Packers miscues deliver win for Bears

The Green Bay Packers, who were among the NFL’s elite teams before Monday night’s trip to Soldier Field, stumbled and bumbled their way through the final 32 minutes of the game, handing victory to the Bears, 20-17.

Including a pair of illegal forward passes on a final-play kick return that looked more like a game of Frolf than Stanford-Cal, the Packers committed 19 penalties, a franchise high.  A blocked field goal by Julius Peppers and an untimely fumble from receiver James Jones contributed to the meltdown, which culminated in a chip-shot field goal too short for even Garrett Hartley to miss.

The end result?  The Bears are the lone remaining undefeated team in the NFC, even though they easily could be 1-2.  In Week One, a hotly-debated officiating decision took a late Lions touchdown off the board, and the Packers seemed to be the better team for most of Monday night.

Neither team could muster much of a running game.  The Packers generated 43 yards from their tailbacks, and Green Bay picked up another 20 on scrambles by quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  For the Bears, quarterback Jay Cutler was the leading rusher with 37 yards.  The rest of the team contributed 40.

Rodgers completed 34 of 45 passes for 316 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.  Cutler connected on 16 of 27 for 221 yards, a touchdown, and a pick.

Rodgers contributed Green Bay’s other touchdown with a gritty run and dive into the end zone.

The Packers have a chance to get back on track when they host the Lions on Sunday.  For the Bears, that 3-0 mark will be tested when they head to the New Meadowlands for a prime-time, NBC tilt against the suddenly desperate Giants.

111 responses to “Packers miscues deliver win for Bears

  1. Hats off to the Bears. They had the sense not to interrupt while the better team was falling all over themselves trying to lose.

  2. Haha. Can’t even say one nice thing can you Florio.
    Any time could be 0-3 or 1-2 like your ViQueens. Bad teams rely on luck, good teams make their own.
    Eat it. Until Sunday at least. =P

  3. Green Bay made several mistakes Chicago was able to jump on. Congrats to da Bears on the W.
    As for the Pack… Someone needs to explain to the D that these stupid penalties are unacceptable. They literally cost them the game.

  4. Cue the hypocritical Packer fans complaining about the refs. Sweet sweet irony coming our way.
    How much you want to bet both teams are going to spin the lack of a run game on either side into thinking their run defenses are top notch? As it turns out, Chicago and Green Bay both just have terrible running backs.
    As far as everyone in the NFC North should be concerned, this division is still anyone’s for the taking.

  5. Slopshow game. You just can’t win games when you provide free drives to the opponent with penalties.
    Bears still won’t win the North, they are basically the same as the Cheifs.

  6. I love the Packers, but McCarthy needs to clean up this sloppy play…it’s garbage and they aren’t going anywhere if they don’t get it together.
    They will as they’ll get a few players back and as the season progresses, the penalties will hopefully decrease.

  7. Stop yourself with the could easily be 1-2 stuff…
    The Packers played sloppy, but maybe the Bears had something to do with that fact. Blocked FGs and forced fumbles may have had more to do with good plays by the Bears than they did with the Bears being lucky.

  8. Pathetic. Nothing else can be said. Champioship teams don’t commit 17 penalties.
    Good game Bear fans. See ya in January.

  9. Our special teams @#$ing suck and we have morons on our D.
    And thanks for holding onto that ball James Jones…where has football discipline gone? I never played football, but even I know that if you’re near the sidelines, you craddle the ball in the arm parallel to the sidelines…

  10. Way to back up you’re Packer love.
    “seemed to be the better team..” “gritty….” “untimely…”
    Lol. Don’t stain the Rodgers pillowcase.

  11. Reality check time for the Pack. You can’t win commiting that many penalties & really stupid ones too. And if you want to compete in the postseason you need a balanced offense. Rodgers is a good QB but the Pack have zero running game. You’re gonna need it when the weather gets colder, maybe hosting playoff games @ Lambeau might actually be a disadvantage when the weather is freezing.

  12. “The end result? The Bears are the lone remaining undefeated team in the NFC, even though they easily could be 1-2. ”
    Yeah and my Lions easily could be 3-0.

