Bucs preparing for full slate of blackouts

Though some believe that Sunday’s game against the Steelers was sold out and/or could have been sold out in time to lift the blackout, on this next issue there’s-a no debate.

The Bucs won’t sell out another game this year, barring something incredibly unlikely and unforeseen.

Next month’s game against the Saints could come close, but Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times reports that the current pace of sales doesn’t indicate a coming sellout.

The team announced attendance of 61,036 at the 65,000-seat Raymond James Stadium.  According to Anwar Richardson of he Tampa Tribune, the Tampa Sports Authority indicated that actual attendance was only 57,616.

Our pal Steve Duemig of WDAE in Tampa sent a text expressing his belief that the Bucs’ home venue hosted its largest crowd in 10 years.

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  1. Something shady is going on in Tampa. Some people have claimed that the box office was telling potential buyers that the game was sold out 3 weeks ago.
    It doesn’t really matter, the Steelers showed the Bucs who they really are. Charlie freakin Batch lit up the Bucs. Rashard Mendenhall ran all over them. The D was, the Steelers D as usual. On a sports radio show in Tampa 2 weeks ago, the host said he never even heard on Mendelhall (even though he ran for over 1100 yards last year) and picked the bucs to win 7 out of thier first 8 games. How delusional.

  2. Hello, no one has no money for football games. We’re all broke. I would rather keep my Comcast on and I can watch whatever game I like for the cost of my cable bill. This is a new day when the real fans who were priced out of the billion dollar stadiums. They are using that money to buy HD screens and keep the cable on. No one cares about blackouts anymore. That’s why the bar in Tampa said “screw the NFL” and showed the Bucs via the Internet.

  3. Yea right, they couldn’t keep 2 teams already in LA LA land. They sure as hell would not go to a pathetic excuse for an NFL team that the Glazers are producing.

  4. The only/”some” people, are you Florio, and maybe a few other Steeler fans who refuse to realize that their fan base thins out the more you head south.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the Steelers fans. They showed up in full force, but still, this article seems more like a way to brag that your Steelers have more fans than Tampa. Sadly for you, that can be claimed by 25, or so, other teams as well.
    Unlike the Steelers, Cowboys, Raiders, Packers, Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins, there are a lot of other teams that just aren’t as marketable no matter how good or bad they are.

  5. Vic Ketchman of Jaguars.com stated recently (again) that he was told the Steelers are the only team that announces the actual “asses in seats” numbers. All other 31 teams announce “tickets distributed”. So – the team announces 61,036 tickets distributed & the Tampa Sports Authority states 57,616 tickets used.

  6. Bucs aren’t able to move the team until 2016, by law.
    When you have the lowest payroll in the league, then the Glazers are going to realize that they are going to have the least fan interest.
    You have to spend money to make money. The Glazers are using the Culverhouse model: “Even a losing team can make money.”

  7. Might as well prepare for those blackouts, they should prepare for something and there hasn’t been much to shout about in game plan preparation.

  8. Of the 14 most recent stories filed under “Buccaneers”, one is about baseball, two are post-Steelers’ game summaries, two are actually stories ABOUT the Steelers, and six (YES, SIX!) are about blackouts. Your reporting on this up-and-coming young team is shoddy, regurgitated, one-note garbage.
    It is clear that you would rather the world be aware of the team’s lack of sell-outs than of their considerably improved defense, solid young QB, or how well the Bucs appear to have drafted since Gruden/Allen were fired.

  9. Good!!!! I live in Florida and I’m sick of seeing these Florida shi**Y teams on TV every week. They suck! Black them out and throw them out of florida. Maybe a hurricane can blow them to mexico.

  10. The “vaunted” Steeler defense either wasn’t that great or the young Buc offense is really good because they moved the ball on the Steelers all day and without a flukey fumble by WR Mike Williams, a fumbled snap and a trip on a drop back by the QB (both inside the Steeler’s 1o), they would have likely put up far more points on this “great” Steeler defense. You can say ALL you want about giving up points and yardage in garbage time, but the truth is that the Bucs moved the ball all day long and had very few three and outs. This game was full of fluke plays (two fluke deep passes for TDs for example) that if the Steelers didn’t get lucky it could have been a far better game. The Bucs were moving the ball well, running the ball very well with rookie LeGarrette Blount and had they not given up the flukey TDs they could have stuck to their running game, which even according to Steeler fans, was punishing them. The Bucs are a team on the rise. Unfortunately, the Bucs also have a lot of fair-weather Tampa area fans that won’t start coming until they think the Bucs are good again. Perhaps the team SHOULD be moved, most of the people in Tampa don’t deserve a team.

  11. brasho says: September 27, 2010 6:13 PM
    “that if the Steelers didn’t get lucky it could have been a far better game. ”
    ..whatever gets you through the pain.

