Six quick slants after early games

1. Tom Brady and the Patriots offense looks as explosive as ever.  But coach Bill Belichick has to be very concerned with his young defense.  The previously inert Bills offense rolled up 374 yards on New England

This felt like an Arena League game.  The Patriots forced one extra turnover, so they won by eight 38-30. The switch to Ryan Fitzpatrick provided immediate results for Buffalo.

2. Give the Cowboys defense a lot of credit for a convincing performance
in their 27-13 win against Houston. I liked Dallas to win this week
because they have a veteran group that responded very well late last
season when they absolutely had to win.

They absolutely had to
win in Houston Sunday, and pulled it off.  The NFC East is wide open and
Dallas has time to recover because Wade Phillips’ defense remains a
difference maker.

3. The criticism of Scott Pioli in Kansas City can stop now. Pioli’s ’10 draft class looks like a home run.  Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster, and Tony Moeki were all huge difference makers during Sunday’s win over San Francisco.

This is a smart team with a true home field advantage again.  They have one of the best defensive backfields in the league.  Their special teams and running game are outstanding.  That should be enough to stick in the AFC West race all year.  The schedule is very forgiving.

4. 49ers coach Mike Singletary faces a coaching crisis.  He preaches toughness,
but his 49ers team has crumbled twice on the road this year when things
didn’t go well for them early.  Their offensive gameplan was not able to
adjust to what the Chiefs defense were doing Sunday.  They have no
answers.  Alex Smith continues to throw five-yard passes on

During the rare times Smith took a deep drop,
the 49ers offensive line couldn’t protect him. It wouldn’t be a shocker
if offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye was replaced during the season if
this doesn’t turn around quickly.

5. The Panthers look like the worst team in the NFL.  They’ve lost by
double-digits in all three games.  Jimmy Clausen had completed one pass
at halftime to the Panthers, and one pass picked off the Bengals.  He
fumbled three times in the game.

Carolina proves how impossible it is to win without a passing game.  The rest of the team isn’t that bad.

6. The AFC North is going to be the best division race of the year.  The Ravens and Bengals won on Sunday to keep up with the 3-0 Steelers.  It sets up a huge game for the Ravens in Pittsburgh next week.  It would be awfully tough for Baltimore to recover if they fell two games behind while Ben Roethlisberger was suspended.

24 responses to “Six quick slants after early games

  1. Hey, when talking about the AFC North you forgot to include the 0-3 Brownies. As we learned last year the Browns are strong finishers. 😉

  2. UMMMM…… the falcons just took the south from the SB champions, did you miss that or do you not follow the NFL?

  3. Let’s ignore the fact that Ravens-Steelers will be the most rigged game of the year….And that’s saying something if you watched Ravens-Bengals.

  4. Both Raye and Singletary need to go. Getting blown out twice in 3 games to start the season is unacceptable. The team was completely unprepared today. That falls squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff.

  5. Now I know how my parents felt when my little brother failed out of UNC. Panthers have just given up…..just like J6. Worst team in the NFL.

  6. smith probly isnt the long term answer.
    but the only question raye is the answer to is: who hasnt ever done jack and must be fired now?

  7. The 49’s offence was offensive to say the least. Calling the same running plays that don’t work over and over. And Alex Smith holding the ball as long as it took to get sacked or have to throw the ball away on every pass play. The worst excuse for offence since the early Buc days. Pathetic.

  8. why will the AFC North be a better divisional race than the AFC East? the Bengals are not a good team (and the Browns are terrible). The Jets, Dolphins and Patriots are all playoff-caliber and Buffalo is, well, Buffalo. but i guess it’s easy when all you need to do is put computer ink on computer paper.

  9. So Denver gets MEGA-ATTENTION in the off season … and KC opens 3-0. But it’s not that surprising. Denver drafted Florida’s over-hyped Tim Tebow while KC took Alabama defensive back Javier Arenas. History has already shown which of those players is more likely to come out on top 🙂 ROLL TIDE!!! Congrats KC
    Yes, Mike, reports of the Steelers’ death were premature. We’ve managed to go 3-0 with a fourth-string QB … and spectacular defensive play. The season will have its ups and downs. But we’ll be in the mix.

