Round three of the Florio-Rosenthal pick-fight

They don’t let boxers fight for 15 rounds any more.  (Which really doesn’t matter to me because I never made it past the first round.)  But Rosenthal and I are engaged in a 17-round brouhaha, picking every game each week.

So far, Rosenthal is 2-0, thanks to a one-game edge in each of the first two weeks.

This week, I’m looking to climb back into it, since I’d hate to have to knock him out in Week 17.

7 responses to “Round three of the Florio-Rosenthal pick-fight

  1. Rosenthal must not have watched the Fins vs Jets games last year, only the end result otherwise he’d know the Jets defeated themselves.
    One game it was Jets defense standing on their head while the offense handed the Fins the game, the other game was the polar opposite.
    Expect the Jets to come out as a cohesive unit, minimize game errors and beat the Fins. It will be a close game.

  2. # Testify says: September 23, 2010 12:32 PM
    Boxing is better than mma…
    negative. I’ve done both. boxing does not compare

  3. The golden age of boxing ended a long time ago. Now there are 4 sanctioning bodies that award “world championships.” Even The Ring magazine, boxing’s bible, issues championship belts. (Probably the most prestigious of the whole lot.)
    Rosty Rosenthal vs Flyweight Florio

  4. Rosenthal vs Florio, the battle of the paper champions. There’ll be more hair pulled out than punches thrown. I can see a bloody lip and somebody with hurt feelings crying to his mommy now.

  5. Gimme a break, Flo boxing?? Yeah right.
    You’ll be telling me next that you played football.
    What was the Flo’ line again? “I tried out for my high school team at wide receiver but the coach said I was too big and too slow”
    I don’t think so.

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