Erroneous rumors fly of Braylon Edwards' impending release

As many of you know, there’s a guy on Twitter named “Incarcerated Bob,” who from time to time has what turns out to be accurate inside information about the Jets.

This time around, Bob claims that the Jets will cut receiver Braylon Edwards before Sunday.  Unfortunately, this time Bob is not only incarcerated — he’s also incorrect.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that it’s “not happening.” 

It makes sense.  By not deactivating Edwards for Sunday’s game, the Jets implicitly acknowledge that they need him.  And if the notion that they didn’t bench him for Sunday because of concerns that they’d be running afoul of the labor deal by disciplining Edwards unilaterally, cutting him after the DUI arrest would fall into the same category — and it likely would require the Jets to pay the balance of his 2010 salary.  (Of course, since he’s a vested veteran he’d be entitled to his 15 remaining game checks — 14 plus the bye week — anyway.)

Meanwhile, some of you have raised a valid point regarding the inconsistency that has arisen following the Edwards arrest.  Multiple members of the Jets’ next opponent, the Dolphins, were arrested in the offseason.  Running back Ronnie Brown and cornerback Will Allen were arrested for DUI, and defensive end Philip Merling was arrested for allegedly beating up his pregnant girlfriend.  Defensive end Tony McDaniel was arrested for misdemeanor battery.  But yet there was no national outcry that these men immediately should be disciplined by the team.

We see two reasons for this.  First, when arrests occur during the season, it’s far easier and obvious to argue that the player should be benched for the next game.  Second, the criticism of the Jets constitutes a natural consequence of the attention that the Jets have sought.  With attention comes scrutiny; teams that strive to stay under the radar have a better shot at avoiding the kind of intense focus that will apply to everything the Jets do.

It doesn’t make it right, but it explains the inconsistency.

55 responses to “Erroneous rumors fly of Braylon Edwards' impending release

  1. Were those guys also guilty of assault and driving 60 mph over the limit prior to their incidents?
    Edwards is taking a lot of heat because it is the third or fourth time he has found himself in trouble with the law.

  2. obviously braylon edwards made a bad decision to get behind the wheel after he’d been drinking with, but it’s out of the jet’s control, why should they deactivate him for the game, the courts will handle it, this is getting blown out of proportion…there’s lots of people that get charged with dui’s in the real world and they don’t get deactivated from their jobs, seriously…and this post is not meant to undermine the seriousness of his offense, and i’m not a fan of edwards either, but this is something he’ll have to deal with in due time…

  3. There was also very little outcry when Kareem McKenzie started three days after a DUI in 2008. You’re right, the Jets do bring it on themselves, so I’m choosing to ignore it.

  4. You might also mention that none of those Phins players were currently on probation for an assault charge at the time. Not to mention that The Bearded One was flippin’ hanging out with Stallworth the night the killed a person while driving intoxicated. You’d have thought that would serve as a wake up call. Why did anyone expect a team that doesn’t coach discipline (20+ penalties in 1st two games) to do anything at all to Braylon. So he’s not gonna start!! Whoooop de dooo!!! He may not have “started” anyway depending on the opening offensive formation. Pass it on the league to handle……way to pass the buck J.E.S.T.S.!!!

  5. wow. first i hear florio pick the JETS to win on WQAM this morning, then this fair objective reporting? what is the world coming to?

  6. When Kareem McKenzie was arrested for DWI and reckless driving in 2008, Francesa said nothing. Of course, McKenzie played on Sunday.
    Ronnie Brown still hasn’t missed a game for his DWI.
    Was Edwards highly irresponsible? Yes. Have the Jets handled the situation appropriately? Yes.

  7. Also unlike Allen or Brown Edwards has a history of being a troublemaker.
    Dolphins fans were in an uproar about Merling and wanted him cut though… Fans seemed almost happy when he was put on IR for the season.

  8. Erroneous Rumors!!!
    Oh the irony.
    Florio, you do realize that your site is based on this principle…
    If it is erroueous then how can it be impending?

  9. I don’t care if it’s your starting Quarterback. A guy beats up his pregnant girlfriend would be cut immediately if I owned the team. That just can’t happen.

    What the favre are you talking about? How do annoying assholes manage to deflect every story to the stupid Vikings?

  11. Just because a player is arrested does not make him guilty of anything.
    Look at the kids from Duke Lax – they werer all kicked off the team, out of college, and their reputations were completely tarnished all because of a selfish woman’s false accusations.
    Let the due process of law take place before pointing fingers.

  12. The way all the dolphins fans act in here about how great their team is, I really don’t understand why they are soooo worked up about all of this Braylon Edwards stories. Heck, you beat the Jets twice last year with both Edwards and Revis playing. Enjoy the moment because you might be in second place by sunday night.

