Harbaugh gets $15,000 fine for making contact with official

As expected, Ravens coach John Harbaugh has been fined for making physical contact with a game official after a questionable roughing the passer penalty in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Bengals.

According to ESPN.com, the league will lift $15,000 out of Harbaugh’s wallet, both for the physical touching and the verbal assault directed to side judge Ron Marinucci.

“I was a little animated in describing the strike zone, and I think
he understood the emotions of it,” Harbaugh said, according to The
Baltimore Sun
(via ESPN).

“I’ll make sure that I let him know that I think I
was over the line in my animation without question, and that’s never
something you want to do.  And the point is we had great conversations
with those guys throughout the game.  We respected — we disagreed and it
was animated — but it was respectful throughout.  And I know Ron
understood that it was respectful, so it should be OK.”

We agree that Harbaugh didn’t intend to be respectful, but touching the official in any way is per se disrespectful.  The league smartly puts a bubble around these guys, so that there will be no gray area when it comes to deciding whether that punch to the jaw was actually a gesture of intimacy.

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  1. “The strike zone is from your balls!”….”Ayieee!!!”….”to your throat!”….Aaaagggurggllle..”

  2. Dumb ass cry baby should of been thrown out of the game. Should of also been a little larger fine. WHO-DEY!!!!

  3. Kinda BS when you think of it. If a player did that, he would be suspended, heavily fined, and called an out of control thug/animal.
    Just sayin’………

  4. First the NFL rigs their game (and ALL their games against the Bengals and Steelers), then they take Harbaugh’s money for pointing out that it was rigged.

  5. You should videos of these penalties and plays that you write about up on this site instead of the basement segments with that other dude

  6. Should have knocked him out. I am tired of the officials making a mockery out of my favorite sport!! And it’s not just Baltimore folks, it’s the whole NFL!

  7. stay classy baltimore. the felon can keep crying but the refs helped you win against the jets a week earlier when they had a ton of BS penalties. i think the count was 14?

  8. No coach cries more about calls in post-game conferences for three years. League needs to have a talk with him. He should be suspended for a game.

  9. Football is getting too much like politics by adding a third party to the game. After seeing so many bad calls it makes me wonder if lobbyists are at work here? Because the refs are as untouchable as big oil, the banks and medicine. These money hungry pigs in the football business are getting to big for their britches and its really turning me off.

  10. First the NFL rigs their game (and ALL their games against the Bengals and Steelers), then they take Harbaugh’s money for pointing out that it was rigged
    ha- you know I read some of you Bal’more fan’s comments and I’m just flabergasted. Then I go watch an ep of The Wire (greatest show ever) and it all becomes clear.

  11. this is what happens when the other team doesn’t have 100 yds in penalties..i think the ravens shot their load vs. the jets..they wanted that game and will now be exposed.

  12. What happens to the terrible officials who made the tripping call and roughing the passer penalty. What is the fine for incompetence. If in fact there are calls that the teams submit to league and those calls are then reversed what FINE does the ref take.
    I think officials do a good job everywhere except around the QB. Not just the ravens but the rams raiders game at the end when the 350 pound guy running full speed barely pushes the qb after he released the ball to END THE GAME.

  13. Do Ravens fans actually think the NFL rigs their games?
    Yeah, we lost, it MUST be the NFL’s fault…not Joe Flacco’s for throwing 4 picks and only scoring 10 points (for the 2nd week in a row).
    Or how about in the AFC Championship game where 2 pass interference calls (one of them was bogus, at least wishy washy) gave the Ravens 1st and goal-to-go from the 1 situations? The refs screwed them there? Nah…they screwed them when they tipped off Polamalu about where Flacco was going to pass the ball so he could make the INT and end the game! That’s it!
    Get over yourselves.

  14. Let’s see Harbaugh: Flaccid throws a fistful of INT’s & the refs took the game from you??
    Harbaugh is a foul-mouthed crybaby who knows his D is getting old & his secondary is a sieve.

  15. ccoolahan14 says:
    September 21, 2010 1:48 PM
    First the NFL rigs their game (and ALL their games against the Bengals and Steelers), then they take Harbaugh’s money for pointing out that it was rigged
    Did the NFL Make Flacco throw four interceptions?

  16. It wasn’t a physically malicious attack – he simply was pointing out the strike zone to the ref, – not a bad idea after the call that was just made.

