Revis ties hamstring injury to missing camp

Michael Irvin of WQAM in Miami finagled an interview with Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.  And Irvin asked Revis whether his hamstring injury has anything to do with Revis’ absence from training camp.

Amazingly, Revis admitted that which everyone else believes.

I think it plays,” Revis said, via  “I think that’s the main point.  Not being in camp is the reason I have the problem right now that I’m going through.”

And, of course, Revis wasn’t in camp because he held out for more money.

Revis also says that, despite a pre-existing “tweak” of the hamstring, he was healthy before the play that resulted in a stellar one-handed catch from Pats receiver Randy Moss.

“I was 100% before the ball was snapped,” Revis said.  “We kind of got the call in
late.  That’s still no excuse.  I still got to do my job and watch my man. 
He got the jump on me, ran straight up the field, a little post
pattern.  He put his hand up in the air like Randy always do when he’s
that wide open.  Brady saw him and it was a nice throw and catch.  When I
seen the ball in the air, I tried to speed up and that’s when I grabbed
my hamstring and pulled up again and I couldn’t do nothing on the play. 
It was a great throw and catch.  It was a great one-handed catch by
Randy.  I’ve seen myself on SportsCenter about 100 times already.  It was a
sharp pain. I could just feel it knotting up.”

Darrelle’s candor is refreshing, even if it makes a portion of our PFTV segment regarding the impact of missed camp on Brett Favre and Revis a little moot.


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  1. Happens most of the time a player holds out.
    Guys can “stay in shape” all they want but nothing matches training camp and preseason play.

  2. Just refreshing all the honesty, no excuses, just flat out I got beat. Now if every player could just take responsibility for their lack luster play.

  3. gee lets see, Revis had 3 years left on his contract and held out, not showing up to camp because of money. Moss has one year left on his contract and showed up even though he wants more money and a longer contract. Bottom line Greedvis got on sport center but only because a better classier player punked him.

  4. I wish people could have heard this interview. I sat there and grew more amazed with each second. First he said, yeah it was due to missing training camp, outright admitted it. He followed that up with this is a business. I’m alright, I’m not depressed, not upset or anything.
    Why would he be, it’s a business right? That’s all it is, he got his millions of dollar to do nothing, just be unfit to play – and collect his salary. This guy is a worthless trip. 110% about himself, could give a damn about his team, brain made of mush too, don’t forget that.
    Previous to all of that admittance of not being in shape, Irvin asked how he and Cromartie are different. He asked what is Brandon Marshall going to see out of Cromartie that would be different from Revis covering. He told the airwaves every way he would play a big strong receiver. He then told the airwaves how Cromartie covers and what he would do against a big man, and what he does do, everything to gameplan for.
    So happy this fool is a NY Yet.

  5. What else was he supposed to do? Maybe if the jets didn’t want this happening, they should have paid up. it’s a gamble that they took.

  6. LOL @ Randy Moss being the classier player. You couldn’t even type that with a straight face. He also created a distraction after week 1 complaining about the Patriots not wanting him any more. Pure class. At least, he didn’t bump Belichik with his SUV after the game.

  7. As you drive your car in the Big Apple you see trash everywhere, as you go into Jersey you see nice clean streets until you see the green trash, wait, don’t blame Jersey, it’s the Jets who ran from the Big Apple because of the stink, however they have taken it with them where ever they go, and now it’s South Florida turn, don’t get upset, because all the retired Apples are down there, they show up and boo the home team, no wonder they stink. Bill P.S. They will boo both teams Sunday night, I can see them now wearing both green and orange. With one hand with a green towel, and the other an orange one, perhaps they could stick the green one in fireman Ed’s mouth.

  8. Well, at least he’s honest, this just goes to show you that missing camp does hurt, Revis is injured and Favre’s not on time with recievers excpet his tight end and Rice (who’s injured).

  9. that was a “pride” injury, you ever notice these “elite cover guys” only ever seem to pull hammies when they get beat deep?

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