Cowher inches closer to returning to coaching

It’s his fourth year out of coaching.  And it could be his last year out of coaching.

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher, who led the team to two Super Bowls and one championship in 15 seasons, recently spoke about his future at the campus of Penn State-Behrend.

“With every year, there becomes a little bit more of a void because you
do miss it
,” Cowher said, per Jerry DiPaola of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

“I had a chance these last few years to spend some very special time
with the women in my life,” Cowher added.  “For that, I have absolutely no regrets
whatsoever for walking away.”

His wife, Kaye, passed away in July.  Her battle with skin cancer was not publicly known, and Bill Cowher has not spoken (to our knowledge) regarding the duration of her illness. 

“I am not going to go back into coaching, just to go back into coaching,” Cowher said.  “It has to be the right situation. And I don’t know what the
right situation consists of.”

Here’s a possibility.  Giants coach Tom Coughlin landed at No. 3 in the first installment of our video hot seat feature, and Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News has now broached the subject of Coughlin being in danger of termination if the Giants fail to qualify for the playoffs.

Cowher, who draws interest every year, has insisted on being respectful to the men who currently are employed, and he refuses to talk to teams who have head coaches in place.  With a daughter now living in New York City and with the Giants becoming the ultimate meat-and-potato foil to the Hard Knocks Jets, Cowher surely could deem the Giants to be the “right situation” for him.

If Cowher ever ends up coaching the Giants, no one will have to worry about the team becoming the Hard Knocks Giants.

“I couldn’t say no fast enough,” Cowher said.

And that attitude will make him only more attractive to the Giants.

57 responses to “Cowher inches closer to returning to coaching

  1. I ran into Jerry Jones at a wax museum I was visiting, and he told me (without his mouth moving) that he’d hire Bill Cowher tomorrow. Regarding current coach Wade Phillips, Jones went on to say, “I’m giving that fat, hillbilly looking mother f**ker one more chance. Just one, I say….”

  2. Hell of a coach and hated his guts as his teams always squashed my heart. Its a shame about his wife and I’m sure he has the itch more than ever to get back in. As long as its not another afc north team I’d welcome back with open arms and of course dust off the spit shield!!!!

  3. Giants or Dallas are the obvious leading contenders for Cowhers services. The team who could really use him is Houston. They have talent, but lack stones.

  4. The organization that resembles the Steeler philosophy is the New York Giants. The Giants also have the $$$ to make Bill Cowher the highest paid coach in the NFL. Coach Cowher’s ego demands he’ll be the highest paid Coach in the NFL. To Cowher’s credit, Cowher wood never put up with the meddling of BOTOX JERRY JONES. However, the Cowboys are a very underachieving athletic talented team. I think both the Giants and the Cow-Turds job will be open at the end of the year , if not before the end of the season. I miss not having Cowher coach my STEELERS!!!

  5. Lovie Smith looks like he might be able to just enough to hold on to his job one more year so it seems fortunate to me Cower won’t be in chicago next year.

  6. Florio is so biased towards the Giants it is comical. Go ahead and look back at old stories on this site, when was the last time Florio legitamately wrote a critical article on the Giants?
    Oh yeah, in case you forgot, Indy destroyed the Giants last week….

  7. Bill Cowher will never EVER go to Dallas, for any amount of money. You can forget that right now.
    He wouldn’t have anything to do with Jerry Jones.

  8. Mikebrown_suckit says:
    September 26, 2010 8:32 AM
    Hell of a coach and hated his guts as his teams always squashed my heart. Its a shame about his wife and I’m sure he has the itch more than ever to get back in. As long as its not another afc north team I’d welcome back with open arms and of course dust off the spit shield!!!!
    —Always hated him until the Raplisberger era. I started liking him more (Cowher). Perhaps Andy Reid will have one too many cheese steaks and we can get him here.

  9. Great motivator, questionable game-day play caller, but better than a lot of head coaches currently working in the NFL. Would be really interesting to see him make a go of it in NYC. Cowher used to complain about the Pittsburgh media, can’t believe he’d willingly throw himself into the New York media meat grinder.
    I think Carolina or Cleveland would be much more likely.

  10. No self respecting coach with an ounce of dignity* would ever go to Dallas given the current situation:
    – Jerruh trolling the sidelines during games, appointing himself sole mouthpiece for all team matters, and sitting up in his luxury box calling plays.
    *(eg: see Wade Philips)

  11. How many playoff victories have the Miami Dolphins won with ‘big name’ coaches like Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells under their employment? And I won’t even bring ‘the great’ Nick Saban into the mix…
    2 in six seasons I believe.
    Big name coaches don’t guarantee big time results. Look at who’s been in the Super Bowl the past two seasons – NO big name coaches. Indy/Nawlins and Pitt/’Zona. It’s all about the players baby!

