Braylon Edwards will be benched for first quarter

The New York Jets have announced that wide receiver Braylon Edwards will be benched for the first quarter of tonight’s game against the Miami Dolphins.

Edwards was arrested and charged with drunk driving in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and in the days since then there’s been a raging debate about what, exactly, the Jets should do about it.

In a statement released by the team, Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum said, “We’ve made our disappointment clear to Braylon. Now he must deal with the consequences of his actions as the legal process runs its course, and the league will determine the appropriate discipline under the guidelines of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

The decision to bench Edwards for just 15 minutes of game time certainly won’t satisfy those who think the Jets should have cracked down on Edwards. On the other hand, plenty of players have been arrested for drunk driving and not been benched for any time at all.

21 responses to “Braylon Edwards will be benched for first quarter

  1. Well, that harsh punishment will certainly teach him not to break curfew once again. The drinking and driving thing is of course no biggie.

  2. Rex “the over-rated fat waste” ryan is a joke… this team is a disgrace.
    any jets fan that doesnt think that edwards should be benched for an entire game should be ashamed of themselves and their parents were obviously monumental failures.

  3. Class organization.
    Might as well serve booze even after the game to all the fans.
    Nice that Vernon isn;t suspended for the first qtr

  4. This is the way to report news. Just tell us what happened. If there is more than one side to the story, give us both sides. Good comment at the end. Did not show any bias one way or the other. Good job Michael David Smith whomever you are.

  5. yeah, i demand Ronnie Brown be benched for this game as well. sure, it’s week 3. but no one’s said jack about his offseason DUI yet so this is a good time to punish him for that transgression…
    no one cares because it doesn’t involve a Jet…
    oh, well. we tried. ‘we’ not meaning PFT, of course.

  6. I’m of the opinion that it’s not the Jets responsibility to punish Edwards so I didn’t hold it against them for not doing so. However since they did decide to “punish” him I think it’s ridiculous to go so light on him. If you’re going to do it then you make the punishment fit the crime or you don’t punish at all.

  7. In a former jets feel good story, Leon Washington returned 2 kicks for td’s today, and he didn’t even get addicted to painkillers after his nasty injury

  8. plenty of players have been arrested for drunk driving and not been benched for any time at all
    That’s true, and thirty years ago such a thing would have been laughed off.
    But it’s a different era now, and Goodell should make a first offense a one-year banishment, and a second should be lifetime.
    That would straighten that out right quick.

  9. He even said if he got suspended he wouldnt appeal. He’s still a POS in my eyes. You dont drive drunk, simple as that

  10. The fat man and his owner are disgraceful for the handling of this situation. This loser should have been told to go home for a week.

  11. this is ridiculous he broke the law not miss practice with 2 teammates drunk in the backseat wut bullshit either way davis will shut him down

  12. Rex Ryan just pole vaulted right over Bill Bellicheat as most the biggest scumbag coach in the NFL, and that boggles the mind.

  13. You are all a bunch of hypocrites. Many people do bad things sometimes. (DUI and such) If work does not involve your driving record than you should not be suspended or fired. Let him work and pay the fines. Why should the penalties be any different for a football player than for they would be for you. You hypocrites are always so ready to condemn celebrities for doing the same things we do, but no one knows about it. It always amazes me that the ones who come down the hardest on someone else are usually the ones hiding their own wrong doing. Not many people could survive having their secrets exposed. I am not a celebrity or athlete. I am 50 and I have never been in trouble. I still would be a hypocrite to ask for a more severe punishment than I would want for myself. Let he without sin cast the first stone.

  14. He’s had one good game (last week) since the 2007 season. You’d think he was Randy Moss the way the media (especially Sunday Night football people) have been beating this to death.

  15. iWhy should the penalties be any different for a football player than for they would be for you/i
    Maybe because they’re privileged to have dream jobs that make them insanely wealthy and have millions of young children idolizing them?

  16. MDS – pernicious arguments/suggestions you should be embarrassed to even put out there.
    There IS no “other hand” when it comes to DUIs. Regardless of age, sex, or social status, every time you get behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking, it’s a decision to risk someone else’s life.
    Once upon a time, we had a President named Nixon. When “the people” attempted to make him stand up, admit guilt, and take responsibility, he said – and take your choice here – Hey! I’m not the only one; Hey! I do what I have to do (to get my way), and; Hey! I do it because I can.

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