Andy Reid was worried about Kevin Kolb getting crucified

In Tuesday night’s press conference love letter to Michael Vick, Andy Reid repeatedly said the Eagles change at quarterback wasn’t about Kevin Kolb

Reid thinks Vick is one of the best quarterbacks in the league; Vick has to prove Reid right.  In a conversation with Peter King of Sports Illustrated, however, Reid allowed that there were other reasons for the switch.  He was worried about how Kolb would be treated as a starter, as pointed out in one-liners today.

young quarterback needs time to mature as he grows in the game. I don’t
think Kolb has lost one thing,” Reid said.  “He’s a franchise quarterback. He will
win games, and championships, for the Eagles.”

And here’s the kicker.

“But I think it’s a
different deal when you go out there and can’t make a mistake or you’re
going to get crucified, which is the way this thing might have gone if
he went back in there now,” Reid said.

I was all for the change.  You play the best guy.  But it’s somewhat remarkable to hear Reid admit that the reaction of the media and especially fans played a role in the decision.

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  1. Seriousely, it is the NFL, should not the quarterback who, according to Reid, is a franchise qb who will win Championships for the Eagles be able to handle the Philly fans – boorish, drunk and stupid as they are?

  2. Really? Isn’t a young quarterback’s confidence one of the most important things. We all know that playing a young QB before he’s ready can ruin him. Why is it so shocking that he’s trying to protect his young QB that he thinks has an incredibly bright future, in favor of a vet that is playing lights out right now?

  3. Personally, I think Kolb is ruined in Philly thanks to this move. I’m not sure how running your QB out of the city is saving him? I’m guessing Vick plays well, Philly signs him to a new deal, and they sell a lot of jerseys, not necessarily games.

  4. I guess that tells us Andy Reid really didn’t think Kolb would be successful. Because if Kolb went in and played well, Vick would have been a non issue.

  5. If he is worried about Kolb being crucified he needs to trade him to a different town like he did McNabb.
    You can’t honestly believe Andy cares what the media or fans think. He never cared much when McNabb was being crucified, he is a win first coach who will never win a SB.

  6. why are the eagles so retarded that they let their fans coach the team. Kolb has a good game, we gotta get rid of mcnabb, kolb has a bad game bench him put in vick, vick has a good game screw kolb… you guys are retarded and deserve to lose because of you ignorance!

  7. Damn, this is just like a sister who tries to stand up for her brother by telling people to stop picking on him…it’s just gonna make it worse.

  8. This is BS. Andy Reid has never shown one iota of consideration for what the fans or media think and I am sure he expects the same out of his players.
    This was nothing more than Reid throwing a public bone to Kolb.

  9. Philly – ruining athletes since the beginning of time.
    “I’ll play first base, third base, anywhere you want, as long as it’s not Philadelphia…” – Dick Allen

  10. Dude, its the NFL. Kolb has been backup for 2 years? He should know the offense by now so all that is left is his physical and decision making abilities. If those aren’t up to snuff why was he the starter?
    As Kc-Sisco said this move sure as heck won’t help him in the eyes of the fans.
    But at some point you have th throw the QB out there. You see QB’s like Eli Manning, Drew Stafford and Sam Bradford thrown in during their rookie seasons, this is Kolb’s third. Either he’s a big boy who can handle the fans, or he’s not.

  11. Cleg says:
    September 24, 2010 10:03 AM
    Seriousely, it is the NFL, should not the quarterback who, according to Reid, is a franchise qb who will win Championships for the Eagles be able to handle the Philly fans – boorish, drunk and stupid as they are?
    I would hold off on calling anyone stupid until you do the following:
    1) Learn how to spell
    2) Study the correct formatting for sentence structure
    3) Proofread your comments by reading them aloud to ensure that what you are typing actually makes sense.

  12. “Andy Reid was worried about Kolb getting chicken fried”.
    Wait…what….winning championships? Will Kolb be pitching for the Phils now?

  13. Can you spell ‘Bullshit’, boys and girls? Sure you can. Kolb handed him a perfect excuse to fulfill his love affair with Michael ‘Chewy’ Vick.