  13. Gotta hand it to the Bears. They are 3-0 when most people saw 1-2 at best.
    As a Packer fan, I honestly believe that the last Cutler INT was not PI. When I QB throws a ball higher in the air than it goes distacne wise, both the DB and the WR are going to tangle. The DB is chasing the QB down-field towards the endzone and then the WR notices the horrendous looking pass that had just been released and is forced to come back towards the line of scrimmage. How many called-back INTs and dropped INTs and Real Life INTs did Cutler have tonight?! 10, at least.
    On the other hand, Rogers, as it was plain as day to see, is freaking retarded. And by freaking retarded I mean pretty decent.
    The good thing is that MIN is two games behind the division leader and will be at least a game and a half back after next week.
    Congrats CHI see you on December.

  14. When will we get a coach who knows how to motivate and disciplin players plus the GM is too busy at the “gay bars” to trade for a running back

  15. Bullcrap! You make it sound like the Packers gave it to them. Mistakes were made on both sides and good things were done on both sides, but the Bears won!
    The aren’t who I thought they were! They’re 10 times better.
    —Lovie still sucks.

  16. Wasn’t pretty, but also remember the Bears left 10 pts on the field by way of a missed FG and dropped TD pass.

  17. Was a very ugly game and I think is sad that the Bears are the only undeated team in the NFC….. down year in that conference ????

  18. 2nd win in a row for the Bears where the media blame the opposing team on losing rather than the Bears winning…
    Why all the Bear hate?
    Either way, Bears have an inside track in the NFC North and the sole lead in the NFC…
    Report what you want talking heads…
    BEAR DOWN!!!

  19. keep cryin cheeseheads…
    arent these the same pack fans tht wrote of urlacher…how’s tht for a reply from 54…

  20. OK, Packer fans — let’s hear your best excuses now. I’m sure you’ll say the refs weren’t fair, or that the Bears didn’t really win so much as the Packers lost. Or maybe you’ll pull out the “if only we had Ryan Grant” excuse, even though two weeks ago you were all saying Jackson would do just fine… So what’s the story?

  21. This is the best headline and game description I’ve seen yet. In all my years of watching football, I’ve never seen a losing team do more to lose a game and a winning team do less to win a game.
    Can’t believe the game came down to a last second field goal considering all the mistakes Green Bay made. They played as poorly as they’re capable of and the Bears only won by a field goal at home.
    When the Packers get things cleaned up and get rolling, they’re going to be scary good.

  22. Well, this is what happens when you have a largely inexperienced team with no veteran leadership in a heated rivalry game.
    All of us true Packer fans have said it for almost six years now, but there is only so much we can do when our team is led by a man much more concerned with saving money than winning games.
    Credit to the Bears, they were clearly the better team today. Any time you can avoid having 16!! penalties, you usually win.
    Special credit to Peppers, who was a huge factor on nearly every defensive snap. He’s one of those proven, experienced, ‘free agent” type guys that most people in Green Bay have never heard of, of course.
    Cue all the Viking fans that haven’t already given up on the season to talk tough and act like it was THEM that beat us. Maybe it will distract them from their own team’s failures.
    However, once again, I give all due credit to the Bears. They most definitely earned this win. I take off my hat.
    On to next week.

  23. That officiating crew did one hell of a job. They, for some reason found it necessary to call two false start penalties on Green Bay’s Mark Tauscher from the Packers half yard line(irrelevant calls), yet totally ignored an illegal block in the back on the Devin Hester kickoff return for the Bears.
    When two players battle for position(ie: both holding each other away from an underthrown pass), where’s the penalty? The receiver kept the defensive back from getting the interception by holding him just as the defensive back kept the receiver from catching the ball by holding him). Offsetting penalties. Nope, on a third and long, let’s throw the Bears down at the Green Bay 15 yard line at the 2 minute warning of a tied game…..oh yeah, on a play where Packers Nick Collins just happened to intercept Jay Cutler on what was absolutely 100% an uncatchable ball for the Bears receiver.
    In addition, Clay Matthews was held on what seemed like every snap without one offensive holding call made on the Bears.
    The home team definitely got the vast majority of the calls in that game. Sure there were stupid penalties committed by the Packers Zombo’s Roughing the Passer penalty) but officials can’t take the game into their own hands. They did that tonight.
    I hope the Lions win that division. I’d rather they win it than the officials.

  24. oh. so the packers handed them the game? you don’t want to talk about how good the bears defense was when needed? or the talent of devin hester? or the plays cutler made when he had to? ok, sure….