  17. Let me get this straight. The NFL demands accountability from coaches who make contact with refs. They demand accountability from players for hitting defenseless receivers. They don’t demand accountability from refs who make horrendous calls that change the outcome of games. Sounds about right…

  18. “Sure, I chopped him, but it was maybe a $5,000 chop each time. So the fine seems excessive to me.”.

  19. I was surprised that Harbaugh wasn’t removed from the game at the time he struck the official. $15k seems pretty lenient. Why not consider a suspension?
    Ray Lewis’ crybabying in the locker room after the game was too, too much. Questionable (judgment) calls from an official are a part of the game. If the Ravens were really that good, they’d have actually held on to the two Palmer passes they almost intercepted, and Joe Flacco wouldn’t have thrown 4 picks. The Ravens had every chance to score and to win, but they did not hang the points on the board. One play never makes, or breaks, a game.

  20. Hah, worth every penny. And:
    jesus christ says:
    September 21, 2010 1:52 PM
    one injury away (#27) from being 5-11. Good luck with that.
    hmmm, really sherlock?
    That could apply to almost every team. What do you think the record of Saints be without Brees, or Texans without Schaub, Packers without Rodgers, Titans without CJ. Clown
    Good win by Cincy tho, and as a Ravens fan, I have to admit that Refs had nothing to do with the outcome. Cam Cameron and Flacco cost us the game. There is no excuse for throwing 4 picks against a division rival and certainly no excuse to abandon the run game when Rice was popping 6-7 yards every carry. Harbaugh could’ve also hit Cameron upside the head so he can get play-calling straight.

  21. This is getting silly, all the crying about game changing calls. Every team has to deal with it. A couple of years ago the Bengals lost to the Bucs and missed the playoffs because of a roughing the passer call that was almost identical to the Suggs play from Sunday. It happens. The Ravens did get a ton of calls in their favor in the Jets game, and I didn’t hear Harbaugh or Ray Ray crying about them. If you want to talk about missed game changing penalties, then how about Fabian Washington tackling T.O. in the endzone while the ball was in the air. I’ll trade you that touchdown for the 2 field goals you say the refs spotted us. Of course if we would have gotten that touchdown, it would have changed the course of the rest of the game, and maybe the Ravens would have made a few more plays and come out on top, since it didn’t happen, we’ll never know. You can’t say if those calls didn’t happen, the Ravens would have won, football doesn’t work that way.

  22. I dissagree with just about ALL of the lame comments on here. Harbaugh is not a cry baby, he is not the head coach who has cried about calls in post game intervies/press conferences for the past 3 years ( especially since he is in his 2nd game of his 3rd year ) Refs do not fix games and to even say that shows your stupidity! But what they do is take note of tendencies that certain teams have and look for them more in games (they watch film to) I think the call for tripping by ray lewis was trash and the one against Suggs. But like some ( inteligent) fans on here stated that did not cost the Ravens the game. I think at the point of the where the suggs penalty took place Harbaugh was boiling over and just exploded. Was it stupid to do ? Yes! but he did it. He is not a “Thug” as some of you idiots suggest, and I am not sure who said he was mirroring the players …. but that just shows your ignorance… Pretty sure it was a steelers fan… need i say more on that ?
    Flacco and the offense ( not just flacco ) had a very bad game, in fact his worst game as a pro. But they will get better. The pick that Pac Man jones made should have been D- Holding, as he had ahold of boldins jersy for about 9 yards THEN used him to sling him self out in front to make the INT. Very heads up play by him but not really Flaccos fault. Boldin should have been more physical and win the hand checking battle! You cannot really blame him for a ball being batted up in the air, once again great play by the Defense! The pick at the end of the game… Not his fault at all. 4th down and he is trying to make something happen. If you look at it again no one was short, everyone went deep and 2 recievers ran the same route ( not sure who they were ) when he tried to hit them there were 5 defenders around them ( saftie and both were doubled up ) The other INT he made was just a bad decision on his part. That one he screwed up. The game is a team effort, and in this case it was a team defeat. Even the Defense had bad plays. There were 2 – 3 passes they should have picked easily and came up with none. They did not get much pressure on Palmer consistently and they had some blown coverages that palmer did not hit. Both teams had points they left on the field. I think both teams will get better. I am trying to be as biest as possible being a Ravens fan, But I think a big factor in the loss were a few things. Hush has only been here for 1 1/2 weeks and they tried to go to him ALOT. The recievers are still trying to get use to playing together. They did not use Rice nearly enough and Lastly, they were coming off a huge fight on monday night where alot of emotion was shown. I will wait a few more weeks to pass judgement on how well they will play.