  14. after 12 years of Andy Reid fat jokes, I usually roll my eyes and skip right past them but that one was hilarious

  15. How long do we consider Kevin Kolb a young QB? This is his 4th year in the league! Other “Franchise” QBs already won championships by the 4th year (Ben, Eli, Brady, etc.)….we talk about Ryan like a vet (3rd year)…Super Bowl & Pro Bowl asperations for Flacco (3rd year)….Sanchize is leading the “soon to be champs” (2nd year)….Rodgers started in his 4th year and was also replacing a Legend….I don’t believe Andy on this and nor should I…this really does speak to Kolb’s abilities or lack thereof!

  16. This is Mike Vick were talking about. This isnt a franchise QB. The problem is, neither is Kolb. The Phillies have some real good offensive skill players. They should have kept McNabb

  17. Cleg – go crawl back under a rock you loser! Philly fans are loyal and passionate about their teams (eagles have a 65,000+ waiting list, Phillies have sold out for 105+games and counting)… sorry we don’t sit on our ass and accept mediocracy and lack of effort. Nobody in this town got on Kolb one bit – most of the blame for this debacle is Reid and his poor personnel decisions (see Andrews, Andrews and Peters).

  18. Andy is lying once again. Andy has never and will never make a decision based on anything said in the press or the public.
    Andy does what he is predisposed to do. When two running plays don’t work, and he doesn’t run the ball the rest of the game, he looks at the reporters as if they are stupid when they ask why he never ran the ball. “We weren’t getting anything with that deal, so we went another way.”
    Never, however, does Andy give up on passing the ball, no matter if they go three and out ten times in a row and keep the defense out there for 27 minute of the first half. So Andy will do what Andy will do and dress up the explanation later. This latest line of bullshit is just that.
    Andy’s achilles heel will eventually be that arrogance. Last week, when reporters were noting that Vick had a high QB rating and the confidence of the team, Reid look right through them and told them that regardless of whatever they said, he knows quarterbacks and Kolb will be his starter, (cue look of complete disdain).
    This week, it’s like he discovered the stat sheet. He came in and told all the same people that “Shoot, anyone would change quarterbacks for a guy with a QB rating that high and the confidence of his team, and again looks at the assembled as if they are stupid.
    While i can speculate on a couple reasons for Andy’s moves (pressure from above, desperation after realizing the 4 year succession plan is crap, a desire to move on), one thing i am certain of is that Andy wasn’t worried about Kolb getting crucified by the fans. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done it himself.

  19. The funny thing is, Kolb is the better QB. Yeah, Vick has looked good against the Lions and the Bears…
    The LIONS and BEARS!
    Now Vick gets to start against the happless Jags and get annoited as a great QB who has had to overcome, just so much, to rise back to the top after such an ignoble fall. What a great story, right?
    Boo. Hiss.
    Vick is a proven piece of crap, both on the field and off the field. And just like McNabb did last year, Vick will play well against terrible defenses and get dominated by good ones. Which means he’ll play just well enough to keep the starting job, and keep the Eagles from advancing in the post-season, if they get there. Meanwhile, as usual, the Eagles best QB will be sitting on the bench, mostly because he’s the wrong color.

  20. Translation on this is that the Birds O-Line is horrific and Kolb is a pocket QB who needs protection – Vick can run and got sacked 5 times by the Lions Kolb will get killed by good defenses is what he is really saying

  21. Dapollock says:
    September 24, 2010 10:07 AM
    In all fairness, Reid thinks McDonalds, KFC and Wendy’s are championship franchises as well.
    ^^^ LOL, NICE 🙂
    Cleg says:
    September 24, 2010 10:03 AM
    Seriousely, it is the NFL, should not the quarterback who, according to Reid, is a franchise qb who will win Championships for the Eagles be able to handle the Philly fans – boorish, drunk and stupid as they are?
    Great point and right on. Reid will say whatever is right for the moment or sounds good. I will say he definitely has a plan, just WTH it is, noone but him knows. Maybe he doesnt even know. He changes like the wind.
    I think he probably has ruined Kolb in Philly, you can NEVER take what he says as truth. I thought this team had a direction for the future, which meant sucking it up this year, maybe winning 6 games and letting Kolb grow like the Pack did with Rodgers. Thats out the window and I, along with probably everyone else not named Andy Reid, has not the faintest dammed clue just WTH he is doing.

  22. Another Vick classic for the ages. Here’s a career QB rating of 75 guy that’s gonna change the world – again.
    It’s the same old song and dance with this dude – he’s a great change-of-pace player, but one defenses key on him, he gets exposed.
    But, if ya’ll feel ya must, let the insanity continue.

