Florio and Harrison discuss whether the Chiefs are overrated

It’s that time of the week again.

This is when I post a video of Florio and Rodney Harrison discussing the hot topics of the week.  This should be easy, but it’s written while in the backseat of a speeding car on my way home after a long day.  Basically, it’s a typo-fest waiting to happen.

In this week’s adventure, Rodney discusses whether his former teammate Matt Cassel and the 3-0 Chiefs are overrated.  Watch Florio take a hit from Harrison and survive to write another post.

Good night, all.  Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces in the morning.

16 responses to “Florio and Harrison discuss whether the Chiefs are overrated

  1. With victories over CLE and a weak SD team in week one, largely with special teams and defensive TD’s, leading to the 30th ranked offense going into their shellacking of the TRULY overrated 49ers, I didn’t even know they were rated.
    Paper tigers. Just like the cream rising to the top, the dead weight will sink. Just wait.

  2. Doesn’t someone have to overrate you before you’re overrated? Who is overrating the Chiefs? Rodney’s assessment is pretty much what most people say.

  3. Perceptive comments by both parties. Rodney Harrison is proving to be very articulate and insightful. Florio makes a good point about Tom Brady’s early numbers.
    Pre game prognosticators lined up about 5-1 or 6-1 that the 49ers would win the game. The losing here has been going on so long that such a near Pavlovian response to an upcoming game is not surprising. It may be that the least surprised were Todd Haley and his staff.
    The turnaround that is afoot has not taken that long–less than a season and a half–but it is not complete. Down the road, it will likely be attributed to Haley’s consistent badgering of his players to improve, to bringing in veterans like Mike Vrabel, ridding the team of disruptions like LJ and drafting players that fit a profile that includes leadership as well as talent.
    Some of what has been happening has been painful to watch but now there is a growing feeling that the franchise is much better hands than before, even though information is less forthcoming from the hierarchy at Arrowhead Stadium than it is from the CIA.
    Just noticed that Florio is left handed, as is the President and his two predecessors. This is not meant to be a slur on anybody, just sayin’.

  4. This is ridiculous Florio-What the hell is this? college. NFL teams arent ‘rated’. As Bill Parcells said ‘You are what you are’
    Think about it.

  5. I wouldn’t say they’re over-rated more over-achieveing much like the Broncos did for the first 7 games last season. Sooner or later they’ll come crashing down to Earth.
    If you want to talk about over-rated teams, look no further than the 49ers. Everyone was saying they’d win the NFC West wil ease and they’re 0-3 after getting blown out twice by two teams who were supposed to be weaker than them.

  6. ‘Hold the print up against my head’ – NICE. Dude, that was funny. I bet that hurt more than hitting Roidney back.

  7. To everyone that doubts the Chiefs go ahead we will see you in the playoffs. Cassel maybe average but our defense is far from it. “San Deigo is the class of the afc west” LOL. Rivers,jackson and Merriman spell class. Chiefs afc west champions!!!!

  8. How could they be overrated??
    They were just favored to loose, an undefeated team, to a team without a win, in their home stadium.
    You could make the argument they maybe shouldn’t be 3-0, or that it is a surprise start, but calling them overrated is ridiculous.

  9. How are they overrated? They have been the underdogs in every game this year. How about you all discuss if the 49ers are overrated? Gore didn’t show up to play. Vernon Davis was a non-factor. Diva Crabtree didn’t get off the plane. Singletary calls timeout with 3 seconds left to score a junk TD. This team was picked to win the NFC west. KC was picked at the bottom of the AFC West. Overrated? C’mon man!

  10. Actually a lot better than I thought it would be.
    Chiefs are playing Martyball and if their defense can improve they can easily take the division. Probably can at the level their defense is playing now, but had to point out one improvement.
    While it is easy to point at Coughlin and blame him for turning the keys to the asylum over to the inmates, you have to be a professional to play in the NFL(unless you play in Philly). Rolle is the highest paid safety in the NFL and he isn’t acting like it, whining about the travel schedule etc.
    Vick just completed over 50% of his passes against the Jags. The week before Rivers completed 76% of his passes and ripped them to shreds. Vick has also been sacked 11 times this year, 6 were Detroit, but that is still a lot. Figure a few extra hits from running the ball, the wear and tear is going to catch up. The time bomb is ticking, although with the Redskins being the next opponent he will have another huge game.
    That’s perfect. When he falls from grace again he is going to hit hard. We’ll see what Iggles fans say when he gets a string of tough opponents with solid defenses. Check their schedule.

  11. …historically, every time the Chiefs make the playoffs it is due to one of the easiest schedules in the league–which is then followed by one and done. The 3-0 start is bigger in terms of…the coaching staff is not getting fired and progress is being made. Hope for the future and maybe a shot at a weak division crown or wildcard…

  12. Over rated by who? All the talking heads are giving them no chance to win against Chargers, Browns or the 49er’s. I don’t think they will win the division but I bet they will win 9 games.

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