Albert Haynesworth: My contract doesn't make me a slave

Albert Haynesworth says that if the Redskins think they own him because they signed him to a $100 million contract last year, they need to think again.

“I guess in this world, we don’t have a lot of people with backbones. Just because somebody pay you money don’t mean they’ll make you do whatever they want. I mean, that means everything is for sale. I mean, I’m not for sale,” Haynesworth said on 106.7 The Fan, via the Washington Post. “Yeah, I signed the contract and got paid a lot of money, but just because, that don’t mean I’m for sale or a slave or whatever.”

Haynesworth hasn’t seen eye to eye with the Redskins’ brass since the day Mike Shanahan was hired as head coach, and invoking the word “slave” in discussing his status with the team will do nothing to improve the situation.

And yet Haynesworth says things are fine in the Redskins’ locker room, and even indicated that he likes the role he’s going to have in the Redskins’ defense going forward.

There is zero, zero distractions or animosity or anything in the locker room,” Haynesworth said. “I mean, we’re a team, we’re family, we’re brothers. We’re always joking, always acting crazy and all that stuff. I mean, there’s nothing from the locker room. Everything is outside. I can say that and put my hand on the Bible and everything. I promise you. There is nothing like that happening in the locker room.”

144 responses to “Albert Haynesworth: My contract doesn't make me a slave

  1. Please, please tell me Mr. I just collected millions upon millions of dollars did NOT just go there with being a slave. Please tell me this is some late april fools joke comment.

  2. When will the verbal diarrhea stop?
    A slave? Really, Albert?
    After cashing $100 million of Dan Snyder’s money you’re going to compare yourself to a slave?
    That’s an outrageous comment and one that should offend anyone whose ancestors were chained, whipped, forced into hard labor, given no basic rights and murdered for trying to escape.
    What an @$$.

  3. Hey Al…buddy…you almost had me won over. Shanahan is a tool and you almost had me thinking you were the victim here….but then to go and drop a slave bomb. Al….you’re right your contract doesn’t make you a slave. But do you know what else doesn’t make you a slave? Being paid 100 Million (ok 43 and change) to play a game. A slave would be out in the field all day picking cotton and being whipped before sleeping 20 to a room in a shack with no heating or air conditioning. You play A F’ing GAME!!!!! Also just because somebody pays you money they can’t make you do whatever you want? That’s called a F’ing Job! It’s what the real people who weren’t blessed with the natural athleticism as you and who buy the tickets and jersey that pay your salary have to do every day. But you do have an option…quit. Retire and never play another down again, live off of whatever you have left of your money (which can’t be much seeing as how you are having loans defaulted on every few months) or use that fine University of Tennesse Degree that you have and get a real job and work 9-5 and see how long people in the real world put up with your diva act. You’re a good Defensive lineman….when you want to be you can be among the best but you aren’t a hall of famer, you’re not even going to be a pro-bowler this year, and you are the worst kind of player for a fan of a team to have on his team. The kind that you know has the talent to dominate but has too many marbles rattling around in his head to get his crap together and work hard for 60 minutes a week and just show up the rest of the week. Jesus man….

  4. doing what your employer wants u to do is not slavery asshole. its called earing your paycheck. so eith go 2 work do as your told to the best of your ability or quit.

  5. If my boss handed me a $100 million check then told me to spank his ass and call him Florio, guess what I’m doing?

  6. This guy is a true IDIOT….if he didn’t weigh 350 lbs and have a little athleticism he would be in jail where he belongs…f-ing thug….

  7. You pft guys are such D-bags. There is NO story here. You just keep trying to throw gasoline on the fire…It is one thing to report Haynesworth’s quote, it is another to bias the story to make the comments sound inflammatory. You guys are cheap writers.

  8. “Just because somebody pay you money don’t mean they’ll make you do whatever they want”
    Ummm, if a football team pays you, they can make you do whatever the hell they want on the football field. F*cking retard.

  9. No your not a slave, you get paid Millions, now stfu & do your job, you fat piece of waste. Where would you be without football, just think of that!!

  10. Quick–get a CAT-Scan to see if his brain is the actual size of a pea–after this is confirmed have him euthanized immediately..

