McDaniels says he'll assess backup quarterback position week by week

Kevin Kolb of the Eagles apparently isn’t the only NFL quarterback who has experienced a little flip-flopping this year.  Broncos rookie Tim Tebow has learned that his impression that he’d be the No. 2 guy all year was incorrect.

So much for the whole “bearing false witness” thing.

A day after Tebow surprisingly was listed as the third quarterback after serving as the primary backup in the first two games, coach Josh McDaniels explained that the question of whether Tebow or Brady Quinn will be listed as second on the depth chart will be addressed one game at a time.

“[I]t’s a competitive situation,” McDaniels said.  “We’re going to let them get ready for the game and however practice goes and their preparation and whatever we feel is necessary for the game — I think we’re just going to make the best decision on a week-to-week basis.”

Still, the gap between Quinn and Tebow necessarily will be a large one if it will cause McDaniels to remove from the arsenal the ability to use Tebow in the team’s single-wing package.

Though it’s way, way too early to declare Tebow a bust, the guy who’s having no trouble selling jerseys suddenly finds himself hard pressed to get on the field.  Surely, if Tebow and Quinn were relatively close in their quarterbacking abilities, McDaniels would give the nod to the guy who could contribute via the change-of-pace attack.

24 responses to “McDaniels says he'll assess backup quarterback position week by week

  1. Oh Wow Florio! You mean Tebow isn’t getting on the field? He’s not really supposed to, he’s NOT THE STARTER!!!
    Way to make a story out of nothing……….

  2. He was never ready to get on the field in the first place for this year.
    The hype train had people charting his every move, but like most people said when they realized he was going to STAY a QB in the NFL, he has at least a couple years of developing to do before he even has the chance to be a serviceable quarterback.

  3. And there’s Florio, the PC hypocrite, taking another shot at Tebow’s religion. Florio, you can be a real POS.

  4. Gee Florio, do you think it might be too early to call the guy a bust? He wasn’t supposed to play this year and while some people, myself included, think he could help the team in a wildcat type role it probably isn’t the best thing for his long term development to be used in that role.
    The list of QBs that were drafted in a similar position or higher than him and remained #3 is a long one and includes a lot of guys who went on to be great QBs.
    It also doesn’t matter who the #2 guy is since Orton is playing great right now and you aren’t going to be taking him off the field unless you have to. The guy has over 1000 yards passing already.

  5. “Though it’s way, way too early to declare Tebow a bust…”
    While popular (and vastly entertaining), it is so hard to take anything this site does seriously when it is run by such a drama queen.

  6. Florio,
    With all due respect because I love this website, but you were a bust in 2002, let alone 3 months into your start-up.
    I understand how this might seem important enough to write about, but why not take a different aspect into consideration. After all, no question McD considers as many scenarios as possible before the week. Maybe if Orton went down, and were playing the Colts (so were most likely losing), it would be tough to put in a rookie QB and expect him to run the two minute drill every time we have possession. Or that turning the ball over against the Colts (like Elway and Manning did in their rookie seasons) is less conducive to building confidence than in a game where you can rebound against a team. I’m not saying Tebow is Elway or Manning (thats sacrilege in Denver) but I am saying he’s not Rivers or Cutler and cannot score at will. His ability to excel clearly would come on third downs and in time of possession.

  7. Florio your obsession with all things Tebow is similiar to that of BR7’s obsession with college coed’s. Maybe you should have a clinical evaluation done in regards to your degregation of Mr. Tebow. Give him a break he is a rookie man.

  8. i bet this guy goes home and JO’s to a big poster of Tebow…he is like the kid in 1st grade that punches the girl he really likes…what a childish loser
    there are about 30 backup qb’s in the league that don’t “get on the field” each week…is there a big story there about each one of them too?

  9. I find if funny how everyone sees Tebow as this great humble kid when through his own words hes proven not to be so humble. Saying he thought he was suppose to be the 2nd string qb all year long is shocking to me. It seems like he has an intitlement problem. What did he think he didnt have to earn that job it was just his? That no matter what happened during practice or games that he was number 2 just bc he is Tim Tebow? Sorry buddy thats not how the NFL works.
    Just bc u can sell jerseys and autographs for 100s of dollars doesnt mean your the guy. You have to earn what you get . Quinn has payed his dues and has out performed but you still think you should be 2nd all year long? Wow.

  10. I cant stand all the assholes on here that constantly bust on Florio and Rosenthal.
    This is one of the best football sites on the web! Why do you guys come here if you dont like it?
    Tebow dropping to third string IS news, he was a first round pick and he is now behind a guy that was traded for a 6th/7th round pick that has by all accounts been a bust. THATS NEWS!
    I want to hear it and so do millions of other fans, thats why we are here.

  11. What a non-event. Tebow is doing the exact thing a rookie QB should do in the NFL, sitting and learning behind a veteran. Worked pretty well for Carson Palmer.

  12. I get what the article is saying, in practice Quinn does well, but when he’s on the field he makes mistakes. Tebow doesn’t quite know the offense yet, whereas Quinn played a similar run offense in college. You give the guy who knows the offense the 2nd string spot even if he sucks during game time.

  13. Well his assessment is way off…Tebow shouldve been used in the goal line situation…this is the same coach who so far has had 4 first round picks and none of them have been major yet….and traded one first rounder for alphonso smith…where is he now?!

  14. Florio–who cares. Tebow is a 3 year project.
    Route36West–the word is entitlement. You are probably waiting on your next entitlement check as you attept to read this.
    Tebow haters on this site, why the hard on for the boy? Buy his jersey, keep it secretly in your basement, and wear it when you are alone.

  15. For all the hype, the kind of, “I looked in his eyes and met his soul” kind of thing, Pat Bowlen HAS to be questioning McDaniels ability to judge NFL talent. They paid waaaaaaay too much for a college QB no expert said could make the pro adjustment. Except McDaniels. Now you can wear his Heisman like a hat, pal.
    I don’t care if Tebow is a Hebrew/Sushi/atheist: that he isn’t EVEN 2nd string is a HUGE admission of talent misjudgement.
    5/11, Joshy. Smartest guy in the room, my ass

  16. hey Route36…what does “intitlement” mean? I know what entitlement means but not sure on the word you used.

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