Despite contract terms with more than one team, no Vincent Jackson trade

The deadline for trading receiver Vincent Jackson has come and gone, and the player remains the property of the Chargers.

Agent Neil Schwartz tells us that he had worked out with more than one team an acceptable contract for Jackson, and that the deal did not get done.

Schwartz blames the lack of a deal on the Chargers’ demands.

“Other General Managers felt that the Chargers were being totally unreasonable,” Schwartz told us by phone.

“Archie Manning had it right about this organization,” Schwartz said.

UPDATE:  Schwartz’s partner, Jonathan Feinsod, offered up a similar quote to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  “Archie Manning had it right,” Feinsod said.  “They call [G.M. A.J. Smith] the Lord of No Rings for a reason.”

73 responses to “Despite contract terms with more than one team, no Vincent Jackson trade

  1. Your damn right Archie Manning had it write. Look at the moron calling the shots for the Chargers.

  2. I wonder if this comes back to bite the Chargers when other players decide not to come to San Diego based on the way they treat their current players.

  3. Well, why go out and spend the farm on VJax when you can get the same production out of Hank Baskett. Oh wait. You can’t.

  4. Karma. Vincent penalizes his team, the team penalizes him back. Enjoy your season on the pine, EgoPunk.

  5. He wanted Brandon Marshall compensation. You are only worth what someone is willing to pay for you. That is your market value. If a team wasn’t willing to part with Brandon Marshall compensation (which means multi-year deal + compensation for the other team) than it proves he isn’t worth what he and his agent thought he was worth.
    They were only dealing him by the terms VJ said he was worth. There you have it. No other team believes he is worth what Brandon Marshall is worth.

  6. Sounds like a butt-hurt agent to me.
    What’s more unreasonable? A 2nd and 3rd for VJ or the richest contract EVER for a WR for VJ???

  7. Meh…
    AJ Smith is a dummy.
    Skol Vikes… Bernard “Boy Band” Berrian simply needs to play better and the Vikes need to resign Javon Walker and dump Greg Lewis.
    See you in Dallas, Vikes fans… SKOL!

  8. Said it before….AJ will get what he feels is fair, or Vjax will sit. Should’ve upped the offer, Vjax is not calling the shots.

  9. The Chargers organization is so stupid…they will now get less for him, just to spite him. It was more important to Smith to feel powerful than it was to improve his organization. What a tool!

  10. Well if Jackson didn’t ask for an unreasonable amount of money, the Chargers wouldn’t have to ask for unreasonable demands in compensation. Let’s remember that Jackson is the one who decided to sit out this season, not the Chargers.

  11. haha… that awesome what Archie the taint said….
    besides, stupid chargers are gonna be in LA anyhow…. suckers.

  12. archie manning? who cares what that bum has to say? that guy is one of the worst rated QBs in the history of the NFL and he played for one of the worst franchises (at the time) in the NFL and were supposed to care what he thinks? Why, because his crybaby son didnt want to play in SD?
    Jackson is a bum anyways. he would flop with any team traded to. Its not him thats so good, its Rivers slinging him the ball and Gates taking the double coverage that make him decent.

  13. Boo hoo, Schwartz.
    Why did you advise your client to hold out when you had a fair RFA deal on the table – especially considering his impending suspension?

  14. LOL
    Maybe dumbass Schwartz should have considered the GM and the franchise before deciding to hold Jackson out.
    Retarded agents have to realize that the teams have the ultimate power in these situations.

  15. So, Vincent Jackson should be paid like a top 5 wide receiver, but the Chargers are being “totally unreasonable” by asking for similar compensation (actually less) than the Brandon Marshall trade?

  16. What a waste of time! This guy (AJ Smith) is like that guy in your fantasy football league that talks about a trade, keeps you thinking he’s going to pull the trigger and then says “I’ve decided I’m going to hang onto him”…Uggggh. Any advice on whether I should keep VJax on my fantasy team???

  17. Because giving away your best receiver to make him happy is how every team should function.
    Let Jackson rot for a year at home, then give him the high tender again.

  18. Good for San Diego and GM AJ Smith. After all, in the NFL, it’s better to make a point then to better your franchise.

  19. AJ would rather take league compensation, which is not guaranteed to be in place under a new CBA, than a sure thing.
    He would rather take a pick in the 2012 draft than one in 2011.
    The general rule is that draft pick in this year’s draft is worth a pick in an earlier round in the next draft. (So AJ traded a 2nd round pick in 2009 to draft Hester in the third round in 2008.)
    In setting the bar too high for Jackson, he gets nothing in 2011 and whatever he eventually gets from the league (if anything) will be less than what he could have had in the 2011. The team will now suffer in 2010 (no Jackson) and 2011 (no draft pick).
    AJ’s model for building a SuperBowl caliber team.