  11. Florio signed a contract with NBC.
    Haynesworth signed a contract with the Redskins.
    Both contracts were signed in good faith.
    NBC promised to compensate Florio & help grow his influence.
    Washington promised to compensate Haynesworth & help his entrance into Canton.
    Imagine if NBC decided on a ‘win now’ strategy, & made PFT into something totally different from what Florio imagined….but more profitable for the ‘team’.
    I WONDER if Albert would be such a bad person then???

  12. Yeah, I remember learning about this in history class.
    I remember clearly, slaves were taken from their countries and were put on a boat for America, and when they got here they were handed millions of dollars in return for playing a game?
    Never knew Albert was such a history buff.

  13. Holy Moly. doesn’t he know that slaves were NOT paid? How dare he compare being paid $100M to do nothing(or whatever he’s actually stolen to date) to being a slave? He should be ashamed and if Portis has to apologize, then Fat Albert needs to apologize. Like I’ve always said, he’s a mental midget(no offense to midgets). He’s an absolute mental child. He probably has an IQ of 80. seriously.

  14. I say, humiliate his delusional, greedy, fat a** any way they can so he’ll walk away. At least then they won’t have to pay the remaining amount on his contract. And if he doesn’t walk? Just keep him on the bench until he fades into obscurity. No one else will even remember him – much less WANT him – by the time he’s “freed” from the ‘Skins.

  15. Umm…Fat Albert (little brain), they pay you for the service. If you take the money and don’t perform the service…you are STEALING. They DO own you. If you don’t want Dan to OWN you then don’t sign the contract and take HIS money. YOU are an employee and you do WHATEVER they tell you to do. You really are just a freaking idiot.

  16. Slaves don’t get paid 100 million dollars. To compare yourself to a slave is a slap in the face of people who truly were slaves in this country. By signing your contract Fat Albert you are supposed to do what your employer asks you to do and so far every word out of your mouth is “I ain’t doin’ that” What a fat, lazy bum.

  17. This stupid comment is a slap in the face to all blacks and all descendants of slaves. This is about as blatant an example of using ones race to their advantage as is possible. He should be ashamed.

  18. You’re not a slave, you’re a $100 million dollar football player. If they ask to to be a safety or a qb you stfu and do it.

  19. Gosh that Albert Haynesworth is a smart guy.
    Hey, he’s already IN Washington, maybe he can be in Obama’s cabinet too !!!!! Those guys are leaving in droves.
    And, quite frankly, he’s just as smart as any of them are !

  20. He is in fact the complete opposite of a slave. Well almost the complete opposite of a slave. I should stop typing now.

  21. Albert shows good judgement, a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility. You can see these good traits in his off the field and NFL relationships and actions. You just know when playing in the NFL ends, he’s going to continue being successful. Lawrence Taylor would do well to learn from Mr. Haynesworth.

  22. Haynesworth is right it dosnt make you a slave but I am sure he is not being asked to work the fields either. If he has a problem with his contract tell him to ask any of the men and women in the armed forces about how much they get in their contracts and what they are asked to do.

  23. Unlike Haynesworth, slaves don’t have the option of doing something other than slavery… I mean, football. Haynesworth could go work for a fortune 500 company if he can convince them he’s worthwhile to have around. Unfortunately for him, Haynesworth isn’t really demonstrating that he’s worthwhile to have around for a football team.

  24. hazards says: September 25, 2010 10:09 PM
    Bigot! Did your mother teach you that charming little acronym.

  25. Al, its Easy. Give the MONEY BACK and you won’t feel like a SLAVE. Fair DEAL? Didn’t think so. Surely things must better in your home country of Africa. Maybe you should go look and find out like a lot of other INGRATES in this country.

  26. Albert Hayenworth in Week Three:
    14 plays,
    2 tackles,
    12 times leaning on people ’cause he’s winded or bored or just doesn’t care.

  27. “Yeah, I signed the contract and got paid a lot of money, but just because, that don’t mean I’m for sale or a slave or whatever.”
    Dude, you contradicted yourself in the same breath.
    You *signed* the contract — you *were* for sale.
    …or whatever…

  28. Why couldn’t the federal taxes have expired last year so that Haynesworth could pay off our national debt?

  29. The real problem is not with Albert, he’s a product of the owners ideas that wining is GOD, and everything else can go by the wayside, so the players are cater to day and night, some of theses owner would let a star player play after they were arrested for murder, the union is just as bad for backing the sorry ass wife beater and drunks, and murders also, lest face it, when you drive drunk and kill someone you are a murder, until the owners get some backbone and leadership this will go on forever. Did I say the New Jersey Jets suck.And the league is also responsible for this mess we have today, no leadership at all, and the jets suck.

