Lions won't rule out Matthew Stafford

Some Lions wide receivers like to divulge injury news, but Lions coach Jim Schwartz is a fan of being a little more vague.

Schwartz says that quarterback Matthew Stafford has a chance to play this week despite a shoulder injury that was initially expected to keep him out at least a few weeks.

“It just really depends on how he’s feeling, and if he’s feeling good
and throwing well, can make all the throws, then we make that decision,
and if he’s not, then we hold him back,” Schwartz told Vikings reporters, via Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500.  “But it’ll be judged on him and
how he’s feeling — not an artificial timetable that we set before we
even knew where we were going with it.”

Stafford missed practice on Wednesday, which indicates that Shaun Hill is still the likely starter for Detroit in the battle for the NFC North basement with Minnesota.

25 responses to “Lions won't rule out Matthew Stafford

  1. You have to think that even if Stafford is feeling pretty good this week, they’ll give him another week off just to be sure he’s ok and ready.

  2. Stafford was shown during the Philly game, with no noticeable protective device on his arm/shoulder. My first inclination is that he’ll play, we need him on the field to make an attempt at salvaging this season. Wouldn’t shock me if they are cautious and hold him out a few more weeks.
    My Lions aren’t going to the playoffs, but it’s been nice to watch games that are more competitive. It’s a damn shame that it’s come to that, but it’s reality. Hopefully they continue to trend upward and in the near future are a legitimate threat at a playoff spot!
    Side Note : I just don’t understand how a secondary can be this bad for this long. It is extremely frustrating.

  3. Detroit’s the hard-luck team of the season, so far.
    It really looked like the team was finally on the upswing. Then, the Stafford injury, the Calvin Johnson ridiculous rule.
    And suddenly it’s the same as it ever was, 0-2 and hoping for a break.
    I hope they get some good luck to go with their bad.

  4. Honestly Willy, you could say that every week (Why risk your future). If he is deemed healthy by the medical staff and he personally feels ready to go, then what’s the issue?
    The bottom line is that he is not Rookie QB, Matthew Stafford and shouldn’t be handled with kid gloves anymore.
    Off topic, but relevant. The Lions’ organization and their fans (including myself) should stop being apologists and be a little more impatient.
    GO LIONS!!!

  5. I won’t rule out that I have a chance at nailing some supermodel poon. Chances are great it’ll never happen, but since I’m still breathing… “so you’re saying that I have a chance then?”
    Stafford playing this week is a lot like this.

  6. Detroit needs to shut down stafford for the year, get some OL players and try again next year. Otherwise, it’s going to Chad Penninigton all over again.

  7. @ Sopoaga
    I like your style man but i gotta say, if stafford does come back this week or next, we most definitely have a shot making the playoffs this season. Obviously with him behind center, we have one of the top offenses in the NFL. I also think that Levy will make a world of difference defensively as he will play in his first game of the season this weekend. Forte never scores on that 90 yard screen pass at the end of the first half against the bears and McCoy has a couple of his big plays eliminated if Levy had been healthy. Landon Johnson is like playing with 10 guys on defense, it’s incredible that we can’t find anyone better than him to play middle linebacker.

  8. I hope he plays and think he will. I also hope that there’s enough there to beat the ‘Queens.
    If that happens…it’ll be like Christmas morning, except at 3pm or so.

  9. Hey, Hill damn near beat my team last year with the 49ers, so it’s not like he’s completely chopped liver.

  10. Not looking too good for the men in purple with their long braided blond hair.
    Lose this game vikes and the schism is ON!

  11. Stafford looks like a little kid out there, ofcourse he’s gonna get hurt 2-3 times a season. Eventually all the duct tape and ace bandages in the world wont be able to hold his shoulder on anymore.

  12. Robbing peter to pay paul, pennington II. Sit him until he’s fully healed or you’ve wasted all this offensive talent to be run by shaun hill.

  13. Scary thought, if you’re the Vikings.
    Lose this weekend, and you probably miss the playoffs.
    You’ll be 0-3. The Packers, assuming they beat the Bears, will be 3-0. That means…
    If the Packers go only 8-5 the rest of the way, you need to go 11-2 to tie for the NFC North, and that assumes the Bears don’t go 9-4 or better.
    A wildcard spot MIGHT be possible, but there’ll be at least eight other teams with a two game lead on you if you lose Sunday, and quite possibly two or more of those teams will have a three game lead.
    So basically, if you lose to the Lions on Sunday, plan on having to win 11 out of your last 13 games, which include games against the Jets, Cowboys, Patriots, Giants, Redskins and Eagles, as well as the Packers and Bears twice each, plus another game against the Lions.
    But cheer up. Next year you’ll still need a QB, the Williams Wall will be gone, as well as Ray Edwards, and you might be moving to Los Angeles.

  14. actually their chances are a little better with hill, short term.
    i still the vikings winning, and covering, even in their schism… or malaise… whatever.
    if the vikes cant win this… get away from the fan.

  15. Stafford gives the Lions a better chance to win for the short run, but I agree with the sentiment that it’s better to sit for another week or two if that will benefit the shoulder. Don’t risk the long-term return to relevance if playing this week is going to chill his recovery.

  16. With Minn and GB the next 2 games up followed by STL and NYG I say the safe bet is hold Stafford out to save him from Jared Allend and Clay Matthews…get him 100% then bring him in against a softer STL squad

  17. Stafford will be an elite quarterback in the NFL. I love the moxie he showed last year. Rest him and heal the shoulder. The Lions are on the rise and will beat the Packers and Vikings this year but fall short of the playoffs. Next year, they will be a force and will be in the mix for a division championship or WC as long as they continue to play as a team.

  18. If Stafford plays, and we don’t get those 2 corners back from Injury, I don’t see us winning. Not with the pathetic excuse of a pass rush that has been shown in the first two games, not even the Lions should be able to screw up against our Vikes right now.. I’m sure you all know about the offence, so no need to bring that up.

  19. If he’s ready to go, let him play. I know the Vikings have a great front, but he has to play if he’s the franchise, plain and simple. You can’t worry about him getting hurt. Plus, I’m driving down from Canada to watch my Lions play….:)
    Joking aside. The Lions have played really decent this year. I know they’re 0-2 and the secondary has been beat up pretty bad, hopefully not this week, but they’re playing tough. The front has the most sacks in the NFL and Suh has the most sacks for any DT in football. Pretty good so far. With their schedule nobody really expected great things this year, but it’s coming.
    Keep it up, get Stafford back, get Levy and Delmas 100%, and start targeting Megatron already. I hate hearing how they don’t want to target him as it leads to mistakes. Give me a break. Just throw it up. At least half the time he’ll come down with it.
    Anyways, go Lions!!!

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