Another migraine for Percy Harvin

Already dealing with a chronic hip injury, Vikings receiver Percy Harvin now has another migraine, according to various media reports.

Coach Brad Childress disclosed the situation on Wednesday.

The fact that the statement came with time left on a ticking clock to trade for receiver Vincent Jackson and have him miss only four games suggests that the Vikings aren’t concerned about the impact of any last-minute leverage on a possible deal with the Chargers.

Either way, we’ll find out soon whether anything went down.  The window closes at 4:00 p.m. ET.

As to Harvin, he previously expressed confidence that doctors had made progress in getting the problem under control.  If they have, there’s obviously still more progress to be made.

49 responses to “Another migraine for Percy Harvin

  1. As bad as migraines are, I hope that’s all it truly is. They seem to come with so much severity and intensity for this poor kid I wonder if its something more.
    In any case, I worry about this kids career, I’ve never heard migraines this frequent and painful from other athletes like Pippen and Terrell Davis.

  2. You have to feel sorry for the guy, migrains suck. I wonder if the Vikings were aware of this continuous problem when they drafted him? Although, the way the Vikings offense has looked thus far, I don’t think they will miss him.

  3. I also suffer from migraines. They are terrible and frustrating. They make you feel like death warmed over. Had a bad one all day yesterday. But, I feel better today. For some reason, listening to the music of Mozart helps. There has been research called the Mozart Effect that explains the healing powers of his music. Some say it’s bunk but it helps me. I don’t like to take meds. So, I feel this dude’s pain….literally.
    And, thank you Amadeus:)

  4. That poor kid. geez, I though they had a handle on this time around.
    Weird that the Vikings would release this info with still time on the clock for the Jackson trade.
    Tells me they either have the deal made or have already backed out.

  5. Plain & simple, Harvin needs to stop letting the veterans take turns jackhammering his head.
    You know what I’m talking about.

  6. Trade him to a team in California where he can get a prescription for medical marijuana and give him an exception from the drug testing policy.
    Unless the doctors can do that, this problem will plague Harvin till the day he retires.

  7. It sure sucks to be a Bi-Queen fan these days and it just feels so good watching it all unravel.

  8. hrmlss has definitely taken th dumbest post of the day award.
    I think you meant “0-3” as in the Vikings are going to lose on Sunday.
    I knew people in Detroit were dumb but I thought at least you could count to 3.

  9. When I first read this, I thought the trade for Jackson must be off because the Vikings would never release this information and give additional leverage to the Chargers. Then I remember it is Childress we are talking about and he isn’t smart enough to figure that out.
    0-2 and tied with the Lions for last place and the sun is out, can you believe this?

  10. Very sorry for this kid.
    Chilly must have walked under a ladder during the offseason — or broken a mirror.

  11. It’s a shame for Harvin. Hate to see a guy hurting that bad.
    But why again is this news? He hasn’t done (while healthy) anything and neither have the vikes. And this Wr depth problem falls squarely on the shoulders of the front office.
    Any way, get well soon Harvin and don’t let the fans, media, organization and Brett Favre throw you under the bus as the reason for this 50 years of loser ball. You’ve only been there for 2.

  12. # hrmlss says: September 22, 2010 3:49 PM
    Vikings 0-2
    A little slow when it comes to news I see.
    The rest of us knew this on Sunday.
    One word my friend, rehab.

  13. Since when do we take coaches at their word about injuries?
    It’s been confirmed they want to rest Harvin because of his banged up hip…

  14. And, thank you Amadeus:)
    Yea because 300 hundred years after he’s dead he’s going to log on to the internet, make a PFT account, click this post, and read your comment thanking him. Just Saying.

  15. @hrmlss
    Are the Vikings really 0-2? Is that all you can say on every Vikings post? Enjoy it while you can “shit for brains”.

  16. I’m another migraine sufferer. It really knocks you out for an entire day – even when it passes, you feel like you’ve been beat up. In my experience the prescription drugs for it have side effects that are almost as bad as the migraine itself.
    There is no cure for them. If you catch them starting right away you can sometimes hold them off but I don’t know how he expects to cure them. I know he has sleep apnea but that’s something different.
    It’s unfortunate, but my guess is that as long as Harvin plays football and suffers collisions that impact his brain on a weekly basis for ~25 weeks per year, he’s going to suffer migraines more often than normal. If he wants to minimize them, then retire.