  20. No problem. Favre will just “make” one of his current WRs like he “made” Sidney Rice.
    Oh to be a fly on the wall when the news was broken to Favre…

  21. If I think my house is worth 1 million dollars and you don’t THEN DON’T BUY IT!!! The Chargers are unreasonable because they didn’t give Jackson away? Call a whaambulance. I’m sure Archie wouldn’t have even been mentioned if the deal went your way mr sports agent.

  22. Charles Wood says:
    September 22, 2010 4:07 PM
    Can we get a “VIKINGS SUCK” chant going please?
    I’d say an “A.J. SMITH IS AN IDIOT” chant is more appropriate today. The Lord of No Rings can’t get a V-Jax deal done and (worse) won’t budge on Marcus McNeill.

  23. I used to knock Eli for not wanting to play for the Chargers. But now I’m starting to understand. From firing Marty at 13-3, to LT, to Eli, and now VJax… AJ Smith really is a duche.

  24. well with all due respect I think AJ Smith was giving the agents a taste of their own medicine….this is what happens when you holdout and you’re a player the caliber of Vincent Jackson (a WR who is nowhere near the top of his position). Jackson was made an example of and his agents will be put on notice to the rest of the league.

  25. Who are you idiots who post this drivel?
    About 10 idiotic posts about Chargers going to LA.
    What does that have to do with VJ? If you posted that, you are not only an idiot, you are just a bad person who doesn’t get how big of a bummer that would be for an entire city.

  26. So let me get this straight: he’s such a good player that AJ Smith demanded top dollar for him on the trade market, yet he’s not good enough to warrant a a fair market contract extension? Doesn’t compute if you ask me. Strikes me as bad business, and something that’s bound to bite SD in the ass sooner or later.

  27. I find it hilarious that two QBs who could’ve been Chargers have gone on to win a Super Bowl.

  28. AJ Smith did the right thing. If fans of some other teams are upset over how AJ handled the situation, then perhaps their favorite teams ought to do a better job drafting players so they wouldn’t have to try and make a deal with the Chargers.
    If any fantasy player drafted VJ, they should have know better.
    IMO, Archie is riding the coattails of his kids, what has Archie ever won?
    As for the agent spouting off, IMO, he really needs to grow up. IMO, he can try and spin it all he wants, but he is the one with egg on his face, not AJ.

  29. Too funny. I think the Chargers will be fine and VJ will be out over 3 million for this year. AJ draws a ton of criticism but at least 25 other teams would love to have the talent that is on the Chargers roster. The agent is just trying to put the blame on someone else and that was the best insult that he came up with.

  30. Both teams sort of lost out here, to a point. More so, the Chargers. I’d a taken a 2nd in a heartbeat – that is certainly better than nothing. Minnesota probably also dodged a future headache. Behaviors are patterned, so either the DUI or holdout would eventually come back again.
    Maybe Minnesota can sniff around Antonio Bryant and find out if he could last for a few games.
    At any rate, being that Minnesota has only given up 21 points in two games, I hardly think a less potent offense will stifle them completely.
    It’s now about how the coaching staff utilizes the players they have to what they do best.

  31. “Jackson is a bum anyways. he would flop with any team traded to. Its not him thats so good, its Rivers slinging him the ball and Gates taking the double coverage that make him decent.”
    AMEN TO THAT … Jackson is nothing special to begin with. He got terrible advice from his agent and then then decided he’s gonna have a battle of wills with a GM who’s a bigger ass than him … LOL

  32. at this point, if SD doesn’t trade him before his suspension is over, my bet is he sits this season and finds a way to stick it to the Chargers.

  33. Broncos fan here. The chargers are the most over-hyped, underachieving team of the last decade. Oh, and I’m not lauding the Broncos….they are average in every way. I just love that the chargers will never be great when they could be because of stuff like this.

  34. LOL at the people on here claiming VJax wanted “too much money.” Re-read the post. More than one team came to CONTRACT TERMS with him.
    That means they’ll gladly pay him what he asked.
    The only one asking for too much is that ego maniac named A.J. Smith.

  35. I wonder if this comes back to bite the Chargers when other players decide not to come to San Diego based on the way they treat their current players.
    This is why Green Bay can’t sign any free agents. They pissed on one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.
    Chargers have only the draft to look forward to now.

  36. AJ Smith should have lowered his asking price but. They have Nanee have his replacement they don’t need Vincent Jackson.