  25. They were an elite team yesterday and now they are not? Huh?
    They’re the same team dude. They didn’t go trade for a dozen new players overnight.
    Maybe, just maybe, its the dumbasses that publish power rankings who’ve taken the credibility hit.
    Not in their own minds of course. It’s the Packers that let down their rankings.

  26. The NFC North will go down to the wire between the Bears, Vikings and Packers. The Bears should’ve lost opening game to “the Lions”, Pack lost to Bears and were fortunate to meet the Eagles without Vick being their QB and then beat lowly Bills…Vikes have worst record but they lost two close games to 2 playoff teams from last year including SB champs…..I don’t think any of the 3 are as good as “they think they are”. Vikings have wr problems, Pack has no running game, bad special teams and suspect pass defense, bears still have cutler who can stink it up overnite, weak run game.

  27. they could but they are not so deal with it florio!it must kill you to see that cutler and martz are getting along and peppers is wrecking havoc on the line. let’s see those were 2 things you said were not gonna happen right?anyway it may not be pretty except for the cowboys game and even you can’t deny the bears that game,but they are still 3-0 so deal with it!

  28. I hope the Bears feel good about that win because their luck will run-out soon. Cutler should’ve had four INTs. Once the Packers get Mike Neal, Al Harris, Atari Bigby, and James Starks onboard, their run will begin.

  29. I don’t care what goddamm headline you use, I don’t care how you try to discredit the Bears’ win–all summer long, all I heard was how the Biqueefs and Pack would *naturally* compete for the North, and the Lions would *finally* leapfrog the Bears for 3rd place in the division.
    Guess again, pickle ticklers.
    I don’t care how you characterize their wins, how much you try and diminish them–the opinions of you mediots don’t mean squat to reality, not in politics, not when it comes to NFL wins and losses.
    That’s the only stat that matters, bitches: 3-0
    And I’m saying the Bears are going to the Super Bowl?
    No (I’m not a presumtpuous chest-thumpign horn-sucking Queens fan, am I?)
    I’m saying you all were wrong about the Bears, no matter how much you try to justify it or excuse it or explain it away NOW.
    You said Martz + Cutler was toxic, Forte was a one year wonder, Olsen would be un-used and disgruntled, Peppers was overpaid and inconsistent, the WRs sucked, blah blah blah.
    Well, Bears may not be pretty, but they have heart, character, and yes, talent–and you all can go on doubting them, because as I’ve said from the very beginning–they always have their BEST seasons when the worst is expected from them.
    Bear down, baby, Bear down.

  30. Before every Viking fan comes in here claiming their own awesomeness, and the Packer fans continue their trashing of Favre, let’s remember that the Bears are currently the best team in this division.

  31. Cue the packer flamers excuses and lame explanations on how they were the better team. Face it your team if a bunch of overhyped homos

  32. Jay Cutler almost had as many completions to Packer defenders as he did his own receivers. He just needs to thank the refs for calling back 3 pics due to penalties.

  33. I did call Chicago winning the division this year, back in June. I was laughed at at the time, but it’s fairly clear now.
    I mean, who can stop them? The Pack obviously can’t, they lack the talent, leadership, and discipline. The Vikings are a complete joke on offense, and the Lions are so bad, even the pathetic Vikings beat them!!
    It’s gonna be a long year for all of us…

  34. Oh please. The rules are the rules. The Lions game is over, we don’t know what would have happened with :30 left so get over it. Those penalties against the Packers are things players cannot do. They all know it. If the Bears committed penalties to lose the game the headline would have been something clever like “The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were” (very original…you all know Florio and his knack for originality).
    See you at halftime next week Florio, on SNF when the Chicago Bears are up 23-6 on the new York Football Giants only to blow the lead and win 33-27.

  35. The Packers bailed Gay Cutler out so hard. He should have had at least 5 picks. Too bad that “rocket arm” cant fire at anything he actually wants to hit, look forward to the Bear’s Bronco-like late season collapse

  36. It’s almost as if the Pack WANTED to lose. But if you listen to Cutler, he ‘led’ his team to victory. My god–what a debacle in all phases of the game. And Chicago won by just 3 points?

  37. THIS is the team that every Packers fan was getting so wet over??????
    They looked ridiculous, against the friggin’ BEARS, for gawd’s sakes.
    Packers fans – just like Vikings fans – need to all STFU for the rest of the season.

