Mike Singletary gives Jimmy Raye the dreaded vote of confidence

The 49ers can’t even score without things going wrong.

On the final play from scrimmage Sunday, Alex Smith tossed a touchdown to Josh Morgan to make the score 31-10.  Morgan hurt his knee on the play.

The ugly end was typical of an afternoon full of embarrasing moments.  Quarterback Alex Smith had a comical number of short attempts on third-and-long that led to a punt.  The 49ers called three straight running plays up the middle when trailing 24-3 with 16 minutes left.

The 49ers simply couldn’t answer what the Chiefs defense threw at them.  One 49ers source told Matt Maiocco of Comcast Bay Area that the Chiefs defense often called out the 49ers’ plays correctly before the snap.  The 49ers formation reportedly made them predictable.

Despite the disastrous outing, 49ers coach Mike Singletary remains committed to offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.   He said Raye will remain the team’s coordinator the rest of the season.  Maiocco speculates quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson could have a bigger role, though.

“We all have a hand in this, whether it’s play-calling or execution. We all could’ve done better,” Smith said after the game.

Singletary needs to find solutions fast with a visit to Atlanta next on the schedule.  Thus far, the 49ers have only provided answers for their opponents.

37 responses to “Mike Singletary gives Jimmy Raye the dreaded vote of confidence

  1. Dingleberry has more than a few screws loose–Must suck to play for the most uptight coach in the NFL..

  2. Wow 0-4 after next week. You guys are supposed to win the division. We got Derek Anderson for the love of Pete.

  3. In a profile of Jimmy Raye, the Los Angeles Times noted that the assistant coach “has been in the NFL so long he is seen as a member of the old guard.”
    Mike Johnson was the San Diego Chargers quarterbacks coach for the 2000 and 2001 seasons.
    Mike Johnson served as the quarterbacks coach for the Atlanta Falcons from 2003 to 2005 where he worked with Quarterback Michael Vick.
    Neither one has a very sterling resume. Both were brought on with Singletary.

  4. Jimmy Raye blows. This guy is the worst OC in the league now that Paul Hackett’s out of that Job.

  5. Alex is just cursed, Jimmy Ray runs a high school offense, and Singletary (a great person) just isn’t a pro head coach. It’s been a mess since Eddie D left.
    I miss my Niners.

  6. LMAO…enjoy winning the west…you guys shouldn’t quit your day jobs…yes, I’m talking to those on this site who picked them to run away with the NFC west. FAIL.

  7. Mike Singletary knows defense. Problem is, he doesn’t know how to coach it. This team lacks vision on both sides of the ball, as there are enough playmakers to make it happen, but either the effort or coaching/game-planning is going off the tracks. Glad I’m not a SF fan overall, as this is going to be one crap season.

  8. This is the worst decision from Mike Singletary.. Jimmy Raye is terrible. He doesnt have a creative bone in his 83yr old body. Why he is so in love with the draw play…
    “The 49ers called three straight running plays up the middle when trailing 24-3 with 16 minutes left.”
    This happens ALL OF THE TIME!!
    Get your head out of your ass Singletary.

  9. Love that the 49ers call timeout with seconds remaining to throw a meaningless touchdown. Great call Jimmy and Mike. Way to get your only receiver hurt.
    Goddell should seize this team from the York Family. What a joke they have made this franchise. Bring back Slick Eddie Debartalo.

  10. Kinda hard to win in the NFL with a bad coach and a bad quarterback.
    I guess every so-called expert and talking head in America forgot that little detail when annointing them NFC West champ and Super Bowl contender before the season started.
    Not hindsight on my part. I’ve been saying Singletary is a high school coach since they hired him.

  11. Bigger role for Johnson as in, handing him the playbook and running the offense? Only way this team will see daylight.
    Sing might be an OK head coach, but not when he’s forcing dinosaur schemes and letting 105 year old Jimmy Raye “run” the offense.
    Does Jimmy Raye actually gameplan? Because there is no evidence of it, whatsoever.
    Thank god Smith will be gone next year and hopefully we’ll have an offensive mind here with half a clue.

