Broncos remember Kenny McKinley at memorial

Three days in advance of Kenny McKinley’s funeral, the Broncos family said goodbye to the wide receiver on Friday in a private memorial service in Denver.

The organization arranged to have eight of McKinley’s family members flown in to celebrate McKinley’s life, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.  McKinley’s father Ken spoke of Kenny’s love of football, which went back to making a “business card” as a five-year old on an index card that read, “Kenny McKinley, football player.”

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels spoke, becoming emotional when he described how there was something about Kenny that made him “tough to yell at.”  McDaniels also broke down when expressing his appreciation for how the team responded to the tragedy this week.

The Broncos will wear McKinley’s No. 11 in a decal on their helmets.  The team will also have a moment of silence Sunday in McKinley’s memory before facing the Colts.

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  1. My heart goes out to this kids Mom and Pop…..They have experienced the toughest thing life could ever have dealt them…Truly sad…

  2. a cheerless moment. I hope that team and individual players as well as fans and family of the young man get through this tough time.
    From a Redskins fan to the Bronco’s faithful, hang in there.

  3. It’s getting really old hearing about how well my beloved Broncos deal with this kind of tragedy.
    RIP Kenny.
    RIP D-Will.
    RIP Damien Nash.
    Hopefully the Broncos put up a good showing Sunday to honor these guys.

  4. Truly a sad and preventable situation, if only he had help.
    I, like others on this site have been critical of Woody Paige of ESPN’s Around the Horn and a Denver Post columnist.
    However, he wrote a piece this week in the Denver Post that is one of the most compelling articles I’ve seen on the subject of suicide.
    It’s worth reading, and it’s here:

  5. horrible tragedy. We’ll never know what went through his mind as to why he did what he did.
    Thought Woody Paige’s article was really impressive and appropriate, and this is coming from a Jaguars fan. I have a newfound respect for him.

  6. i know nothing about this other than what ive read but with mcdaniels comments and teammates comments, it doesnt seem this guy was suicidal. mcdaniels said he had a great attitude, a great smile, and was always ready to work hard. doesnt add up, at least not form what coach is saying. maybe he is just saying “all the right things”.

  7. These things don’t usually “add up”. Look at Paige’s article (@dafish, I’ve been reading Woody Paige in the hometown paper for well over twenty years, and this article did more for my opinion of him than anything else he’s ever written) as evidence that, even when it appears that you have everything in the world to live for, something like a little chemical imbalance in your brain can take that all away from you.
    My heart goes out to Kenny’s family, and to my beloved Broncos, who are playing with very heavy hearts today.
    Good luck, guys. Win or lose, leave it all on the field for #11.

  8. I just want to let the family, friends and team members of Kenny know my heart and prayer’s are with you all. As a mother of a beautiful, loving and giving son, who on May 1, 2002 also took his life due to depression. We however did not see this coming, and to any of you who think they can just reach out for help, it is so very hard for them when they are in such a dark place. They just don’t see tomorrow (God I wish they did). Many doctor’s do not see this in men, and men do not give the information they should when they need help. I work very hard to get the word out to young people and also do this so the men in this world will one day not be ashamed to just ask for help. Its OK to ask, it does not make one weak, but so very strong. My dear Kenny, I know you felt your pain would be ended that awful day, but if you only knew the pain that is left behind. May your peace one day bring peace for your family and friend. To the family of Kenny, its such a long long road to healing, it is something that as a parent you will never get over. Know that you are thought about today and always. May God watch over you all, as I know Kenny will also be there whenever you need him.
    Hugs, Kat Wood

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