  38. Fix was in for sure!! Helmet to helmet on Cutler denying a crucial INT late in the fourth? Please.. 18 penalties on the Packers? Holding call on Tauscher denying a td in the 3rd, 85% of the money was on the Pack; we know the real story.. Enjoy your victory Bear fan, we’ll see where you are in December.

  39. Why not just put a disclaimer at the top of the article that says I’d rather swallow my own vomit than praise the Bears?
    Its not like winning games through turnovers and special teams is new for the Bears.
    A lot of those penalties came from crowd noise, being overwhelmed before or during the play, and young players.
    It was a hard fought game and the Packers played well enough to have a chance to win the game. Right up to the part where they fumbled with two minutes to go and gave the Bears a short field.
    So sue the Bears because they closed the deal.

  40. only watched 3 games giants, raiders and packers may have messed up BUT thats what happens when the refs are out to get you beat ON PURPOSE!
    why not just put the penalty flag on the field and only pick it up when there is NO penalty? it will save the refs time and have more energy to run out of a hurry qb’s way?

  41. Congratulations to all the people who predicted the bears, chiefs and steelers as the last undefeated teams

  42. OK! I’ve long been a reader of this website, and I have read alot of garbage and put up with alot of crap that you have said Florio, but this article finally compelled me to create an account. I’m tired of people dogging on the Bears. COULD they be 1-2? Yes they COULD. Detroit COULD be 3-0? Yes they COULD. If I had wheels I’d be wagon buddy.

  43. Apparently Mike McCarthy was more confident in his defense blocking an extra point or executing a Stanford-Cal miracle than he was in giving Aaron Rodgers almost a minute to work with and two timeouts.
    It’s almost as if the two coaches were having a “who can be the dumbest” contest at the end of the game.
    Rather than taking a couple of kneel-downs and giving the Packers no chance of getting the ball back, the Bears tried to pound it into the end zone.
    But fear not, rather than letting Forte walk in and giving Rodgers a chance to tie it up and go to OT, they executed a useless goal line stand and put their hopes on blocking a gimme FG or getting a kick return miracle.
    The kicker could have kicked the ball straight up and still hit the FG, but nope, that was their best chance to win.
    McCarthy is also one of the worst challengers I’ve ever seen…wasted a timeout on an obvious play, like he did several times last year.
    I’m not even a Packers fan and that ending infuriated me.

  44. I have frequented this site since 2005 and you have always loved to hate the bears. That’s fine. It really is.
    But they’re 3 and 0 Florio. It doesn’t matter how it happened. They’re one of three teams who remain undefeated. Please just acknowledge the fact that each new season has the potential to be completely different from the last and that the way the season is unfolding is not necessarily the way that you and Peter King had so boldly predicted.
    Please understand that the operative word in this stupid article that was “posted by Mike Florio” is win. Here are a few alternative headlines:
    “Bears win massive NFC North showdown”
    “Bears take next step in proving naysayers wrong with big win”
    “Urlacher plays huge role in big win for home team en route to another pro bowl berth”
    “Bears win, Packers lose”
    “Florio loses money as Bears win”
    “Florio loses more credibility with horrible biased-laden article”
    “Mike Florio needs to accept the fact that he was wrong on yet another embarrassing edition of PFTV”
    The bears could conceivably miss the playoffs. I’m not screaming “Super bowl” from the rooftops or anything like that. I guess the only point I’m trying to make is that the bears are the only team whom you would title an article so disparagingly against.

  45. The Bears have tried to give away games week 1 and week 3, and their opponents tried to do the same in both games.
    I have always been high on Jay Cutler and got razzed by putting him #5 on my top QB’s list, a spot above Drew Brees.
    That James Jones fumble bounced similar to the muffed punt for the 49ers a week before.
    The Bears got gifts like that last week with Romo turnovers bouncing off receivers’ hands. You don’t trust a pyromaniac with matches or a lighter and you don’t trust Lovie Smith with timeouts or challenges.
    The Vikings are getting regrouped to take on the teams atop them. As dominant as Julius Peppers looked tonight, this was the first time he really flashed like that as a Bear.
    I think the Vikings have a better pass rush, a better pass defense and comparable linebackers and run defense.
    The Vikings have a better run game and a receiver in Percy Harvin who, if healthy, is deadlier than any the Bears have.
    I was not that impressed with either New Orleans nor Atlanta in the little I’ve seen them this year. In my opinion, the best clashes atop the divisions will be the NFC North between GB and Minnesota, a real treat in the AFC North with Baltimore and Pittsburgh this week, and a clash in the AFC East which is 3/4th SEC-style rivalries and the Bills who are just WAC . The Chargers will also catch up to the Chiefs for their December 12th game at San Diego.