  13. You know it’s funny. This incarcerated bob reminds me of my experience with my Cleveland Browns source.
    I have a real, tangible source with the Browns. The guy would never lie to me about anything. He tells me things, some of which come to fruition; and some of which make me look like a huge jackass.
    I think Bob gets told this by someone in the Jets organization as I get told it by someone in the Browns organization, but erroneous things get floated and things change by the time what we were told hits the net.
    Bottom line, neither he or I are Jay Glazer, or one of the few guys with plausible sources. Proceed with caution in listening to what Incarcerated Bob says, although he may be right once in a while.

  14. Can they just have a meeting and make him go away?
    He has got to have one of the most unattractive personalities in all of sports. Many of his own teammates don’t like him. And they know him personally.
    This guy has had more news about his non-football life than his football life. He had 1 good year. I think he can be called a bust-light.

  15. I have to agree with many here, that you have to compare apples to apples when comparing Edwards, and his antics and arrests to those of other players. In this case, you compared him to Dolphins players that have exercised poor judgment as well. On the surface, a DUI is a DUI. Many people have misjudged their ability to consume alcohol and lost in the eyes of the law. This is not just about Edwards driving drunk. This is about a man that consistently runs afoul of the laws and consistently puts himself in these situations. He was with Stallworth during his fateful night, he has a full laundry list of brushes with the law, beating people up and driving drunk. He’s had his chances. They should be up for him. As to UMPhish, when you blow a 0.16 breathalyzer, even if there is a technicality that lets you off the hook, you are drunk, period, end of story…

  16. This post has to be followed with one claiming, oh I dont know. maybe that Terry Bradshaw is dead?
    PFT Researcher

  17. This “history” garbage you drones are posting is a joke. Who cares what his non-DWI related history is? Does the nightclub incident make him any more likely to hit someone while driving drunk than Ronnie Brown, Will Allen, or Kareem McKenzie?
    Completely ridiculous argument. His nightclub incident is the only other legal issue he’s had. I find it amazing that it’s a bad mark on him for being with Stallworth earlier in the night when Stallworth went and drove drunk and hit someone. Should we grill a bar hand too because he was near Stallworth also? What a joke!

  18. You might also mention that none of those Phins players were currently on probation for an assault charge at the time. Not to mention that The Bearded One was flippin’ hanging out with Stallworth the night the killed a person while driving intoxicated”
    But… jet fans dont want to know the truth or facts. That will put them all is a depressed state. I mean, who roots for a franchise that has sucked for 41 years anyway?

  19. DUI is a dangerous and reckless offense. But it is interesting that all of these other guys who did the same thing weren’t punished, yet there is an outcry for Braylon to be dealt with before the legal system has taken it’s course.
    And when mentioning Merling’s issue, I think thats a more severe offense (don’t know full details though). Sure Braylon and these DUI guys endangered others, but Merling reportedly purposely caused harm to a pregnant woman, which is inexcusable.

  20. As others have pointed out this is getting more heat because Edwards is a dbag, and everyone loves to hate him. I don’t think he should miss a game and I def don’t think the jets should drop him because of it, but whatever they have enough quality receivers they can do what they want.

  21. Duke LAX was different. You had a rogue prosecutor and several community types placing extreme pressure on a “prestigious” university. Anyone who looked at the story could realize it was fabricated.
    Braylon has a history of stupidity, including driving infractions and being around DUI situations. He blew a 0.16%. He had two teammates (including franchise left tackle, in charge of saving the franchise QB’s ass) in the car with him. How was this guy a top-5 pick?
    And if I remember correctly, wasn’t he one of the Brady Quinn types that was begging to go to Cleveland before the draft? Now he’s badmouthing them every chance he gets?

  22. If this was Edwards first scuffle with the law would be one thing but this is not even the second time. the commish tags what he wants on the players either drug or conduct for what he can do. Seeing this is drug and the other falling under conduct will be interesting to see if he has some guts or runs scared. We will see what kind of ownership is in New York on what they do. Don’t mean the NY Giants either.

  23. # TheToolofTools says: September 23, 2010 9:14 AM
    Your learning in New York, what we knew in Cleveland.
    And this dolt is in a contract year.
    Unfortunately, Cleveland didnt know defense, and had the wrong Ryan as DC
    a dolt will scrub out anywhere….
    let the process play itself out….

  24. @ Truth Injection
    Of course Fatty Mike Fran-says-so didn’t admonish McKenzie after his DUI, after all he played for the “New York Football Giants”. Fatty blows all the Giants and Yankees 365, 24 x 7. So he made sure to give everyone 2 hrs. of beating up Edwards yesterday, you see because its on Fatty’s agenda.
    Best was Fatty blaming the Jets for Revis’ injury on Monday because “the Jets should have signed Revis earlier so he would have been in camp”. How convenient that Fatty blames the team rather than the player that still had 3 years on his contract, AND plays with another All Pro Mangold who showed up for camp like a man.

