Larry Johnson gets the boot in Washington

Ultimately, it was Larry Johnson’s lack of special teams skills that got him released by the Redskins on Tuesday.  Although Johnson’s lack of burst or special running skills didn’t help.

Johnson’s release was first reported by Howard Balzer of the Sports XChange and later confirmed by the team.  The move makes Keiland Williams the team’s No. 2 running back.

PFT’s Mike Florio first reported that the Redskins have signed Chad Simpson, mostly for his special teams ability.  Johnson had two yards on five carries this year.

We’re not sure that this will solve Washington’s running game problems, but it’s a start.  The release could also mark the end of Johnson’s star-crossed career.

34 responses to “Larry Johnson gets the boot in Washington

  1. His career should have been over when he left KC…this will definitely put the Skins over the top….oops, I’m not Florio

  2. So that’s where Chad Simpson went.
    Chad Simpson looked pretty good to me in preseason…definitely an asset on special teams and as a running back. Dude is quick and stocky.

  3. Well that “Barry Sanders East-West but run -10-yard run” certainly will get you cut. Good riddance Larry.

  4. OK Shanny…..I like the move!!!! Larry was useless in the backfield and when he doesnt play special teams that is a no brainer. Shanahan gave him plenty of opportunity and he never proved himself and after I saw him try to reverse the field on Sunday I knew it was coming. Bring back Ryan Torrain !!!!!!!!!!!! (if he is still out there) Loved seeing McNabb sling that rock around like we havent seen here in a while. KEEP TALKING ALL THE SH!T YOU WANT D.HALL YOU ARE PLAYING AS GOOD AS ANY CORNER IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW…. #23 PRO BOWL !!!!!!!!!! LET THE HATERS HATE !!! THE STATS WONT LIE AT THE END OF THE YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well, KC destroyed this dudes career.
    Almost 800 carries in two years behind a weak line will break ANY runningback.
    Especially when you are a power RB und opponents stack the box with 8 men when they play against you.

  6. …aaaand washington finally realizes what KC fans have known for years: this guy is a waste of a roster spot (not to mention oxygen)

  7. Not an LJ fan, but ask Bengals fans, he actually did quite well in Cincy when given some limited opportunities behind a good run blocking O-Line (not too good a pass blocking O-Line). He had 1 100 yard game when filling in for Benson. I think he was popping an avg 4.4 yards a carry. I don’t know how the O-Line is in DC, but give him some chances as a complimentary back behind a good run blocking line and he may still be serviceable.

  8. Larry… get your act together and put down the bottle.
    This was your last shot and anything else is a blessing from God until you straighten up.
    You have too much talent to drag yourself down.
    You can’t make special teams when you should be a featured back ?

  9. He did well when he backed up Cedric Benson in Cincy, but again they have a very good run blocking offence.

  10. seriously, so many errors grammatically in this post. So many that when someone points them out, they don’t post that comment.

  11. Excellent! More football moves by football people. We have pro football in D.C. A home division win against the Cowgirls and a highly entertaining, devastating loss to a high quality Texans team. Keep it coming. Add to your talent. Go young, go fast, go unkowns. Stay on target – a return to consistent, competitive football in Washington. Go Bruce, go Shanny! Hail!

  12. Hopefully the experiment with old workhorses brought in from the pasture for another run is over. Now Portis needs to show more or I can see them dumping him as well. Shanny did it before.

  13. They should target a scatback type to get them some speed in the backfield. Their RB’s are painfully slow….

  14. listen up folks….Larry’s 2014 bankruptcy case in Maryland just got moved up 12-18 months. His father will probably have to move a lot of stuff out of another downstairs bedroom.
    Loser Larry….you are not welcome back in KC….our women don’t need anymore Junior Siavi Spit-Helmuts.
    There is nothing in the world quite as satisfying as seeing a filthy animal get his do….Later Loser!

  15. 2003 – 20 carries
    2004 – 120
    2005 – 336
    2006 – 419
    2007 – 158
    2008 – 193
    2009 – 174
    2010 – 5
    his 2 big years were split between vermeil and the herm. he did not do 400 carries 2 years in a row.
    the kc line was still pretty good in 2006, altho roaf had retired.

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