  46. Lot’s of miscues, but if I were a Packer fan I would be pissed that they tried to stop the Bears in the waning seconds instead of letting them score.
    I can understand if you have time outs, but everyone could see they would be getting the ball back with less than 10 seconds on the clock.
    Why not just let them score and give yourself a chance to tie? That is more likely to happen than the Packers are to block a field goal at that range.
    Not to mention I lost my Fantasy Football game because of their poor clock management. I was 1.5 points short of tying with Rodgers playing when they did that. He would have easily won me the game had MM made the right call.
    That’s what I get for relying on the Packers.

  47. See I have been telling everyone all along that the Packers are the joke of then N.F.L. .Now all those that watched Monday nights game know as well.Thanks for the clownish ,knee slapping comedy tonight.

  48. Peppers caused a ton of turnovers himself. He was blatantly held on almost every pass play. Good for the refs to call it tight. Hester continues to be rediculous. Go Bears!

  49. Bears continue their role as the Rodney Dangerfields of the league – no respect. Last defeated NFC squad. Beat Dallas in Dallas. Beat Green Bay. No respect. Are a “year or two behind Green Bay” say some. Maybe we’re that but we’re also alone atop the NFC Norris and I like our chances against anybody.
    I’ve been a Bears fan since the Jack Pardee era and have noted anti-Bear bias amongst announcers and talking heads since the. 70s… its not new nor do I much care but I do wonder why all the hate?
    Bottom line we’re 3-0 and your team likely isn’t. We’ll beat the Giants on Sunday night and see if we get any credit there but won’t be too surprised when the Giants lose instead of the Bears winning.

  50. Blah blah is all I read..
    If it was not for the Packers getting called for multiple holding calls then the Bears could have won this game by much more than 3
    PS. How are they going to be tested against a terrible NY Giants team? Bears will go 4-0…

  51. As I’m posting this, there are zero comments…
    what’s the over/under on overconfident Viking fans talking trash? I’m going with 8 unique posters and 25 comments…
    Give credit to the Bears, they did just enough to win.
    Packer penalties and special teams were atrocious.
    Green Bay’s injury report next week will contain about 53 listings for “gunshot wounds to the foot”.

  52. Florio You couldn’t just keep the story on the win you had to jab with the week one touchdown that wasn’t. It’s knuckelheads like you that give the media a bad name because you don’t understand the rules. You better stick to your guns because if you jump on Da BEARS bandwagon i am going to laugh at you so hard.

  53. Unlike Vikings fans, I won’t say “the refs gave it to them,” but I probably could given the 17 penalties the Packers committed (see, I am actually rational enough to admit they were legit flags) and gift wrapped this one. Cut the penalties in half, play some D on special teams, and get something remotely resembling a running game and Green Bay wins easily. Chicago deserves to win and Green Bay gets a very hungry Lions team at Lambeau on Sunday.

  54. This was a great classic Packers – Bears game. Down to the wire.
    Way, way too many mistakes by GB at the most inopportune times. Not that there is an opportune time for penalties.
    One Step Forward…Ten-15 Yards Back. Just PITIFUL!
    If we only had somewhat of the run game, but not this year. It was not like the Bears had any run game either.
    Offensive Line was truly OFFENSIVE. Perhaps it is time to let Bulaga have a shot.
    Welcome to the NFL Burnett and Shields. Expect more of the same down the road.
    As much as I hate to do it. I give the Bears credit for a good game. We’ll get them in Lambeau!

  55. Miscues?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! That is the best title you could come up with?! How about lack of discipline, poor read and recognition and lack of a running game?
    Wow. I am still stunned, not by the outcome (congrats Bears), but by how poorly the team played with extra time to prepare.

  56. I have rarely seen a team deserve a victory less than the Bears did last night. Every drive was extended by Packer penalties, every miscue was overturned by Packer penalties, Cutler should of had 6 ints, Packer points were taken off the board because of penalties, the entire game of favorable field position was because of penalties. The story has it right….victory handed to the Bears on a silver platter.

