Dwight Freeney is not happy with Peter King

D. Freeney2.jpgThere was a time in Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney’s career that it looked like he was slowing down.  Bothered by injuries, Freeney only had nine sacks in two seasons.

That lull is over.  Freeney has 13.5 sacks last year.  FootballOutsiders’ numbers indicated Freeney led the NFL in hurries.

Freeney has started out fast this year with three sacks.   He appeared unblockable against the Giants.  At 30, Freeney still appears to have peak years left.  That’s why he can’t understand why SI.com’s Peter King didn’t include Freeney on his “top-five most fearsome pass rushers for 2010 and beyond.”

“Who is this?” Freeney asked to Philip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star, pointing to Brian Orakpo’s name.  “When
you put Brian Orakpo — and nothing against the guy, he is 24 — but
mention him over me, that hurts your credibility as an analyst. I know who Peter King is. But to mention [Orakpo] over me? For
him not to mention me in the top five, that is an insult.”

Freeney wants to ask defenders: “Would you rather see [Orakpo] or would you rather see me?”

In King’s defense, the article was about guys he’d take for the next five years.  So Freeney’s age was likely a factor.

“So I guess it’s over?” Freeney said.

He even gives King an idea: Ask every offensive coordinator and tackle who would be in their top five. We wouldn’t be surprised if Peter takes Freeney up on the offer.

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  1. If the list was top 5 right NOW, I’m sure Freeney would be on the list. That isn’t the list. Quit your bitchy whining, Freeney.

  2. Just another example of how people like King should keep their mouths shut. The know nothing besides how to report a rumor to other guys like Mike Flori… oops.

  3. well is it for this year or for the next 5?
    for the next 5 anyone can understand why Freeny wouldnt make it. for this year alone, i imagine it would be difficult to leave him off the list.

  4. I completely agree with Freeney. You have to include him in the top 5 pass rushers in the league. Easily.

  5. Bad reading comprehension and an overinflated sense of worth.
    Good thing they didn’t factor in run stopping.

  6. Maybe someone should have Freeney watch the Texans/Colts highlights, where they continually ran right at him.
    The dude is a clown at anything other than pass-rush, and that’s a fact.

  7. Oh WAAAAAAAAA some analyst didn’t think you were one of the top 5 at what you do WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  8. Peter King is actually a good writer. Yes, he’s overly self-promoting and too chummy with some of the players. But his writing is good.
    Maybe Freeney should be on the list. But who cares? It’s like power rankings. Fans get all lathered up about subjective rankings as if they somehow matter.
    Get over it.

  9. Wow. It is funny how insecure these egomaniacs really are. To them it is all about “respect” even though most have no idea what respect actually means. Seems they believe respect means unending praise and compliments.

  10. I cant stand Peter King or the sight of his face. But that list is for 2010 and BEYOND. Thats your hint that its going to be populated with young guys.
    30 isnt young in the NFL. It is for everyone else, but not for athletes running full speed into each other every week

  11. Because Dwighty my boy, the only player that matters or anyone cares about on your team is Peyton and you know this. With Peyton 12-4, without him 4-12.

  12. I’m no Colts fans but there’s a handful of players in the league where, even though you hate their team, as a football fan you transcend team loyalty and give certain players the respect that they deserve.
    Freeney’s one of those guys.
    If he feels disrespected by his ranking or lack thereof, I’ll give him some leeway and say he’s earned the right to feel that way.

  13. robigd,
    So I’m guessing you slept through the game on Sunday?
    Since 2003, the top 2 players in Forced Fumbles are Mathis with 34 and Freeney with 29. On top of that, Freeney is #1 in sacks over that time with 74 and Mathis is 5th with 66.
    Freeney and Mathis are WITHOUT question one of the best DE Duos in the league. Peter King is out of his skull not to include Freeney in the top 3 DEs let alone top 5.
    D-Line coaches admittedly try to teach Freeney’s moves and he has perfected the art of the Spin Move. Few DEs, if any, cause as many hurries, fumbles, and sacks.
    Some “analysts” try to toss in newer names because they get tired of giving accolades to the Vets (who deserve it most). Orakpo over Freeney?!? Yeah right.

