The first ever UFL sellout

At a time when more than a few NFL teams are struggling to sell all of the tickets to their games, one of the five UFL teams has managed to fill up the home stadium in the franchise’s debut.

The UFL announced today that the Omaha Nighthawks have sold all seats to Friday night’s game against the Hartford Colonials. 

Sure, Rosenblatt Stadium holds only 24,000 — but that will still beat the league’s regular-season attendance record by nearly 10,000.

The Omaha roster includes plenty of players with NFL experience, including Wendell Bryant, Maurice Clarett (OK, Clarett really doesn’t have much NFL experience), Ricardo Colclough, Damion Cook, Devard Darling, Dusty Dvoracek, Robert Ferguson, George Foster, Jeff Garcia, Charles Grant, Ahman Green, Morlon Greenwood, Cate June, Jeb Putzier, Aaron Rouse, Stuart Schweigert, D.J. Shockley, and Gary Stills.

The game will be televised on HDNet at 7:00 p.m. ET.  The Colonials are 1-0; Omaha didn’t play in Week One.

49 responses to “The first ever UFL sellout

  1. Yeah, but wasn’t it the start of Yom Kippur? Everyone in Omaha headed over to Rosenblatt’s expecting free grub.

  2. “…Cate June, Jeb Putzier, Aaron Rouse, Stuart Schweigert, D.J. Shockley, and Gary Stills.”
    I think you meant Cate Blanchett. Or maybe Cato June.

  3. $35 dollars plus ticketmaster’s inane fees isn’t bad to see some ex-NFLers. And it helps thats its Omaha which means you probably don’t have much else to do anyway.

  4. iamballen…when there are 5 teams in the league, it doesn’t take a math major to figure out that there is a team that will be off EVERY week!!!

  5. vikings would suck in this league also.
    Viqueens suck in any league!

  6. # robert ethen says: September 21, 2010 7:49 PM
    Yeah, but wasn’t it the start of Yom Kippur? Everyone in Omaha headed over to Rosenblatt’s expecting free grub.
    The implication being that Jews are so cheap that they scrounge free grub even during a fast?
    Good one, scum queen.
    I enjoy drowning Eva Braun wannabes like you in septic tanks.

  7. I love these startup leagues, and I appreciate the PFT coverage. You get your low comedy, like Trump’s USFL Generals steamrolling the San Antonio Gunslingers right after deputies had carted away half their equipment…but don’t forget that the AAFC (Browns, Niners, Colts) and the AFL once were rival leagues.

  8. Good for these guys. You never know. Some guys who played in the XFL got back into the NFL (Rod “He Hate Me” Smart and Tommy Maddox). There will be some UFL players who get another shot too.
    The key to leagues like the XFL and UFL is to get into cities that don’t have a pro team. Maybe L.A.’s worth a shot! Maddox won the XFL MVP as the QB of the LA franchise.

  9. I lived in Omaha for 7 years and still have a lot of friends and family who live there. Omaha is a sports town that rallies behind second tier sporting events. The College World Seriers (at Rosenblatt) sells out every year and when the NCAA Volleyball tournament was at the Qwest Center downtown they had attendance in excess of 15,000. For womens’ volleyball. There is genuine buzz behind this team because Omaha feels like they get passed over for things like this (like they are Kansas City Jr or something). Not like they’ll sell out every week, but this is the kind of market the UFL can make a legitimate impact in and provide entertainment for fans who don’t usually get to see professional football and provide a second chance for some players who got derailed by injury or didn’t quite make some NFL rosters for whatever reason.

  10. Bigbluefan says:
    September 21, 2010 8:55 PM
    What else do you do in Neb its not harvest time yet
    the funny thing is it.
    Nighthawks will win the championship this year. UFL will survive and is going to expand. or

  11. UFL Football is pretty good for so called hasbeens or never will be’s. My wife and I are travelling to Hartford to watch the Nighthawks play the Colonials in October. With the greedy NFL on the verge of another lockout, look for some of these fellas in your favorite colors next season!! This league puts up a good product!!

  12. Good sign that we will have football next year with these guys suiting up rather than the greedy bastards in the NFL now. I would like to thank the UFL for keeping these guys in shape for their return to the NFL next season.

  13. Interesting.
    And I’d be a lot more interested if I could actually see the games.
    Which, I would watch, by the way. Comcast? Are you listening?

  14. I agree with researchALLwars and a few others up here
    The football is pretty good, I think once they merge this league and brand it as the official minor league of the NFL – thats when it will take off.
    But the football has been descent and hey at at least you get some football on a Friday night, if you don’t go to any of your local high school games!

  15. Jeff Garcia, he’s still a good passer, Maurice Clarrett, i wonder how much he plays in this game, Ahman Green, will he stay healthy in the UFL.

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