Bucs' Tanard Jackson suspended for at least a year

Tanard Jackson started the first two games of the season at free safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But he won’t play again this year.

Jackson has been suspended indefinitely for another violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy. He’ll be eligible to apply for reinstatement in a year.

It’s the second suspension in as many years for Jackson, who was also suspended for the first four games of the 2009 season. At that time he vowed to make changes in his life.

“I’m definitely disappointed in myself,” Jackson said in August of 2009, when the four-game suspension was announced. “I let my team down, obviously, and I’ve let a lot of people down. The fans – I’d like to apologize to them for the decisions I’ve made that got me into this situation. . . . I definitely have some off-the-field issues that I have to address for the well being of myself and for the well being of this football team.”

In announcing the suspension today, Bucs GM Mark Dominik said, “Tanard is a talented young man whom we hope is able to use this year to put his troubles behind him and ultimately return a stronger man and player. It’s up to Tanard whether the team and our fans eventually realize his considerable promise.”

Other than that four-game suspension, Jackson has started every single game for the Buccaneers since they drafted him in 2007. He’s obviously a talented player, and at age 25 he still has time to get his life together. Here’s hoping he does.

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  1. Words can’t describe how furious I am at Tanard. Thanks for letting down your team and City Tanard. Piece of trash, I’m glad you’ve at least cost yourself millions in the process.

  2. Just as things were beginning to look up for the Bucs….F*** Off Tanard – go back to your lowlife existence.

  3. i think it’s a bit much to say he let his city down. lets be real the bucs are going nowhere this year. he let himself down and his team. I personally think rec drug testing in the league is stupid but whatever. he needs to leave whatever it is he’s doing alone just his career is in Jeopardy. Now get used to sabby constantly getting torched in coverage.

  4. That means we’re going back to…
    (Cue the “Jaws” theme music)
    …Sabby Piscitelli.
    Um, anyone know where I can get some prescription strength anti-ulcer medicine?

  5. Wow…the Bucs just lost argueably their best DB. This could be a huge blow…hopefully Sabby will step in and play at least 25% of what Jackson did. I’m pretty frustrated. I have been a huge Tanard Jackson fan…he never gets the attention he deserves…but now he definately has the attention…too bad its for off the field issues. Do we still have Jermaine Phillips’ number…?

  6. don’t be mad at jackson for having a little sniff, be mad at the NFL’s retarded policies. Too bad he didn’t beat up the aforementioned porn star, or he’d be back on the field in like two games. You know, since domestic violence is pretty much mandatory for NFL players but DRUG USE IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM AFFECTING THE GAME HURR DURR

  7. Many of you guys are hypocrites. You blast Jackson for being a f***up, but cheer on the guys you like everyday a pro game is played knowing that many of them are just as jacked up as the guys that have been caught. There are two types of players in the NFL, those that have been caught and those that havent. The players should be allowed to use whatever gives them an edge and that is what most of them already do.

  8. Do you people at PFT know how to do research? A little checking and you would see it is not at LEAST a year as your title claimed, but for EXACTLY one year, with his being eligible to play Sept 22, 2011.
    Is it really that tough to find things out on your own or are you seriously trying to become the TMZ of football?

  9. This a punch in the solar plexus.
    I’m curious what goes through the minds of an NFL player (if, in fact, anything does at the moment of truth) — that they’ll beat a piss test?, that they don’t care?, that they’re not really inhaling (or whatever) all that much?
    It’s a mystery.
    I hope he gets it together. As you note, he’s still a young man. If he doesn’t, think of the regret he’ll have later in life: I had it all, right there in the palm of my hand, and it all went up in smoke.

  10. F#$% You Tanard! You could have been a cornerstone of the youth movement instead you proved once again to be a selfish D0uche BAGGG! Go BUCS!!!

