Shanahan's running game hasn't shown up in Washington

No one is doubting Clinton Portis’ effort this year.  His pass blocking is among the league’s best as always.  Heck, he even showed restraint on the radio Tuesday.

Unfortunately, he still looks well past his prime running the football.

Rick Maese of the Washington Post has a strong piece looking at the struggles of the Redskins running game as a whole.  Mike Shanahan’s vaunted scheme has created only 107 yards in 40 attempts through two games, which is worst in the NFL.

With a 17-point lead on Sunday, the Redskins called only seven runs after halftime.  You can’t blame Shanahan for the play-calling either.  Donovan McNabb was rolling, and Washington picked up only 18 yards on 17 rushing attempts.

Portis’ burst appears a little better this year, but he has yet to be productive. Backup Larry Johnson is an afterthought with five carries.  (For two yards.)

The Redskins defense is talented enough to keep them in the mix in a watered-down NFC East.  But Mike Shanahan needs to help the running game look like his old Broncos teams rather than Kyle Shanahan’s ’09 Texans.  If not, the Redskins can expect to blow more leads.

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  1. Step 1: Trade Albert Haynesworth for Marshawn Lynch straight up
    Step 2: Instill the fear of god in Marshawn
    Step 3: Dominate

  2. Haha ButchD that’s good. Why is Larry Johnson still in the NFL? I’d rather have Drew Bledsoe as running back at this point.

  3. It’a brand new scheme, people are talking like they have been running this offense for years or something. Not to mention that they have 3 new starters on the O-Line. Give them some time to become cohesive and during the interim if Donovan wants to throw for 400 yards I’ll take that.

  4. Shanahan has already gotten rid of Portis once and that’s when he was in his prime!
    Shanahan will hang Portis’ crap on a hook on skid row like Mickey did to Rocky’s if he doesn’t pick up his game here quick.
    And they thought Larry Johnson was better than LaDell Betts? Can you imagine how bad Willie Parker must have looked????

  5. Portis is an imposture. ONE (that’s right one because there are so many) of the biggest mistakes the skins made was trading a consistent pro bowler in Champ Bailey for the OVERRATED Portis.

  6. That’s because Shanahan wasn’t the master behind Denver’s succesful running game.
    The real wizard behind the zone blocking scheme was a man by the name of Rick Dennison, who just happens to now be the guy helping Arian Foster run for 200+ yards with the Houston Texans.
    Do some research PFT.

  7. It’s going to take a year or two. They just don’t have the talent they need on the o-line yet. Casey Rabach is getting destroyed; everyone but Trent Williams (who looks great) is going to need to be replaced in the next 1-2 years.

  8. Xpensive Wino,
    Ladell Betts is a free agent since being cut by the Saints. Shanahan knows that a 30 year old coming off of ACL surgery is probably not the direction you want to head.
    I like that idea somebody posted above about Beast Mode. Give them Fat Al and be done with it.

  9. ijr213 says:
    September 21, 2010 3:08 PM
    Step 1: Trade Albert Haynesworth for Marshawn Lynch straight up
    Step 2: Instill the fear of god in Marshawn
    Step 3: Dominate
    Step 3: cut LJ
    Step 4: Acitivate Brandon Banks for punt returns
    Step 5: Dominate

  10. Does Marshawn Lynch actually call himself Beast Mode? Eeeeeeesh.
    That’s worse than Calvin Johnson calling himself Megatron.

  11. hilarious. Worst running attack in the nfl and worst defense statistically in the nfl. This team has disaster written all over it and with the schedule will be lucky to win 4 games from here on out.
    At least my boys are number 4 in the nfl and top 10 defense so fix an issue or two we will get rolling.
    what really has changed with the 4skin org really? I bet the Rams take them this weekend at home as bad as that defense is. 600 yds in total offense by the texans. is this pop warner football? lmfao.

