  It’s the kind of thing that could create trouble between the two quarterbacks, sparking an atmosphere much different than the whole Warner Brothers polite gophers vibe in Philly.  It also could, as other situations like this have done, spread to the locker room.

In Oakland, the potential dysfunction arguably wouldn’t even qualify as typical dysfunction.  But dysfunction it still is, and it comes at a time when the Raiders supposedly had found an answer at the quarterback position.

The challenge for Cable will be to come up with a way to contain the situation before it becomes a problem.  And it likely will require an approach far more subtle than accidentally breaking someone’s jaw.

93 responses to “Gradkowski, Campbell conundrum could spark a locker-room rift

  1. Thank god the Cards are coming in. We can start Bruce, get a solid game and hopefully a win then all that rift crap will be gone. It’s been said before….winning cures everything. The team wins with Bruce. That has been proven. A winning team has never been divided over a QB no matter how nice he is.

  2. The Raider locker room does not care about that stuff, there is no rift.
    They will RIDE with whoever is playing under center and win the game. THERE ARE NO EGOS on that team to care about that stuff.
    They just want to win, they will play hard regardless of who is throwing the passes and running the show.
    The defense is fine either way.
    And on offense the players are too young to take sides, they are all learning how to play the game now.
    AND DARREN MCFADDEN 4 MVP, 2nd in league in rushing…RUN DMC has arrived.

  3. Hope you didn’t use up too much of your brain power for this article little mikey.
    Wonder who you hate more…..the RAIDERS or the Jets…….

  4. Half the locker room knows what “conundrum” means and feel smug about it. The other half feel they’re being talked down to and are resentful. It’s not a healthy situation.

  5. so what if campbell thinks that… I’m sick of you guys defending campbell after all you do all year round is hate on the raiders… he sucks, i don’t care about the line… how come this little no name guy bruce gradkowski can handle the pressure but campbell can’t? bottom line. no excuses. if bruce can do it, jason should be able to do it, and he can’t. he has no energy, bruce is all energy… polish popgun should be the starter, campbell sucks, and i always knew he sucked ever since we got him and even before… HAHAHA florio picked the ‘skins to go to the super bowl last year, which would mean jason campbell would have led a team to the super bowl? HA, good luck

  6. Yeah, Gradkowski lobbied his way in——by outplaying all the other QB’s on the roster every time he took the field this year.
    This is a no brainer. Grad’s moves the offense. Campbell is the right kind of guy, but something is not clicking. I’m starting to see what some of the Redskin fans on here have been saying. Bruce definately has been more accurate, quick with the decision making, and able to score TD’s. where Campbell looks more plodding, does not connect down the field as often, and seems to hold the ball too long. These are all just first impressions, but we are firing live bullets now, and it is week 3. No time to spend the next 6 weeks figuring out who we have in Campbell. We know what we have in Bruce.
    I know it is early, and he should be given more of a chance, but on the other hand, it IS early and the TEAM needs to be given the best chance to win, especially at such an early point in the season where it could impact things like competing for the division and a playoff spot.

  7. There shouldn’t be a QB controversy… what has Jason Campbell done in his career to warrant being the starting QB of any team?
    I watched him for years with the Skins… He can’t read a defense pre-snap to save his life, causing slow delivery & sacks.

  8. That’s retarded logic. Hackett is BELOW Tom Cable on the pecking order of coaches who make that kind of decision. IT has nothing to do with Hackett. Al Davis with a little input from Cable decided the starting QB.

  9. We listened, mostly to other, make excuses for Campbell for 5 years in Washington… now he beleieves that there’s a conspiracy against him!
    If Campbell played like a starting QB he wouldn’t have these problems. Everytime Campbell’s been replaced, the entire team comes to life.. this should tell him something.

  10. WOW a NFL player actually lobbying a coach for playing time????!!!!
    Who would have “thunk” it?
    Mr. Florio I would expect this kind of dribble from Greggy-poo Rosenthal.
    Bottom line is Cable couldn’t afford to go 0-2 by losing to the FREAKING Rams!
    He pulled the trigger (much like Jeff Fisher did with Vince Young) and it WORKED (unlike Fisher).
    ESPN’s Bill Williamson has a MUCH more logical posting regarding the Raiders QB situation.
    Basically the Raiders OL is so pathetic that Gradkowski’s style of play actually works better with them.
    And I quote:
    “Gradkowski is the type of player who can make do with Oakland’s weak offensive line because he gets the ball out of hands quickly and he makes plays with his feet. When the protection breaks down, Gradkowski can keep plays going.”
    Bottom line Campbell is the long term QB and better fits what the Raiders want to do. He has been “blessed” by Al and if Cable can’t make it work with Campbell, eventually Cable will go and Hue Jackson will take over.
    BUT until the Raiders can field a legit NFL caliber OL, Cable is forced to consider playing Gradkowski. Cable has GOT to start winning games OFTEN or he will be GONE!