  12. WOW! Florio picks him to go to the Giants. Now we can eliminate the giants. Dallas or Tampa Bay most likely.

  13. I don’t know about Dallas, Jerry Jones seems to get along better with a coach he can exert more control over like Phillips rather than a big name guy like Parcells or Cowher. On the other hand Jerry’s ego may not allow him to let the biggest coaching prize slip through his fingers.

  14. Oh yeah, Tom Coughlin’s on the hot seat and Cowher is coming to take his place. Are you kidding me? Where do you guys get this shit? Oh, that’s right, you make it up…

  15. sportsyack: love the post!
    But keep dreaming Cowboy fans. Pay attention to the “right situation” statement. There’s no way Cowher will play under an owner like Jones.
    Carolina and NYG are probably good guesses but here’s a guy who could have easily had a job the last few season if he wanted it (CLE, etc). So I think he’ll be patient and I know one thing, Cowher wants full control (over the team and draft). And we all know that will never fly with Jones. Plus, he’ll want to be somewhere near his daughters, with his wife gone, if he can be.

  16. Carolina for sure. He’s already there with a beautiful golf course home at Bald Head.
    Coughlin exits, John Fox takes over at NY or gets the paper key at Carolina.
    Cowher won’t go anywhere where he doesn’t get the full key ring of control.
    I would miss him on NFL Today.

  17. As a life long Steeler fan I’ve always liked Cowher and was saddened by the passing of his wife.
    He’s a good coach but take off the rose tinted glasses a bit and remember the numerous losses in AFC championship games. It took Dick LeBeau and a franchise quarterback to put up a Superbowl victory.

  18. Would NYG fans put up with up and down seasons for 15 years before winning another superbowl? I doubt it. Why does everyone get all gooey over BC? There are probably less than a dozen coaches in the league that are any good. The rest are journeymen who bounce around from team to team until someone realizes they are never going to win anything. Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner, Wade Phillips come to mind. I don’t think Cowher necessarily falls into that catagory, but I see him like Coughlin, Reid, and other tier two coaches who turn a bad team into a good team, but never really get much beyond that. The tier one coaches get you to the promised land over and over. Shula, Walsh, Johhson, Gibbs, Shanahan, Parcells. And they do it with multiple teams, too.

  19. WRONG New York team! The jets need him to become respectable again. I have finally realized you cannot win a championship with words. Rex needs to go

  20. Dallas? Don’t think so – BC would stomp Jerry Jones into the dust – he simply would not tolerate that kind, or any kind, of interference. Which is why he would never go to Dallas.
    But whoever gets him will get a shot of nonstop, supercharged adrenaline –

  21. COWBOYS, Baby!
    Or Cowherboys…
    People who say stupid things like “No self-respecting coach would work for Jerry Jones” and otherwise imply such a dim-witted concept are also stupid enough to forget a fellow named Bill Parcels.
    COWBOYS, Baby!

  22. Bill Cowher coach in Dallas?…*LOL*…NEVER HAPPEN!
    Who wants to put up with that narcissistic nose picker Jerry Jones?
    Cower will wind up running the show for the Giants…a MUCH better fit for him.

  23. @tom
    Giants fans barely came out to see their home opener in a new stadium. So probably not.
    My theory is:
    Giants fans are some of the oldest fans in the NFL and every year there are less of them.
    Are you an idiot? Its week 3, nobody wins championships 3 weeks into the season. Rex took his team to 30 min of a Super Bowl in his 1st year….but yea…he sucks because he’s fat. Since you’re probably a dolphin fan…I take it as a good sign that you want Rex gone

  24. Art Van Delay’s brother says:
    September 26, 2010 9:50 AM
    He’s a good coach but take off the rose tinted glasses a bit and remember the numerous losses in AFC championship games. It took Dick LeBeau and a franchise quarterback to put up a Superbowl victory.
    Couldn’t agree more. Most remarkable about Cowher’s career was his confusing dedication to ‘Slash’ Stewart. That was a tough stretch to be a Stiller fan. I also admit I’m biased after seeing him sounding the horn in Raleigh in the playoffs against the Pens.

  25. He would be better off replacing LeBeau if the man ever retires from his Steeler defensive coordinator post. He could stay in the Steeler family, be the highest paid coordinator in the league, and allow his defensive innovations to run wild for a team, players, and a city that really appreciates their defensive coaches. It’s a sure-fire Hall of Fame game plan (just ask LeBeau).
    Nearly any other job he takes will be filled with ridiculously high expectations and pressure – especially in New York or Dallas.

  26. @ mmartian
    They got pretty damn close last year…and it wasnt all “words”….and…This season just started! WTF?