  57. Uh, what the hell is “Frolf?” Is that a combination of “Florio” and “golf,” where everytime you swing the club, your toupee slides around and girls laugh at you/look at you with remorse/disgust?

  58. @ syge
    Agreed. McCarthy is an idiot. It was his second incredibly stupid challenge in as many weeks. If he doesn’t challenge he could have called time out after the third down. Packers would have gotten the ball back with just under a minute.
    Why did he kick to Hester? Where is the discipline on the team 19 penalties?
    There is a ton of talent on the Packers and a lousy coach leading them.
    Please Ted fire this idiot.

  59. the packers penalties that were called that reversed interceptions were legit penalties (i was cheering for the packers). The helmet to helmet on the qb is a rule, whether you like it or not, its the rule.
    green bay can look at two main reasons on offense for not winning this game: no running game- not even an attempt to establish one- and rodgers ignoring main receivers late in the game.
    we all know about the lack of running game, so let me explain the second point. rodgers and driver were working the underneath routes perfectly through the first 3 quarters, then nothing to him in the 4th. rodgers didnt bother looking jennings way all 2nd half, instead going to studs like nelson and jones. jones being the one who put the ball on the ground, which was ridiculous considering the importance of the play. if rodgers wants to win he needs to realize that finley, driver, and jennings are the talented ones, and nelson and jones are not the ones to be trusted on a regular basis.

  60. Green ‘n’ Gold–
    “Fix was in for sure!! Helmet to helmet on Cutler denying a crucial INT late in the fourth? Please.. 18 penalties on the Packers? Holding call on Tauscher denying a td in the 3rd”
    I see – so because the legitimate penalties that were called against your team happened on important plays, it was fixed. Brilliant logic, jackass.

  61. syge: Right on the money, McCarthy made some horrible decisions last night.
    Is there even ONE Packer fan here who is putting the blame where it should be, as opposed to everywhere else?

  62. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
    If one team makes mistakes that aren’t penalties, and the other team make mistakes that are penalties, the team committing the penalites is not the better team. The better team did a better job of playing within the rules and won because of it. Am I going to say that Cutler didn’t make a couple of really bad throws? No. (and no – it wasn’t 5 that would have been picks, like some of you drunkards jacked it up to be)
    The Bears won. The Packers lost. Mistakes were made by both teams, and both teams did things well. Here’s a perspective for you brilliant minds out there: The Bears were the better team and should have won by 3 TDs, but for Cutlers miscues. You can change any aspect of “if this would have happened” and change the outcome of any game in any direction.
    Stop crying. Guess what DID happen? The Bears beat the Packers to go 3-0.

  63. So this is the Packer team that we’re supposed to be so afraid of? Meh.
    That is probably the last Packer game I’ll be able to watch. The announcers are so up in Rodgers and Mathews jocks it is just sickening. They’re good but they’re not THAT f’ing good.
    Bears had 2nd and 20 and call a running play. Mathews tackles Forte by his face and gets the personal foul. Automatic first down. Not a bad call. The right call. And the announcers couldn’t talk about anything but Mathews’ motor and how great he was.
    Rodgers manufactures a whopping 17 points and all game it was like he’s the second coming of…Favre? It was the same way when Brett played there. No wonder their fans are so damn brainwashed.

  64. You’d have to be an idiot to think the Bears played better than the Packers in this game.
    Packers lost because of penalties. Whether the refs were, “out to get them” or not. Who knows, sure seemed that way.
    Yeah Clay Matthews didn’t have a huge game. Apparently all you need to do to block him is grab on his facemask or helmet and front headlock him to the ground. Why not? It’s not like the refs were going to call anything on the Bears.
    That last PI call should have went the other way.
    Total BS.

  65. People still want to blame Favre for the Packers not winning a SB since 97? He’s gone but the same horribly timed defensive miscues are still there. The same horrible coaching adjustments (or lack there of) are still there. And the same horrible stupid penalties are there.
    Fact is, no matter who is QBing the Packers, they won’t win a SB until those other long standing problems are finally fixed.