  23. Andy Reid has become the biggest asswipe in the NFL. And believe me when I say that’s a hard thing to do given all the competition for that “honor”.

  24. jaxjaggywires says:
    September 24, 2010 10:12 AM
    Damn, this is just like a sister who tries to stand up for her brother by telling people to stop picking on him…it’s just gonna make it worse.
    So, how many times were you beaten up as a kid?
    Did your Mom drop you off at school too?

  25. This all seems pretty simple to me.
    The Eagles offensive line is a mess right now.
    Vick is the most mobile QB on the face of the earth.
    Young Quarterbacks, who are ruined, because they play behind a weak offensive line, are legend in the NFL.
    Seems pretty simple. Seems like the Eagles are just being smart about this. Why do you have to throw all this disneypn, girlie, sports journalist crap into all this?

  26. There goes Andy Reid lying his sorry ass off again. I’m losing all respect for this guy, he’s the Pinnochio of the NFL.

  27. (“If he is worried about Kolb being crucified he needs to trade him to a different town like he did McNabb.”)
    agreed, if he’s so worried about Kolb, trade him, like Reid says, got to give a young QB time and Eagles fans arent that patient.

  28. This year will be Kevin Kolbs 4th year in the league ppl. I mean Andy Reid gets rid of Donovan McNabb in order for this guy to be the teams franchise quarterback and now thinks because Michael Dick had a good game against the Lions (bad team), he’s playing out of his mind! I bet Kevin Kolb threw up in his mouth when he heard Andy Reid’s press conference. The Eagles will never win a Super Bowl as long as Andy Reid is at the helm…

  29. Bottom line is that Reid knows he’ll lose the guys in the locker room if he didn’t at least give Vick a few more games to prove himself. Vick’s decision-making in last week’s game appeared to be much better than his previous NFL career. If he can continue to show field IQ against better opponents, I think he gives the Eagles the best chance to win.
    And I would now like to open the bidding for my Philadelphia Eagles Ron Mexico jersey…

  30. I still say let’s see how Vick does against a team with a real defense. The rebuilding Detroit Lions, with more castaways than Gilligan’s Island in that back 7, are hardly a true test. The Lions make just about everyone look good, except perhaps, Tavaris Jackson.

  31. it could be true, Isn’t that what happened to Jesus after he was betrayed??
    Reid looks like a complete fool for this move, he should have kept Kolb out there and let him get some experience without putting Vick in there every third play.

  32. @ zaggs
    Drew Stafford plays for the Sabres, I believe you are referring to Matthew Stafford starting as a rookie QB. GO LIONS, GO SABRES, GO BILLS…… thank god i have the Yanks to root for

  33. Reid is still considering the Browns trade proposal of second round pick in next year’s draft and conditional box of Krispy Kreme’s. Apparently, Reid is holding out for for a box of Nutty Bar’s now to hold him over.

  34. The more Reid opens his mouth, the more he puts his foot in it. (He seems to have a lot of experience putting his foot in his mouth).
    First he announces that Kolb is the starter after they beat Detroit. Then less than 2 days later, he announces he changed his mind and Vick will be the starter. Then he comes out with this.
    I don’t have a problem with a team playing their best players at the time. He could have said after the Detroit game that Vick has the hot hand and he will continue to play. And with this announcement about protecting Kolb from the big, bad media and fans, he makes Kolb look like a wussy that can’t take the heat. And aren’t they playing in Jacksonville? They aren’t even playing at home.
    Reid has completely butchered this entire thing.
    But as a Steeler fan orginally from Pittsburgh but now living in the Philly area so I follow the Eagles as well, it is somewhat fun to watch the dysfunctionality out here.

  35. Guys: try to think like a person with average intelligence. (I know it will be hard)
    If you replace an injured qb with another and the new guy makes every play and completes every pass, what would you do? bench him? C’mon. How can you? What more could he do?
    Well, in this case the new qb is a former star, and he did quite well, and he made almost every right decision, so what do you do when the old qb is ready to play again? (Let’s assume you want to win games) Well, you have two cases:
    (a) if the old qb is an established star and a known quantity, (say Mcnabb coming back from injury) you play him
    (b) if the old qb isn’t either a star or a known quantity or even old, you play the guy who is doing well and most likely to win games for you.