  11. Sounds like you guys just started a problem. Thanks for it not being made up Redskins drama! Now I dont have to sleep with your wife (or atleast for now)!

  12. Where in the hell did you pull that garbage from? Wow. Let’s all just make up some trash and throw it on the internet hoping someone will read it.

  13. Actually Campbell is more Kent Graham than Rodney Pete… Pete was actually mobile and could rally a team, if you’d remember.
    Campbell makes average offense lines worse and, well, it’s seems strange that every single line that he’s played with is blamed for his play. Bad QBs hold the ball too long, don’t make good reads and makes it impossible for the line to play well. You don’t have to be Fran Tarkenton, but you have to slide in the pocket and make smart, timely plays; something Campbell has never done. Enough of the excuses!

  14. Florio and PFT making chit up again…trying to stir the pot. Speculations abound on this site.
    “We’re told.” Yeah…right. How about leaving you cubicle in New York and ACTUALLY talk to the players to get a sense of the atmosphere there instead of armchair quarterbacking?

  15. nice try to drum up some news on a tuesday florio.
    your sense of humor expose you as the biggest geek that has a blog on the world wide web
    im sure your jaw has gotten pretty sore making it all the way from a geek blogger to actually being on TV with nbc

  16. The media vermin, like florio, will always try and bring down this team. It will always be this way until Mark Davis is in control, and then, they might back off because he won’t have an aura to bash.

  17. It’s simple really. If they are scared of offending Campbell, then let him start this week. After he chokes in the first half, bring out the polish pop gun and let him repeat his week 2 performance. Then he starts until he gets hurt.

  18. the receivers like Gradkowski. Evident by interview before opening day. comment was” Campbell has some positives and negatives when compaing”, that sounded like a mid season statement not opening day. Opinions already exist. Gradkowski practices with intensity.

  19. You want hits your gonna get hits for your site gloryhole, just metion Americas/ The Worlds team, THE RAIDERS!
    Grad has the fire and better understanding of Hues Offense than Campbell does at this point. But is not a better overall QB as as Campbell. Start Grad till Campbell can grasp the offense. Either way,
    JUST WIN BABY!!!!!

  20. there is no rift here. You guys at PFT are trying to stir things up. Grad is the man and everyone knows it. It was old Al DAvis that annointed Campbell the starter to begin with.

  21. A backup QB who enters the game unexpectedly always seems to enjoy success by exploiting a defense who has not prepared to face him.
    Grad looked ordinary against a weak Ram’s D. The fact that Campbell looked worse does not fill me with optimism. If I had to choose, though, I’d start Grad. He seems to be more resilient than Campbell at this stage of Campbell’s Raider ride.

  22. Hey its the Raiders. If they aren’t totally dysfunctional in one way, they will be in others. Really doesn’t matter what it is.

  23. Jason Campbell should have nothing to worry about …… as long as he can play better than Gradkowski.
    Which he can’t.

  24. Jason Campbell’s perception might be all that’s accurate. Thanks Philly for sending us a real Quarterback.

  25. Campbell has taken a team to the playoffs. His TD-INT ratio is actually above 1 (unlike Gradkowski) and his career QB rating is almost 20 points higher. And, he also made Brucie look like like amateur hour last year when they played the skins. Campbell is new to the team and he’s the starter, which really does mean something. Its a lot tougher to play the whole game and win then to step in and rally (you have the benefit of the change lighting the fire under your teammates and the other team not game-planning for you)

  26. Spicoli is right. Gradkowski lobbied his way in with his play plain and simple. dead al thinks we need a strong arm to hit the bomb. The O line simply can’t give whomever is under center the time for even the fastet wideout to get down the field. dead al does not get it !

  27. “Yeah, Gradkowski lobbied his way in——by outplaying all the other QB’s on the roster every time he took the field this year. ”
    Thank you!! I was hoping this would be Grad’s team this year. Wasn’t too happy when i found out we got Campbell.

  28. Oh no, I wonder which QB the Raiders will choose to lose under next week! I can see why the locker room is so divided.

  29. Campbell’s just going to have to suck it up and deal with it. Personally, I think Campbell was yanked a little too quickly – but that said, Grads made magic with his opportunity. The only strength in Campbell’s alleged indignation would be if Grads was just as bad as Campbell was and couldn’t generate anymore action that JC was able to, which wasn’t a lot.

