Vincent Jackson says Chargers tactics "feel unethical"

In the wake of the Chargers’ failure to trade receiver Vincent Jackson, the assault from the player and his agents against the organization continues.

On Wednesday, agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod separately teed off on the team, saying that “Archie Manning was right about this organization.”

Also on Wednesday, Jackson himself sent a text message to NFL Network and regarding the situation.

“I just don’t understand why [a trade wasn’t completed],” Jackson said.  “They obviously think I’m a valuable player by asking for such high
trade compensation, but why am I only offered tender salary?”

Jackson’s point is a valid one.  If the Chargers believe Jackson is worth a second-round pick and a third-round pick, why are they playing extreme hardball with him from a contractual standpoint?  As we’ve said before, offering him the bare minimum tender as a restricted free agent is the equivalent of telling rookie first-rounder Ryan Mathews, “The labor deal requires us only to tender you a one-year, $320,000 contract offer.  So that’s all we’re doing.”

So the Chargers are having it both ways; the won’t pay Jackson like a guy who’d command a second-round pick and a third-round pick, but they still want that kind of compensation for his services.

“My agents and teams interested did everything to make it happen, but
this organization stopped it,” Jackson added.  “I just want to play football.  It feels
unethical and I am disappointed.”

Moving forward, the question becomes whether any team will try to trade for Jackson, now that he’ll miss six games instead of four games.  In our view, a team that would be willing to sign him to a long-term deal shouldn’t be worried about the two extra games.  The Rams, for example, wouldn’t need him for this year’s playoff run, since there most likely won’t be one.  But they could get him now as opposed to competing with other teams on the open market in March.

That said, signing him on the open market in March wouldn’t require the Rams or anyone else to send draft picks to the Chargers.

This assumes that Jackson will be an unrestricted free agent in March (or whenever the free-agency period opens in 2011).  The current CBA provides that restricted free agents who sit out the year remain restricted free agents the following year.  The question becomes whether this provision will be tweaked for the trio of unsigned restricted free agents who would have been unrestricted free agents but for the rules of the uncapped year.

We’re told that the union plans to insist on exempting Jackson, Chargers tackle Marcus McNeill, and Patriots guard Logan Mankins from the current rule.  But to get via collective bargaining a rule that helps only three members of the rank and file could cost the rest of the membership too much. 

Regardless of how those details work out, it’s now impossible to imagine Jackson ever again wearing a Chargers helmet.

73 responses to “Vincent Jackson says Chargers tactics "feel unethical"

  1. You know what else is unethical Vincent? You continuing to violate the league rules! If you were at any other job violating their policies, you would have been fired by now!

  2. Vincent, get off the booze, stop making poor decisions and maybe a team would be willing to give up the price that you are worth on the field. you did this to yourself. Teams don’t want to give up that much because you are just one more (and odds are it happens based on the past) mistake away from missing a whole year. If you lived your life a little smarter (not even cleaner) a team would have given up what you are really worth (if you can play) and you would have gotten what you wanted. Look in the mirror before complaining about everyone else.

  3. Because you have a bargin on a good player to play this season, compensation would have to be higher than normal (to pass on a bargin like his one year tender). It’s not unethical, they are just playing by the rules. All the teams should have held their ground on the tenders.
    If he wants to play, then sign his tender. If he’s mad, then he needs to tell the NFLPA to get something done.

  4. You are a piece of trash scum bag, then you whine about how much you should be paid to humiliate yourself, your team, and their fans.
    I don’t feel sorry for you.
    Go get some training on your future career, making license plates.

  5. I am a diehard Chargers fan and follow them very closely.
    If he wants to ‘play football’, he should have SHOWN UP in the off-season for the 6X pay raise that he was tendered. He screwed up by kicking the flag in the playoff game and getting in trouble with the law AGAIN and thus went to the bottom of the totem pole with regards to being resigned. If he played out this year and redeemed himself, he might have gotten what he wanted, with the Chargers or elsewhere.
    He’s RETARDED. And I am disappointed that Florio insists that they pay him. They don’t want to give him a long term deal right now and (alternatively) it’s bad business to throw him 7 million for one year just to get him in the building.
    He keeps throwing the organization under the bus and Florio is on his side??? The guy (VJax) is a jerk.
    Malcolm Floyd plays the same exact position with the same team and stands as an example of what VJax should have done. He showed up, is playing well, and (oh the shock!) will GET PAID with a long term contract. Gee, imagine that, EARNING your money.