  66. To those complaining about plays being called back because of penalties, you have to look at what would have happened had the penalty not been committed instead of just not being called.
    If a TD is called back due to holding, then the QB might have been sacked had the holding not occurred. If an INT is called back because the QB was hit in the head, the pass might not have been errant if the hit had been clean. If an INT is overturned due pass interference, the player interfered with might have caught the ball or at least knocked it down.
    Although this didn’t happen THIS game, the easiest way to understand it would be a hold or illegal block on a punt return where a return for a TD would not have happened if the player held or blocked illegally would have made the tackle or at least slowed the returner down so someone else could have gotten the guy. It’s a direct cause and effect.
    In these other instances, it’s reasonable to contemplate that the INTs or TD would not have happened either had the rules been obeyed.

  67. Wow – the wheels are beginning to loosen on the Packer Nation’s wagon!
    FatBoy out-coached yet again in a big game.
    Some things never seem to change.
    Calling Jimmy Smith, Bob Nelson and what remains of the Rubber Knife Gang: Don’t lose the intensity.

  68. Anyone who watched the game knows Green Bay was the superior team. Cutler threw 3 picks and the Green Bay defense was fine. However you can’t commit all those penalties and expect to win. Everything that could go wrong for Green Bay did yet they still had a chance to win at the end. The game did show that they need to get a quality running back to replace Grant. You can throw it 50 times in Sept but not in December. Call Buffalo and get Lynch. Now.

  69. Damn Florio, you just cannot give the Bears any credit, can you? The Bears forced that fumble at the end, just like they forced all those penalties.
    You’re a joke.

  70. Calistin,
    The Bears didn’t commit as many penalties. How is that not playing better?
    It seemed the refs were out to call penalties that they saw, and they saw a ton.
    Did you see any illegal blocks on Matthews or are you just assuming because you’re a crybaby?
    The last PI call was legit. That pass was horrible, but the penalty was just as horrible. That’s the way it goes.
    Bears 3-0

  71. Hey Packer fans ! Cry me a river. You guys are always making excuses, blaming the referee’s where in fact your team is in fact mediocre and undisciplined, O-Line was holding on almost every play. The rest of the sports world understands the gene pool is pretty limited up in the shoddy village of Green Bay.

  72. Frolf is disc golf….I’m 50 and knew that. I have asked all year how two 35 year old men would cover Knox and Hester, now I know, by holding them and tugging on them all night.
    The Packs O-line was way outplayed, they were holding on almost every play, the only ones they didn’t hold on were the plays they jumped off-sides. They looked nervous and scared, and played like it.
    Without some miscues from Cutler the Bears would have won this one by another 2 TDs. After watching Farve benefit from bogus calls for years to hear the Packer-backers cry about the bad calls is music to my ears….sucks when they call them right for a change doesn’t it?

  73. @joetoronto
    Yes I’m a Packer fan and McCarthy is an idiot and I’ve been saying that for a couple of years.
    The challenge was stupid and most likely cost us 50 seconds at the end of the game.
    There is a ton of talent on the Packers, just a lousy head coach

  74. Yeah the Bears did. Devin Hester is great, really great. Such a threat. Pack’s mistakes gave away the game. The Bears, this time, were good enough to take it and do something with it.
    Are the Bears really good? Lucky and pretty good.

  75. bil cowher please report to green bay immediately, coach cowher to green bay please. five years of mccrappy coaching is enough for me.

  76. the better team lost. now where have I heard that one before? oh right, the nfc championship game last year.

  77. To borrow a line from a huge D Bag:
    Paging Supersuckers. Paging Supersuckers.
    Where are all the Packer homers, well, besides the ones who crawl out of their hole to blame it on the refs that is. I just watched the replays of the helmet to helmet and the Burnett P.I., clearly both good calls and blatant stupidity on the part of the defenders.
    If you want to blam someone, blame McCarthy. He was outcoached by Lovie Smith. Why do you ponder challenging that fumble. Wasted timeout that could have changed the game when the Bears let the clock run down to 8 seconds. And absolutely no discipline whatsoever. For a coach who supposedly runs a tight ship (according to Super and the rest of the homer clan), they sure shoot themselves in the foot a lot.
    So a win against the Eagles playing with one terrible QB, and one rusty ex con QB with his first action in 4 years. And a win against the Bills who cut their starting QB a week later.
    And now a loss to the Bears, a team that essentially lost to the Lions. Reviewing the past 3 weeks, it’s pretty clear that the Lions are right on par with the Bears and Eagles, and the Vikes beat the Lions by 14 even with a bad game from Favre. No wonder the wheels are falling off the Packers bandwagon after only 1 loss. Even huge homers like irishgary are calling for Thompson’s head after this. Sad.

