Panthers do everything possible to avoid starting Dwayne Jarrett

The youth movement in Carolina isn’t only happening at quarterback.

The Panther benched wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett last week, in favor of rookie David Gettis.   Another rookie, Brandon LaFell, got the start the week before.  A sixth-round pick out of Baylor, Gettis was expected to be a project.  Instead, Gettis started in his second career game opposite Steve Smith.

On Sunday, Jimmy Clausen will step on the field for his very first start with a pair of rookie wideouts trying to help him out.  Jarrett saw no targets last week and appears to be running out of chances.

Jarrett told Darin Gantt of the Charlotte Observer he was “more frustrated than anything. . . .  But
what can you do? Go out there, keep working hard, and hopefully I get my
opportunity. Not really much I can really do about it.”

19 responses to “Panthers do everything possible to avoid starting Dwayne Jarrett

  1. Ironicly coming out of college, Dwayne Jarrett was consider the more NFL ready WR than his USC teammate Steve Smith, who was drafted by the NYG. Both were 2nd round draft picks. Steve Smith of the Giants went to the ProBowl last year and Dwayne Jarrett is still wondering what happened.
    The NFL draft can be a crapshot…

  2. Dude is invisible on the field.
    If you are an open receiver your QB will throw to you. You get no looks because you can’t get open in the NFL.

  3. Well you had 3 years worth of chances,writing is on the wall……..they really want to go in another direction

  4. I knew the moment we drafted this guy he’d be a bum. What else do you expect from a USC Trojan? For every Carson Palmer and Troy Polamalu, there’s a dozen Matt Leinarts, Dwayne Jarretts, and Shaun Codys.
    I probably wouldn’t be as pissed if we would have taken “the other” Steve Smith (confusing, yes. Great tandem, definitely) that year. And Ryan Kalil has proven to be a great pickup out of USC.

  5. Amazing this bust is still in the league. The Panthers seem to take “investments in resources” to the extreme.
    Eat a little humble pie and dump this bum.

  6. The Panthers screwed up that year. They should’ve taken the USC Steve Smith and passed on Jarrett, BUT we got Jarrett. I thought the other Steve Smith would confuse the Panthers and fans yes, BUT both would make plays. As for Jarrett, i could see him in Seattle with his former coach.

  7. Actually, they didn’t do the most obvious thing which would have been to CUT his lame ass in training camp. The John Fox era…..tick…tick…tick

  8. Dwayne has always had a good attitude, sometimes I’m surprised at this Trojan’s humility. But sometimes ya just got to have some balls and DJ just hasn’t shown he’s got any.

  9. Keyshawn Johnson was right for once, when he first got drafted Keyshawn said he wasn’t ready to play in the NFL

  10. This is the first time since he was hired that I’m finally starting to think we should let Coach Fox go. But, we also need to boot the GM. Seems every year, he’s trading next year’s 1st for a 2nd rounder this year. The defense used to be the pride of Carolina, now it’s a laughingstock. The OLine has some building blocks, but too many holes. We’ve never had a compliment WR.
    Everyone blames Fox. I blame Hurney.

  11. I don’t know about blaming Hurney, the Panthers have some young stars out of the draft, and no team is 100 percent accurate on it’s drafting. I think it is time for John Fox to go, I still think he is an amazing coach, but sometimes you need change, and I think Carolina could definitely use a breath of fresh air. As long as they are in the midst of this youth movement, they had might as well go all the way through with it and throw Armanti Edwards in there. I know he has a long way to go, but when you’re talking about Dwayne Jarrett and David Gettis being the alternatives, doesn’t seem like there is much to lose. Let Clausen and Edwards grow up together and get some valuable real game experience.

  12. They keep Jarrett on the roster and make no move for any of the many veteran WRs available this offseason…I know they want to rebuild, but that team is one good #2 wideout away from being pretty decent. If opposing teams had to respect the pass even a little bit, JS and DW would have plenty of room to run. The defense is young, but has played fairly well. They simply never get a rest with the offense doing nothing.

  13. Why haven’t the Panthers looked to sign some of the vet WRs? I get the whole going younger thing but they need guys that can run routes, get open, and make the catch

  14. This is the same type of stuff that went down in Miami back during the 1-15 season in 2007. Carolina fans, get ready for a long season. Doubt that a lot of these young players are ready for the big times.
    Hopefully you’ll get a blue chip coach in after the season ends. Heard a couple of months ago that Gruden was interested in taking over Carolina some time back.

  15. He just cant get separation but i think he is taking is job more seriously this season. DJ has some of the best hands in the league ill tel ytou that much. I want to see him do well and i hope he has a breakout year

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