  6. great points here…. they want the world for him but wont pay him like such… i always had respect for aj smith for much of what he has done and how he hasnt caved in players or the organization but sometimes this gets to be too much…. fact is, you cant have ur cake and eat it too all the time..with the way some teams draft, a 2nd round pick is extremely valuable…. take it and run… there is no guarantee that he will be as successful with another qb as he was with rivers.. in that case you have a steal…..

  7. I thought NFL “entities” cared about PR, this leaves such a bad taste in my mouth about Chargers, makes me wonder what their actual fans think. For a franchise that is struggling to sell tickets, I would imagine they would be doing things that brought positive light not negative. This makes me want to go egg their stadium, Ha!

  8. I always expect the worst from posters when I come on here. And, that’s what I get. Ha!
    What do you expect from a bunch of juvenille high schoolers that mock people that suffer from migraines?
    Shouldn’t you punks be in school today? Not that education is your top priority in life:)

  9. Unethical?
    The guy gets two DUI’s in a year and expects his judgement to be trusted (and rewarded) by awarded him with a high-salary contract.
    This guy (and his frustrated agents) need to learn a hard lesson in responsibility, trust, and business. It looks as if A.J. Smith is taking the stance that may just do that.

  10. These guys signed contracts didn’t they? What’s unethical about asking a guy to live up to his deal.
    I’m thinking he may have stopped paying his lease payments on his 2008 BMW… cause… you know it’s almost three years old.
    His team mate has a 2010 BMW and pasy $10 more a month. Doesn’t seem right.
    What a fool. He believed his lawyers and now he sits out a year.
    Whoever gets him next year (if there is a next year) had better put a Revis hamstring clause in his contract.

  11. Chargers management is a bunch of low lifes… First they screw LT. Now V-Jax.
    Theyre going to lose him the end of the year anyway. Take what you can get and let the man go play.
    This is a lose-lose for both parties involved.

  12. Call Al Sharpton or show up and play. You are already paid too much for the risk you pose of being suspended every year.

  13. Unethical and self-destructive.
    This was the Chargers’ year until Smith decided to sabotage it. Spanos cares more about making money than winning championships, so that is what happens in San Diego. Big profits for him. No titles for the fans.
    The Chargers have never had a good owner. The last title came in 1965, and only because Sid Gillman strong-armed Barron Hilton into ponying up some cash for veteran players. Since then, Klein and the Spanos family always prioritized making money, so even when the Chargers were good they invariably came up at least one player short. The team would have won at least one championship (1980) if management had been willing to pay an extra $300,000 to acquire Robert Brazile in a trade.
    This year, all they had to do is take care of the guys already on their roster, and they’ve blown it. Vindictive Charger “fans” can gloat about sticking it to Jackson and McNeill, but that ignorant approach isn’t going win a Super Bowl.

  14. There is nothing unethical about wanting a certain price for a certain player. If anyone is to blame it’s VJAX because he could be playing on a 1-year tender of almost $4M right now.

  15. Archie Manning was right about the Chargers yet it seems like every year the “experts” pick them to win it all.

  16. Can’t argue with his logic. They present Jackson as a premium player for the purpose of a trade but won’t pay him as one. Well no one ever said the Chargers were a first class organization anyway…..

  17. You know what else feels unethical? Signing a contract and then holding out for more money before it’s over.

  18. Ask LT how he feels about the Chargers and AJ Smith. Better yet, get Brees off his national good boy speak, get a little drink in him and ask him what he feels about AJ Smith and the Chargers.
    Yeah, 1 HOF RB, likely at HOF QB at this pace.
    He knows how to pick them, he doesn’t know how to treat them or his team. His Ego will get in the way of his evaluation talent. Always has, always will.