  37. These agents are so full of crap… They are holding out because they think their “product” is worth X amount in terms of dollars. But they do not think VJ is worth so much in X amount worth draft picks and they think the Chargers should give him away… Laughable…
    Antoine had it right about these two agents…
    “You are so dumb, you are really really dumb…fo real”

  38. Agent Neil Schwartz is such an idiot! What do expect this guy to say. He bit off more than he could chew. You know who should be pissed? Vincent Jackson – AT HIS AGENT! Neil Schwartz actually believed he could strong arm AJ? The Chargers take care of their players – THE GOOD ONES! Not the ones who kick penalty flags, drive drunk and on suspended licenses, spike/fumble the ball in a playoff games, etc… This guy was arrested on the day of the playoffs people! VJ deserves all of this. A contract is a contract, deal with it. His and his agents selfishness will cause him to miss out on showcasing his skills in the playoffs and possibly the Superbowl. What’s better? Playing now for 3 million + and actually signing a long-term deal somewhere else after the season or getting SCREWED by your agents like you are now. Act like GATES and you would have been taken care of LOSER!

  39. So let me get this straight. VJ has been a total jerk by refusing to play once his suspension is over unless he is paid like a top 5 WR. Yet he isnt even a top 25 WR.
    Then him and his agents want to trade him to a contender and get mad that AJ Smith wont just give him up for pennies?
    Am I missing something here? Or shouldnt every GM take a stand like this when their players try to hold the team hostage? Sit home and waste a year of your prime away. you deserve it VJ.

  40. Hahahahahah. Archie Manning is right about this organization- SEEMINGLY EVERY TIME the Chargers plays the Giants or Indy, San Diego wins. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha.
    Why should the Chargers accept less than a 2nd and 3rd for a “top 5” WR… your words, not mine.
    Chargers will keep him, either he signs for peanuts and we still have him around for the home stretch and playoffs and STILL get a 3rd round comp pick OR he doesn’t report and chances are we “rinse and repeat” next season with this clown.
    ROFLMAO at the haters.

  41. ># Raider B says: September 22, 2010 4:09 PM
    >LMFAO! The Chargers will never win a Super Bowl! >This guy makes Al Davis look good!
    Right, which is why the Chargers have been to the playoffs recently, and the Raiders are the joke of the league.
    As long as Al Davis has control of the Raiders, they will continue to be a joke.
    I think it is great that VJ gets to rot this season. Do not pass go, do not get credit for this year towards free agency (unless he reports by week 10 or so)

  42. It is not the chargers’ fault, it is VJ and his agents’ fault. You cannot demand big-time money because of your “talent” and expect the chargers to accept scrub-level compensation for allowing you to leave. I’m sure the other teams would have been willing to accept the chargers terms if VJ lowered his price or signed a reasonable long-term deal based on incentives. To give this dude big guaranteed money is insane…he is one party away from a full year suspension. They had the chance to leave and they blew it…the price teams will be willing to pay just dropped some more. Maybe this TURD ( Twit Under Repeat Discipline) should have thought about the consequences brought about by his own stupidity. Time to pay the Piper VJ…shut up and go away.

  43. Dude17 says:
    September 22, 2010 4:09 PM
    Bastards. Get him traded. He’s killing my fantasy team by sitting on the bench.
    When was your draft, Christmas?? Wake up man.
    Actually, I applaud the move. Screw these pricks…if you signed a damn contract…earn up to it. He would’ve come in and played it out and said that he’s getting his life back on track…the Chargers would’ve either convinced someone to take him and that he’s a changed man or would’ve resigned him long term for big money. He’s a liability that can’t be trusted. The Jets should’ve told Revis to piss up a rope too. Instead, he’ll be damaged goods all stinking year. I just hope he’s healthy enough to catch 3 or 4 of those balls that Mr. INT’s gonna throw up for grabs or drop in a few weeks at the Meadowlands.
    You’ll see VJ huffing paint on a corner in his hometown in 6 years, or less. His agent won;t be far behind either.

  44. Say what you will about Smith but it was a smart move. SD has been a top team (yes I know no SB title) in the AFC for awhile for a reason…
    In my opinion Jackson isnt that good and shoulda signed the tender…which is about what he’s worth! The guy has been busted what twice now?

  45. BBB82 says:
    September 22, 2010 4:25 PM
    I used to knock Eli for not wanting to play for the Chargers. But now I’m starting to understand. From firing Marty at 13-3, to LT, to Eli, and now VJax… AJ Smith really is a duche.

  46. AJ Smith has taught Charger players an important lesson: As long as he has anything to say about it, there will be no Super Bowl championships for San Diego.