  30. There was a false sense of optimism when Campbell arrived. Everyone was so jacked and excited that JaMarcus Russell was gone, they forgot one little thing: Campbell sucks too.
    Gradkowski may not be the long term answer, but every time the dude has stepped on the field for the Raiders, they’ve been competitive.

  31. Campbell has been in the league for six years and still couldnt read a defense if his life depended on it. Hes also got zero awareness; doesnt feel defenders until hes already on his back.
    Hes a servicable backup but has no business starting in the national football league.

  32. “# Dapollock says: September 21, 2010 12:10 PM
    The Raiders should devine the QB answer by reading the signs in Al’s excrement.”
    That’s no way to talk about Todd Marinovich.

  33. bottom line you play the game as a team to win….i will reitierate that Jason Campbell did not play that bad. Bruce didn’t do anything that amazing to say he should 100% be the starter. In the second half the defense played 100% better.
    One thing is for sure is Bruce is much more “emotional” when he plays. Just for that reason I would start him, as the raiders look a little “flat” with Jason. Nothing wrong with competition, it will only make you better.

  34. alisgod says:
    September 21, 2010 12:45 PM
    there is no rift here. You guys at PFT are trying to stir things up. Grad is the man and everyone knows it. It was old Al DAvis that annointed Campbell the starter to begin with.
    Ummmmmm…………so you’re saying that having one QB on the team that everyone wants to start but is not starting because the owner inserted his own hand picked guy is not a problem?
    Sure, sport. Sounds like a recipe for true locker room harmony. Let us know how that works out for you.

  35. alisgod says:
    September 21, 2010 12:45 PM
    there is no rift here. You guys at PFT are trying to stir things up. Grad is the man and everyone knows it. It was old Al DAvis that annointed Campbell the starter to begin with.
    Ummmmmm…………so you’re saying that having one QB on the team that everyone wants to start but is not starting because the owner inserted his own hand picked guy is not a problem?
    Sure, sport. Sounds like a recipe for true locker room harmony. Let us know how that works out for you.

  36. Campbell makes average offense lines worse and, well, it seems strange that every single line that he’s played with is blamed for his play. Bad QBs hold the ball too long, don’t make good reads and makes it impossible for the line to play well.
    Exactly. He holds on to the ball WAY too long, but of course that’s all the offensive line’s fault. Jason Campbell is Rob Johnson 2.0. All the physical tools, but zero pocket awareness and terrified to actually throw the ball. The only one that thinks Jason Campbell should be starting is Cryptkeeper Al.

  37. I know everyone us saying the Raiders win with Gradkowski and think he’s outplayed Campbell incredibly, but comparing the stats, and he has, but not by a whole lot… look at each in comparison… I will admit, Gradkowski seems to make the others around him look better.. with the exception of DMac who is making himself look GREAT. Grads however is making the receivers look better because he does get the ball out of his hands fast, and he is the best option until they get the Oline situation fixed, at which time Campbell should get another shot… In fact, I would truthfully make the backup position a competition as much as possible between Boller and Campbell as Boller seems to me to be more like Gradkowski than like Cambpell in the fact he gets rid of the ball faster.. here are those stats…
    Jason Campbell 1.5 Games Rank 26
    30 for 267 (133.5 per game)
    57.7 Percent 5.1 yards per catch sacked 6 times
    Touchdowns 1 Ints 2
    Rating 61.9
    Bruce Gradkowski (does not qualify because has only played 1 half)
    to qualify must have thrown 14 attempts per game
    Rank 26
    1/2 game stats
    22 for 162 (162 per half)
    50.0 percent 7.4 yards per catch sacked 0 times
    Touchdowns 1 Int 1
    Rating 70.6

  38. Gradkowski reminds me a lot of Jeff Garcia. He has below average athletic ability, but his effort, moxie, and ability to hang in there and give his team a chance to win can not be ignored.
    I say you have to start him. No one cares about physical ability if you don’t win.

  39. If you’re debating between Campbell and Gradkowski in September, it’s a safe bet you’ll be debating between Mallet and Locker next April.

  40. I never saw Campbell act like a leader the whole time he was in Washington. He has no intangibles. He has no fire. He constantly misses reads, holds the ball too long, and has no idea about escaping the pass rush when blocking breaks down. So many times I saw him step into the rush when a little slide to the side or up would have extended the play. His ball security was always terrible.
    I still don’t understand what Joe Gibbs saw in him to make him a first-round pick. Maybe a big guy with a strong arm whom Joe thought he could mold into an NFL QB? I guess even the great ones are wrong from time to time.