  19. Unethical?
    Get busted twice for DWI, get suspended because of it, then holdout for more money???
    The pot calling the kettle black again…
    Spoiled athlete, ala Braylon Edwards.
    Is anyone else fed up with the current pro athlete mentality?
    They (these same players) have the NFL footing the bill for the drunk armed guard luxury limo service to give them a ride home any time they overindulge, and they don’t understand or care apparantly, how the cost of running the the team has soared lately…they still want the 60/40 split while every team in the league has had to layoff personell to overpay these players.
    That is exactly why the cost passed down to us to attend a sunday game has pushed the average fan from the stadium to the couch.
    To pay these troubled athletes the kind of money they are demanding/holding out for is the unethical.

  20. “Jackson’s point is a valid one. If the Chargers believe Jackson is worth a second-round pick and a third-round pick, why are they playing extreme hardball with him from a contractual standpoint? ”
    Im pretty sure the Chargers tendered him with the highest possible tender (which would have required a team to give a 1st and 3rd round pick had they tried to sign him btw) and he decided that wasnt good enough for him. So he loses the right to say the Chargers wont pay him what they are asking as far as picks and loses the right to use the poor me “I just want to play football” excuse because had he signed before the season started he would be making well over $3 million dollars and be a week and a half away from playing football like he claims to want so badly.

  21. hmmm, “unethical”…does he mean sort of like not honoring and playing under a contract that he put his name to (whether he has outperformed it or not, fact is he is under contract).

  22. Vincent Jackson says Chargers tactics “feel unethical”
    This from a two time DUI and one time expired license loser. Puuleaze don’t even go the “ethics” route you drunken irresponsible spoiled brat, who was made by Phillip Rivers. AJ should have taken what would have been our third second round pick for the drunken bum.

  23. oops, thought he was under contract…oh well. AJ is a jerk-off…saw this comment earlier, “Multiple teams have told me that they can’t get a deal done with A.J. and some of the teams have referred to A.J. as ‘The Lord of No Rings,’ ” Schwartz said. “That’s how they characterized him.”

  24. AJ Smith is the worst GM in football. Now V-Jax walks and the Chargers will get nothing because this guys ego got in the way and his feelings got hurt.

  25. After Revis held out twice, and now this, I would put a lot of blame on his agents, as well. What these guys don’t understand is they don’t have the big hammer. The chargers should sit on his contract just to prove a point to these dbags.
    And I’d say its unethical to hold out twice in 4 years, with another holdout looming in two more (revis).

  26. The Chargers may well be working him over but he has only himself to blame. A player with a personal conduct suspension is not going to get a big contract. He should have signed his tender in the offseason, kept his mouth shut and played the season.

  27. Boy, it sure does smell like a dirty play on the Chargers part. His point is valid. If he is worth that much, then pay him that much.
    Millionaires arguing with Billionaires. Fun, right?

  28. The team is no more unethical than he is. Your union agreed to the CBA. You gambled with the holdout and lost. Sign your tender, shut up and play.

  29. Imagine it, Florio, because the union isn’t going to surrender what it would have to just to mollify those three buffoons. Sometimes life sucks. But given what NFL players make, they’ll survive, and pretty well, thank you. As for Jackson not understanding why the Chargers would only offer him (and McNeill) a tender, it is a combination of things. In VJax’s case, it’s primarily the fact that he is one Gaslamp Party away from a one-year suspension. As to McNeil, there are apparently serious concerns about his neck and back. He could be one play away from the IR. Now, if Jax and MM would agree to higher contracts that were not GUARANTEED, I’m sure something could have been worked out. But they wouldn’t, and so it won’t be.

  30. In Mankins case, he was offered what appears to be a fair deal and refused it, deciding to sit out, why should he be exempt?

