Kevin Smith is itching to play

We pointed out in Saturday’s one-liners that the Lions are being cautious when it comes to returning tailback Kevin Smith to the lineup.

Smith, who tore an ACL last December, possibly disagrees with the approach.

I mean, no comment,” Smith told Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press.  “I’m not trying to even go there.  I’m not trying to cause
any controversy.  Like I said, I feel like I’m ready to play.  But, again,
that might be overconfident.  That just might be me itching to get out
there.  That might be whatever.  The people who assess how I play is the
ones who make the decision, and until they feel like I’m really ready to
go out there and I can help the team, I’m going to be right here.”

Coach Jim Schwartz says that Smith will play when he’s 100 percent.  Given that Smith isn’t on the injury report, he presumably is 100 percent.  Otherwise, Smith would be on the injury report.  (In Washington, he’d at a minimum be “questionable”.)  But with Jahvid Best making a huge impact right out of the gates, the Lions can afford to wait.

That said, they shouldn’t wait too long.  When it comes to running backs, the more the merrier.  With two guys moving the chains, both tend to stay healthy longer.  And given Best’s history of concussions, it could be only a matter of time before he misses some time.

Smith was one of the only bright spots in the Lions’ 0-16 season of 2008.  (We forgot about Calvin Johnson.)  A rookie that year, Smith rushed for 976 yards and eight touchdowns; he added 286 yards on 39 receptions. 

3 responses to “Kevin Smith is itching to play

  1. How about attacking the ridiculous NFL injury designations instead of the teams for once? Think about it:
    Probable= very likely to play.
    Questionable = approx. 50% chance to play
    Doubtful= approx. 25% chance to play
    Out= Not scheduled to play
    Don’t you see how ridiculous this scale is? Mixing approximate numbers with vague descriptors like “very likely”? How does “touchdowns are worth 6 points, field goals are worth 3 points, safeties are worth very few points, and sacks are not scheduled to be worth points” sound for a scoring system?
    So, what designation does a player with a 1/3rd likelihood get? What about 10% or 15%? How high up on the imaginary likely-scale is “very”?
    If the NFL wants to codify the designations with numbers, how about this:
    Probable= 10%-39% likelihood of not playing.
    Questionable= 40-69% likelihood of not playing.
    Doubtful= 70-99% likelihood of not playing.
    Out= 100% not playing.
    See how the ranges (which can obviously be tweaked if necessary) eliminate the grey areas between the different levels? Now, if a team lies about the injury report, there is no excuse based on the lack of clarity.

  2. im glad they are taking it slow with kevin, but i’d like to see him out there because i think him and best can be a good 1-2 punch

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