  30. The dimwit boysroll opens his mouth about team building. The cowgirls record shows illuminates their team building efforts.


  32. @Dirka28
    Could not agree with you more. That may pretty much be the best assessment/description of the entire Albert mess I have heard.
    Florio, give this man a free 1 yr, no, make it 2yr subscription!

  33. BigBear123 says:
    September 25, 2010 10:35 PM
    Guy would be another welfare mooch if he couldn’t play ball. Thank goodness he can play.
    Because he’s black he’d definitely be on welfare right? You are even a bigger douchenozzle than Haynesworth is.

  34. Man, Fatboy just F-ed up again. No way even the Titans will bring him back after all of this.
    Enjoy your millions and retirement.

  35. But your contract demands that you show up in shape and ready to play.
    Also, @ The Black Cat who wrote,
    “Tomorrow’s news: Haynesworth leaves NFL to pick tomatoes at farm, says he seeks “better treatment”.”
    He may be on to something if he does this. No one gets more sympathy in this country than tomato pickin’ illegals.

  36. Let’s pretend the position switch was from DT to Offensive tackle. I wonder how everyone’s take would be on that one because I have the feeling there isn’t much difference.

  37. # PackFaninPackLand says: September 25, 2010 10:36 PM
    Gosh that Albert Haynesworth is a smart guy.
    Hey, he’s already IN Washington, maybe he can be in Obama’s cabinet too !!!!! Those guys are leaving in droves.
    And, quite frankly, he’s just as smart as any of them are !
    Since you bring politics into a football blog, I will just add this…..yes, he is just as smart as any of them are, which puts “them” head and shoulders above anybody that was associated with “Dubya”!

  38. Note to Albert:
    When someone gives you $100 million dollars, there’s an expectation of performance. Requesting (see also demanding) performance does not make you a slave…it makes you an employee! Like a kabillion others who work and another kabillion who are out of work and wish they could…dude, did you miss the maturity gene somewhere? Grow up Albert! You obviously hold onto beliefs that are in error and they are about to really mess up your life.

  39. What kind of moron cashes a $48 million check, then whines about being treated like a slave? Albert Haynesworthless needs to just keep his mouth shut, and start earning that 48 million. This is a new low (even for someone who stomps on an opponent’s head)… Fat Albert is in need of a history lesson (where’s the NAACP when ya need them??) Any team that trades for this worthless sack of sh%$ is a fool.

  40. Hey Al if you don’t like what you’re doing the republicans need some more folks who can’t think in their party. They have been running off any one who can think so you would fit right in.

  41. @SATAN You know what he should do? Go play offensive tackle. A couple years ago, the Patriots had to ask a wide receiver to play corner because of injuries. He did and they went to the Superbowl. This guy is not about the love for the game, he’s a paycheck player. So just do what they ask you to do for your paycheck for 3 hours, and then go home.

  42. Nope … you are not a slave … just a fraud.
    You are a thief … but not in the manner that will get you arrested and jailed. You just rob ticket buying Redskin fans who are the lifeblood of your sport.
    You are dishonest … you entered into an agreement to provide services to an entity who, in turn … paid you an extremely large sum of money. And now you won’t hold up your end of the bargain. You have spoiled yourself.
    Your attitude stinks. Thinking there’s nothing they can do to you provided you follow a few basic guidelines – like physically showing up for work, you just give attitude.
    And, we all know you didn’t pass that 6:00 AM fitness test!
    Well, at least a slave still has his dignity. You just have cash. People can respect slaves … you just ride on their backs.

  43. Though Haynesworth may not have played the
    race card in his mind, saying the words makes
    a lot of fans think you are playing the race card.
    Big Al has the ability, just not the drive. This is
    a factual statement because drive would constitute the willingness on Al’s part to take on
    the challenge of playing a different roll than he
    did on the Titans and try to excell at it. Nope, not
    Al. He’s fought it the entire way after signing a
    huge contract. Can’t think of very many employees that can name their price and state what job they will do. Then to say that the locker room is all good. Do you really think that the other players are behind you in this. No way. Al is poison in that locker room and it will affect the entire team enough to ruin what could have been
    a promising season.