  31. He could have showed up and played with the contract he signed, he chose not too and this is what he gets.
    He is not requires to play for a lower salary, but the Chargers hold his rights and can pay him whatever they choose and the current rules allow. Anyone who has followed the Chargers knew this was a good possibility with Smith in charge.

  32. the lawyers and all the foolish owners who have caved in the past give Jackson the foolish opinion that a contract is worth nothing.
    He has a contract…….honor it or you take your chances.
    I wish every team would learn from the Steelers who treated LB Mike Merriweather to a year at home and got nothing for him.
    But it taught others not to mess with them.
    You youngsters should go read about that story.

  33. Hmmm… maybe the Chargers don’t want to give a ton of upfront $$ to a guy one step away from a yearlong suspension? Look in the mirror VJ… your wounds are mostly self-inflicted.

  34. So the Chargers are having it both ways; the won’t pay Jackson like a guy who’d command a second-round pick and a third-round pick, but they still want that kind of compensation for his services.
    VJ is having it both ways as well; he demands superstar money but expects the Chargers to accept scrub-level compensation. Maybe he could have gotten a better offer in SD if he was not a Jack & Coke away from losing an entire season. VJ was stupid by not signing his $3M+ tender. He could have played this year, got paid for it, and then he would be free and clear to sign his big contract next year without the additional hurdle of his new team being willing to pay the Chargers as well. AJ could have cost the Chargers a draft pick in the deal but VJ and his moronic agents are the ones to blame for him not playing.

  35. Yeah….just like the Chargers and AJ feel.
    You’ve got a signed contract….you are in “breach of contract”. They should sue your ass…but the Player’s Union won’t allow that to happen, of course.
    Pompous, Spoiled F%ckers….

  36. Maybe none of this would have happened if Vincent Jackson just signed his 3+ mill tender, played a good season, then he’d get a huge contract with no drama behind it.

  37. Sounds like somebody (VJ and his agents) are now upset that their attempt at forcing the Chargers hands failed, and they are now resorting to name calling and allegations of “unethical” business practices.
    I say he got exactly what he deserved. The guy had a ~3.5 millions offer on the table to come in for one year, show he was going to be able to avoid further DUI’s or kicking penalty flags on the field. Now he wants to say things like “They obviously think I’m a valuable player by asking for such high trade compensation, but why am I only offered tender salary?” Well they offered him the maximum tender they could. I mean lets be blunt for a second. Any jerk who tries to tell me that they couldn’t live off of 3.5 million for the rest of their lives needs to be slapped. Especially when the unemployment percentage rate is double digits in SD.
    I truly hope he sits out, and remains a restrictred free agent next year.
    Besides, VJ will find out real quick the best thing he had going for him was the man getting him the ball.

  38. When I was about 10 years old my father made me watch the movie “The Sting” claiming that, within the movie, I’d find THE most important life lesson. Unfortunately I failed; the subtlety beyond my adolescent brain. I asked him to explain it and he said that he would not; that I’d have to discover and understand the metaphor on my own. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties and watched the movie again that it struck me.
    At the end of the movie Redford and Newman had scammed Robert Shaw out of his money BUT Shaw didn’t know that. Shaw thought they’d shot each other and were dead. “Winning” for Redford and Newman was about the money. They won without Shaw feeling that he’d been bested. Sure he’d lost his money but he could sleep soundly in the knowledge that Redford and Newman hadn’t won since, after all, he thought they were dead.
    For too many people winning requires the other person KNOW that they’ve lost. Even if you get what you want (the money) you can’t feel satisfied unless your opponent (Shaw) knows that you’ve bested him. You want – no you NEED the satisfaction of rubbing his nose in it.
    Assuming I understand the intricacies of this situation we have AJ Smith able to get a 2nd round choice PLUS an additional conditional choice or he can do nothing this year and receive no more than a 3rd round choice. Smith chose the latter option. Why?
    The answer is in the movie “The Sting”. It isn’t enough for Smith to win (receiving the maximum compensation); Vincent Jackson must lose and KNOW that he lost (basically sitting out all of 2010).

