Cedric Benson questions direction of offense

In Cedric Benson’s mind, the 2009 Bengals offense worked pretty well.  So why mess with a good thing by adding talent that can catch the ball?

“With all those players and names you brought up [Terrell
Owens, Jordan Shipley, Jermaine Gresham, etc] they’re all, except for one,
directly involved in the passing game,” Benson said on SIRIUS radio Thursday via the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “So, I mean, if I had to guess,
it seems that that’s kind of the route that we’re trying to go, which
can be a bit frustrating because we were successful running the football
last year and being a power team.

“Being that type of team got us where
we ultimately wanted to be, which was in the playoffs. I don’t know
what would be the reason the team would want to change their identity,
unless in the past season it didn’t work. But that’s not the case here.  And, I mean, I don’t know. I guess whoever’s making those shots, or
calling those shots, you got to kind of roll with the punches.”

The Bengals offense wasn’t that successful last year.  They were one-dimensional and easy to stop by year’s end. The defense carried the team and the Bengals needed help badly to fix the passing attack.  They weren’t a true title threat.

Second, Benson needs to look at the reality of the first two games.  They trailed 17-0 before they blinked in Week One against the Patriots.  You aren’t going to run much then.

In Week Two, the Bengals attacked the Ravens on the ground plenty.  Benson had 23 carries for 78 yards.  The team attempted 28 rushes to 35 pass attempts.  That’s balance, especially considering the Ravens should be easier to attack through the air.

Benson wants to pile up stats in his contract year, and he should have plenty of chances to do so.  If he doesn’t, we’ll apparently be hearing more about it.

50 responses to “Cedric Benson questions direction of offense

  1. I’m sure he doesn’t have any performance based clauses in his contract? They’re going to get Carson Palmer beheaded if they keep it up.

  2. Benson, just shut up and play. im a Bengals fan but ur whining like Ray Lewis after last week. Just shut up, do your job, and play. your making millions so STFU!!!! you had 23 carries last week. what you bitchin about. if you want more yards, get more yards on your carries. simple as that. so stop ur whining, bitching, and complaining and DO YOUR JOB. Nuf Ced….

  3. The running success was great, and Benson was a surprise to everyone. However, the Bengals’ attack was pitiful last year and unfortunately, that “massive line” that averages like 6’6, 330 across the board can’t pass block. It’s the reason why they run the ball over 65% of the time and why Benson dominated like he did. With that said, they can’t go anywhere without a passing attack that ranks higher than 29th in the NFL.
    Part of it is Palmer, but the other part is definitely how they have assembled the line and how Bratkowski is calling plays. The days of running to a championship are over in the NFL as the last few champions have proven. If anything, the lack of a passing game will hurt you long before the lack of a running game.

  4. CincinnatiBoi,
    STFU until u become Cincinnati Man
    STFU until you move out of Bmore you project dwelling, sewer rat eating clown shoe.

  5. Ced I love you but STFU. That gameplan got you NOWHERE in the playoffs.
    I just don’t get his thought process. I don’t think he’s losing value if they go pass heavy… they still need the guy. He just won’t be toting the load so to speak… lol.

  6. I’m a Bengals fan who has Ced on one of his fantasy teams. Naturally I want him to do well. But I also want the Bengals to win first and foremost, no matter how they do it.
    Ced, shut up and play. You’ll get your carries and your stats if you put in the work.

  7. The Bengals saved your ass, big guy, and offered you a lifeline after the Bears deposited you in the NFL dumpster.
    Just nod your head and go back to the huddle, ingrate!

  8. Somewhere on Lake Travis an unmanned boat waits for its drunken driver.
    Shut up and be grateful you have a job numbnuts. I have no doubt there will be plenty of games where they are going to need you to grind in out in the 4th. Are you then going to suggest a few more passes, because the guys on the outside need it?

  9. How many “Nutt Jobs” can you have on one team?? I thought the Jets were bad…Good luck this week against a good run Defense in Carolina.

  10. Cedric Benson has come across as self absorbed, the world owes me something type, since the day he got drafted – crying about what a tough and unfair process it was leading up to it. Turns around and under-performs (4th overall pick, what a waste) his way out of Chicago.
    Cedric, no one owes you anything.

  11. He should get plenty of late game carries against the Panthers. This may be a rare Bengals blowout. The next best shot this year is against Buffalo.

  12. Hey, Rosenthal. Why don’t you wait until Baltimore gives up a passing touchdown, or a touchdown period, before you say they should be easier to attack that way?
    The secondary played well for most of the end of last year, even with Ed Reed and others out.

  13. Cedric is right. Carson Palmer’s skills have declined at an alarming rate. The receiving talent means nothing if the QB can’t deliver the ball.
    We’ll see what the Bengals have in these next three games against teams in the bottom third of the league.
    The last half of their schedule is a killer.

  14. So do I. When the league as whole is considered a “passing” league now. We have somehow went backwards and become a “running” football team.

  15. .
    seems like Cedric has forgotten how wide receivers (who can block) influence the running game in a very big way …..
    sometimes bringing in a new wide receiver can improve the running game … like Brandon Marshall for example … laid some big time hits on defensive backs during runs last Sunday …
    Cedric Benson never seems to be happy ….

  16. I think we’re still a run 1st team. However, you’re going to have to play to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. I’m a huge Benson fan, hell I think he was MVP on offense last year. But our additions to the passing game make our team as a whole better. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see big numbers from Ced over the course of the next few games starting this week.

