Two weeks after post-game rant, Randy sings a different tune

After the Patriots beat the Bengals by 14 in Week One, receiver Randy Moss served up an epic post-game press conference.

Today, a week after the Pats stumbled against the Jets and defeated a perennial AFC East doormat by only eight points, Moss sounded like a completely different guy.

“I think I said last week that I couldn’t wait for this week to get here because I knew what type of preparation we needed to have to be able to play a divisional game, but I also knew Coach Belichick was going to work us pretty hard this week,” Moss said in comments distributed by the team.  “Really, the second half, really playing four quarters and coming in after making your halftime adjustments, is just will and determination and just going out there and wanting to do it. They called the plays and we have to go out there and execute it as players. I think in the past, we’ve stubbed our toe, but today was just good from all angles.  We were able to put some points on the board in the second half, so hopefully we can build off that.”

Moss also talked about the fact that he wore at practice on Friday the jersey of running back Kevin Faulk, a versatile tailback who has been lost for the year with a knee injury.

“Kevin and I have followed each other since 1995 and I was asked a couple questions about his jersey, and I didn’t really want to go into that,” Moss said.  “Me and Kevin have a long history, before I even became a Patriot.  What he’s accomplished here as a Patriot speaks high, high volumes, but being able to lose him for the year is very disappointing.  I don’t really have an answer or an explanation for wearing his jersey.  That’s my boy and I just wanted to put his jersey on just to represent him. There wasn’t anything behind it, really. . . .  Anytime you lose a player like Kevin Faulk, you have to go back to the drawing board.  I’m not saying that because he’s a teammate of mine.  Game recognizes game.  I know he’s a hell of a ball player.”

But Moss also had some praise (although hardly unequivocal) for the guy who partially filled Faulk’s shoes — Jets castoff Danny Woodhead.

“I like Woody,” Moss said.  “He’s a little stub guy, a little short [guy].  He runs hard and has some nice cuts.  I’m not disrespecting him, and I know it’s hard to replace Kevin Faulk, but hopefully he can come in and be Woodhead and not try to be Kevin.”

In his debut for the Pats, Woodhead ran the ball three times for 42 yards, including a 22-yard touchdown run that featured an ankle-breaking cut.

So while Woodhead may not be Faulk, Woodhead being Woodhead could be all the Pats need.

12 responses to “Two weeks after post-game rant, Randy sings a different tune

  1. That defense still is lame and can be had. Belichick will be going for it a lot on 4th and whatever. Because if the Patriots are up by less than 7 and their opponent has the ball last, it’s game over. And not in a good way.
    They have to get better every week, or the games in December will only mean something to the team they are playing.
    Absolutely sick about Faulk, because I think we’ve seen him play for the last time. I can still remember where I was when they drafted him in 1999 and I just got the feeling he’d be a part of something really good.

  2. Thanks to the Evil Green this week for letting go of Woodhead in favor of a Clown(ey). He looks like a player.

  3. This team is irrelevant – the defense couldn’t stop a backfield that included Oprah with a star receiver named Roseanne Barr

  4. I don’t understand what the title of thi post has to do with the post. Even when Randy talked about his contract he was still talking about the team and what they need to do to succeed. How did he change his tune?

  5. The guy looks like a ball boy. I’d be surprised if the media didn’t mistake him for one. Hell of a great run today though.

  6. It was great to see Woodhead score but overall the Pats had a lot of problems in every part of the game including coaching.

  7. I agree with Rick. He’s not changing his tune. Nothing he said was even slightly related to that rant. This headline sucks but the content of the article is nice

  8. This D is SO frigging young. We’ll know WAY more about what this team is by Week 13, when they’ve begun to ingest and manifest the intense coaching that they’re obviously undergoing right now. They could well be formidable by then…or they might still be a sieve.

  9. im assuming you wrote this story to remind everyone about the post game press conference from two weeks ago- let it go florio no one cares

  10. Randy Moss is questionably the greatest WR to play the game. Jerry Rice throughout his entire career had Pro Bowl and even Hall of Fame QBs throwing him the ball. Randy Moss, up until Tom Brady has had average at best QBs passing to him. Rice played for 19 seasons, Moss for 13 and he is virtually behind him in every recieving category. So that is why New England needs to resign him because not only is he the BEST WR in the game, he’s the best all time and deserves a new contract. – TomBrady’sHairStylist

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