  39. Actually, from a business standpoint it makes complete sense. Buy low, sell high. If they are getting rid of him, they want as much as possible for him. If they are keeping him, they want to pay as little as possible for him. The other teams are doing the same thing by refusing to compensate the Chargers at the asking price.
    The unethical thing is that the Chargers know Jackson has no choice since the Chargers own his rights. He has no choice but to accept their buy/sell terms. He can’t go elsewhere.

  40. Wow I’m agreeing with Mike. You can’t ask Elite reciever trade compensation and then turn around and only offer the player a minimum tender for a veteran. Thats pretty lame. The Chargers could off took what other teams werer offering which was a 2nd and a later round pick, but they wouldn’t budge. The Chargers are already loaded on picks for 2011 from other trades. Obviously they wanted to stick it to Jackson. Pretty stupid, GM ego gets no picks now and he’s a free agent next year. :/

  41. Jackson, just another greedy POS who thinks he is better and more important than the system. GFY Jackson.

  42. “Unethical”?
    Please correct me if Im wrong, but is’nt this deadbeat under contract?
    Pot, meet kettle.

  43. Should have Taken the $3.2mil proved to the Chargers that he is a good guy and gotten a gates style contract in the offseason.
    Now he makes nothing. That is what he deserves.
    You don’t get a pay raise for getting 2 DUI’S, Almost getting arrested the day of a playoff game and then kicking a challenge flag.
    He needed Rivers and the Chargers more than they needed him. Good riddance.
    Now can we please sign Marcus McNeil….
    Vincent and his agent knows that the Chargers don’t negotiate with terrorists. But they thought AJ smith would change? Bad advice and they were way too worried about Revis to give a crap about VJ until it was too late.

  44. “Is anyone else fed up with the current pro athlete mentality?”
    @ Ross
    I think most of us are fed up with this kind of BS and that is why many of us are on the side of the owners. The owners may make a lot of money but they also risk a lot of money as well. By trusting their money with guys like this it is easy to understand why they are so rigid in negotiations.

  45. I guess if none of the 31 teams were willing to spend a 2nd and a 3rd for one of the NFL’s top producing receivers, that should tell Jackson and his agents all they need to know about his value on the market. How often do 2nd and 3rd round picks turn into top producing players in the NFL at their positions? I’ll bet it is far less than 50%, even for 1st round picks.

  46. Just as the Chargers tendered VJ under the rules of the CBA, 99%+ of VJ’s 211 RFA brethren were tendered the same. Virtually all of them signed the tenders – if I’m not mistaken – by June 15th when teams threatened to reduce the tenders to 110% of their 2009 salaries. These RFAs who signed their tenders included other Pro Bowlers and I can’t recall any of the 211 other RFAs getting a one-year bridge contract to UFA status at a $1 more than their RFA tender.
    VJ and his agents are tilting at windmills: they’re asking VJ to be treated like a UFA instead of the RFA that he is.
    Truth is that the Chargers are treating VJ no more “unethically” than those “loser” franchises New England, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh have treated holdouts over the years.
    And it’s good to see that you’ve finally acknowledged what I and others have been saying for months, Mike:
    RFAs holding out and remaining as an RFA the following season is currently the status quo. In order to change the status quo regarding an issue that is important to the owners in the overall scheme (i.e. not rewarding holdouts with the “golden ticket” of UFA status), the NFLPA will have to give up something of significance that in all likelihood will negatively impact all 2,000 players.
    Banking on the fact that he’ll be a UFA after holding out for the season would be yet another foolish decision on VJ’s part after following his agents’ advice and promises that if he follows their lead, he’ll get a bridge contract for one season at much more than the CBA-mandated RFA tender that 209 out of 212 players signed followed by the UFA “pot of gold” in 2011. All of Schwartz’s and Feinsod’s promises to VJ crumbled yesterday when the Vikings refused to tender reasonable compensation for a Pro Bowl WR, largely due to Schwartz’s and Feinsod’s unreasonable long-term contract demands for a currently-suspended player who is one DUI away from a year-long suspension.
    And all of this is not taking into account that players seem to be hell-bent on decertifying the union in 2011, thereby locking in the current CBA rules until issues can be litigated years down the road.
    Current rules = holdout RFAs remain RFAs the following season.
    Unless Feinsod and Schwartz get a long-term deal done during the 36 hour window that’s coming up in October – or a desperate Vikings team is willing to add at least a 4th round pick to the 2nd rounder (and they’ll recoup a 2012 compensatory 3rd rounder if VJ bails on them after the season) – VJ’s only smart play is to report before Week 8, serve his 3 game roster exempt “suspension” and gain his guaranteed UFA status through his active-roster status from Week 12 through Week 17.
    Otherwise, it will likely be Groundhog Day for VJ and his agents “who are doing a great job” in 2011.