  78. cusoman says:
    September 28, 2010 12:03 AM
    Cue the hypocritical Packer fans complaining about the refs. Sweet sweet irony coming our way
    Silent Ninja says:
    September 28, 2010 12:50 AM
    Cue the packer flamers excuses and lame explanations on how they were the better team. Face it your team if a bunch of overhyped homos
    rovibe says:
    September 28, 2010 12:19 AM
    OK, Packer fans — let’s hear your best excuses now. I’m sure you’ll say the refs weren’t fair, or that the Bears didn’t really win so much as the Packers lost. Or maybe you’ll pull out the “if only we had Ryan Grant” excuse, even though two weeks ago you were all saying Jackson would do just fine… So what’s the story
    Duce000 says:
    September 28, 2010 12:56 AM
    Let the excuses begin……
    ok 100 plus reponses on here and the ones that are actually packer fans are making little to know excuses. Mostly calling out coaches, lack of disciline, sheer football stupidity. It’s waht’s know as a long time fan base that knows their team can be good, but can also be beaten. It’s called living in the real world. That’s the story and I Hope Cusoman, you can see the real sweet irony here.
    Smack talking is great I guess but when you lose, man up & say you lost. This is how it’s done

  79. The only thing more embarrassing than that puker loss is Favre embarrassing the pukergirls twice on national TV. Smug arse Mrs. Rodgers got his smile wiped from his face. Bears beat your arse. Get over it, clowns.

  80. Green Bay used to be my team. Since Aaron the great became quarter back the team is not the same. Aaron is very arrogant, conceited and keeps looking at himself to see if he is on tv. He acts like an idiot especially when he jumps into the stands. Who is this weird little man. I really am not a bears fan, but before the game they interviewed aaron and he said he wanted to show the chicago fans and the bears just who the packers were. haha. kinda bit you in the butt did it? sorry aaron the packers are not america’s team and your not america’s quarterback.

  81. joetoronto says:
    September 28, 2010 7:53 AM
    syge: Right on the money, McCarthy made some horrible decisions last night.
    Is there even ONE Packer fan here who is putting the blame where it should be, as opposed to everywhere else?
    Would you go back & raed the posts. Most Packer fans afre blaming the Pack, coachces, etc. Very few excuses about the flags. Green n gold being the exception.

  82. # SJ39Beast says: September 28, 2010 3:25 AM
    “What’s Frolf?”
    Frisbee Golf
    / Google is your friend

  83. i tried to warn you pcker fans about your o-line especially your ancient tackles and your 2ndary and your special teams! i begged you to listen but you refused! so don’t come crying to me saying “gravy, why didn’t you warn us??!!”

  84. footballrulz, here you go
    Calistin says:
    Yeah Clay Matthews didn’t have a huge game. Apparently all you need to do to block him is grab on his facemask or helmet and front headlock him to the ground. Why not? It’s not like the refs were going to call anything on the Bears.
    That last PI call should have went the other way.
    Green n’ Gold says:
    September 28, 2010 1:35 AM
    Fix was in for sure!! Helmet to helmet on Cutler denying a crucial INT late in the fourth? Please.. 18 penalties on the Packers? Holding call on Tauscher denying a td in the 3rd, 85% of the money was on the Pack; we know the real story.. Enjoy your victory Bear fan, we’ll see where you are in December.
    mrod11 says:
    September 28, 2010 1:00 AM
    Jay Cutler almost had as many completions to Packer defenders as he did his own receivers. He just needs to thank the refs for calling back 3 pics due to penalties.
    Come on rulz, there’s a ton of ref blaming going on here. You’re of the minority being a good fan, bud, not the majority.

  85. schooney says:
    September 28, 2010 12:13 AM
    When will we get a coach who knows how to motivate and disciplin players plus the GM is too busy at the “gay bars” to trade for a running back
    if this is true i have to say i disapprove and it’s not about him being gay either. let him go to his gay bars if he wants but he should only be allowed to go after he finishes his work

  86. rcunningham says:
    September 28, 2010 12:15 AM
    Where you at Jimmy? Bob? You are BOTH notorious for disappearing after Packer losses.
    Yeah, where are they? You gave them a whole 21 minutes to show up.

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