  27. “Carolina and NYG are probably good guesses but here’s a guy who could have easily had a job the last few season if he wanted it (CLE, etc). ”
    C.Bass, he wants a head coaching job with an NFL team, not a UFL team with a fan base with a collective I.Q. of 22!

  28. I’m with Peester15. I always assumed that the family move to North Carolina was a holding position, waiting for Fox to be let go from the Panthers. Fox has been very non-productive with that franchise. I’d still bet that you will hear that Fox is let go at the end of the season, maybe sooner, and Cowher is replacing him.
    I think Cowher has too much class to take a Dallas job with that freak of an owner. Jerry just wants a puppet and he wants to pull all of the strings. Cowher wouldn’t adapt to Jerry’s style of ownership. Especially after working for the Rooney’s who let the coaches do their jobs.
    I also think Chicago and Minnesota would be out because of the climate.
    Wherever he goes, if he goes, I think he’ll be successful and the city of the team will welcome him. I hated to see him leave the Steelers.

  29. He lives in Raleigh.. about 2 hrs from Charlotte, and a makeable commute… Cowher will take over the Panthers… and personally, I think the deal is already in place.. it’s why the Panthers never approached Fox about any kind of extension….

  30. I’d love to see him take over Marvin Lewis’ job. I know, I know Lewis won coach of the year and odds of that happening are probably less than 0.5%, but Marvin is in his last year. Sometimes I just don’t think Lewis has enough to take us to that next level. We’ve yet to win a playoff game in his what 8 year tenure? With all the talent we’ve had, some of that has to fall on the coaches.

  31. Carolina or Tampa Bay. Fox’s leash is getting shorter every day and Raheem Morris may be a good defensive coach but the way he handles his business as a head coach looks like a HS cheerleader is making the calls.

  32. I can’t stop laughing at all the comments about Cowher coaching the Cowboys.
    Understand this. Cowher will demand and receive total control wherever he goes. Jerry Jones will never give total control to anyone, he needs a puppet that will do what he says.
    He has ties to New York and North Carolina so look for them to be the front runners if the Giants and Panthers jobs are open.

  33. Here’s an off the menu thought. Cower to Penn State replacing Paterno. It is rumored he has visited several times and interestingly that is where he is speaking.
    Go State!!!

  34. GRID says: It’s all about players baby. Sorry, you’re dead wrong. If it were all about players the Cowboys would have been to the Super Bowl last year. The Packers never would have won championship’s in the ’60s. Great coaches make great teams. Great coaches draft top prospects. Great coaches hire great assistants. Great coaches will not tolerate people like Favre. Great coaches wouldn’t take jobs where owners give all the orders. Great coaches are at the top of their game on game day during a game. Great coaches help fill stadiums. Great teams have great players, because of great coaches. No NFL players become great without a great coach somewhere along the line.

  35. Think he wants an NFC team, but would never want to be under Jones’s control. The Maras are close to the Rooneys and the closest fit to them in temperament. But they’re a bit looser with the purse strings. Talentwise, the Giants are similar to the Steelers, and they also have a similar football philosophy. Think it would be a good fit for him, and I’d like to see what he could do there.
    Interesting that he picked the Giants as his sleeper team to suprise and go far this year. Maybe he didn’t want to look like the vulture circling Coughlin, so he did a little cheering instead 🙂

  36. i see Cowher being a Carolina head coach for many reasons. One, The Panthers have a running game that Cowher likes and two, the defense in Carolina has the people that he can make into a 3-4 defense. As good as the Giants are with their pass rushers, they pass rush is best for a 4-3. i think John Fox could get a look in New York or Leslie Frazer.

  37. As a cowboy fan for 47 years, I personally dont want crybaby Cowher as the Cowboys coach . 1 championship (with the help of refs) in 15 years.
    He coached for the Looney family and coached the worst rapist in NFL history.( Rapistburger) Dallas doesn’t need this as#hole of a human being to coach them. He is strictly a JERK!!! Karma is coming back to haunt him

  38. Nobody in there right mind would take a coaching position with Dallas. Jerry Jones is the worst owner of all NFL teams. Im sure Bill Cowher would give the Giants a try if he does come back to coaching. As a steeler fan for 40 yrs I would love to see him back there. Then again Penn State would be just as good

  39. Need some feedback…Do the Steelers get compensation from the team that signs Cowher?
    Cowher had one year left on his contract when he left the Steelers so does that mean that the Steelers still own his rights similar to a retired player since he did not get released?
    If so, what compensation would a team need need to give the Steelers to get them to release Cowher from his contract?

  40. I doubt Cowher goes to Dallas unless he gets a GM role or isnt pressured by Jerry Jones, in other words, Jerry would have to do what Snyder is doing (now) for Shanahan for Cowher to go there, i think Dallas (if they fire Wade) look for a younger coach.

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