  47. The bottom line is The Chargers get NOTHING. Charger Fans YOU GET NOTHING!
    Good Job A.J. Smith, you showed him, . You sure did whats best for the organization by not taking compensation close to what you wanted?
    Now he signs with another team next year and you get notta~
    Geez what a putz.
    And that is a fact. Scream all you want “well he is is greedy, He held out and he’s a drunken idiot, YOU GET NOTHING!
    dum dums!
    Equals Fans lose, organozation loses.

  48. Florio, we all know how you feel about AJ Smith, and sure, I’m glad he’s not my boss. But seriously, you’re basing this entire thing on the words of two incompetent agents who are claiming that they haven’t priced Jackson out of the market. When it’s pretty clear they have.
    Also, the Chargers “announced,” through beat reporter Kevin Acee, that they would not be offering VJ a long-term deal, back in May! VJ playing for SD this year was never going to happen…

  49. The agents sent VJ packing and he is still on vacation right now. Everyone in SD knew what AJ Smith would do hell AJ told everyone up front wha he was going to do and the agents chose to take a tact that effed their guy. The agents are the ones who thought they could play AJ while holding no cards. The Jets in their reality tv show made themselves look soft and not incontrol with revis so the agents took control and won and now look what they have? revis says he may have to hold out 2 years. More power to AJ because he does his job and that is what is best for his employer the chargers.

  50. Dictionary definition:
    Unethical (un-ETH-i-kal). Adjective. “Morally wrong, or against accepted standards of behavior, especially in a particular profession.”
    Kind of like committing yourself to a professional sports team and teammates, including a signed contractual agreement that guarantees you to be a millionaire and then some for services rendered, then suddenly backing out and abandoning your teammates who trusted you and helped you succeed in the first place.
    Any part of that you don’t understand VJ? Why don’t you look up “Karma” in the dictionary. You’ve over-estimated your worth to the Chargers or any other team. I’m offering you a 3-step solution:
    1) Apologize publicly for your childish behavior
    2) Serve your suspension and stay in shape
    3) Return and play out your contract to the best of your abilities, then get whatever additional payday you earn.

  51. Get rid of Schwartz and Feinsod. They are costing you money and obviously giving you bad advice Vincent!!!
    It’s the agent’s job to know what he’s dealing with in a GM and they have to have the ability to measure AJ Smith’s resolve. If they had a brain, they would have seen what this would end up like.
    Galloway’s career was never as great as it could have been after he held out.

  52. Not taking either side on this issue, just amazed at the number of posters spitting out the “He signed a contract and now he’s not honoring it” line. For the record, he did honor the contract he signed. That contract is now over and because of this the Chargers offered him a tender, as is their right, and he has yet to sign it, as is his right.
    But to be clear, VINCENT JACKSON IS NOT UNDER CONTRACT, therefore he is not holding out and is not reneging on a deal he already agreed to. He is simply UNSIGNED. I hate using caps to prove a point but it just seems like most of the commentors here just don’t get it. Shocker.
    I’m a Pats fan and I hear the same BS on how Mankins signed a contract and now wants more money. Um, no, that isn’t the case. The Pats own his rights and they haven’t been able to make a deal. Not the same thing as not honoring a contract people.

