Mike Singletary won't do any more interviews with Dennis O'Donnell

49ers coach Mike Singletary engaged in a highly entertaining interview with Dennis O’Donnell on KPIX in San Francisco last week, consisting mostly of O’Donnell asking relatively innocuous questions and an angry Singletary offering terse repsonses.

KPIX later pulled the interview from its web site, and today comes the sad news that we won’t get to see a Singletary-O’Donnell redux.

Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News reports that O’Donnell has been replaced by Kim Coyle on the KPIX “Coach’s Corner” segment.

According to 49ers spokesman Bob Lange, the station and the team made a “joint agreement to give the interviews a better dynamic going forward.”

Personally, I thought Singletary and O’Donnell had a great dynamic. Apparently Singletary disagreed.

At least Singletary still does interviews with David Letterman.

44 responses to “Mike Singletary won't do any more interviews with Dennis O'Donnell

  1. That’s ridiculous – the reporter was doing his job, Singletary was being obnoxious. Then, when the reporter switched to the topic of the Saints, as Singletary wanted him to do, Singletary cut him off at each question.

  2. Mike should just keep his mouth shut. That way he won’t continue to look like an idiot.
    “We will not try to stop Brees”
    “We WILL stop Brees”
    remember that quote Mike?

  3. Wow. That guy was basically kissing Singletary’s ass the whole interview. They might as well let Mike interview himself. I’m sure he would have no trouble talking the whole time.

  4. Singletary was combative and looked ready to pop but it wasn’t the reporter’s fault. There was nothing wrong with what he did. The only thing I saw that the 49ers could be upset about was the reporters inability to keep from laughing while Samarai Mike had his meltdown.

  5. Yeah, typical for a guy who can’t handle being a head coach. Pathetic.
    He will be gone after next year when the team can’t get to the playoffs.
    You’ll see. 2012 is when the D coordinator will be HC and clean out Smith and all the other losers on this team.

  6. Singletary is a Class A jerk and arrogant a-hole. Usually people who act like he does do so due to insecurity. It’s blatently obvious to anyone who has paid close attention to his job performance as a coach what he is insecure about. He was a great player but he’s way in over his head as a HC in the league. In a game as cerebral as the the NFL is now, being a good motivator only gets you so far. And so far, that’s gotten the niners nowhere. If they lose this weekend to the chefs, this team will implode. And, yes, I wrote “chefs”.

  7. Singletary has not done anything as a coach except make excuses and cry like a girl. He hurt my feelings so I’m not going to do interviews with him. At lease Dennis had the balls to ask the difficult questions. Now this chick is going to kiss Sing ass, so I guess he got what he wanted. Shame on KPIX.

  8. That’s a sad commentary on today’s media. The team decides who conducts the interviews, and by extension what is discussed.

  9. Another incidence of Singletary showing his immaturity, like the time he pulled his pants down in front of the team to make a point.
    O’Donnell asked pertinent questions about poor clock management and Singletary blew up on him.
    Grow up Coach, it’s your team, your Asst. Coaches and your responsibility to manage the players & coaches effectively. And when you don’t you can expect legitimate questions like this.
    I *ucked up and I don’t want to talk about it, now get another reporter in here I can roll over.

  10. The guy is a nut job. Also that big cross he has then he goes around treating people like crap & judging everyone. Typical born again.

  11. It’s extraordinary how stupid, amateurish and controlling Singletary continues to look on a week-to-week basis.
    It’s the 49ers fault for once again hiring a beginner, of course, and one who thinks he is God’s gift to coaches just because he was a damn good linebacker.
    But compared to real coaches like Payton and Belichick, this guy’s a total buffoon. No poise, no maturity, no concept as to how to run a football team. Meanwhile, the team has no GM, and that’s a crucial part of the equation when a head coach keeps shooting himself in the foot. No one in the 49ers “front office” (and I use the term loosely) has the balls to tell Mike Singletary that he’s acting like a horse’s ass. They’re all scared to death of the guy.
    This will all end badly. Just a slapdick organization.

  12. The only reason he wasn’t fired already is the humongous amount of incompetence the York’s possess.

  13. Yes, Singletary is a douche, but so i O’Donnell.
    You can tell when an interviewer is pontificating when he asks a looooong question that is more statement than question and ends the statement portion with a generic “How do you deal with that?” or “What do you do now?” This implies that the statement is true. All the interviewer is doing is making an insulting remark for the audience. Happens all the time in politics, not so much in sports.
    “Everyone thinks you are murderer and that you buried your victims in the backyard. How do you answer that?”
    “It is not true.”
    “So where did you bury your victims?”

  14. I’m a 49ers fan and I’d like to see the team do something good, like make the playoffs for starters. If they don’t get it together soon, Mike could be gone at years end. I loved Singletary as a player but I’m not sure how good of a coach he really is.

  15. Letterman interview was not very funny. Everyone knows you don’t make fun of the mentally handicapped. Bad move Dave.

  16. Singletary is old school.
    It’s like Mike Ditka is still coaching.

  17. Letterman sucks…Trouble in Frisco…They sure get a lot of attention for a team that can’t win a game.

  18. I am an avid Niner fan and have been for more than 50 years. And, I fully support Singletary as the HC. However, he was absolutely WRONG on this one — O’Donnell was simply doing his job and was NOT trying to bait Mike. Singletary was just feeling a lot of heat from the press after the Niner’s collapse against Seattle and didn’t do anything to try to control his emotions. As they say, Mike, if you can’t stand the heat, get (the hell) out of the kitchen!

  19. O’Donnell didn’t kiss Singletary’s butt enough.. he should check out Dave Spadaro at eagles.com. If Andy Reid decreed that all players must wear skirts, Dave would say it’s a great move for the Eagles. The Eagles radio network used to have two objective guys years back, Johnny Sample( the former Jet) and Tom Cardella. They didn’t hate Reid, they just told you when something was questionable , and when it wasn’t. Lurie fired them soon after Reid’s first season. Both guys passed away shortly after, I think they missed the job, because they were pretty good at it. People shouldn’t even bother to watch the in house coaches show, it’s just a waste of time. Hopefully, some the objective writers in SF will ask crazy Mike about his time management last week .

  20. Yeah, it appears Singletary is heading to his Dennis Green moment. He knows this is his last shot, and his guys have to come through, and he cant quite deal with it mentally.

  21. Next year Singletary will be DC for the Bears while Martz is OC. Lovie will be mediator. Now, that I’d love to see.

  22. After seeing the interview, Singletary proved that he was the p*ssy, not the guy interviewing him. I hope the 49ers finish 5-11 and he gets fired.

  23. Bears fan here and I loved seeing those big eyes peering thru the facemask of #50. But those playing day antics don’t work as a coach of today’s NFL. “Can’t do it. Will not do it.”

  24. RaiderChile says:
    September 22, 2010 6:26 PM
    Yeah, typical for a guy who can’t handle being a head coach. Pathetic.
    He will be gone after next year when the team can’t get to the playoffs.
    You’ll see. 2012 is when the D coordinator will be HC and clean out Smith and all the other losers on this team.

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