  44. Taking peoples money to do a job, then not doing the work = Thief!
    So yeah… Albert is right. HE IS NOT A SLAVE! HE IS A THIEF!

  45. Holy crap what a tool. Not only did he invoke the old stand by race card now, but he finished up his jackass statement with this gem:
    “There is zero, zero distractions or animosity or anything in the locker room,”

  46. This guy is a real piece of garbage. It’s never ending, from the stomping incident to the foreclosure to the stripper getting pregnant.
    What do you want to bet he was raised without a father. He was probably raised by his mother or grandmother.
    Dan Snyder deserves this whiney bitch.

  47. this guy makes Ben Roethlisberger look like a genius. apparently I have no back bone because I am a cook. I have to show up for work on time, do my job well, and not be a complete moron when I am not at work so that I will not be a POS when I show up for work. God I feel like a coward now… I should definitely just tell my boss tomorrow that I am above peeling potatoes. He will definitely bend before I because I am not a slave. I am a cook! Who deserves the 100 million (43 guaranteed) on the contract I willingly signed over the next 7 years… wait I forgot that this is the real world and I will work harder than that, make about 2% of that, and complain about 0% as much, while just being happy to have a job in the Bush economy which will probably be propagated due to Obama’s failure to work miracles…

  48. If a white athlete made an ignorant comment like that, you’d see an apology coming next week.
    Don’t expect to see one coming from this fat lazy douche though.

  49. This guy HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST D-BAG in the history of ALL sports,and possibly the dumbest ever,It’s got to be a real bitch to have your EMPLOYER!!! tell you what to do.His alluding to be a slave has to be offensive to black people everywhere.Just another reason why the NFL must be strong in bargaining recovery of bonuses that have FRAUDUENTLY OBTAINED.This guy will only do anything when theres loot involved.Would you ambulance chasers please tell me how this isn’t illegal?

  50. Letrell Sprewell called and said thanks Albert for surpassing me as biggest A-hole. clueless jerk of the century.

  51. The Skins should just freeze this idiot out. Let him ride the pine until the contract is up and then his (non) career will be over. After that, he can go home and blow the cash like most of the other losers do. Da bich will be broke before you know it.

  52. The Skins should just freeze this idiot out. Let him ride the pine until the contract is up and then his (non) career will be over. After that, he can go home and blow the cash like most of the other losers do. Da bum will be broke before you know it.

  53. i know it is only words, but with player conduct and players being representatives of the nfl…yadda, yadda, yadda. point is i would almost consider a suspension and fine for fat albert. this is just one of the dumbest things a person could say and makes the nfl look bad in a similar way as the rapistburger. just terribly, terribly stupid and damaging.

  54. Somebody needs to knock this primadonna down a peg or two. Jesus. Slave??? Really. Hey Albert….I have an idea….pick up a book and educate yourself as to what the word “SLAVE” really means, you F’n moron!!!

  55. As shocking a thought as this may be–usually, when you pay a guy $100 million, you build the team around him…not build the defense, then forcibly insert him like a square plug into a round hole. The Redskins own his rights as a player–nothing more. It is what it is, Union Labor. It was Union before Shanahan signed up and before Synder bought the team. Don’t like it, don’t be an NFL Coach or Owner. Work with the system, or get worked over. HAYNESWORTH FOR NFLPA PRESIDENT!

  56. What I really want to say would look like one of those CIA blacked-out UFO investigation documents that only leave the words,”A”,”An”, or “The” in them. That and a verbal barrage reminiscent of Jon Gruden getting a call made against his team.
    Florio, would you please put this guy on the “Turd Watch” for saying this?
    What a @#$%! )*&% #~!!!!…Turd!
    P.S. Neo-maxi, zoomed dweebie!

  57. Robert E Lee is rolling over in his grave in Lexington VA. If he is listening to Albert speak today.
    So Sad.

  58. “doing what your employer wants u to do is not slavery asshole. its called earing your paycheck.”
    It’s called earning your paycheck. Earring your paycheck is what Kendall Langford did.