  41. I can’t help but laugh at you Raiders goobers. Seriously, a win against the RAMS and you’re ready to go All-World on Gradkowski. The Raiders had a chance for points on their first possession and they get stopped BY THE RAMS on 4 straight runs. The rest of the half, Campbell throws deep (really, isn’t this starting to look a lot like the play calling for a certain QB that is considered the biggest bust in the draft) and Janikowski misses a FG – more points left on the field. They had a chance on another drive but a penalty and a sack short circuits that and their last drive ends with a long pass intended for Murphy that ends their half.
    Gradkowski led them to 13 points and he completed 5 of 9 passes to DHB, ALL short completions while Campbell was 1 of 4 with the one completion being a short pass. Campbell was going further down the field than Gradkowski and his pick was a long pass at the end of the half to Murphy while Gradkowski’s was to Murphy when they shouldn’t have been throwing long and it got the Rams back into the game. If the Rams didn’t have a stupid roughing penalty, they could have given Bradford a chance to game winning FG and it would have made Gradkowski and their play calling look stupid for not playing it a little more conservative, especially when it was their conservative second half play calling that got them in the position to win.
    The Raiders should call a more conservative game FOR CAMPBELL until they can get their OL problems settled. Arizona isn’t the greatest team in the world and either could lead them to victory.

  42. tango you fat, ignorant, idiotic, window licking, drooling, inbred, brain dead, redneck, hillbilly bigot: Once again the retarded high school waterboy has to throw his two cents in. As usual, the retarded high school waterboy has no idea what he’s talking about. Get back in mommy’s basement with your box of Dunkin Donuts, lardass. God (AKA Al Davis) doesn’t need, want or listen to any of your retarded crap. So, GFY, loser because you got nothing, you are nothing.

  43. Al Davis needs to try and be hands off for 1 entire year…just 1 and he will see that he does not know what’s best for the team. Just write the checks and watch the team improve when they are not worried about what the owner’s whims are at any given time. There was a time when he was a great influence…now he is the biggest hindrance to his team (barely edging out Jones and Snyder)

  44. Campbell is awful. I’d rather have Boller starting over him. I’ve watched the Cheif of Checkdowns for years in DC, and was glad when we got rid of him. I’m just pissed Oakland figured out in 6 quarters what it took Washington to figure out in 4 years.

  45. Everyone keeps saying Bruce isn’t a long term answer. Could you please tell me why?..guy has great accuracy, intensity, is smart and is a gamer. And if you say he’s undersized how about drew brees?..Bruce is actually bigger then him. He’s earned his shot and has proved he can win games in the nfl.just ask the steelers who gradkowski went TD for TD with last year in Pitt and knocked them out of the playoffs. Bruce will lead this team to 8-10 wins if he is the starter the rest of the way this year.

  46. Florio….
    I’m amazed that you haven’t torn a rotator cuff yet, you’ve been throwing a lot of crap at the wall….

  47. Do all of the commentators, and all of you idiots that keep bashing the Raiders realize they have the #9 ranked offense and the #9 ranked defense in the NFL this year so far? Did you know they have the # 2 leading rusher.. and the # 1 leading rusher had a game in which he gained 230+ yards in 1 game? Did you realize that including said running back they have 4 out of the top 100 receivers? Did you know that Louis Murphy is right now 36th in receiving yardage this year? Did you know that DHB is 56th in receiving yardage in this league right now? Did you know that Zach Miller is 55th in the NFL right now in receiving yardage? Some comparisons for those wondering what this means:
    Randy Moss is ranked 51st… with Tom Brady throwing to him
    Calvin Johnson is ranked 53
    Donald Driver is ranked 81st
    Devery Henderson Ranked 82
    MICHAEL CRABTREE ranked 123rd….
    Can we please just stop with the bashing already?

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  49. Imagine that. Florio making up a bunch of crap out of nothing, and several stupid fools here actually believe it. Talking about whipping something out of thin air and running with it. Did this come to you in a dream last night Florio?

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  53. # GeeFan says:
    If you’re debating between Campbell and Gradkowski in September, it’s a safe bet you’ll be debating between Mallet and Locker next April.
    Not next April. Oakland doesn’t own that pick. They swapped it for a guy that didn’t play last Sunday. Belichick might trade it back to them for bunch of lower round picks, though. As for Gradkowski vs. Campbell, it doesn’t really matter. They need a better offensive line, and they need leaders on both sides of the ball. They have good team speed and some good young players, but they lack confidence.