  12. Let’s face facts: not much of anything has shown up around Shanny since he lost Elway/Terrell Davis et al.
    Just lots of bluster, ego, “mastermind” crap. And now he’s 0-2, blustering around and around. Tugging Danny Snyder is happy? He’ll, Jim Zorn coulda gone 0-2!
    I take no solice: shamnys replacement in Denver is sooo arrogant he makes Shanny look almost humble

  13. Rosenthal’s journalistic skills havent shown up either.
    Its a whole new scheme in DC for blocking, at least 2 new OL with one being a rookie and a new offensive system.
    whoever said Portis was an “imposture” is obviously the smartest man alive. way to prove your true idiocy within the first sentence of your post.
    lynch for haynesworth straight up? hahahahahaha

  14. Casey Rabach looks like a full back he spends so much time in the backfield. He should of been gone a couple years ago along with Portis.
    To give Portis his due, he is a beast blocking. We need continuity along the line and a back that isnt way over the hill.

  15. @boysroll What the hell are you talking about?
    Cowboys are ranked 26th in offensive points/game in the NFL (Redskins are 14th)
    BTW, Cowboys only have 16 yards/game rushing more than the Skins. So don’t pretend like you guys are dominating the NFL on the run.
    Also, top 10 defense? No, Cowboys are 19th in defensive points per game (Redskins are 16th, and we’ve played the #1 Ranked team. You have played 16th and 15th ranked teams)
    The only thing the Cowboys are ranked 4th in is the NFC East.

  16. The only thing holding back the Skins is the running game. Larry Johnson should have been cut right after the game Sunday. I say trade Big Al to Buffalo for Marshawn Lynch. The only Lynch needs is to get out of Buffalo once he does he will suddenly be a good RB again. The only team in more disarray then Buffalo is Dallas but that’s no surprise.

  17. WOW! boysroll came out of hiding. You really need to look at your pathetic team before commenting anyone else’s. I embarrassed for you.

  18. Hey Research master! Alex Gibbs and his cut blocking schemes were responsible for Shannies run success in Denver as WELL as the altitude.
    As far as trades Vincent Jackson for Haynesworth makes more sense. Lynch will be a free agent next season. Activating Banks for punt/kick return teams makes sense to me. Portis IS the BEST pass protection back IN THE LEAGUE. He knocks a guy a year OUT COLD. Ask Keith “wannabe Gladiator” Brookings if Portis can block. The run game will get rolling this week against a soft Rams line as opposed to a SOLID D line in the Texans. Hail to old D.C.

  19. @boysroll – One word – Scoreboard
    @maverickjcw – I believe the word you want is “imposter”. Imposture – Is that because Portis doesnt stand up straight?

  20. You fans are boneheads, new coach, new this, new OL, look at the crappy Bears, they’ve done it with a much more complicated Offense and Inadequate General Managing and Head Coaching….stop bitching until your the worst in the league!

  21. @boysroll
    Hahahahaha. ur dumbass comes on here all the time talking out ur ass and u r never right. Ur team is 0-2 and looks to be headed to 0-3. Dude, seriously, STFU. U r TOOL!!!!! Ur ignorant ass and simple mind r good for a good laugh.

  22. boysroll, lets see how the Cowgirls do against the Texans this weekend. Where as the Redskins had them licked but let it slip. The Cowgirls will get beat like a red headed step child. True test of who’s better, other than the fact the Redskins already beat the Cowgirls you anus.

  23. Some day, once Arian Foster runs for 2000 yards, they’re realize it wasn’t Shanny who had the formula for RB success, it was that one guy HC’n in Houston now!

  24. Wow. I got it wrong. You’re right. At 1-1, they’re sure to make the Super Bowl. Not.
    And Rick Dennison couldn’t hold Alec Gibb’s jock.

  25. @iusedtobeteddybayer
    It’s ok little buddy, it’s not ur fault u have a simple mind. Also, maybe watch Football or even ESPN before u comment again.

  26. # JoeSchmoe says: September 21, 2010 6:13 PM
    Some day, once Arian Foster runs for 2000 yards, they’re realize it wasn’t Shanny who had the formula for RB success, it was that one guy HC’n in Houston now!
    UMMMM Last I checked the HC in Houston LAST YEAR WAS SHANAHAN??!! Your name fits

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