  17. I ain’t mad at Ced. The guy thinks he can carry the whole team on his back. If he didn’t have a Superman complex, would he be worth a damn? I doubt it. It’s his job to execute when his number is called. It’s a good thing when a guy wants the rock.
    Chad and To want the ball every play, nothing wrong with that either.

  18. STFU Ced…Seriously man. You were on the scrap heap before we gave you a chance. Do your job and you’ll get paid ass. Looks like he won’t be here past this contract period. lol

  19. Mr. Rosenthal.
    Did you WATCH the Patriots/Bengals game? It was incredibly obvious on the first couple of series that they wanted to do 3 things:
    1) Show off their new toys
    2) Get the ball to Cancer – I mean T.O. as often as possible, whether that means forcing or not
    3) Refer to # 1 and 2 above
    Knowing how prolific the Patriots’ offense has been the last few years when all are healthy, it should have been ground and pound and use your new toys situationally or to stretch the field. They did none of the above. Go back and watch the tape! Benson is 100% correct on the Patriots game in particular, and yes once it was 17-0 it was too late.

  20. “Being that type of team got us where we ultimately wanted to be”
    I think all teams ultimately want to be in the Superbowl Cedric, not one and done in the playoffs.

  21. Reckon it’s about time Ced retreats to Texas and gets hit with another alcohol-related arrest. Afterall, this is the Bungles and this guy fits right in with the asylum.

  22. Here’s the new Cedric, same as the old Cedric.
    Wait til he hurts his pinky-toe during the Super-Bowl and refuses to play.
    Well, maybe not…

  23. Ced has always emphasized himself running the ball. We ran him to much last year and he wore down and got injured. The offense needs a balanced attack and running him to much doesn’t develop the rest of the offense. He will get his yards, but we won’t make the playoffs or be anything more than one and done if he is the focal point of the offense.

  24. Kinda surprising coming from him. He has said and done all the right things in Cincinnati so far.
    Keep it out of the press Ced. Go talk to the OC or Marvin. Actually, never mind, you will be sure to hear from Marvin without asking. Enjoy that talk beeatchhh!

  25. im sure cedric is not the only one worried about this offense I KNOW terrel is pissed. carson can’t throw the Fuc***** ball, and chad well chad’s got a cracked rib now. i thought this offense would b so EXPLOSIVE…. NEGATIVE

  26. TO: CarlHess1…the Natti makes B-more look like Disneyland. Isn’t the Natti just Kentucks armpit? CarlHess…aren’t you the skinhead douche
    that gets whooped by bitches, I mean everyone from Cleveland, I mean
    Cedric, that f’ing MOOCH!!!

  27. Why is he acting like that? Did he switch over to Wide Receiver while I wasn’t looking? Stop crying and close you mouth. Get some yards when you have the ball and you are bound to get the the ball more.

  28. Kudos Florio for not making the headline say “Benson rips Bengals.” The guys says something honest and correct and people freak out.
    As an fan, I too question what the hell Bratkowski is doing in the box at least half of the time and where he is leading this offense.

  29. “and easy to stop by year’s end”
    Easy to stop to the tune of ~170 yards against the #1 run D in the wildcard game. All this while everyone and their mother knew the Bengals couldn’t put it up in the air….

  30. I’ve basically been saying the that same thing all offseason now the implosion begins just wait till carson gets injured

  31. BMoreBallBuster,
    I agree “Natti” is like Disneyland. Youre so horrible at life you’re trying to break my balls about a city I dont even live in. No im not the skinhead douche that gets wooped by bitches? I dont have a clue what your talking about. Im the person who told you to STFU because youre telling CedBen to STFU. You wouldnt say anything close to that with Cedric Benson standing within a 100 ft of you because youre a pansy. A wuss even. Keep your mouth shut and your acne cream applied you pantyhose wearing metro.

  32. Cincinnati is a beautiful city, and Baltimore looks similar to something that is in the toilet after my morning sit down. No one from Baltimore should ever be able to harass another city. Baltimore is filthy and disgusting. If it weren’t for DC being next to it it the city would compared to Gary, IN. I know all you dumb Baltimore fans are still excited that you have another football team, but get over it. Your city is garbage, and 95% of the population is garbage as well. Who Dey!

  33. HardcoreH1 says:
    September 23, 2010 7:10 PM
    “He should get plenty of late game carries against the Panthers. This may be a rare Bengals blowout. The next best shot this year is against Buffalo.”
    Ha! Love it. The Bengals deserve the cream puff Bills after facing down the Patriots in Week 1.

  34. History of the World – Part 1:
    One day while God was creating the world and just happened to be working on our fair country known as the USA, a terrible shit pain hit him! He quickly scrambled away from the area he was working on (Cincinnati) and headed for the Atlantic to take his dump. He was almost there when he realized he could go no further. So he squated right where he was and what came out of his ass is now known as Baltimore!
    Here endeth the lesson!

  35. Ced sure hasn’t done anything this year to warrant such opinions. What should really happen is,he should get less reps. The NFL is no longer the one RB league, it’s a two headed monster that gives two different styles. The Bengals have that, but aren’t using it for some reason. Bernard Scott is a home run hitter, he kind of reminds me of the Titan’s Chris Johnson. Wait and see. Who Dey!

  36. benson needs to get benched for opening his mouth. he’s averaging 3.2 yards a carry and scott is averaging 4.7. hmm that would mean its not the line, not the play calls, what could it be..
    benson, stfu and play if you want a contract. if not, let jim anderson perform his next miracle at rb for the bengals as he has for 27 seasons. time to introduce the league jim anderson’s next creation, benard scott.

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