  11. I hope the Bucs are done with this undependable pot head. He loves the sticky icky more than football and winning.

  12. Lay off the hate. Have some sympathy for the guy. Think about it. The guy is being drug tested every week. He knows he can’t escape detection, yet cannot control his addiction.
    Very sad. Same thing happened to Dexter Manley. Dexter was an all-pro DE for the skins. Clean for a year and even though he was tested constantly and knew he would be caught, he could not give up the stuff.
    People who have no addictions do not know the hell addiction puts people thru. The problem with some of these addictions is not so much the physical withdrawal symptoms, but the brain refuses to have joy without the artificial stimulation from the drug. This takes YEARS to overcome. Imagine having no JOY in life at all! Sex: No joy. Hugging your child: No joy. Seeing an old friend after a long absense: No joy. Ice cream: No joy. You move thru life like a zombie waiting for your brain to heal itself. People that manage to stay clean and sober are the exception and deserve props. Most cannot.

  13. “Substance abuse policy”. LOL. They all abuse substances, and really, why should anyone else give a flying f&^%.

  14. If it’s a performance enhancing drug, I understand the need for the rule and the enforcement. But if it’s weed, this is stupid. It’s LEGAL in some states and municipalities now!

  15. Regarding addiction: first off, if it’s marijuana we’re talking about, there’s no addiction involved. There might be a psychological preference for a person to feel high, but there is no physical component causing a person to crave marijuana.
    Secondly, addiction, even with physically addicting substances, is a matter of will power. Yes, it’s HARD to get over addiction… but anyone can do it. People remain addicts because they make the choice to do so. That’s what it comes down to.
    Sucks for you if you like using a certain drug and you can’t (for whatever reason), but don’t be playing the victim card because you’re an “addict”.
    PS- Hope this goes without saying, but addiction IS NOT A DISEASE. Cancer is a disease.

  16. PriorKnowledge:
    You can’t possibly be serious! You want us to feel sorry for drug addicts? Nobody does it to them, they do it to themselves! No guts! Can’t control his addiction? What has he done to try?Do you really believe that most people don’t go through incredible challenges during their lives? We all do! And most do it without the resources that NFL players have available. And, most of us are not so stupid as to believe that a drug is going to solve the problem(s) or make it go away.
    Is it sad that these guys are this dumb? Of course it is. Nobody should be that ignorant.
    There have been times in my life when I had little or no joy for several years at a time, but I did not turn to drugs as a temporary escape. The only way to deal with your problems is to face them! Grow up! If you need help to do it, fine. Go get the help!
    And, by the way, I do NOT believe that “people that manage to stay clean and sober are the exception.” Where I live, admittedly not a ghetto, most folks manage pretty well without false hope.

  17. So Braylon Edwards is playing 5 days after being arrested for the same bullsh_t that he has already done, but Jackson is suspended a full year? Broken system I’d say. Unfortunate and dissapointing for the team, but greatness is developed, built, and tested through adversity. I hope the team can use this to center their focus and win one for their troubled team mate.

  18. It’s really stupid how he can get suspended for a year for smoking pot and Santonio Holmes gets pulled over with weed and blunts that are still burning and he gets 4 games and then that “Wake n Bake” tweet and whatnot. Ben Roethlisberger the “alleged” sexual abuser gets 6 games reduced to 4. I mean sure the guy is an idiot for smoking it when he knew he would be tested frequently, but is smoking weed really more punishable than repeated “alleged” sexual offenses. For the record, I have nothing against the Steelers, I’m just saying that there’s really no consistency with this disciplinary system. Some things are more punishable than others, and weed is not one of those things. A big fine and 4-6 games would’ve been more than enough

  19. I hope he can sell me the rest of his sack for dealing with the resumption of the Piscitelli era. He probably doesn’t get high, but his play surely suggests that he does.
    Just when things were looking up for suffering Bucs fans…damn

  20. Guy does damage to himself, suspended.
    Guy risks people’s lifes in his car and the life of everyone around him, he get’s demoted to 3rd receiver for the opening play.
    Guy brings loaded handgun into an airport with the excuse that he forgot where he put it, playing 16 games.
    This NFL shit makes alot of sense.

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