More trouble for Charles Rogers

Seven years after receiver Charles Rogers entered the NFL as the second overall pick in the draft — one spot before Andre Johnson of the Texans . . . doh — Rogers continues to periodically make news for the wrong reasons.

Per Robert Snell the Detroit News, Rogers faces foreclosure on a $1.3 million mansion he purchased in October 2004.  He still owes $1.17 million on the 5,100-square-foot, four-bedroom home.  

What’s amazing is that he still owes that much on the property, and that he previously hadn’t landed in default, given that he has been out of the NFL for five years.

Rogers has faced legal struggles for several years.  And whenever the all-time biggest draft busts are debated, Rogers needs to be at or near the top of the list.

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  1. During the 2005 season, Rogers was suspended 4 games for a third violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. As a result of this violation, the Lions filed a grievance, claiming that his drug suspension violated a clause in his contract, which would mean Rogers would be obligated to return $10 million of the $14.2 million the Lions gave him in bonuses. The Detroit Free Press would later report that Rogers failed drug tests each year while at Michigan State. Citing Lions chief operating officer Tom Lewand, a report Oct. 9, 2008 stated that Rogers must repay the team around $8.5 million.

  2. “What’s amazing is that he still owes that much on the property”
    That was my first thought. After SIX years, all’s he paid is $ 130,000.00 ? I don’t know what his career earnings are but surely he can do better than this!
    What is so friggin difficult about this?
    1st- Get your 30 or 40 million contract.
    2nd- Outright purchase your very, very nice home so a mortgage or rent won’t be a future problem.
    3rd- Put a million or whatever it would take aside in an interest bearing account so property taxes and maintainence are paid for life.
    4th- Squirrel away a few million with interest.
    5th Have fun with some of the rest.
    Really, this ISN’T rocket science!

  3. Once again, Florio feels the need to make a worthless post about someone elses financial business and his “concerns” about it!
    Grow up you Tony Dungy wannabe!

  4. Wait a minute… He’s had the house for 6+ years; It’s worth 1.3 million, but he owes 1.7 million?!? Even with today’s market, that makes it sound like he bought with no down payment and hasn’t made a single payment the whole time he’s been there! What’s up?

  5. Having fun with this one, aren’t you Florio? What’s amazing to me, and I assume a lot of other people as well, is that someone actually pays you for what you do? Everyone knows that Rogers was a bust. Why is that important to point out? (By the way, you are a bust as well).

  6. What I don’t understand is-YOU HAVE THE MONEY, WHY NOT BUY THE PROPERTY OUTRIGHT? Then, you are only responsible for taxes and you can keep from paying 3 million for a 1.5 million home. Why finance and you are a top 5, top 10 pick? Buy it outright and whether you bomb out of the NFL or not you at least have that. Do that with a nice car and you have two things that barring an accident nobody can ever take from you.
    I feel no sympathy for these fools. They get exactly what they deserve.

  7. #And whenever the all-time biggest draft busts are debated, Rogers needs to be at or near the top of the list.#
    Such a long list. The Chargers drafted Ryan Leaf (#2 overall), Bo Matthews (#2 overall), and Mossy Cade (#6 overall). Three lousier players you will never find. That, boys and girls, is how you manage to never win a Super Bowl.

  8. I think it was ESPN that did an interview with him last year, he was working out at a gym and talking about trying to get back to the NFL.
    Watching him talk I’d have bet a paycheck he was on heroin. Pretty sad, I wish I was wrong but I don’t think so.

  9. Well, when one speaks of Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell, one really cannot put Rogers that high on the list.
    Still this is very sad. These athletes have a skill that allows them to make money I’ll never see in my lifetime, and usually it’s something outside of the talent that leads them astray.

  10. Actually, if you look at a mortgage amortization for a $1.3 million mortgage for 30 years at about 5.5%, 1.17 million would be about right for principal still owed. Remember, the first few years on a mortgage is largely interest. On a $300,000 mortgage over the same time period, only about $20,000 of the principal would be paid by now.
    I’m impressed that he managed to keep making $8,000 a month mortgage payments after having been out of the league that long given all the problems it looks like he had.

  11. Every year I look at who is out there in free agency and I cannot believe some of the names that are never picked up, but they still have usable talent.
    Charles Rogers is one. You would think this guy would end up somewhere for the Veteran minimum and still be a serviceable 3rd or 4th WR. That just goes to show severe character flaws when guys like that go unsigned.

  12. This guy was phenomenal in college. Very surprised he was a bust. Sounds like his personal issues were the culprit that derailed him.

  13. Rogers has fathered 5 children, two of which were born before he graduated from high school.[4]
    He was arrested in September 2008 and charged with assault and battery of a female acquaintance and the charges were later dropped. In December 2008, Rogers was sentenced to attend sobriety court or face jail time after violating his probation. He tested positive for Vicodin. In March 2009, Rogers was jailed for violating probation.[5] On September 16, 2009, Rogers was arrested in Novi, MI for driving under the influence of alcohol after being found unresponsive behind the wheel of his car by police.[6] Rogers was arrested again in Novi, MI on January 5, 2010, having passed out after drinking at an On the Border restaurant, which was a violation of a sobriety court order,[7] and subsequently sentenced to a 93-day jail term.[8]
    In August 2009, in an interview with ESPN’s Jamielle Hill, Rogers said he “blew everyday” which means he smoked marijuana regularly. He also said he was just “really smokin'” and that was what led to his downfall in the NFL.[9]
    Rogers was ordered by a judge in April of 2010 to return $6.1 million of his $9.1 million signing bonus to the Detroit Lions, because his drug use violated the terms of his NFL contract.[10]

  14. he was a ‘head’ from day one.
    he is, naturally, an idiot. he is also very fragile.
    it is a real crapshoot drafting college wideouts. very few have any character or sense. diva ville.
    for every wes welker who gets drafted low or signs as a walk on free agent, there are dozens of “physical specimens”, holdouts, mental morons, and guys who wont cross the middle.
    a lot of these guys looked great in college. that’s the problem. they were taller, faster, and more coordinated than the opposition or position competition in college (not to mention much more estupido). they could not be taught how to be responsible men; they hadnt had to do that yet so why start now…
    they looked like men playing with boys. they didnt have to know how to run patterns, read zones, find open spots short of the far end of the field, or take really brutal hits and criticism (yo dez is yo mama a ho?). or stop getting high. they were also uniformly too stupid to realize that their dominance would not continue forever. they would now have to work for it becsuse the competition was keener and the opposition was meaner.
    some grow out of it, at least for a while. some become merely productive nfl players or manage to hang on and keep drawing a paycheck. a bunch dont.
    and the creditors shall now be paid cause there isnt a college booster in sight.
    rogers showed flashes of talent but is a china doll, a pothead, and a mental midget. here’s hoping he likes the taste of bling.

  15. When discussing biggest draft busts, please include the Lions Staff as co-contributers. They should have done the work and known he had drug issues and was not worth a number 1.
    Unfortunately there are a ton of players in college right now who are just like him. They will play there gutts out to get drafted then once the money is in the pocket its a different situation.

  16. He may have been in default on the property for some time and the bank may have postponed filing for foreclosure for various reasons (namely because there are so many other foreclosures they didn’t want to flood the market with them).

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