Eric Smith fined $7,500 for hit on Wes Welker

We noted this week that Patriots coach Bill Belichick said that Jets safety Eric Smith had delivered the kind of hit on Wes Welker that the league doesn’t like to see.

The league office has made clear that it agrees.

Smith has been fined $7,500 for the hit, saying that Smith unnecessarily struck a defenseless receiver. The fine is a little bit more than the usual $5,000 for unnecessary roughness.

For his part, Welker said he didn’t agree with Belichick and didn’t see any reason for Smith to be fined or suspended. But Smith’s paycheck will be $7,500 lighter.

23 responses to “Eric Smith fined $7,500 for hit on Wes Welker

  1. Shouldn’t it be higher with Smiths past history?
    Don’t care for the no fun league either but it was obvious Welker wasn’t going to catch the ball. Smith could have pulled up, but that might tarnish his rep as a headhunter.

  2. Like the cop from Jingle All the Way would say,
    “Just can’t stop stayin’ outta trouble, can ya?”

  3. C’mon people, this same idiot almost paralyzed Anquan Boldin two years ago, prompting Kurt Warner to briefly contemplate retirement. It has NOTHING to do with what team or coach is involved. It has to do with Playing the game cleanly and keeping players healthy (or as healthy as possible). The fact that it’s more than $5K is likely due to the fact that it’s been an ongoing issue with this particular “player”.

  4. piemaster,
    It’s “organization”…..
    From a fan of the New England Patriots. We are proud and we can spell, too.

  5. Players won’t stop intentional cheap shots for a 5 or $7,500.00 fine. Make it $75,000.00 and see if that gets their attention, if not, raise it again. Charities get more money, players careers don’t end because of a cheap hit, win-win.

  6. if you watched the game you would know there was nothing dirty about the hit..welkers fingertips hit the bally…and tinbender people like you are the reason the nfl is turning into a soft game with stupid proposals like that

  7. If it was a Patriot who made that hit the NFL wouldn’t give a shit. But of course if it is a Patriot getting hit, they automatically fine that player. Seems like the NFL doesn’t want to see their little Patriots getting pounded…

  8. I don’t think a suspension was necessary, but if the NFL is serious about what they preach, this was the right move. That was clearly headhunting.
    Having said that the Patriots should also be fined for playing Welker after that, even though he clearly got a concussion.

  9. Would you morons shut up. Patriots are the beneficiaries of less unsportsman-like conduct calls than most teams in the league. When you consider he was suspended for his hit on Boldin, he got off very easy for a second offense.

  10. Was this the play where Smith was in zone coverage near the sideline and Welker ran an out straight into Smith, who never moved but lower his shoulder and popped Welker as he ran into Smith?
    I remember thinking it shouldn’t have even been flagged, let alone fine worthy.
    And I don’t root for or against either team.

  11. all that fines that harrison and wilfork have gotten, theyd better get one in their favor. this was a gigantic cheap shot. of course a tough guy like welker isnt going to admit he was shaken up by it. some of you are such morons.

  12. Welker gets a head shot and you assholes think it reflects poorly on the Patriots.
    Not the brightest bunch, are you?

  13. The NHL now prohibits blindside shots to the head. It’s about time the NFL does too. Otherwise all their rhetoric about being concerned about concussions reads as an empty gesture.
    Considering that the penalty on the play was the same as Edwards taunting the player he just score upon, I think they need a higher degree of punishment. An ejection seems too radical, but a 10 minute misconduct seems justified. Too bad they don’t have those in the NFL.

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