  14. Like every sports “reporter”, the past decade or two has shown that there is no fairness in reporting as these “reporters” have all become “homers” in essence. In order to get their “scoops” and “inside information” reporters have had to develop allegiances with certain teams, agents and players or otherwise find themselves on the outside looking in. No different that any other media outlet, if bias or favortism is shown…….the “reporter” is considered “non-gratis”. Why do you think Jon Gruden “loves” every player, every front office of every team on MNF…….because he doesn’t want to burn any bridges as he waits to get another headcoaching job. Gruden is worse than even Tony K and I don’t think much of him as a headcoach either. What has he did…on his own….he won a SB with a team that Tony Dungy built and anyone who knows anything about football will tell you that. It’s why he hasn’t been offered any of the plum headcoaching jobs in the past few years becuz the people in-the-know, know that his headcoaching resume is built on someone else’s successes.

  15. Well…Freeney is probably the best DE in the game right now. King must have forgot or something. I usually like King’s articles but in this case he’s just wrong.
    I’m not going to go into stats or anything ridiculous like that. I’ll leave that for the Colts lovers to do, but Freeney was the MAIN if not THE reason why their was no pressure on Drew Brees last year in the SuperBowl. If he were healthy, the Colts might not have been exposed for their glaring weakinesses in the secondary, the rest of the D-line, horrible coaching decisions, offensive playcalling, Reggie Wayne, Hank Basket being goats, and Bill Polian sitting here today still blaming the offensive line for the loss. I believe he could of made alot of people happier being healthy to play. The guy was on his way to being SuperBowl MVP maybe…

  16. I love how NFL players and coaches love to say they dont care what the press or media says…
    Then you get this…
    Im an Eagles fan and I will say this. 2-5 are arguable. But in MY opinion (not that its worth anything), right now, If I could take ANY DL I wanted and put him on the Eagles, it would be Demarcus Ware. Hes just NASTY.

  17. I’ve seen Orakpo play…..a lot. He’s way overrated. He’ll play well against lousy tackles, but against avarage and above, he’s merely average.
    Definitely an insult to Freeney. And lookee here….the Colts and the Deadskins play this season. We’ll see how average Orakpo is, and we’ll see how great Freeney is.

  18. Don’t worry Dwight…Clay Matthews (10 sacks as a rookie- 6 already this year) wasn’t on the list either.

  19. Sorry Freeney, but RAK is stronger and faster than you. I am sure any offensive tackle that has faced him would agree.

  20. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1173837/index.htm
    1. DeMarcus Ware, Dallas 6′ 4″ 262 28
    Tied for seventh in the NFL with 11 sacks last year. Not shabby, but it’s nothing compared to what he did in ’08: 20 sacks, 20 pressures.
    2. Jared Allen, Minnesota 6′ 6″ 270 28
    Tireless worker who is as powerful rushing inside as he is speedy outside. Has had at least 14½ sacks in each of last three seasons.
    3. Mario Williams, Houston 6′ 6″ 285 25
    Top overall pick in ’05 is still waiting for the breakout season his talent promises, despite averaging nearly 12 sacks over last three years.
    4. Brian Orakpo, Washington 6′ 4″ 260 24
    Look for the second-year former Longhorn to have a 15-sack season under new Skins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.
    5. Julius Peppers, Chicago 6′ 7″ 283 30
    Edges Dwight Freeney of the Colts for the final spot. Great match with smart Rod Marinelli, who was promoted to defensive coordinator

  21. Wait, so Freeney is upset over something Peter King wrote?
    give me a break. will he be mad at Jimmy Kimmel next since Jimmy dropped Freeney from his fantasy team? :rolleyes:

  22. Being a Colts fan I’m glad King did this and Freeney is upset, it will just means more teams QB’s that the Colts play are going to get their ass sacked.

  23. writing off Dwight for the next five years would be as smart as the guys who wrote off Fred Dean (exactly the same role) after he turned 30.
    look it up.
    this is more proof that Peter (i cant carry a tune in a glad bag)King is a buffoon and a nonothing.
    his cred went out the window a long time ago regardless of who he pals around with these days.
    Peter King=the great contraindicator.
    another good question
    in 5 years will we even remember who Peter King is/was??
    im hoping not
    what a blowhard

  24. Peter King is a good writer. Having said that he is a self agrandizing blow hard who only cares about his own idiotic life that revolves around Boston, coffee and letting everyone know he knows every NFL player ever. He’s just sucha prick.

  25. Classically Handsome Peter King when sitting next to Florio..or Ugly as a horses butt Peter King when sitting next to anyone else??

