Browns will be shorthanded in Baltimore

When you don’t practice all week, you generally don’t play.

So it’s not looking good for the following Browns for Sunday in Baltimore: quarterback Jake Delhomme (ankle), running back Jerome Harrison (thigh) and receiver Brian Robiskie (hamstring), linebacker Marcus Benard (ankle), guard Shawn Lauvao (ankle) and nosetackle Shaun Rogers (ankle, hip).

All six players missed practice Friday for the third straight day, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  Rogers would seemingly have the best chance to start because he hasn’t practiced much all year, but has played in the first two games.  Seneca Wallace will start at quarterback.

Harrison has failed to build upon his strong finished to last year, largely because the Browns aren’t featuring him.  Maybe they feared he could stay healthy. 

Robiskie started two games, but has only 18 yards on the season.  The Browns’ leading receivers so far this year are Evan Moore, Josh Cribbs, and Ben Watson. 

22 responses to “Browns will be shorthanded in Baltimore

  1. The beat goes on for the hapless Browns. The Holmgren magic has not shown up so far with the decisions to sign Delhomme, Wallace, and to stand pat with those receivers. They’re better than last year, but that’s not saying much. Instead of being outscored 53-3 by the Ravens last year, maybe they’ll be outscored 38-3 this year. But, hey, it’s progress. Next year, maybe we can route for being outscored 28-3.

  2. missing Jerome Harrison isnt hurting the team, that means more carries for hillis and james davis. Benard we will miss if he caint go. Lauvao is the biggest lose. need the right side of that line in good shap for this game. tony p. needs to be back. good luck Browns. if you can win this one it will change the way people judge you

  3. The Ravens–relieved to be playing the Browns so they can get an “easy” win so Flacco can get his confidence back and everyone in Baltimore can go back to loving him.
    In Baltimore, the fans were so depressed leaving the bar on Sunday…commenting the season was over, saying Flacco sucks, telling us Steelers fans to go back to Pittsburgh.
    It’s football Friday and you wouldn’t believe how many of my co-workers aren’t wearing their Ravens shirts to work today. Guess they lost their positive attitude:
    (and yes, I’m aware we lost to the Browns last season)

  4. They have been shorthanded since they returned to the NFL in 1999. For their sake, hopefully they can use their first round pick for a strong armed QB like Mallet or Luck.

  5. I’m a optimist…Pittsburgh swept them first,Cinncinati second,is it possible the Browns sweep them year? If they can score at least two touchdowns this can happen. Upset special!!!

  6. As past post have shown I like to come on here and pull the chain of Clowns fans. That’s what rivals do.
    Having said that; Cleveland residents really do deserve more than they’ve gotten football wise.
    I may not like them but they are true fans.
    What Modell did was wrong then and still bothers this Cincinnati resident. And I smile each year he does not get to Canton, and hope he never does.
    Ok enough sympathy, time to get back to chain pulling.

  7. No worries in Ravenland. Beat the Browns & beat the Stealers minus Rapistberger…just like last year. Batch & Leftwich…Hahahahaha!!!!

  8. No worries in Ravenland? If memory serves Randy, Joe Flacco has yet to beat the Steelers when Troy Polamalu plays. Just sayin…….

  9. The Browns may have been one of the best teams in the league at the end of last season. They have lost their mojo, having such high hopes to start this season.
    It’s not looking good for the Brownies this Sunday.

  10. # Randy1 says: September 24, 2010 1:58 PM
    “No worries in Ravenland. Beat the Browns & beat the Stealers minus Rapistberger…just like last year. Batch & Leftwich…Hahahahah a!!!!”
    You better be worried.
    4-pick Flacco isn’t gonna win it for ya.

  11. It’s starting to require an effort of great proportion to stay with the Browns. They have gone from being the “Dawgs” to the “DOGS!”
    I did not like Holmgren bringing in “geezer” Delception and career backup Wallace. I had hoped that he would have considered other possibilities.
    I’m afraid the Browns are about as bad as it gets in the NFL.
    Don’t ask, “what can “brown” do for you,” in Cleveland. It’s NOTHING!
    It’s going to be “stinky and long” all day Sunday.

  12. madmike77 says:
    September 24, 2010 2:43 PM
    This article is redundant. When are the Browns not shorthanded?
    Your post is redundant, considering someone else made the same comment about 10 posts before yours.

  13. Does it really matter if the Browns are shorthanded? The only way the Ravens are going to lose is if the entire team comes down with Ebola.

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