  36. Philly fans can say they are passionate all they want. So passionate that a man was killed in the parking lot at a Phillies game, a little girl was intentionally thrown up upon, and countless others have been threatened and harassed for having the nerve to root for another team.
    I am from DC but have lived in Philly for a decade and while the national media makes too much of some of the stories of fan behavior here it is true that at Eagle and Phillies games it is lawless and truly an example of drunken idiots running the asylum. Flame me if you want but it is true – any you know it is true.

  37. reids point is valid but reid had all offseason to think of the ramifications of appointing kolb as the starter rather than creating a true QB competition. no one would have questioned anything if kolb earned the job through his play rather than being handed the job.

  38. Like McNabb, Reid knows that the national media talking heads (most of whom are from towns where the stadiums are empty) are all too willing to immediately blame the Philly fans for every ill in the world.
    So, he uses it and hides behind it. Those slaps at ESPN will be happy to help him.
    Remember, the FANS ran McNabb out of town. Ownership and the coach had nothing to do with it. It was OUR decision. Somehow.

  39. Kolb should have it so tough…compared to what Rodgers went through Reid doesn’t have anything to worry about. Rodgers only got stronger through the process.

  40. “I am from DC but have lived in Philly for a decade and while the national media makes too much of some of the stories of fan behavior here it is true that at Eagle and Phillies games it is lawless and truly an example of drunken idiots running the asylum. Flame me if you want but it is true – any you know it is true.”
    I have been in the Boston area for 10 years. I have seen more incidents (fighting, beer dumping, and the like) in Fenway Park than I have seen in all the years I have been going to Eagles and Phillies games (probably about 100 games total with 2 incidents – one started by a drunken Cincinnati Reds fan). One thing that is common, however, is that in both parks, everyone pointed out the troublemaker and they were dismissed.

  41. Kolb has to be thrown out there to the wolves at some point or he’ll never advance in his career. He’s in his 4th year already. How long does he need to work up to a starting job? You see rookies in the NFL (Stafford and Bradford are two examples) thrown out there in their rookie year. Are they that far advanced in their development over Kolb? I don’t think Andy’s logic really flies.

  42. This is why sports commentary is for chumps. On monday everyone was saying how dumb reid was for sticking with Kolb and sitting Vick. Now that he starts Vick, he is dumb because he benched Kolb. It proves my point that most Football pundits dont really have a clue about the sport.

  43. Philly Fans are the best in the league. We show up. We sell out the building. We give a damn and expect players to also give a damn. If you guys want to kill that then youre a bunch of pansies sitting on your hands at home with a remote and kitty on your lap eating oatmeal.

  44. With the effect that the Philly fans and the media could have on Kolb’s psyche if he struggled all through this year (which is very probable, especially with our offensive line issues), I think Reid has a point here. There’s no sense in throwing him out to just get feasted on by defenses. Vick can escape the pressure and make plays. This decision is growing on me.

  45. @LAEaglefan
    While I tend to agree with you, the difference is that Stafford and Bradford are expected to got out and make the playoffs.

  46. Andy Reid was worried about Kevin Kolb getting crucified. It was more like him becomming corn on the Kolb for some hungry D lineman

  47. This isn’t about the Philly fans, the media, Kolb being in his 4th year, or anything else. This is about a new starter who is less mobile than Vick going out there behind a terrible offensive line, all while Vick is playing great.
    That’s all this is. Everyone who’s not a nut-job knows why the decision was made. So, spare all your “fans running the team,” conspiracy theory crap.

  48. (“Kolb played QB at houston, if history shows us anything its that he will blow in the NFL”)
    yeah and based on history, any qb from Tennessee will do great, Sanchez will be another Leinart and Stafford and Bradford will bust, you dont base a quarterback’s play on the school they went to.

  49. Andy Reid can’t win… he sticks by McNabb for years, in the face of fans, and he Reid is an idiot. He makes the change you fans wanted, Kolb falters, then Vick lights it up, you beg for another change. He again does the change you wanted, and now he’s a liar. You guys are ridiculous.
    For those of you who are talking about “killing the Kolb’s confidence because Reid ‘lied’ to him,” I would like to see his confidence after getting blown up by that horrible o-line after a couple of games and the crowd boos him, screaming for Vick. That won’t hurt his confidence at all.

  50. I’m not saying Andy made the wrong choice in starting Vick. By all accounts, it looks like the right choice at this time. I’m just saying that his rationalization that its “best” thing for Kolb’s psyche is a bunch of BS.