  59. Perhaps the toplofty Haynesworth should realize he signed a contract – there is no excuse for dereliction, especially when he is paid 100 million. His actions are more than impertinent; he should be the demonstration of a stalwart.

  60. This story is being blown out of of proportion. Go to the the podcast section of to listen to the entire interview. Listening to the interview you get a better idea of the situation and where hes coming from. The interview is done by two guys that have a part time show and are good friends and have their own flavor of radio. Albert opens up in the interview and you get to see who he is as a person. He definitely is not a bad person. He may not be a leader even on the defense but he seems committed to the defense and praised it. Al is like Portis he speaks his mind and doesn’t fret what people make of it. Because they simply give honest answers to questions, the media is always against them so it will drag out and their will always be “another issue.” I think Haynesworth will get decent playing time today at St. Louis, and I promise you he will sack Sam Bradford and at the very least belly flop him a few times.

  61. True embarrassment to human beings this punk is. No team should have to deal with this type of a$$hole. It really sux that guys like this get to earn big money at all. He makes Big Ben look like a normal nice guy. Im not a Skins fan or Snyder fan at all but the organization really doesnt deserve this scumbag.

  62. I agree with everything Haynesworth is tryna say……white people think just because they cut you a check they can treat you any type of way……NFL owners treat their players like slaves…..
    If Haynesworth would’ve played last week they wouldn’t have given up 497 yards to Shaub…..NFL owners have a slave master mentality….Its good to see a player go against the owners because the owners has been disloyal to the players for years….

  63. I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, Haynesworth comparing himself to a slave or all you liberal idiots taking offense to Haynesworth calling himself a slave.

  64. redguy12588 says:
    September 25, 2010 10:07 PM
    Of course Haynesworth isn’t a slave, slaves work for no pay.
    Haynesworth gets paid for no work.
    A rarity: The first comment on here is the best one.

  65. Wow what a bunch of sensitive people. Didnt Lebron say about the same thing? Mabye what He’s trying to say is he shouldnt be punished for not showing up to voluntary workouts like playing with the scout team. When Dockett said he would quit football when asked if he would play on the scout team were any of you bashing him?

  66. Mr. Haynesworth: I think I am speaking for most when I say, you’re an as-h-le. You play a game, again, a game. When WORK becomes fun, it kinda falls out of the WORK category. How can you smack the face of the people who actually had to live their lives as a SLAVE? You know, you probably read it at some point in the small amount of schooling you’ve had:During the days when trading slaves was a common market, people treated the slaves themselves as if they were their own personal property. Slaves were treated more as pets than people, often times abused and ordered to perform hard labor.
    I hope you find this out the hard way. You might have just stepped over the line this time.

  67. Your not a Slave Fat Al, Your a Thief… You take the money and then become worthless. How do you sleep at night knowing people in McDonalds work harder then you do..

  68. To even invoke the slavery term in a situation where a man is paid 45 million dollars in the matter of 18 months, give a beautiful atmosphere to work in and a future pension plan, is insulting and ignorant.
    Can you imagine the look a slaves face is they heard Haynesworth compare is childish behavior to their horrible plight?
    It is truly disgusting and I hope he invests money with a bad investor and ends up having hawk autographs on the Pete Rose hawking tour.

  69. You jackass…Albert, you’re not a slave asshole. Just because an organization wants u to stay in shape doesn’t mean “you is for sale” In the real world, stomping on someone’s face, would make you a bitch in the big house. You’ve had two good seasons….You have talent,but since you won’t be a “slave” and stay in shape you have hit the ceiling..

  70. he is an employee.
    he has been asked to do things that appear to be in his job description.
    and refused to comply. (for shits and giggles you try this some time, regular americans, and tell us all how it works out.)
    he has an entitlement mentality. which is common to that complecion.
    and he thinks he is owed a trade. (interesting, because since snyder blew a lot of $ signing him, does anyone think snyder cares about the $? shanarat doesnt. they will let him rot on the end of the bench.)
    that is not uncommon with folks with that complexion. then they have the mindless gall to say that other people have no brains and that other people cause all the world’s problems. (your incompetent unqualified foreigner resident zero and his cronies are driving the country into the ditch. duh smith embarasses himself every time he speaks, why should fat albert be different?)
    anyone who says otherwise is peecee, stupid, lying, or of that complexion.