  54. More speculated PFT BS!Did you see the game?Do you really think the players don’t know.They know Bruce wooped the Stealers last year.There are some great high lights on under Murphy’s profile you should check out Mike.

  55. @edgy1957 you are wrong,wrong,wrong. Bruce through down feild more, I don’t remember JC throughing deep once and Grads pick was a deep ball to Heyward-Bey with a blitzer in his face giving Darious a chance to make a play on the ball.Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t beleive Bruce had any 3 in outs and that helps the entire team.

  56. Raiderfankirk says:
    @edgy1957 you are wrong,wrong,wrong. Bruce through down feild more, I don’t remember JC throughing deep once and
    Gradkowski threw 15 short passes (9 of 15 for 112 yards. Several YAC catches) and 7 passes that could be considered long (2 of 7 for 50 yards). Campbell threw 9 short passes (6 of 9 for 60 yards) and 6 long passes (1 of 6 for 27).

  57. PS – There were NO 3 and outs for Campbell but — wait for it — 1 for Gradkowski and another his drives was a 4 & out. Were you watching the game or making use of the medical marijuana voucher?

  58. florio, once again a member of the media is trying to stir up trouble. A very, poor attempt. There aren’t any egos in the Raiders locker rooms.
    You can criticize our drafts, but we always get character guys. Everybody in our locker room just wants to win.
    If this were a team like the Redskins, than it’s fair to speculate because they have a team full of egos.

  59. tango you fat, retarded, ignorant, drooling, window licking, moronic, redneck, hillbilly bigot: It doesn’t matter what you think. God (AKA Al Davis) doesn’t give a damn what you think. It’s his team, he has the absolute right to do whatever he damn well wants. If you don’t like what he does just go to hell, stay there and don’t worry what God (AKA Al Davis) does. How pathetic a POS are you that you still don’t seem to be understanding that. Get a clue, loser! Get a life, moron! Eat a shotgun, retard!

  60. In a shrewd, potentially job-saving maneuver, Cable played Gradkowski in the 2nd half. I’m fairly certain Al will not allow this to stand. We’ll see Campbell as the starter against a weak Cardinal squad. Campbell will get the win and Al will be “vindicated”.
    The Raiders win 5-6 games this year.
    With Gradkowski 8-9 games. But Al will never let that happen.

  61. As a raider fan I ask of you other raider fans to stop acting like Gradkowski is Johnny Unitas! 11-22 with a td and a int. is nohing to write home about! Gradkowski is a bumb he is not good and has never stuck around anywhere for very long.The raiders should have retooled the O-Line wich is horrendous wich makes it all the mo imressive D-MAC has put up the numbers he has.They also should have obtained a quality veteran WR wich they did not.I’m sorry fellow Raider fans who thinks DHB had a coming out game he sucks!!The reason Gradkowski was put in is because 1.Giant head CABLE has his job on the line 2.Gradkowski can move better than Campbell (see O-LINE is horendous above).So make no mistake Gradkowski will falter and Campbell will be back, because Al said so!!! Oh sorry Raider fan you thought Cable was the coach? HAHAHAHA Then you guys who dress up like darth vader are alot dumber than you look!!

  62. To:aldasvishasnoclue: Your absolutely right ! dead al can do what he wants. That’s why there were about 30,000 fans at the coliseum last weekend and not the 64,000 it can hold. Back at you.

  63. @jkr a Raider fan really?THe Nation does’nt need idiots like you.Your friends should call you fart breath cuz your talking out your azsses.

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  65. jkr……there is not 1 ounce of any chance you are a raider fan….. you should have started your article as a hater of the nation, and every raider fan knows the rest

  66. Gradkowski is a bum. If he is the best u can do at QB, u r a bad organization. At least Jason is a good guy. Hahahaha

  67. jkr and smootysmoot: you will soon see when bruce is a top 15 qb in this league and moves the offense over the next few games that we do have a respectable offense with a solid defense that as last sunday shows how good it can play when it’s not on the field the whole game. I’m not saying he’s elite but he’s a solid option at qb and will make enough plays to help the raiders win 8+ games this year.
    tango: there wasn’t 30k at the game on sunday it was low(50k) mainly because of mt. davis but people were filled on the 1st two decks and almost all the 3rd deck making enough noise to give bradford and their o-line a tough time to force some pre-snap penalties and make their snap count predictable and knock bradford down and sack him a bunch.

  68. sraidersteve: you might be right on the people count but from where I was sitting there were a lot of empty seats including a large section in #144 lower which are excellent seats. I might concede maybe 40,000 as a max. Energy was very good and we did disturb Bradford. Liked what I saw from Loper and even Satele but the rest of the O line very shaky

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