  17. There is no magic cure for migraines. I have been trying a supplement recently–Coenzyme Q10–that some clinical evidence shows can reduce the incidence of migraines. So far, it has knocked out the less intense headaches. I have tried other things over the years, but the best solution has been to avoid the triggers whenever possible and take Excedrin early. I suspect that Harvin’s sleep apnea is more of a trigger than a single cause. Like the rest of us, he has to learn what works best for him. I hope he does, not just because he’s an exciting football player, but there are only a handful of people on whom I’d wish migraines; he’s not in that group.

  18. The Vikes knew about the migraines…and the marijuana use….during the combine, and obviously…before the draft.

  19. Weird, I just saw this the other day:
    Reporter: Percy, how’s the head?
    Harvin: I ain’t had no complaints yet, man!
    Huh, he must have meant something else.

  20. I wish people would take the pledge with me and try to be nice.
    I know you people would like me if you really knew me.

  21. Personally I wish no harm on anyone and hope he makes a speedy recovery and has an injury free season.
    Professionally I hope his team goes 0-16 (but with no injuries, I don’t want to see anyone get hurt).

  22. when Steve Francis first was in the NBA he suffered from frequent migraines and it was determined to be diet-related. Hopefully they have already tested Harvin for the same type causes

  23. Minn. has all sorts of talent, even though some of it is washed up talent they aren’t benefitting from it. I don’t see how they can overcome the issues with the offense. Favre shows up late, and then Harvin collpases the next day, its tough for him to practice. Its going tough for them to win games, unless thier defense starts holding teams under 10 points then they might be able to muster up offense to win.

  24. Again, I feel sorry for the Vikings fans this year.
    First Katrina hits New Orleans forcing the NFL hired refs to rig the NFCCG 5 years after the storm hit so that the Saints could win. Then Brett Favre is indecisive if he wants to come back. Now Brett Favre is indecisive if he still wants to play.
    Now Percy Harvin has to pay for the bad karma that his old head coach at Florida brought on him for having 30 arrests since he’s been at Florida.
    It’s not a good year to be in Minnesota, they don’t have much to do up there other than each other’s wives.

  25. As much as I hate vikes and most of their fans is there any reason to be happy this kid is suffering from this. saints fans you beat them so dont who dat the kid for having migraines.

  26. I don’t wish any player harm by medical conditions or injury. But you have to kind of look at this repeated condition and the effect it has on performance in a Justin Harrell kind of way, don’t you?

  27. Harvin may have bad DR’s! I have a migraine problem along with a seizure disorder which headaches are much worse & I never miss work.
    Even when I worked 10 hour days in a paper mill and had a second job. When he passed out, it wasn’t from the migraines. The dr’s probably have it wrong. He could have a seizure disorder which is much worse. If that is the case, needs to be on propper meds & would be fine!

  28. I may despise the scumbag throwing him the ball, but I feel for Harvin. All that talent stopped short by migraines.
    Besides, I need him on the field giving me fantasy production.

  29. Looks like the vikes might go after Bill Schroder after the Hank “hands team” Baskett experiment falls through

  30. Wow nice first round pick. You people hate on Thompson for some of his bonehead picks, but your GM took a guy who can’t stay on the field either.
    When they move to LA, he’ll qualify for medical marijuana. Percys looking forward to the move.
    By the way Viking fans, your team sucks. All that trash you guys talked in the OFF SEASON, and now look at you. You’re a joke of a team who bent over to get screwed by your lord and savior. Can’t say packer fans didn’t tell you so. Enjoy battling the lions for last place.

  31. Emoney says:By the way Viking fans, your team sucks. All that trash you guys talked in the OFF SEASON, and now look at you. You’re a joke of a team who bent over to get screwed by your lord and savior. Can’t say packer fans didn’t tell you so. Enjoy battling the lions for last place.
    LMAO!! 2-0 and the Pukers are the kings of the nfl huh?? Were you guys not 4-4 and lost to the Bucs last year…watch your back douchers,Favre will NOT lose to the Prince Poppy Cock QB’ed Packers….

  32. Were you guys not 4-4 and lost to the Bucs last year…watch your back douchers,Favre will NOT lose to the Prince Poppy Cock QB’ed Packers….
    They did manage to turn it around after that, but I don’t think the schedule NFC north had was AS tough as the one this season. So Favre won’t lose to GB, so do you must have him retired or benched by the time that game comes around? The Vikings are going to need to score more than 10 points a game to start beating people on a consistant basis.

  33. Pervy XXX,
    Let’s see what you have to say when you struggle to put up more than 14 points against the lions. Their offense is more explosive than the vikings.
    Last year, the packers and vikings had easy schedules. Not this year. Take a look at your upcoming games. If you can’t beat Miami at home, who can you beat? If I knew you in person, i’d like to see you put your money where your mouth is. the vikings are a joke this year. Your opportunity was last year.

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