Mort: Favre is having second thoughts

With the Vikings struggling at 0-2 and preparing to face a game against whom they’ve won 21 of 24 games since 1998 and who have at quarterback a former Vikings backup and at tailback a dynamic rookie who was picked with a first-round selection that Minnesota gift wrapped and shipped to Detroit, that 0-3 will be a lot worse than 0-3 if the Vikings lose to the previously hapless Lions on Sunday.

Win or lose, quarterback Brett Favre already is having second thoughts about his decision to return for one more season, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

Per Mort, Favre may have not returned if he had known that receiver Sidney Rice would miss up to half the year after hip surgery that unexpectedly occurred a week after a trio of Vikings fetched Favre from Hattiesburg.       

And that raises legitimate questions regarding whether a divorce could be coming.  Jason Whitlock of has speculated that Favre could land on injured reserve if/when the Vikings chances of making it to the postseason have been destroyed. 

Then there’s the point that Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has raised.  Though his “don’t print that” style has prompted many Minnesotans to say “won’t read that,” Walters floats the possibility that the Vikings and Favre would work out a settlement of the balance of his $16 million salary and let him slink off into the twilight.

Meanwhile, Bob Holtzmann of ESPN reported earlier today that coach Brad Childress held a veterans-only meeting on Friday that one player described as “awkward.”  Childress reportedly encouraged the veteran players to win now because a lot of them won’t be back next year.

The bigger question is whether, if they lose today, the starting quarterback won’t be back next month.

42 responses to “Mort: Favre is having second thoughts

  1. Great, it’s not enough that we have to put with this arse flip flopping every offseason, now the washed up chump is dragging it into the season too.
    I’m not a guy who wishes injury on a person but in this case I’ll make an exception, I hope Suh forces him out of the game forever.

  2. What is Childress afraid of, an ‘everyone for himself’ debacle? He should have thought of that when he hung his hat on Farve, who will be the first one in the LifeBoat should it turn into that….

  3. If Favre were a “team-first” guy he’d stick it out and try to play within himself, maybe help win a couple,two, three games. He’s finding out it’s not so fun when they’re not winning and he’s not getting his butt kissed. He’ll show his true colors and bolt because the Vikings suck so much this year.
    When are they going to get around to enforcing the suspension for them big fat cheating Williams fatties. Might be a good time now although if it can be strung out til they retire I guess the Vikings and their fans (and Mn judges) would be okay with that too…

  4. You know things are bad in Minny when nearly all those self-assured know-it-all Vikings trolls around here on PFT have sulked away into the fog.
    (Pervy — I gotta admire your hanging in there, though, in the face of adversity.)

  5. TBTrojan….shut up. Do you really expect the guy to play if they can’t make it into the postseason? Would you play?

  6. Chilly gets what he deserves – telling veterans to win now because they won’t be back – screw him! If I were a 5-yr vet who knew I could get work in the league, I would wait for him to come up on me and say, “Coach, I’m heading to the farm for a few days, I’ll see ya Thursday, maybe Friday. You know, like Brett.” Oh, that Andy Reid coaching tree! Hail!

  7. Meanwhile, Bob Holtzmann of ESPN reported earlier today that coach Brad Childress held a veterans-only meeting on Friday that one player described as “awkward.” Childress reportedly encouraged the veteran players to win now because a lot of them won’t be back next year.
    This sounds stupid..

  8. One of the most exciting, fun to watch QB’s of all time has become the most selfish, whining, p**sy of all time. This guy is so pathetic. So, they lose two games and Farve wants to quit? Whatever respect I had for this guy is gone. RETIRE NOW FARVE.

  9. Second thoughts???? How ’bout third, fourth,fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth……thoughts. Please do us all a favor and call it a day. You’ve stayed way to late at the dance. You’re making a mockery of yourself! Get out while you can still walk.

  10. Of course! Never seen this before! Team starts losing, Bert isn’t sure he wants to stick around.
    Forget athletic ability. Worst sportsman around.
    Detroit >Minny

  11. I thought Favre made the players around him better. So he can’t make the other receivers better?

  12. # SDW2001 says: September 26, 2010 1:04 PM
    TBTrojan….shut up. Do you really expect the guy to play if they can’t make it into the postseason? Would you play?
    But Favre is a kid out there just havin fun…..he loves the game no matter what….. right Queen trolls….

