Jahvid Best suffers toe injury

The biggest bright spot to Detroit’s 0-3 start to the season now has an injury to worry about.

Lions running back Jahvid Best took the first snap of the second half on Sunday before leaving with a toe injury.  He was listed as questionable to return, but never made it back.

Best was seen watching the second half while standing on the sidelines, which is a good sign the injury may not be too serious.   The Vikings held Best to 39 yards from scrimmage on only eight touches.

5 responses to “Jahvid Best suffers toe injury

  1. To use Lord Florio’s logic, Best wasn’t really hurt, he just didn’t want to ruin his stats knowing the Viking defense had him virtually completely shut down.
    Florio likes to read into what people say, thinks that he knows what a player/coach really means versus what they actually say. Just applying his logic to this situation.
    Realistically, he obviously might have turf toe and that is not going to bode well for the Lions…….shame to see anyone with promise get hurt and limit what they can do!

  2. um, averaging 4.9 ypc does not equate to being shut down….sounds like another Vikings fan who suddenly feels his team is Super Bowl worthy again.

  3. Having an injured toe usually does not recquire mouth to mouth or a trip to the hospital, and if it is turf toe, which it will most likely be categorized as, ouch. That is not good for his rookie season. Too bad.

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