  26. Freeny is just bitter because him and his Colts lost the Super Bowl to da Champs (aka Saints) Sore loser Freeny i say to you “wha wha wha”. The only thing that counts is who wins the Super Bowl……stats are for the 31 loser teams every year which included my Saints for 42 years…..but now we da Champs….life is SO good….oh yea, we’re 2 and 0 also…..ha ha ha…

  27. Ware, Clay, Dumervil. If they’re not on that list, there is no list. One of the reasons I say those three is cause they are Blitzburg style hybrids, you never know when or where they are coming from. Clay Matthews is very fortunate to have Dom Capers as his DC.
    Jared Allen & Dwight Freeney are more down linemen, but both are 30+. Simply put, 35 year old pass rushers don’t make enough noise.
    Speaking on Gruden: “What has he did…on his own….he won a SB with a team that Tony Dungy built and anyone who knows anything about football will tell you that.”
    On the flipside, Callahan took a Raiders team that Gruden ‘built’ to the Super Bowl. So, unless you know, keep quiet.

  28. jwstick, before you bash Freeney because the Saints beat them last year, remember that Dwight also has some hardware. And he didn’t have to wait 42 years.

  29. Peter King is absolutely horrible.
    Whatever happened to the concept of TV being a visual media? Who thinks it’s a good idea to put that assclown on television?
    Peter King is absolutely terrible.
    The objective media is dead.

  30. I dont know whats worse, Freeney getting all upset, or all the “fans” on this site completing misinterpreting the article. He isnt saying Freeney isnt the best now, its a list for the next 5 years. 5 years from now Orakpo and Mario Williams etc will probably be better than Freeney, its just a matter of age.
    What Freeney did for the past 6 years, or this year, is irrelevant to the argument.

  31. i basically picked the saints to cover the sb cause freeney wasnt going to be fully effective.
    the saints basically won in large part (other than caldwell being outcoached very badly) because freeney played just a little and not so well.
    freeney may only be “#6″… but that’s still pretty good since there are ostensibly 64 starting DEs in the nfl. if #6 in that group is over the hill, what do they think #65 is…

  32. writing off Dwight for the next five years would be as smart as the guys who wrote off Fred Dean (exactly the same role) after he turned 30.
    look it up.
    this is more proof that Peter (i cant carry a tune in a glad bag)King is a buffoon and a nonothing.
    his cred went out the window a long time ago regardless of who he pals around with these days.
    Peter King=the great contraindicator.
    another good question
    in 5 years will we even remember who Peter King is/was??
    im hoping not
    what a blowhard

  33. DeMarcus Ware of Dallas was No. 1, Minnesota’s Jared Allen second and Houston’s Mario Williams third,OKRAPO 4th, & Peppers 5th.
    It really doesn’t matter though b/c both Freeney & Mathis are still beasts on the pass rush.

  34. Hahaha they pissed Freeney off ,that’s not good news for the broncos and K Orton this sunday.. The last thing as a LT or QB you want is a motivated beast like Freeney trying to make a point.. ohh boy this game will be fun to watch

  35. Peter King is an idiot but in his defense he least had the balls to admit when he was wrong about the Buccaneers, unlike Florio who just keeps praying that they lose so he won’t have to.

  36. AWWWW…Dwight’s pussy hurts! Play ball assholio and quit worrying about the so called analysts! These guys carry a title of analyst but it’s nothing more than their own opinion on a particular subject. Nothing more.

  37. When you start focusing on articles and credit, you signal that start of your downfall, so it would seem that you don’t have 5 years left, Dwight.

  38. This list of guys are Ware #1, Jared Allen #2, Mario Williams #3, #4 Brian Orakapo, #5 Peppers.
    My opinion, Freeney is right. Peppers is 30, Allen is 28. Freeney is better and 30. Ware is 28.
    Considering Mathews leads the league in sacks, Allen is looking slower, Peppers can be a dog… I guess I just don’t understand the list. I can think of 3 other guys that have futures that are brighter.

  39. smurfjuice
    You insulted Freeny yourself….yea, he got a SB ring by beating the scrub bears….ha ha….he got his A$$ handed to him by da defending champ Saints……can you say 31 to 17…..i can…..ha ha…

  40. Peter King is only half a step above Lord Florio…….both are on the bottom 1/3 of the sports reporting ladder anyway…….

  41. jwstick, remember, three weeks before Katrina, your “beloved” Saints were worried about selling tickets, and would be the Los Angeles or San Antonio Saints by now.
    So for all the Saints fans who so quickly anointed their team as the greatest ever, Remember The Aints.
    And Freeney would have impacted that game if he were healthy, so your SB win could have been a loss, and he’d have two rings. I don’t think Freeney is top-five of the future, but he’s a beast in the present.

  42. Peter King’s two favorite musical acts are Bruce Springsteen and U2. That says it all.

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