  51. “Kolb played QB at houston, if history shows us anything its that he will blow in the NFL”
    I have been saying this for 4 years only no Eagles fan wants to believe me.

  52. By using the word “crucified” – i think Reid was referring to our ramshackle, pourous offensive line. Heck, Vick was able to scramble away from at least six sacks that Kolb would not have been able to escape. With that line, teams would have blitzed Kolb on every single down and yes, Kolb would have been crucified – and beat up – and spit out like a piece of two day old gum. Reid isn’t stupid, he was an O-lineman and a line coach for years. He’s doing Kolb a huge favor by keeping him alive.

  53. olskool711 has it about right.
    Behind that OL, Kolb would be crucified. Vick at least has a shot at survival.
    Fat Andy is not very good at expressing himself- just ask him about his English skills.

  54. @eaglelover1
    You can’t compare Kolb with Klinger and Ware. Both were gone years and a number of coaches before Kolb was at Houston.
    And before you say anything else, most of the QBs from Notre Dame who went to the NFL sucked.

  55. Does anyone else find it odd that all of a sudden Vick is considered as playing great after a game and a half of football? I mean what kind of evidence is supported by one good game in which they nearly lost to the Lions? I just don’t get all this love for Vick after one good game.

  56. So first Reid is a moron for drafting Kolb. Kolb stinks after throwing an int/TD to Ed Reed. Then Kolb is the next Tom Brady after lighting up KC in relief of McNabb. Now he has no talent after the O-Line gets him killed. Maybe the Philly fans are just a bunch of whack -jobs. (I speak from experience having grown up in Philly and left to live where people’s lives include more than professional sports, and everybody thinks socialism is a really bad idea.)

  57. “If Vick thought the boos were bad in Atlanta wait untill they start in Philly”
    Yea, because in Philly we actually go to the games. Unlike Atlanta.
    Fake sports town that it is.

  58. “I have been saying this for 4 years only no Eagles fan wants to believe me. ”
    Well, when you repeatedly claimed that Westbrook never topped 1,000 yards rushing, you lost a lot of credibility. Maybe that is why no one listened to you.

  59. Andy wants to call a time out now. Actually, he wants to use all 3 right now for the first half of the game vs jax.

  60. Whether it’s true or not, putting that out there as a reason is a great face-saving move for Kolb’s camp.
    Guess we’ll find out the truth if Vick plays well and stays healthy all season.

  61. sorry folks. philly fans may be a lot of things, but one thing is for sure,
    they would have never made the vick move last year.
    they would have definitely traded mcnabb before last season when minny didn’t know favre was coming back and chilly would have kissed don’s ring (and given up the farm).
    the fans would have been ok with the all those draft picks and the kolb- a.j. feely led team would have won about 9 instead of 11.
    as it was they never beat anyone good last year.
    the fans would have run the ball much more, thus reducing the pressure on the o-line and the quarterback and shortening the game.
    the fans would have a tight end that could (and would) block, and a big back for short yardage.
    the fans wouldn’t call a timeout to ice a kicker attempting a 60+yard field goal…
    as to the weekly poll of the talk shows, any thinking person knows this only polls the idiots who want to call the talk shows.
    no one wanted andy to appoint this kid, put vick in on the third play, establish no rhythm and then stick a knife in his back.
    so don’t blame the fans for this. andy only makes himself look ridiculous with this nonsense. his entire coaching career speaks to the contrary, and as andy well knows, one is to be judged by what they do, not what they say.
    if reid believed kolb would fold under fan pressure, he would not have traded his first round pick to dallas (allowing them to select anthony spencer), then drafted kolb early in the second (way earlier than anyone had him going). i find it telling that reid used the phrase crucified: but the author of the crucifixion isn’t the philly rabble, but rather the fat man in the black toga with the utility belt attached.

  62. “If you guys want to kill that then youre a bunch of pansies sitting on your hands at home with a remote and kitty on your lap eating oatmeal.”