  53. SO much ignorance in these comments.
    To all the idiots who keep saying “he has a contract,” he doesn’t have a contract, and he didn’t sign a contract. The Chargers offered him a year tender (which is a contract) and he DID NOT sign it, so no, he is not under contract.
    So frustrating to watch typically ignorant peons like this bunch talk out of their asses with such emotion while they have absolutely zero clue what they are even talking about.

  54. Here is the picture I have in my head. AJ Smith sitting in a room with other Chargers officials. They are all screaming at him “AJ you need to pull the trigger before the deadline or the offers will be reduced.” AJ just sits there with a confident, smug little grin on his face. “They’ll cave my boys. I bet your salaries on it.”
    And nobody calls, obviously, because you don’t give up a 2nd and 3rd round pick for 12 weeks of a wide receiver with two DWI’s and a penchant for being a pain in the arse.
    In all honesty I am mildly surprised that teams were allegedly willing to give up 2nd rounders. That must have been the Vikings or Redskins who figure to have later round picks or something. I doubt the Rams were going to give that.

  55. Overrated, overpaid, get over-yourself. Him and his agent vastly overpriced his worth. They all knew or should have known, no CBA, no new contract, DUH. After the two DUI’s, acting like a jack-off on the field, having to have your QB drive you to the field on your playoff game, and who knows how many other issues the Chargers have had to deal with well, guess now its up to you and your agents VJ. Since you’ve said, oh, you’re prepared to sit out, how smart you are financially, prove it. Chargers, guess what, no Super Bowl rings with you and Mcneill, life goes on, they’ll learn to live without you to, Buh-bye!

  56. Seems like both parties are in the wrong here. Chargers doing what they can to make sure no one is happy, even if it means they themselves will get nothing and lose out, and an immature player acting like skills on the field are the only thing that should be considered in payment and contract.
    I’d just like to say TWO THUMBS UP VIKINGS for not caving and wasting valuable draft picks on a guy who may or may not help.
    Besides our problem isn’t the receivers, it’s a tired old man who, God bless him, gives the effort, but just doesn’t have the passion for the game that he did a year ago. And the success that the majority of first round QB’s these past few years have shown, I’d say those 1st and 3rd picks will look great in the draft next year.
    Freeman, Bradford, Stanford, Sanchez, Ryan, Flacco, these are all QB’s we could have had. Of course, I’d say passing Quinn for AP MAY have been a good idea too, lol.

  57. Overpaid? 4 million a year for what the Chargers obiously consider (or consider for the purpose of trade) a top ten receiver is seriously not a lot of money. The Chargers are asking way too much, purposely.

  58. okay people who say that Jackson didn’t receive a long-term contract for running into problems with the law need to note the fact that AJ Smith didn’t even give a long term contract to his starting LT who as far as I know hasn’t had any issues with the law!
    of course Jackson’s contract demands were way too much

  59. If you really wanted to play football you should have just signed your one year tender. Dont say you want to play when you wont sign your tender.

  60. Maybe he should be happy that he is getting paid to play a kid’s game and take what he was offered and be happy!

  61. SD cut their nose off to spite their face. No winners here.
    Couldn’t happen to a classier team. Ask Drew Brees. Ask LT.

  62. ask drew brees what? marty got his shoulder just about ripped off and we offerered him 10 mill , new orleans 10 mill offer was ‘guaranteed’
    what does that matter anyway, drew was ‘the lord of no rings’ while in sd
    as LT was ‘the lord of no rings’ while in sd
    the team needs to move off the old indian burial ground haha

  63. good job Vincent Jackson,
    this is a free market and to offer him such a small tender is a smack in the face. Its as if you work for a company and break all the records and surpass what everyone else does and they turn around and not give you a raise but everyone else gets one. I would leave and never come back. Thats why san diego will lose year after year after year. The management team for the chargers should be fired. They were offered a 2nd and 3rd round pick and passed. WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS…..
    Vincent Jackson will be a hall of famer and the chargers will be wanna bees for life.
    I take my hat off to you Vincent for standing for your principles.

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