  71. I’d like to know where Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP are on this one. See, they can call OWNERS slavemasters and condemn them (for no reason), but they can’t call someone out when they invoke slavery in such a ridiculous and insulting fashion.

  72. No not a slave.
    But it does make you a man of your word. A contract is an agreement for which you agreed to keep.
    So I ask
    What is your word worth now?

  73. Considering the state of the economy and many folks really struggling financially, I think any of us would LOVE to be a $100M slave.

  74. I have been very critical about Albert, however
    in a weird way… he does seem to be fitting in well in the locker room, according to McNabb, “he is our brother”
    that being said, it is not Albert’s fault they gave him a huge contract, they did tell him he would be playing in a 4-3…
    there not letting him play to his strengths,
    its like in basketball, you sign a huge contract to be shooting guard, you have been a great scorer all your career, and then a year later they want you to play point guard and pass first…not letting you play to your strengths, not why you signed them to a huge contact to begin with…

  75. We’re all slaves Albert. The guy/gal who goes to work 40 plus for the man is a slave. Sure you can just quit but who pays the bills then?
    Once your dead you can stop being a slave, until then all of us report to someone and have to perform work to survive. Including you.

  76. I. Really. Really. Hate. This. Guy.
    If I were Dan Snyder, I’d have to punch myself in the face everytime this fat prima donna opened his stench filled pie hole.

  77. He’s right it doesn’t make him a slave. I wonder what he would do if the Skins didn’t pay him? Like him not working hard because of his contract! You don’t cut him you sue his ass. let him sit on the bench and not ever dress him. He’s everything that’s wrong with the NFL and our country. If you are gonna dress him make him play on special teams. And then when he doesn’t try you thne can go after him. I hate this guy and I’d never want him on my team.

  78. Why is anyone surprised Haynesworth invoked the race card?
    Generations of Americans have been brainwashed into accepting this junk…

  79. Someone touched on the owners taking control of the teams and I couldn’t agree more.
    Screw these idiots who get paid millions TO PLAY A GAME!
    The owners are the ones taking the financial risks, not the players….
    Any of you NFL players feeling “dissed”, well, you got a degree, go out in the REAL WORLD and use it…

  80. Who cares how much he makes! Its not about the money. He signed a contract to play nose tackle and then they want to change it. Good for you Al for sticking up for yourself and your contract!

  81. sounds to me like Albert nailed it with this comment too… all you have to do is look at how his team treats him in the way they have not treated anyone else on their team… and then compare the situation to the QB in Minnesota, who blew off all the same summer meetings and then got a pay raise.
    Albert is correct on this one….

  82. I don’t hear Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson telling this guy to shut up.
    Why not?
    Because he has money that’s why.

  83. Classic Complainsworth mentality. This is not even newsworthy, a waste of space just the same as Albert has been a waste of space on the Skins roster.

  84. Wrong, Fat Albert…You are the anti-slave.
    Slave = someone worked to death for no pay.
    Fat Albert = not working one damn bit for outrageous pay.
    Nice try, but your race card just bit you in your underworked-king sized-lazy-azzz.

  85. ok this is going to far. albert is doing to much with the slave comments. but he’s not the only one at fault mike went to far trying to embarrass him this off season. they need to send him HOME or TRADE him or PLAY HIM. If you wanna b HONEST albert not playing is hurting the team he need’s to be starting.
    p.s. im a black guy and i could care less about jesse jackson and al sharpton so dont bring them into this.

  86. It appears that Albert skipped his American History classes and his Econ classes at Tennessee. Probably English, too.

  87. This guy acts like he’s being asked to do something totally outlandish and unrelated to football. In reality he’s being asked to play in a different defensive formation and be in shape to play professional athletics. What unreasonable requests…

  88. # dirty ernie says: September 26, 2010 9:46 AM “We’re all slaves Albert. The guy/gal who goes to work 40 plus for the man is a slave. Sure you can just quit but who pays the bills then?”
    The Government. But all you’ve done is exchange masters.
    # dirty ernie says: September 26, 2010 9:46 AM “Once your dead you can stop being a slave, until then all of us report to someone and have to perform work to survive. Including you.”
    Amen, Brother Ernie, amen.

