Roy Williams still using Michael Irvin as motivation

Hall of Fame former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin said this month that he thinks his old team is playing “10 on 11” when receiver Roy Williams is on the field. Williams is coming off his best game as a Cowboy, and he says he’s still thinking about those comments to get himself fired up.

“Michael Irvin picked me up a little bit with the 10-on-11 comment,” Williams said on KILT in Houston, via “That really ticked me off and that’s taken me to another level. My thing is just be consistent, don’t worry about what everybody else says and just do my job.”

Williams says he’s not, however, motivated by the Cowboys’ decision to use a first-round draft pick on another receiver, Dez Bryant. And Williams thinks he thinks it’s a good thing if people are talking about Bryant and not about him.

“Just try to make a play,” Williams said. “That’s what I’ve been trying to do the first three weeks and just be consistent. I’ve been under the radar and nobody’s talked about me and I still want that. Don’t talk about me, just talk about everybody else.”

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  1. So in the same paragraph he states, “My thing is just be consistent, don’t worry about what everybody else says and just do my job”
    But prior to saying that he says, “Michael Irvin picked me up a little bit with the 10-on-11 comment”
    I’m not a Rhodes Scholar, but methinks that’s doubletalk.

  2. well, Irving had just done a line when he made that statement…so, like a guy with a concussion, we shouldn’t hold it against Michael!

  3. Michael Irvin shouldn’t even have his broadcasting job. That guy was one of the lowest class turds the NFL has ever seen, and is the last person who should be criticizing Williams. Williams doesn’t have Irvin’s reputation for drugs and hookers. Michael Irvin is a worthless druggy scumbag who should be sitting in prison right now.

  4. Michael Irvin is an idiot anyway. Why anyone would worry about what he has to say is beyond me. But I’m glad to see Roy showing what he can do. Hopefully he can get the hell out of Dallas and get on a team that appreciates him.

  5. Roy played like it was 2006 yesterday….
    Dez is the better of the 2 recievers but if roy plays fired up like this every week, which is impossible, he might keep his job for a few more weeks….but like i said, that isnt possible.

  6. Irvin only said that after wearing out the self employed models and battery operated pleasure devices. In addition(addiction?) he was out of nose candy, tired and just in a bad mood. I seriously doubt he meant it… We all have bad days and say things we don’t mean, right?

  7. Michael Irvin didn’t get the game ball, he got the “Game-Baggie”….Cowboys miss the playoffs anyways….

  8. Irvin is just another example of why ex-players usually make bad sports commentators. Ex-coaches are only marginally better. Seriously, other than Howie Long, I’m having a really hard time coming up with any who don’t make me just cringe. Terry Bradshaw, Deion, Sharpe, and just about everyone else is just plain insufferable. This is why the pre-game and halftime shows are just terrible.

  9. Very pathetic. The millions he gets paid aren’t enough motivation, he needs some analyst to make a bad comment about him so he’ll play well ?
    Yet another reeking turd in the long list of NFL turds.

  10. I’m surprised that Roy Williams — or any of you — even know what Michael Irvin had to say on this (or any other) subject. Personally, I just hit the mute button every time that that uptown pimp comes on the screen.

  11. Roy needs to start thinking about why opposing teams are leaving single man coverage on him with absolutely no safety help. Hell, even the guy that went man on him looked surprised that:
    a) Romo threw him the ball.
    b) Williams actually caught it.
    c) He had enough speed to reach the endzone before tripping or fumbling the ball.
    If the DB doesn’t slip on that second TD, Roy has a pretty average day. Bryant gets his job within the next 6 weeks.

  12. @burntorangehorn
    Thank you. They only have Bradshaw there to make Howie relax some. Otherwise he might pop a forehead vein.

  13. Yes, if you want to know about the night clubs in Dallas…ask Michael Irvin….if you want to know of the drug dealers in Dallas….ask Michael Irvin….if you want to know about the best brothels in town….ask Michael Irvin…but….if you want to know anything of substance about the WR position…..ask Michael Irvin because hes was undeniably one of the greatest of all time….big-time in big game folks….the eye-in-the-sky doesn’t lie. He knows Roy is a wannabee diva and knows how fragile his psyche is so he decided to make a statement that would get that guy going. Roy has the talent and physical tools….all he has to do is want it. If he wants it and plays well, I feel sorry for the rest of the D coordinators on our schedule……GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Roy Williams has absolutely nothing to prove to anybody. Especially Michael Irvin. Irvin had one of the best qb’s passing to him and one of the best rb’s in the game to give him opportunity to get open in the passing game. Roy Williams has a running back by committee and a very overrated qb who has never proved himself to have done anything in this league. Michael Irvin should shut his mouth, but it looks through 3 weeks that Roy is shutting it for him.

  15. i’m pretty much a cowboy hater, but, mike irvin was ridiculously unstoppable. if i had one game to win, i’m picking him to go win it for me.
    he’s a bit (a bit?!) of a clown on television, but, when it comes to breaking down a wideout, i’m still gonna listen to 88.

  16. Next weekend is a big one. It’s a Bye, time to see how they handle having a bye after winning last Sunday.

  17. I sure love all the Irvin Haters….lmao @ them.
    Irvin was a playmaker, hence the nickname. He was a big part of 3 superbowls. those are facts. Did he have off the field issues…?? LOTS OF EM. However, name a team that hasnt…? Just because OJ was a murderer, doesnt mean he wasnt a beast of a RB in his day. Braylon Edwards is an idiot. Although, he sure made the Fish look drunk last night …..
    Irvin was a beast of a WR, & certainley can speak intelligently about the position. Anyone can see Roy as the pretender he is, especially a pro bowl reciever that played in the same organization.
    I agree with DynastyDays… Roy has the tools. I question whether he has the heart. Im no #11 fan. I am a Cowboys fan, & hope he changes my opinion cause, Im with the Playmaker on Roy…

  18. ATLien says:
    September 27, 2010 3:12 PM
    So in the same paragraph he states, “My thing is just be consistent, don’t worry about what everybody else says and just do my job”
    But prior to saying that he says, “Michael Irvin picked me up a little bit with the 10-on-11 comment”
    I’m not a Rhodes Scholar, but methinks that’s doubletalk.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    It isn’t double talk at all, it’s called compartmentalizing. He’s taking what Irvin said to heart and using it for motivation and blocking out the rest. It’s a good approach to use because it will keep him motivated even if he has success.
    I guess I’ll believe you if you say your not a Rhodes Scholar…

  19. When I read the title I thought that “Michael Irvin” was a particular brand of crack Roy Williams likes to smoke to make him think he is a good player. Much like the cowboys “fans” smoke to think they actually have a good team.

  20. If this dope needs outside comments to motivate his game-day performance he’s even a bigger waste than I first thought.

  21. @Sting Ray
    He said he didn’t care what anyone says; but admits he cared what Irvin said, ergo double talk. You can call it what you want, but there’s no disputing the contradiction.

  22. Im still a Williams fan, when the teams gets it together so does he. I think Dallas has three of the best receivers in fotball. I didnt THE best but three of them. I just wished they would have kept Patrick Crayton.

  23. Let me get this right…You weren’t giving 100% until you heard Michael Irvin say you weren’t giving 100%. Hey Dufus, you just proved Irvin right. And I hate that!!!!

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