  63. Here’s the real story….Clay Matthews busted the kid in the mouth…twice. And, since the Kansas City pre-season game the kid is so gun-shy because of the blitz and getting busted in the mouth he cant read defenses and telegraphs his passes accordingly. He has haphazard blitz-picker-uppers in Mccoy and Bell…and no real FB or blocking TE.
    Lets face it…he stinks at this point and is no better than a rookie. He has to get his edge back…and for him, it means riding the pine and coming in on spot duty to get his reps, as he hasnt the wheels or the fortitude to take on the lead role at this point. Vick does…hell, he’s been through prison…he knows what it means to literally and figuratively ride the pine. He’ll take on the adversity because he CAN.
    Yep, Vick will choke at times, and yup, he will throw picks and fumble, but he’s electric. That Oline and the shoddy play calling and blocking schemes are so bad, you need someone “electric” who can improvise on the fly…thats why they had McChoke…he COULD improvise…but not any more…not like when he was 25-28. He refuses to run and he’s slow. He doesnt want to be labeled as a “black” QB anymore.
    Andy doesnt know how to run a WC offense, never did…and thats where we’re at right now. He doesnt have the proper component parts…but he does have Vick. And he knows he can win with that…right NOW. especially since Dallas and the Gints are questionable, and the Redskins, well…they have McChoke.
    And yes, the mob is fickle in Philly…and they will crucify Kolb. Just look at McChoke…he still hasnt recovered from fans or the media…shit, he’s still whining about being booed on draft day by a bunch of fuggin drunks….so, there it is, folks.
    Thus what Andy means is what he said.

  64. You omit an important part of the equation.
    Kolb would have been judged by the public and the media *in the light of Vick’s outstanding performances*.
    If Kolb fell short of Vick’s numbers, and he almost certainly would have, then the outcry in favor of a QB switch would have been enormous. Kolb’s confidence would have been hammered.
    Reid’s decision didn’t take place in a vacuum. It took place as a result of Vick’s amazing performances.
    Remember that.

  65. Oh…and…Vick or Kolb will be great trade fodder…weheras they werent before.
    Play Vick: get picks. Simple.
    That whole team needs a do-over. The Fatman went for speed without size in the draft for the last 3 years…and he’s paying the price.
    Yes, speed kills, but HGH rules…and these dudes are only getting bigger AND quicker…especially in the NFC East.
    Here’s how you beat the Birds…beat’em up.
    Gone are the days of Dawk, Trotter, Corey Simon, Hollis Thomas, Runyan, Tre Thomas, Ike Reese….they beat you with size and then beat you up.
    Now you have undersized guys who cant tackle or block.

  66. Cleg, Cleg, Cleg – I am disappointed in the fact the you left out your “Gold Standard” comment. You can keep trolling for Eagles posts and leaving your negative comments but it has no effect on us. We know we are the most hated fan-base in the country and we are used to it.
    Try not to let the national media sway you though toolbox. Do I need to discuss the treatment I received for wearing an Eagles jersey to Washington DC and New Jersey (b/c it’s not New York by the way)? The treatment is the same no matter where you go.

  67. Dilbio50 – interesting post.
    He looks like a rookie because he is one. And it seems like the plan is “let’s try and win now” with the rationale being “because our OL and probably DEF are so incredibly bad we can’t compete”.
    It’s that contradiction that bothers me. We suck at key positions so let’s try and win now with Vick. Does that make any sense?
    We dealt McNabb because the team needed to be rebuilt. And now here we are making desperation moves to make the playoffs? With a guy leaving after this year?
    In that case, why not keep McNabb? He could have landed this team as a 9-7 wildcard with one hand tied behind his back.
    And after the Reid-led coronation of Kolb, I see the benching as having the exact opposite effect. He knows he’s lost the confidence of all involved, and he’s pretty much finished here.
    That’s not to say starting Vick is right or wrong. He’s looked great. Just know that you’ve cashed in Kolb for good.
    And I keep going back to this – as someone who wanted to rebuild with youth and trade McNabb….if the plan was to continue to roll the dice on a low-percentage Super Bowl run, MCNABB SHOULD HAVE BEEN KEPT.
    Either they had the stomach for rebuilding or they didn’t. Why not just be honest? I feel ownership used Kolb as a smokescreen to get McNabb and his salary demands out of town.

  68. Dilbio – you have to trade Vick before this season’s trade deadline to get a pick. He isn’t signed in 2011.
    So is that what this was about? Screw with your self-anointed QB of the Future to get a 3rd round pick for Vick? And throw Kolb back in after game 6?
    Makes no sense.
    Agree with your other points, this is not a Philly defense. It’s finesse.

  69. mooch: if vick goes elsewhere as a free agent and gets the type contract he will get in that case, the eagles will indeed get a compensatory draft pick for losing him. probably a pretty high one, if the past is any indication.


