Saints bring back Betts

Florio told you last night that the Saints were bringing Ladell Betts back to New Orleans for a workout after they cut the former Redskin at the end of training camp.

The workout must have gone well, because the team signed Betts on Wednesday.

With Reggie Bush out and reserve Chris Ivory injured, Betts will fill the No. 3 running back role behind Pierre Thomas and Deshawn Wynn.

5 responses to “Saints bring back Betts

  1. The Saints have signed all this great fresh talent in the off season and yet THEY WON’T LET THEM SEE THE FIELD. Totally frustrating to watch.

  2. They told Betts he had to walk from the parking lot to the facility in less than 8 minutes with no help. He made it with time to spare.

  3. Actually the Saints cut Deshawn Wynn today to make room for Betts. So it’s either PT/Ivory/Betts (if Ivory’s healthy) or PT/Betts, presumably with a little Heath Evans mixed in.

  4. Also, I don’t know what fresh running back talent clintcooper is talking about. Ivory’s only been out because he’s hurt, not because he’s being held back. Same with Jimmy Graham, who was active this week after being banged up.
    For Junior Galette, you might have an argument.

  5. man I hate to be right, but I was right when they got rid of Mike Bell, I knew that was a bad move. Now we’re going to be reaching for has-beens and unprovens all year to fill in the roles that Bell did just fine. I understand he wanted more money but how much did he sign for in Philly?? Wasn’t that much.

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