  25. @ some fans
    you do! oh excuse me 37 years soon to be 38 since the Fish won anything. And your team even had Marino bwahaha! How depressing is that?

  26. Also, Braylon is a gigantic turd, who has now been charged with two serious crimes within one year. That’s why there is an outcry.

  27. Only difference between the other players and Edwards is that he is on the Jets—they are a story that will get hits for the talking head columnists (not reporters on the net).

  28. SomeFans ::I mean, who roots for a franchise that has sucked for 41 years anyway?::
    a true fan. fan is short for fanatic. that’s an unreasonable premise sometimes.
    which is exactly why the dolphins have very few true “fans”

  29. I am not a Jets fan to be clear but Florio get your fact staright. The Jets CANNOT deactivate Edwards per CBA, they can only bench him, dressed and ready to go ….

  30. Good post florio… I think you nailed it right there. It really explains the inconsistent nature of national outcry when a team thrusts itself into the spotlight vs a team that keeps to themselves.
    Dumbass jets.

  31. Wait…so he was actually arrested? He’s being charged in a court of law for a crime? Doesn’t this warrant an automatic ban from the league? It’s not like he was accused of something but never arrested or charged and that’s good for a 6 game suspension that you can beg to get reduced to 4 games. Try to tell me DUI is less serious than (alleged) rape. Check the facts more people are killed by drunk drivers than rapists. Who is more of a threat to society, the guy who had enough evidence to be arrested and charged, or the guy who was accused of a crime but never arrested or charged.

  32. Wrathchild says:
    September 23, 2010 10:36 AM
    He’s their best offensive player…he’s not going anywhere.
    Ask Pittsburgh how that’s working for them. Face the facts Edwards was arrested…Edwards has been charged with a crime. If the all mighty Roger G doesn’t ban him from the league for at least a year what kind of message is he sending? “You can go get arrested & charged and I wont intervene, but if you get accused of something but no charges come, and no arrests are made, I’ll suspend you”

  33. Mr. Florio,
    Thank you for finally bringing this issue to light. However, while the Jets no doubt are interested in expanding their relevance in their market, its not their(The Jets) job to point out that other teams have players who have not been disciplined severely for similar or worse infractions. Its the job of Journalists to bring all the facts to the table and shine light on what is a universal problem around the league. Considering that sports writers have become more increasingly like gossip Bloggers, its not a surprise to me that many in your field take a more subjective attitude towards your reporting and race towards writing a more “juicy” or “sensational” story. Don’t blame your(sports medias) inconsistency on the Jets wanting attention but rather point at the fact that sports blogs and newspapers are the ones whom want the attention by trying to attract fans who either hate or love the jets to their respective sites with bogus or subjective content. Its no wonder why Journalists who cover sports are less respected by their colleagues who cover other areas of the media. Give us all the facts then give us your opinion. Dont give us some facts, your opinion, and then two days later shed light on a problem that is not isolated to one team.

  34. I’m a Pats fan and have all the reason in the world to be hateful toward Edwards. In fact, I hated him before last Sunday; Sunday just solidified it for me. But he can’t be deactivated per the CBA. Same as if I were busted for DWI. Can’t be suspended from work over it.
    As much as it pains me to say because I hate that db, this is being blown out of proportion.

  35. When will the NFLPA learn that at the end of the day, the team has the last say.
    Don’t want us to deactivate him, fine, we’ll release him.
    Something tells me a player would rather be deactivated, which includes pay, to being released, which doesn’t.

  36. Great point, Florio.
    Of course another good point is that Braylon is a repeat offender now of this personal conduct policy. Guys like Merling & Ronnie Brown were first-timers, and in Merling’s case – could be a false accusation. Remember the prosecutors didn’t go forward with the case due to lack of evidence (he said/she said).
    In Braylon’s case he was pulled over by a cop and took a breathalyzer – not much to challenge and not his first time with personal conduct issues.

  37. Braylon also has a history of bad behavior. Not quite Pacman Jones type behavior but he is pushin it.
    If he is consistent Goodell will step in and smack him with a game or two once the case is settled in court.

  38. @WISTEEL – Goodell suspending Edwards really has nothing to do with the article. We are talking about the Jets releasing the player.

  39. Goodell will not suspend Edwards, he is Pro-NY-Market teams, anything to help the Jets/Giants. Hewants his Big Market Teams to be successful (therefore increasing revenue league wide)…Or if he does, it will be AFTER Santonio Holmes comes back. … Colusion… maybe, just what it seems like…

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