  47. There goes the Superbowl Parade they had planned in Minneapolis this February. Geez, Vincent Jackson was the lone missing piece that would have put the Vikings over the top.
    Forget about the turnstile tackles on the offensive line, forget about the weak secondary, forget about the aging QB who is showing his age, forget about the coach who can’t seem to dial up a TD inside the 2 yard line, all those issues would have been answered if only the Vikings pull the trigger on this trade.
    50 years is a long time to go without a Superbowl, by not trading for Vincent Jackon, it might be another 50 till the Vikings are this close again.

  48. i am surprised the Chargers havent just asked for a player for player deal, no team wants to give up high picks anymore, but maybe they would accept a player for player deal, even if it’s a reciever. Rivers seems to make well with unproven recievers. Jackson wasnt really known till the last two years.

  49. There is a rumor the Chargers and Skins are talking about a Albert Haynesworth for Vincent Jackson trade. I assume Albert would then be traded to a team that plays the 4-3 maybe Minnesota because Pat Williams is getting up in age and they need someone to replace him.

  50. If the Chargers wanted a 2nd and 3rd round pick for 12 games out of VJax’s current contract then I’d say yeah they were being unreasonable.
    That is what Brandon Marshall went for and Marshall was a more experience player who didn’t have to sit out 4 to 6 games and all of camp and wasn’t one DWI away from sitting the rest of the season. Marshall also is arguably the more dominant receiver, though the difference is probably negligible.
    AJ Smith has a reputation of being about impossible to deal with for a reason. Multiple teams willing to shell out good deals and he holds his ground and gets nothing.
    Seriously, Chargers could have gotten a 2nd round pick + conditional for VJax and now they will get absolutely nothing. Just so AJ can maintain his reputation as a guy you can’t negotiate down from unreasonably terms.
    Meh whatever. I wanted to see Jackson in a Vikes uni but giving up a 2nd and 3rd for a problematic player who enters your team week 5 is just not anywhere near doable. We’ll just have to hold out hope that the team can get it together in time for Rice to come back.

  51. Did Archie really say that? Why would Schwartz drag ol’ Arch into this? Unless Archie borrows Eli’s or Peyton’s rings, he doesn’t have a ring either.
    “Archie had it right about this organization”. lol. You should hear what Archie has to say about sleazy agents, Schwartz.

  52. I don’t understand what the “Lord of no Rings” comments had to do with you getting a deal done for your client? If he were to get traded then he wouldn’t have played for the Chargers anyway?
    Both of you look in the mirror and realize that you guys really messed this guys career up!!! You thought he was worth the big bucks, and if your client really is worth the 5yr 50mil you were looking for then why wouldn’t a 2nd and 3rd round pick be reasonable compensation?
    Now you have this guy in a huge hole and if the CBA doesn’t get resolved then Jackson could remain the Chargers property through the 2012 season, therefor would mean he would have to sit out 3 season. (pending the Chargers Franchise him after the 2011 season and the CBA deal not getting done during the season)

  53. Empire Jones says:
    September 22, 2010 4:38 PM
    Hahahahahah. Archie Manning is right about this organization- SEEMINGLY EVERY TIME the Chargers plays the Giants or Indy, San Diego wins. Hahahahahahahahahhah ahahahahahahaha.
    What do the trophies you got for those wins look like?

  54. They are going to lose Jackson next year anyway and only get a third round as compensation. And yet the moron GM turned down a 2nd rounder for him. Clueless jerk… I hope SD tanks this year and the players sign elsewhere…

  55. There is a reason that this Franchise has done very little over their History. Nobody remembers who was 11-5 or 8-8 ten years ago.
    People only remember the teams that play in the big games when it counts. And this team may have had a couple good teams over the years but they have never done a thing when it mattered.

  56. Jacksons asking price was obviously not too high if he agreed to contract terms with more than one team. So if Jacksons terms were clearly not unreasonable, than it must be…ummm…. yea the moron GM AJ Smith.
    Messed up thing is Smith thinks other teams should fork over unrealistic compensation for a guy he felt wasn’t worth compensating. If you aren’t willing to pay a top 5 player top 5 salary for their position, you have no concept of value. Smith is a stubborn old asshole who has to prove his ego.
    i hope Jackson gets out of SD at some point and goes to Denver and burns the shit out of them twice a year.
    BTW, Rivers is a bigger piece of shit than ANYBODY on that team. Cant wait til his contract ends to see that battle of egos!

  57. Wish you would post what AJ Smith felt instead of the greedy agent on commission. VJ is worth a 2nd and a 3rd so why should they give him away?
    So VJ sits and gets his release. SD isn’t missing him and they get a comp pick.
    The Mannings haven’t gotten over being booed off the stage at the 2004 draft. The price for trying to be above the system.

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