  13. What a crock of sh!t!
    Injured reserve is for a player that has the potential of playing the next year.
    No way would the Vikings put him on IR when everyone knows this is his final year!

  14. Where are all those wonderful Vikings fans that I just heard BOOING their team in the First Quarter…….thank god for a fumble and blown coverage allowing teh vikes to tie it up…

  15. SDW2001
    Why should I shut up, I have Just as right to speak my mind as anyone else, you don;t like it… TOUGH.
    Maybe if Favre had bothered to turn up for the offseason and allowed the team to get in sync they might have some wins and he wouldn’t be having billionth thoughts right now.

  16. SDW2001 says:
    September 26, 2010 1:04 PM
    TBTrojan….shut up. Do you really expect the guy to play if they can’t make it into the postseason? Would you play?
    Yes, it’s called being an adult. Sixteen quarterbacks don’t make it to the postseason every year. Do they take their ball and go home?

  17. I expect Lord Favre to have a good game today as the Lions have probably the worst secondary in the NFL. Then everyone will be thinking about the Super Bowl again. At least until the Vikings meet the Jets and Packers.

  18. Doesn’t it figure that Favre might want to quit…again, when the going gets tough?
    As a longtime Vikings fan since the days of Bud Grant, and a longtime Favre hater…it made me sick last year to see all these Vikings fans giving him a standing O at the Metrodome!!
    It’s no wonder Brett’s not in sync with the team, he never bothers to show up for training camp, and Childress is such a pussy of a coach that he lets it happen. He’s DONE…Brett needs to get over himself and quit FOR GOOD…or someone needs to “help” him retire! I wouldn’t feel bad about that at all! He’s ruining the team and hampering ANY development of the backups…which really should be the future of the team.
    The final interception in the NFC champ. game was the same way the last 3 seasons have ended for Favre…it was no surprise to me that it happened again.

  19. Loving this, couldn’t happen to a better organization. The way their fans treated the Packer fans last year on the message boards was disgusting. Nice to see this might end up going bad for them this season. Keeping Rodgers was the right move. The old man had a great year last year but his time is over.

  20. Ahhh, PFT commenters. I love it when you take media speculation as absolute fact. Pat Williams could have retired at the end of last season too. He didn’t. Now the Vikings are 0-2. Why doesn’t PFT run a “Pat Williams Regretting Not Retiring” story? See, I can make up news stories too!
    I also love it when people praise Favre when he throws it up and Sidney Rice makes a great play, yet they will turn around and post “OMG int he sux!” when he makes that same throw to Bernard Berrian, who doesn’t bother to jump for it, or Percy Harvin, who flat out drops it, or Greg Lewis, who runs the wrong route. Then again, if anonymous internet commenters had to actually WATCH the plays before speaking about them, what fun would that be?

  21. banning me because I said this story is bs….cuz I know Favre?? I’m telling favre you guys are douchers at PFT,sure he knows that already…actually he don’t read you…

  22. Do you tools actually believe this????????? lol
    jimmySee & Igottz50nit….thankyou, my first kind words ever…lol

  23. Vikes looked pretty good today. Detroit should have adjusted and stopped those little short dinks. They didn’t. AD looked his usual self. Vike fans should be feeling a little better but also be glad they got that bye. Tough part of the schedule coming up. Long season yet.
    Once (if) Vikes get out of playoff contention it would only make sense to cut Favreand play TJack. Possibly get to keep some of that Fave money (not sure how the contract reads).

  24. Charley Waters is well known as an idiot in MN. He just throws completely off the wall **** that he makes up against the wall hoping some of it will stick. This is a non-story. Sorry Viking haters.

  25. This is ridiculous. Brett was asked point blank in a weekly presser if he had second thoughts about coming back. He didn’t hesitate and said “No.” He’s here. He took some hard hits today, made a couple of jokes in his presser and was very involved in the game. I know, because I was there. He encouraged the offense, the defense, ran down and jumped on Adrian after he busted out that run. He got his head yanked around by Suh today (who originally said he didn’t want to “hurt” Favre) – which resulted in a roughing the passer call. Brett was hunched over on the field but he shook it off and resumed. I do not understand why there is such vitriol towards him. Go stir up crap about someone else’s QB for a change. Speculation based on nothing is helping no one.

  26. Anyone expecting Favre to quit should jump into the Grand Canyon and write back describing their experience. Favre wishes you all a happy landing.

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