Antrel Rolle's mom says he's not having fun on the Giants

Antrel Rolle said last week that in his first road game as a New York Giant, the team’s travel schedule drove him crazy.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin later said that he and Rolle had a productive chat about it, but Rolle’s mom says her son isn’t having any fun on his new team.

“He’s always been a clown, he loves fun,” Armelia Rolle told Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger. “That’s why he can’t stand what’s happening there [with the Giants]. It’s no fun.”

Somehow I don’t think Coughlin is too concerned about whether Rolle is having fun. And I have a feeling that a lot of Giants fans would tell Rolle that their jobs aren’t fun, either. And they don’t make $37 million.

30 responses to “Antrel Rolle's mom says he's not having fun on the Giants

  1. Sounds like he really took the conversation with Coughlin to heart.
    Do you think he waited 2 or 10 minutes to call his mommy to have her cry to the press?

  2. Why would he, Coughlin is a tool who caught lightning in a bottle when he won the Superbowl. He still thinks it was his genuis which won it. He is nothing more than over-rated coach whom has been given too much credit for what the players accomplished.

  3. If this dude’s not utterly humiliated by his mommy telling the media her baby’s sad, then he likes pictures of Favre’s junk.

  4. Then he shouldnt have signed with them and I dont really care what Antrel’s mom has to say. Not news worthy. Next!

  5. Get use to realizing that he is a hit or miss type of player, G-Men fans. Rolle use to not have many opinions when he played on the Cards. Sure he made great plays, but to tell you the truth he: was drafted #8 overall as a cornerback, and that failed bc he was toast and AZ had to move him to weak-side Safety where he was better suited because he can’t cover most receivers at this level. He may be a good, physical tackler, but historically he’s out of position though he has improved. He’s a bit overrated, overpaid seriously but New York teams can recover from overpaying guys than a dwarfed-market Kansas City team. Rolle is from the “U” Miami where there are few rules so he must get use to Mara’s way and shut up and play. Sad thing is that he’s a better kick returner than a safety.

  6. oh god….c’mon, his MOM???
    What did he think playing for Coughlin would be like? It’s no secret to the NFL what type of coach he is.
    I bet he feels real cool now that his mom made the headlines for him, lol.
    C’mon Jints!!! Lets beat CJ and the Titans today!!

  7. aww poor baby.. I feel so bad for you Antrel especially with that multimillion dollar deal you signed in the offseason making you one of the highest paid safeties in the game. Give me a break, this is football, stop crying like a baby. “There’s just too much cryinnn.” – Ray Lewis

  8. Wow… tattled on by your MOM. And then ratted out by the Ledger. As a son myself, I’ve NEVER been embarassed by my mom. How ’bout you guys? I guess if sports journalists want the truth, they need to bypass the locker room banter and dial up moms.
    Is nothing sacred?

  9. Spanky2525… you are an idiot…If you do a little research before you open your ignorant mouth maybe you wouldnt look so stupid….. His father is the Chief of Police of a City in Florida….moron….

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