  23. Did a Baltimore fan really say “at least we don’t live in Cincinnati?” HAHAHAHAHAHA
    That’s like a 300 lbs. girl calling a 200 lbs. girl fat!!!
    Hand-in-hand Baltimore is no better than Detroit. At least Detroit has a few decent sports teams. Only if AAU ball counted.

  24. I agree, you can’t say that the Ravens would have won without those calls. However, everyone on this thread seems to be neglecting the actual topic – the roughing the passer call on Suggs. How is Suggs supposed to stop himself from hitting the QB when he’s in mid air? It was a bad call without a doubt.
    However, I agree that Flacco and the offense need to put up more points so that the Ravens aren’t constantly in situations in which penalties cost us games. The right side of the Ravens O-Line was horrendous – don’t go blaming it all on Flacco. But once we get Gaither and Cousins back at full force, Flacco will have more time to scan the field and find an open man – and with Boldin, Mason, Housh, Heap, and more time to throw, THERE WILL BE AN OPEN MAN.
    Yeah Harbaugh was out of line for hitting the ref, but the league’s leniency in his punishment is likely reflective of what they think of the penalty call itself.

  25. grant44 says:
    September 21, 2010 2:26 PM
    Let’s see Harbaugh: Flaccid throws a fistful of INT’s & the refs took the game from you??
    Harbaugh is a foul-mouthed crybaby who knows his D is getting old & his secondary is a sieve.
    obviously good enough to hold pedestrian Palmer and the rest of the Bungles to 5 FIELD GOALS in their OWN HOME.

  26. Fining the refs? I don’t think that will happen. They don’t make nearly the same money as the players and coaches.
    Aside from the whole “those calls cost us the game” excuses, I see one main complaint from the fans: penalties aren’t consistent from game to game. The reason probably has something to do with the refs being part-time employees who have full-time jobs during the week.
    Simple solution: Make them full time employees. The 10% of revenue that the players don’t want to give up could be given to the refs for salaries and training to make them only care about football.
    This way Ray won’t get paid more money, but at least he’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that the calls should be more consistent from game to game.

  27. Harbaugh is no whiner but the players and front office surely are. After every loss they point fingers at everyone but themselves and have perfected the “would-a, should-a, could-a” speech.
    They brag about putting a bounty on Hines Ward and blubber when Ryan Clark levels Willis McGahee. The Steelers put up thirty five points in the first half of a 2007 MNF game. Instead of accepting as having been routed; Bloody Ray crowed to the press that the Steelers only scored three points in the second half.
    The front office cried to the NFL that it was unfair to have night games at Pittsburgh and they complied. Poor babies.

  28. People are acting like Harbaugh physically assaulted the ref. He didn’t. He barely touched him when demonstrating a rule that the ref apparently wasn’t aware about, and if that’s cause for a penalty (or fine), then the rule needs to be changed, because it’s retarded.
    Harbaugh got WAY too pissed and yelled too much. I think screaming at a ref like that probably should be grounds for ejection (although I think it’s even worse if a player does it). The refs can’t sit there and take complaints from every person on the field about how a call seemed to be wrong, and they certainly don’t deserve extensive verbal abuse even over the worst blown call. Harbaugh obviously let his temper get the best of him, and he SHOULD be penalized for it (but don’t cop out and say it’s for “striking” the ref).
    Those were two terrible calls. But officiating ain’t exactly easy, and nobody is perfect. So long as the majority of the calls in a game are good calls, I can’t blame the refs for the occasional screw-up. Yell at your TV, give the refs a mouthful (if you’re the head coach), but get over it and move on, accepting it as part of the game.
    “That’s like a 300 lbs. girl calling a 200 lbs. girl fat!!!”
    I’d MUCH rather live in Baltimore than Cincy. Baltimore sucks in some ways. Cincinnati sucks in every way.
    “Hand-in-hand Baltimore is no better than Detroit.”
    Obviously you haven’t been to both cities. I love Detroit, and it’s got some things going for it that Baltimore doesn’t, but Baltimore is infinitely better if you actually want to go places, or live there, or work there…

  29. Look… I’m not a Baltimore fan, nor do I really care… I just want to know why it cost more for a coach to make minimal contact with an official on the sidelines than for a player who throws his helmet in frustration into the stands and could potentially seriously hurt one or more fans ?

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