Carney, Stover to get a look-see from the Saints

On Sunday night, Peter King reported during NBC’s Football Night in America that the Saints will be bringing in kickers after Garrett Hartley missed what would have been a game-winning chip-shot in overtime against the Falcons, who later would convert a longer field goal of their own.

Early this morning, we argued that the Saints should forget about Hartley’s postseason heroics, given that kickers are plentiful — and that the Saints won’t have a chance to see Hartley make clutch kicks in January if he can’t make routine ones in September, October, November, and December.

Later this morning, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that two of the kickers who’ll work out for the Saints are John Carney, who handled the duties during Hartley’s four-game suspension in 2009 for violation of the steroids policy, and Matt Stover, who replaced Adam Vinatieri for most of last season.

It remains to be seen whether coach Sean Payton is merely trying to put the fear of Gus into Hartley.  But if Hartley ends up without a job, he’ll have no one to blame but himself.

20 responses to “Carney, Stover to get a look-see from the Saints

  1. I’d like to see them also bring in Kris Brown for a try out as well. He was looking good in the preseason battle with Neil Rackers in Houston!

  2. Yeah, well I’m not one of those Who Dats looking for Hartley’s head on a platter. There was MUCH blame to go around for this loss. When Devery or Marques drops a pass or two or even three do we bring in receivers? When Bush fumbles a (WHOLE BUNCH) of balls do we bring in RBs? When Brees throws an INT do we bring in QBs? When our beloved coach makes a controversial decision do we bring in coaches?
    This ship is listing for sure. It needs to be righted, but all three phases of our game need to be improved. I think it’ll be difficult, but possible. I like the idea of bringing in a consultant for Hartley. It seems to me that his process; his procedure may be suspect. He pulls all his errant kicks wide left. Perhaps Carney or Stover can help him with that.
    To all the Saints fans out there: Didn’t we just know this was going to happen from the near losses of the first two weeks. Yeah, our team squeaked by, but C’mon Man! Really? The Vikings? A contender should have squashed them. And the 49ers? Please. Arguably the worst team in football. THOSE close wins should have told us something; should have prepared us for this devastating loss.
    A better team beat us yesterday. But it’s not Hartley’s fault. We lost the game at the line of scrimmage, not by the kicking game. We’d better get a handle on how to balance the game. QUICKLY, or it’s going to be a short season.

  3. DanSnyderSux:
    “Can Morten Andersen still kick?”
    Let’s put it this way, Morten Anderson would not have missed the chip shot that Garrett Hartley missed on Sunday.

  4. Matt Stover is automatic for anything under 40 yards. But dont ask for any more than that. Same goes for Carney.

  5. Interestingly, Trent Dilfer (who picked the Saints to win the SB very early last season) said the kickers are the most emotionally fragile of all athletes. They spend their time watching soap operas, shopping online and getting pedicures. He said the Falcons are a 9 and 7 team, maybe even a 10 and 6 team, but the Saints will get back to their old form soon and will beat them the next time. He said the Saints will get this right. We shouldn’t worry about them. I believe I’ll take his advice.

  6. hartey should not have been in that situation if it were not for the falcans cheeting. siants won that game no question about it. who day? we dat!

  7. Obviously the kicker isn’t able to kick unless he is on steriods. They should have moved on during the offseason.

  8. Saintsarebest, we all know you are secretly a Vikings fan posing as a Saints fan to make the rest of us look like whiny little punks! Real Saints fans know that yesterday was a tough loss but the better team prevailed!

  9. Hartley missed 2 easy fg’s against the Vikes that almost cost us that game. His game winning fg vs the Niners was partially blocked and now he misses a 29yd fg in overtime to beat a division rival. I dont care how many passes were dropped or how poor the defense played, if you still have a shot to win the game with a 29yd fg and your kicker shanks it, HE’S GONE.
    He’s sucked this year. Time to move on

  10. It’s very clear that Hartley has one singular problem: he hooks kicks to the left, especially from up close. I do not understand why this occurs, but it seems like the problem should be relatively easy to rectify. Strange, because he was absolutely flawless during the postseason last year.

  11. To argue Hartley should be cut at this point is crazy! The thing I admire most about Florio (and what makes this site so much better than most predictable media outlets), is that he generally writes as a man seeing all sides of an issue, rather than a typical overreacting fan… You don’t just “forget about the past” in any business and it isn’t logical to think Saints management and coaches should or would do so in this situation. If you’re going to cut a player, keep in mind, you better be bringing in someone to make your team better. FACT= Even with Hartley’s 3 misses this season he’s a CAREER 86+% kicker. This puts him as the #6 best kicker in the entire League over the last 3 seasons. Not to mention many of those kicks were BIG TIME and helped put the Saints into and win the Superbowl. To say that shouldn’t matter is irresponsible journalism. It’s simple- Should Hartley have made the kick? Yes. Did he do his job Sunday? No. Are the Saints a better team without him moving forward? Absolutely not.
    What about Janikowski going 3/6 and missing a “chip shot” costing Raiders the game?? And that guy makes $4MM a YEAR and makes each week the salary Hartley does all season. Should his past not matter either? If it does, you’ll notice he hasn’t come close to helping his team win the kind of big games Hartley already has for his team and coaches in his short career.
    How about the #2 highest paid kicker Gostkowski? He’s “quietly” 2/5 all season. What has he ever done to make his job secure??
    Bottom line- in 4 weeks the Saints will easily be 6-1, atop the NFC and Hartley’s FG % will be above 80%, which is the solid measure of the Leagues good kickers. You’re better than this post (much less 2 post saying the same thing within hours of each other)!

  12. @SFiDC
    Go troll somewhere else. Everyone knows i don’t like the vikings or the packers so get your facks strait before you go spouting off. yeah it was a tough loss but watch how our d-line was treated. if you didnt see it lets get together and i’ll teech you football. football is more than just cute long bombs. back to back brother, back to back!
    who dat! (obvously not you since you have to go after one of your own!)

  13. hartey should not have been in that situation if it were not for the falcans cheeting. siants won that game no question about it. who day? we dat!
    Dude get a life! It’s Falcons, not Falcans.
    show a little respect.

  14. Looks like the Grim Reaper has cheated the Saints out of a chance to sign George Blanda. RIP Mr. Blanda.

  15. Here it is folks………Hartley has a hook in his kicks that hooks left and then back right as long as it’s over 35 yards. Anything under that, it dont turn back right. The way to correct this is to increase the angle of approach to kick the ball on anything under 35 yards. Works everytime.

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