Shaun O'Hara, Justin Tuck among walking wounded for Giants

The Giants’ shaky offensive line is likely going to be missing its most consistent player on Sunday.

Giants center Shaun O’Hara was listed as doubtful for Sunday’s game against Tennessee. Adam Koets should make his first NFL start.  Safety Michael Johnson (back) was ruled out, while defensive lineman Justin Tuck is questionable with a shoulder injury that kept him out of practice Friday.

Tuck said he’ll play Sunday.   “Pain-wise,
you kind of get that gladiator mode,” Tuck said via the New York Daily News. “I don’t know how to
explain it, but you don’t really worry about it.”

It’s a critical week for Tuck, whose leadership has seemingly been questioned from within.  The Giants like to think they are the mature team in New York, but every loss over the last two seasons seems to bring fresh wave of drama.

The Titans have injury problems of their own.  They will be without starting defensive end Jacob Ford.  Defensive tackle Tony Brown is questionable with a knee injury.

6 responses to “Shaun O'Hara, Justin Tuck among walking wounded for Giants

  1. Oh just shut up, Rosenthal. Everytime you write something about the Giants you include something about “the giants are always talking about how classy they are”, “the giants are supposedly the better team”, and now “the giants like to think they are the more mature team”.
    Where has the Giants team or organization has made such statements. You love to make unsupported claims in your articles. Get real. The FANS have said that, and not many anyway. Plus, “maturity” has nothing to do with laying an egg — it’s coaching, which Giants fans agree.

  2. Nobody questioned his leadership when he kicked the shit out of Tom Brady, on the biggest stage in the world.

  3. Neverend, you have to be kidding me about the coaching. Yea, it’s nothing special, but the O line was the major problem in Indy, and although it didn’t help that Gilbride was too stupid to chip off the DE’s, ultimately the O line got man-handled out there. And the Giants D line was abused as well.
    As bad as the coaching was in that game, even a well coached game couldn’t have spared the Giants of the terrible execution on the field.

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