  89. Why do blacks insist on using race as a crutch? I see lots of immigrants in california- from Latin America, Asia, Europe and within the first generation or two, the families are well settled and somewhat successful.
    Many black families have been in America for many generations and yet they make up a.large percentage of welfare needy people. Fat Alberts behaviour could be just a product of a lazy, excuse making culture that will make the advancement of their people much harder.

  90. Hey Twiz:
    You mean back when back when unemployment levels were MUCH lower, housing values (when you could actually sell a house) were much higher, 401k’s were much higher, the stock market was higher, and on and on and on ????
    Is that what you mean ???
    Oh yes, that Obama, he’s doing a bang up job !
    Who knew the “change” part of “Hope and Change” would be that that’s all Obama and his gang of thieves would let you keep out of your weekly paycheck … that is if you actually “have” a job !
    What a typically “blind” to actual f-a-c-t-s liberal douche !

  91. It’s crazy to me that people don’t have backbone today.And that’s only one thing wrong today. The other is using curse words on somebody you don’t know or understand why he made those comments. That comment means to me that it was his way of saying ,I am control of my life and there not ! Just because somebody told you the world is flat doesn’t mean it is. Morales are taught . Find strength in yourself. and maybe someday you’ll gain control of your own life ! oh and ya. (be nicer even if it hurts and remember the real owner of life)

  92. The moral of the story is…
    The more money you give a person, the more they become who they really are. If Haynesworth were a generous person, he would have signed that contract and shown the world how generous he is in nature.
    Since this is a business, he showed the world how poor his work ethic really is.
    I do have some advice for Dan Snyder and the Redskins Organization! Start punting on 3rd down, it will help reduce turnovers!

  93. @ i8adawg..
    There are more white people on welfare than blacks. Sorry.
    Yes it’s all Obama’s fault. In 20 months he created the deficit; burst the real estate bubble; and created the financial crisis… Oh and he engaged us in 2 unnecessary wars at the cost of nearly $1trillion.
    Oh, and he invented the current tax system, because, as you know, there were no such thing as taxes before Obama became president.

  94. @Kaang me:
    Slavery is nothing to joke about.
    African Americans are only 12% of the population as a whole, at least according to the census count, yet they’re 33% of the welfare population — surely evidence of a shocking addiction to the dole.
    If you’d like I could produce evidence of illegal immigrants and the age demographic for 16-30 year olds. Latinos DOUBLE the employment rate of 16-30 year old black men. DOUBLE!!!
    They go out and WORK for a living instead of bitching and moaning about the cards they were dealt. Or better yet they dont abandon their children so maybe thats why they choose to work typically 2 jobs cuz they take care of biz.
    Go ahead come back at me with the typical rhetoric of a young confused black man who never even voted until Obama ran for prez.
    Wake up my young brothers. The power is in our hands and no one elses. Quit pointing the finger and get up get out and get something!

  95. He should come to Kansas City and play for Todd Haley. He would have him running on the field during time outs to provide water to the Real
    Players. No prima donnas on Todd’s team.

  96. @KaangMe
    Don’t waste your time. Anyone that understands you already knows, the rest will die believe there aren’t any fish in the sea.

  97. The professional journalists and
    their partners at this site intentionally
    use this particular Haynesworth story(and others)
    to stoke racial embers and exploit social
    wedge issues and stereotypes, all in the name of profit!!
    Furthermore, they hide behind the fact that this site is essentially about ‘A Game’; therefore is just fun and games.
    It’s really quite plain to see Mr. Florio!!

  98. No, your contract does not make you a slave, but it should give you some sense of responsibility.Your contract is not just money… it’s hope for kids trying to get a contract like yours, it’s about what you do when the money comes.Also, if this contract, or your priviledge to play in the NFL does not motivate you to do very best that you can for this team… WHAT CAN!!!

  99. Thunderbolt , thats a good one. Heck for 100 mil my boss could even call me Florio. But this guy is nothing more than an over paid lazy bum with diarrea of his fricken c–k sucker. I’d love to see this crybaby have to do a real job for minimum wage, but then if he was not playing a game he would probably be selling drugs since he’s so fricken lazy.

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