  10. “This felt like an Arena League game. The Patriots forced one extra turnover, so they won by eight 38-30. The switch to Ryan Fitzpatrick provided immediate results for Buffalo.”
    The last part is wrong…Trent Edwards would have taken our defense apart in the very same way… I don’t think it was Fitzpatrick causing a spark. It was Fitzpatrick going against our swiss cheese defense. God…they’re awful. They let the QB run for two or three first downs on 3rd and 6+…are you kidding me? I shudder to think what Peyton and those Colts are going to do to this defense…it’s going to be like 48-28.

  11. Poor ccoolahan14, tsk tsk. So sure the Ravens will lose that you’re prepping your excuses in advance. Guess you like aged whine. Why don’t we wait to see what the week brings. The league already spotted you our starting QB, what more do you want? lol

  12. Get off KC’s jock. The niners could make a pop warner team look good. And this is the fist week the Chiefs looked anything close to good on offense.
    KC is the worst of the 3-0’s, by far and is a paper tiger. You will see.

  13. Agree completely with Gregg about the Patriots. They need to start worrying about their defense. I expected them to be much better on that side of the ball.
    And wow – I had to watch the Panthers and they were awful. They are really struggling at RT with Otah out. Lucky for them Carson Palmer was terrible or they may have lost by 40.
    I disagree with those of you talking the Chiefs down. I think they are playing solid and with their running game they are tough to beat. I think they scored the most impressive win today –

  14. @Woe is Mets, I don’t know which is going to be the more exciting divisional race, the AFCN or the AFCE, but I think you can make a great case for either one. But I disagree that the Bengals aren’t a good team. We just beat the Ravens last week and the Ravens beat the Jets week 1, right? So are the Jets bad? I’ll grant you Palmer looks bad and he needs to step up. But Patriots game aside, our D looks good and so does the running game. I think you can argue AFCN football is a different breed and lately we’ve had success playing in our division (8 division wins in a row now).

  15. Gregg… Teh AFC East will be just as contentious if not more so, and the NFC North is an absolute dogfight. Both teams that will play this Monday (the Cheese and the Bears) night would beat anyone in the AFC North.

  16. # Woe is Mets says: September 26, 2010 7:37 PM
    >why will the AFC North be a better divisional race >than the AFC East? the Bengals are not a good >team (and the Browns are terrible). The Jets, >Dolphins and Patriots are all playoff-caliber and >Buffalo is, well, Buffalo. but i guess it’s easy when >all you need to do is put computer ink on >computer paper.
    Because the AFCN can put 3 teams in the playoffs, 2 of which can do some damage (Steelers, Felons). The Patriots will be a 1st round loss if they make it, and the Dolphins aren’t much better. Jets can win a game before stumbling, again.
    ># johnnylightning13 says: September 27, 2010 >1:59 AM
    >Gregg… Teh AFC East will be just as contentious >if not more so, and the NFC North is an absolute >dogfight. Both teams that will play this Monday >(the Cheese and the Bears) night would beat >anyone in the AFC North.
    Put down the crackpipe. While the Cheese are for real, the Bears could easily return to stepping-on-their-own-dick form.

  17. @johnnylightning13 –
    You can’t be serious…cheese and bears could beat anyone in the AFC North? I think you missed typed that and meant the only team the cheese and the bears could beat in the AFC North is the browns and maybe the cheese could beat the bungles but that’s about it. The Bears are terrible and the darling, “superbowl bound” packers aren’t looking as hot as thought.

  18. 5) 2. Give the Bengals defense a lot of credit
    wait you can’t do that if its the bengals can you, you have to say how poorly the other team played..

  19. # righthereisay says: September 26, 2010 7:54 PM
    Great. Another week of hearing that Tony Romo is the chosen one.
    Actually Romo is not THE CHOSEN ONE, he’s just an UNDRAFTED QB from EASTERN ILLINIOS who’s outplaying his undrafted status. Been lots of high picks that had losing records as a starter and didn’t throw for 4000+ yds/yr… Austin UNDRAFTED TOO..Monmouth…Not a bad tandem when held up against all the high draft picks huh?

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