Jets-Fins game injury list isn't long, but it has some big names

The Jets already have ruled out linebacker Calvin Pace (foot) and cornerback Darrelle Revis (hamstring) for Sunday night’s showdown with the Dolphins.  The early injury reports features only a handful of other names, but a few are instantly recognizable.

For the Dolphins, defensive end Jared Odrick hasn’t practiced on Wednesday or Thursday, but he has yet to be scratched.  Guard John Jerry (illness) also has not practiced, and linebacker Channing Crowder (groin) practiced on a limited basis both days.

For the Jets, center Nick Mangold has missed practiced on Wednesday and Thursday with a shoulder injury.  Offensive lineman Wayne Hunter (shin) also has missed practice both days; linebacker Jason Taylor (elbow) has participated on a limited basis.

21 responses to “Jets-Fins game injury list isn't long, but it has some big names

  1. Francessa has spent 2 days on this edwards crap. It’s obvious he hates the jets and won’t even let you finish your call if you call him out on it. He hasn’t gone this crazy since he found out more people listen to boomer and carton than him. Way to go on turning your NY sports talk radio show into an oprah winfrey dui stories show. Fat franny spent 10 minutes on his friend lawrence taylors arrest for rape on a 17 year old girl but somehow this is far worse. You would think his show was broadcasting from new england when it comes to jets topics. The funny thing is not how francessa can’t even pronounce his own name the funny thing is he doesn’t even have the balls to admit he hates the jets organization and Tanny cause Tanny won’t do his show. I can’t wait till this sniffling whining baby moves his show over to 101.5. Then it won’t piss us sports fans off who actually tune into listen to sports rather than frannys opinions on everything except sports. Franny is so perfect He without a doubt has NEVA EVA known anyone who has driven drunk. Then after the jets beat miami on sunday his fat ass will be on nbc with that stupid smirk on his face like he got into the cookie jar and noone found out yet…We know about the cookie jar mike…Here’s an idea takr 2 weeks off and quit.

  2. @jimmys79: WTF is up with your rant? It is not applicable to this post. Sounds like somebody is mad about the Jets not getting good press lately. Don’t blame the radio guy; blame your dumbass receiver

  3. damn jimmys79 why don’t you tell us how you feel? What’s funny is this whole situation is irrelevant. Your team will come down to the dirty and get whooped and all the while look as classless as ever. THE END

  4. um excuse me, dolphins fans, how many players on the dolphins got arrested in the offseason? the jets have 1 total… who has more?

  5. jaxdolfan says:
    September 23, 2010 8:46 PM
    Methinks Channing Crodwer is getting the Matt Roth treatment.
    I Agree jaxdolfan……….

  6. ohhhh whatever dolphin fans, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about… you guys had more DUI’s recently than the Jets, and the dolphins are gonna get rocked this weekend. its easy to talk tough when they’ve played two crap teams. Jets have played elite teams, Dolphins played the Bills, who are gonna be the worst team in the AFC this year, and the Vikings, who are having huge problems on offense (and a few on defense, as well).

  7. Francessa is as dumb as they come he is cutting his nose off to spite his face as he drives any Jets fan who listened to him to the competition @ espn 1050 although Micheal Kay knows nothing about football

  8. The difference in Miami arrest record and the New Jersey record is the Jets suck and Miami is cool. What out for the orange. Bill

  9. What the hell does an arrest record have to do with he game on Sunday? ….. or an irrelevant radio show in NY? Oh, that’s right, NOTHING.
    Go Dolphins!!!!

  10. Jimmy79 is 100% correct. Mike Francessa (aka: Eddie Munster) is a complete and utter deuschbag. When he has an opinion no one else is allowed to counter him or he hangs up on you. He should just go have his 3-way w/ Parcells and LT and get it over with. And for the record, Edwards is a deuschbag just the same as Ronnie Brown is.

  11. Totally agree about Francessca, good posts. his ego is as enormous as his belly. I usually, don’t give kudos, to team owners, because to me its usually players not being viewed as young men and women but rather as tools to increase their fortunes. But this week it has been reported that Jet owner Woody Johnson had met with Edwards 4 times and possibly more on the QT. No owner is going to met with a player that many times if it is just to read him the riot act. Woody Johnson just went through, as a parent, the worse experience you can imagine, losing a child. Receiving that call in the middle of the night is the biggest fear parents live with. If the child dies of substance abuse, alcohol abuse, a car wreck , it makes no difference, the pain is the same and it never stops. I have a feeling, that the 4 or more meetings were about the hell Woody experienced; and if Braylon continued on his path of self destruction, this is the hell Braylon would be putting his parents through. Wow imagine an owner that cares? What a concept.

  12. Francessa is the smartest person in the NY media. But he also has nothing to do with this posting.
    Get over it, Jet fans.
    Florio – Odrick will be out for another two-three weeks. Crowder won’t play – I’m thinking Sparano is just trying to be coy about it like Rex is with Edwards.
    and I’m with JaxDolphan – something about the way they’re handling the Crowder injury appears odd…. much like how Will Allen was put on IR and Matt Roth was unceremoniously cut only to succeed elsewhere.

  13. The difference in Miami arrest record and the New Jersey record is the Jets suck and Miami is cool. What out for the orange. Bill
    The Jets suck and Miami is cool??? Groooooovy baby.
    What out for the orange??????
    I want some of what Bill is smoking!

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