  12. The league needs to convene an emergency meeting and pass a rule that a team can’t go to the playoffs without at least 8 wins.
    The winner of this division could very easily be 7-9

  13. @Chapnasty, because if your offensive coordinator is doing his job well he doesn’t need the head coach standing up for him. PFT is implying that Singletary wouldn’t be saying anything unless he had to to dispell controversy that Raye is in the doghouse(which he is). When a coach gives a public vote of confidence, the opposite is usually true.
    I’ll admit I picked SF to win the NFC west, and now regret it. But the west sucks and no matter who I picked I’d regret it. Even the pretender Seahawks.

  14. You can’t blame Raye because he’s running the offense that Singletary wants him to run. He could have kept around Martz but then he’s have had problems with how he used Davis and Martz is too high risk for him. Unfortunately, he may end up having to have management insist on bringing in someone else because he’s wasting some fairly good offensive talent.

  15. # Chapnasty. says: September 27, 2010 10:14 AM
    Why is a vote of confidence from your boss dreaded?
    mainly because the fact that you even had to give a vote of confidence is indication that the guy is halfway out the door

  16. Chapnasty. says:
    September 27, 2010 10:14 AM
    Why is a vote of confidence from your boss dreaded?
    See Kolb, Kevin re Reid, Andy per vote of confidence.

  17. Jimmy Raye was the 4th choice. 3 others didn’t want the job. He ain’t goin to be fired during the season . We need a new coach as well.(Jon Gruden?) A new coach brings a new offensive play caller & a new system to be learned (hopefully by a new qb) So figure at least another 2 yrs of this “debacle” (one yr to implement a new system?)
    Sooo much agony!

  18. And according to Jason Lacanfora he’s been fired!
    Just proves again that coaches speak out of their ass and you can’t trust anything they say!

  19. # Chapnasty. says: September 27, 2010 10:14 AM
    Why is a vote of confidence from your boss dreaded?
    The fact that your boss even has to defend you means you’re on thin ice. In politics, a “vote of confidence” is typically followed by a firing or resignation.

  20. It’s tough to be a 49er fan today…. Mike’s a great guy, a man of faith and conviction…. but this is the Not For Long league when you only think that strength and brute force is the only way to win a game. As much as I would love to throw Alex under the bus, I can’t… the playing calling was terrible… time to mix it up…

  21. Now Jed explain how decades of season ticket holders will have to pay thousands to have the right to buy season tickets in your new stadium?
    It was the Yorks who gave us Erickson, Nolan, and now Singletary.
    OC Jimmy Raye gets a vote of confidence! For what?
    There is one common denominator for the last decade,
    The Yorks!

  22. @ Chapnasty
    Often times, a “vote of confidence” is a euphemism for “this fool is about to get canned.”

  23. if josh morgan’s knee is hurt bad that is singletary’s fault for having him in the game when it was over

  24. @chhapnasty–
    It’s a”dreaded vote of confidence” because it’s really not confident at all. It usually preceeds being fired.
    But the fraud here I’d Singltary. More ste than substance both playing and now coaching. I can 10 linebackers I’d take before Singletary and now he’s 0-3 even though everyone had them preseason to at leastwin the west.
    He’s a mirage. Tony Robbins in a ballcap.

  25. Where are all the preseason 49ers bulls? What was it again? Lemme see:
    1. HOF player, HOF coach.
    2. Weapons galore!!! Gore, Davis, Crabtree all certain HOFers.
    3. Alex Smith hits the lotto after 5 crappy seasons (despite the fact he’s been beaten out by HOFers JT O’Sullivan and Sean Hill).
    4. Finally a returning o-coordinator — ensures Smith an MVP season.
    5. “We’re gonna punch you in the mouth!” HaHaHa. Hilarious.
    6. Two #1 pick o-linemen seal the deal! Weapons, weapons, weapons!
    7. Crabtree one of the all-time greats! LOL! 6 catches for 69 yards in three games. LOL! What a complete scrub.
    8. World’s easiest schedule ensures NFC West championship.
    Too bad you lose to the sucky teams!
    What a slapdick organization.

  26. Now maybe their fans will finally awaken to the reality that Dingleberry is not a good coach. He’s all noise & speeches and zero substance. The Niners offense is a joke, and they get blown out too often. They have talent at the skill positions, but coupled with a crappy qb and o-line and that leaves them little chance to win.

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