  12. Brasho must be on crack or he was watching the wrong game. Maybe you better look at the stats. If not for the 94 yards that the second string Steelers D gave up in the fourth quarter after the game was already over the Bucs barely break 200 yards. Blount had 27 yards. Freeman had a Qb rating of 67.1. The Bucs may very well be a team on the rise, but they got their asses kicked Sunday.
    I lived in Tampa for a few years when ole Hugh still owned the team. They had one of the worst fan bases then and it sounds like all of the fair weather fans abandoned ship again. Pretty bad when the only games that were sold out were when the Bears came to town. It sucks cause I really enjoyed watching the games when I could and the real fans that they had were pretty cool to hang out with.

  13. It works both ways, Brasho. Pittsburgh dropped a routine, uncontested INT right before the Bucs kicked their second FG. Lamarr Woodley also dropped an INT on the Bucs’ 12 that was so easy he could have done “the worm” into the end zone and still scored. Plus, the Steelers played their JV team THE ENTIRE 4th QUARTER (when the Bucs scored their only TD), which is very rare in the NFL.
    Pish-posh, meh and okel-dokel to you, I guess.

  14. Simple fix to the Bucs problems. Do what KC did, HIRE SOME COACHES!!! The Glazers get Gruden off the payroll this year and can get rid of the cheap stop gap coaching staff and get some talent at the head coach and assistants. Nice people,but a better coaching staff is the next step toward a full stadium.

  15. As far as our attendance goes our area should get a pass. You would have to live here to know. Our unemployment is at 13%, many of the people that have jobs are working jobs that are below their education level, and 20% of our population are snow birds and aren’t down yet. Now for the game this weekend. I was there. There wasn’t a seat available. There were 10,000 people standing by the pirate ship and endzone. This is some kind of scam. I tried to get tickets from ticketmaster last week and I couldn’t find seats together for any price. I had to get tickets on Stubhub. This is collusion between the owners.

  16. I there when the Giants won the Wild Card game in 07
    And it was sold out that was 3 years ago so much for getting facts right
    Also when the bucs were down by 10 the fans started to run out like the ship was sinking.
    By the 4th it was home game for the Giants
    I will say this sitting in Tampa in Jan beats the hell out of sitting in the Meadowlands in Jan.
    And there is much to be said for the fine young females in the stands in Tampa

  17. Say what you want Brasho but that game was over by the time I finished my burger at around 1:30.

  18. > brasho says: September 27, 2010 6:13 PM
    >The “vaunted” Steeler defense either wasn’t that >great or the young Buc offense is really good >because they moved the ball on the Steelers all >day …
    Check your meds, seriously, check your meds.

  19. I think the presence of a lot of good college football in the immediate area is probably more a reason for the Bucs’ low turnouts. Even then it comes back to the NFL product not being worth the expense.

  20. I’m obviously a fan of TB (born and raised in Clearwater) and had season tickets from 1988-2007, after which I moved or I would still have them. Brasho slants the truth a bit, but c’mon Steeler fans…Charlie Batch ain’t Dan Marino. He was extremely lucky with the long jump balls, made possible by Tampa playing its JV safety the entire game thanks to Tanard not being able to put down the pipe. Charlie Batch has done this to Tampa for as long as I can remember no matter who he is with. Don’t puff your chests out too much there Steeler Nation just because you beat a young team with a questionable at best head coach.
    As for Duemig, he is just a loud mouthed drunk. Another northern transplant (born in FL but raised in Philly) bitching and moaning about everything Florida. Don’t like it? Go home. I sure as hell would but you know what? I couldn’t find a job. It’s not an excuse people, things are horrible economically in the Bay area. Sports teams are struggling without the bile spewing from blowhards like Duemig. He’s just mad that he got his ass kicked by Scott Brantley. Maybe John should stop by and finish the job.

  21. Quit blaming the economy Buc fans! Your unemployment is only 2 to 3 percent higher than other cities that do sell out. That really only equates to about 20,000 people who are affected by the economy. There are several cities with large population all around you, St. Pete, Clearwater, Orlando, Sarasota, Bradenton. You guys Have 5 million people within range to go to the game..Your fans are just fair-weathered and don’t have enough interest in Sunday football to go to the games.

  22. Your logic is reasonable, but unfortunately a vast majority of the true, native, die hard fans are in the working class that has been hit hard. I am happy for those who have the expendable income to enjoy several hundred dollar trips to their local stadiums. If you haven’t been hit hard, congratulations, but I have and it sucks. I had a choice to either stay in the area in which I was born and raised that I love and keep my fingers crossed…or leave and work.

  23. realtimeeyes,
    your an idiot, please post your stupid nonsense somewhere else. If you don’t like the Bucs then post on another site. You come on this thread and bash Bus fans for not going to games? Well f-you ass…ole

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