  71. Smiler – Vick is a UFA, we’d get nothing.
    Or is that not correct – so much has changed with that and the FA rules in general. My understanding was that only RFA’s got you those picks.
    And if we did get a pick, wouldn’t it be a 3rd. Is that worth all this?
    Hey, if Vick gets us a Lombardi I won’t care! But we do need to rebuild, and a lot of that had to do with Kolb.

  72. I can’t tell if some of these posts are funny or just sad. How many times have people gone on about no loyalty or honor amongst teams and players? Reid showed a little loyalty in trading McNabb to a division rival he was more than willing to play for instead of sending him to the Raiders who he didn’t want to play for. People jump all over Reid for stupidly trading him to a division rival. Reid tries to soften the blow for Kolb after giving Vick the start, and again a string of insults aimed at both Reid and Kolb. Please remember this the next time one of you whines about a lack of loyalty or honor on behalf of either a player or an organization.

  73. OK, here it is…
    “In addition to the 32 picks in each round, there are a total of 32 picks awarded at the ends of Rounds 3 through 7. These picks, known as “compensatory picks,” are awarded to teams that have lost more qualifying free agents than they gained the previous year in free agency. Teams that gain and lose the same number of players but lose higher-valued players than they gain also can be awarded a pick, but only in the seventh round, after the other compensatory picks. Compensatory picks cannot be traded, and the placement of the picks is determined by a proprietary formula based on the player’s salary, playing time, and postseason honors with his new team, with salary being the primary factor. So, for example, a team that lost a linebacker who signed for $2.5 million per year in free agency might get a sixth-round compensatory pick, while a team that lost a wide receiver who signed for $5 million per year might receive a fourth-round pick.”
    So Vick woud get is what, a 4th? Vick makes $5m. Not worth it. If Kolb sucks, we need to find out. Thats still central to rebuilding.

  74. “I don’t think Kolb has lost one thing. He’s a franchise quarterback. He will win games, and championships, for the Eagles,” Reid said.
    Kolb will probably be traded before Oct. 19th.

  75. Reid can say whatever the hell he wants, and believe me he hasn’t said a damn thing worthwhile in over a decade, this is nothing more than saving his WAY overpaid salary, it’s obvious that after a decade of accomplishing nothing,he doesn’t have the same pull within the organization. Mc Choke is gone cause the other 2 stooges didn’t want to give him a new contract, no way he was on board with that, for 3 years Kolb was the heir apparent, being groomed etc. and just like that, he is on the bench, Reid’s time is running out………….Thankfully….

  76. BLMF, you dont think it might have to do with the fact that Vick is playing as good as ANY other QB???? In 1.5 games, Vick has totaled 599 yards, 3 TDs and 0 turnovers.

  77. By the way, wheres VOX???? I bet he still hasnt even left his house since Dallas’ week 1 loss. He’s been pretty quiet on these message boards so far this Its kinda funny how all he ever mentions is the 0-3gles,LOL, when HIS team currently looks like they’re about to be 0-3 themselves.

  78. Andy Reid has officially jumped the shark. Vick is starting because the o line cant protect a pocket passer. Even with Vicks mobility, he was sacked 6 times and hit over 20 times against the fockin lions. all this does is delay things a year.

  79. Would I trade a season of figuring out where we are headed at QB for a 3rd rounder (that we’d likely blow on an over-rated LT from the Big East who gets released in 2013)?
    I liked what we did with McNabb – get the right QB and make a decade long run. I, and many here, were willing to take this year to find out if Kolb was that guy.
    That is what was asked of us, that is what we were prepared to do.
    If only the owners and coaches had as much backbone.
    Since 2008 I have feared Reid had no plan. Now, I know he has no plan. Or maybe he’s given up. I dunno.

  80. Andy Reid was worried about Kevin Kolb getting crucified…….
    as he grabbed a box of nails and some plywood.

  81. My whole life I’ve heard about how
    brutal Philly fans can be…
    but I was STILL shocked to see that
    crucifixion was a likely scenario.

  82. Dapollock says:
    September 24, 2010 10:07 AM
    In all fairness, Reid thinks McDonalds, KFC and Wendy’s are championship franchises as well.
    I agree with Wendy’s and KFC. McDonalds is more like the Eagles.. or the Browns…
    Well, I guess with all their former glory, maybe McDonalds is more like the 49ers or Redskins.

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