Tom Coughlin's seat gets a little warmer

The Giants are 4-10 over their last 14 games dating back to last year.

The record is ugly, and the tendency of the team to lose big with undisciplined play is even more deflating.  Our own Josh Alper points out that the Giants were delusional as ever about the game afterwards.

Tom Coughlin has turned this team around before, but there is added pressure to do so this year.  For that, let’s turn to Mr. Mike Florio on the Sunday Night post-game show with Bob Costas. 


27 responses to “Tom Coughlin's seat gets a little warmer

  1. Talk about an undisciplined team.
    The vagiants have no heart and Eli looks like the worst QB in the league.
    I do not see them winning more than 4 games all year. Perhaps vagiant fans should buy bill board space to lure Cowher out of retirement.

  2. The Giants used to be a disciplined team before Jerry Reese became the man in charge of picking talent. Now the defense is loaded with thugs and showboaters and Coughlin has lost control because of it.
    Its almost a repeat of when Coughlin was in Jacksonville. When he picked the players they were a disciplined group, then Crack Harris came along and ran the team into the ground with a group of players that were me-first types and Coughlin lost control then. He deserves better because he is an excellent Coach

  3. I hope they and the Skins go in the tank….with The Dogkiller playing at another level, Id like to see this become a 2 way race between the Iggles and Cowgirls.
    Once the Iggles defeat McChoke, the sky’s the limits. But Dallas will shake off their funk….the Giants are on a deep slide towards medocrity.

  4. Tom Coughlin’s seat gets a little warmer
    That was because he ordered the taco grande meal from Chipotle.

  5. this is eli’s fault? have you seen one giant game all season? he had one true pick the whole season, when he tried to make that play in the red zone yest. His other turnovers came when they bounced off his wr’s hands. He is the least of their issues. they have no discipline, they have no O line, and their special teams is without a doubt the worst in the NFL, not to mention the malcontents and whiners they have, a pretty weak pass rushing D too.

  6. Oh…and they havent been good since Plaxico “Six-shooter” Burress nearly shot his balls off and landed his-self in prison.
    They stink.
    They’re next coach is Gruden.

  7. “The vagiants have no heart and Eli looks like the worst QB in the league.”
    Spoken like someone that apparently hasn’t watched any of the Giants games this year.
    Out of the 6 INT’s that Eli has so far, two of them are his fault. One of which was the stupid left handed heave into the end zone yesterday, which there is no excuse for. The other four were passes that tipped off the receivers hands, and right into the arms of the defender. People that don’t watch the games, and just look at the box score, see the INT’s next to Eli’s name, and assume that he had a bad game.
    Eli is far from the reason why the Giants are playing as poorly as they are. He’s got a 65.7% completion percentage through three games. They moved the ball with relative ease against the Titans yesterday, as evidenced by the fact that they almost doubled them in total yards for the game. The penalties and the turnovers are obviously what killed them.
    You’re not gonna win too many games when you commit 11 penalties, 5 of which were personal fouls, have 3 turnovers, and 2 missed FG’s. That’s a recipe for disaster and that’s exactly what happened. Regardless of whose fault the mistakes are, they have to be corrected. But to put the blame on Eli, that’s not right.
    As far as Tom Coughlin goes, I’m a Giants fan, and I’ll always remember him for the Super Bowl win. You win a championship in New York, and the people will love you forever.
    But that said, he’s starting to lose control of the team, and unless he manages to get things turned around in a hurry, it’s gonna be time to send him on his way at the end of the season. He’s had a good run, and it would be a shame to see it end this way, but whether it’s Bill Cowher or whomever else, they need some new blood.

  8. Cunninglinguist How can you say Eli looks like the worst quaterback in the league? The offensive line looks awful, and they have no running game. He still brought them up and down the field.

  9. A little warmer? Like from 2 inches away from the sun to the actual surface of the sun? Anything short of a Superbowl and Coughlin is fired. When high-priced free agents like Rolle come in and start talking about how over-disciplined everything is, you know the head coach better change up or get out.

  10. coughlin would be long gone if it wasn’t for that super bowl. i like the giants, but they’re gonna end up with a losing record this season. poor coaching, poor execution all around. eli is a turnover machine, the offensive tackles are playing terribly, the defense can’t apply pressure to the QB by sending 4 men (which was the staple of that defense that super bowl season), linebackers are weak, secondary gives up too many plays. this team has only beaten carolina when moore just gave the ball away on several occasions. the way that diehl has been playing, peppers might take eli’s head right off next week. gonna be terribly embarrassing for the giants playing that game on primetime.

  11. Coughlin has survived this sort of thing before, but his team really looked like a mess on Sunday. Still, this team is not without talent, and could right itself again for a playoff run…….

  12. @cunning
    “Talk about an undisciplined team”
    really?? harassing woman reporters and having an arrest for dwi..
    word of advise, just worry about about your jest team, after last night, your lucky to be

  13. Big Bear – Go win a super bowl and then u have the right to post a comment about a Giants topic.
    Your pathetic franchise hasn’t accomplished anything in 25 yeara!!! Lol. U guys r a joke man. One good start to a season and ur oj cloud 9

  14. cunninglinguist says:
    September 27, 2010 11:16 AM
    Talk about an undisciplined team.
    The vagiants have no heart and Eli looks like the worst QB in the league.
    Nah, that would be Brett Favre.

  15. It’s not too hard imagining Cowher as the next head coach of the G-men.
    So New York that’s what you have to look forward to. This year, a big bag of suck!
    Next year, being coached by the spitting chin.

  16. Hurts a lot to see my team falter like this. We spent a ton of money to improve the secondary which appeared to be our biggest problem last season and this is what we have to show for it. The offensive line looks old now. Almost all of Eli’s picks came as the result of tipped balls the receivers didn’t catch. In all of them he was on the mark but the receiver wasn’t.
    Two years ago Coughlin gives us the one of, if not the greatest Super Bowl win, in Giants and NFL history. Today everyone is screaming for his head. What a difference a little time can make. But the W’s and L’s speak for themselves. Short of another turn around like that of the SB XLII season he’ll be history when this season ends.
    Until then I’ll keep rooting the G-Men on. What else can a true Giants fan do?
    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  17. David56 says: “What else can a true Giants fan do?”
    Continue having “supper” at 4 in the afternoon, collecting social security and trying not to crap in your depends.

  18. How this is Eli fault is beyond me I was there he throw one bad pass
    The other Int was a WR would did not wash his hands and could not hold onto the ball
    Eli has had two bad passes in 3 games the rest of the so called ints were the fault of his WR’s
    If Bradshaw did not throw a chop block no safety if Bradshaw did not fumble that would have been a TD for us not them.
    If the players would stop with all the personal fouls we would not have given up 75 yards.
    But yeah its all Eli’s fault
    Even with his one int they could have won if the rest of the players were a team not a bunch of hot headed aholes

  19. Eli beat the undefeated Pats and he can help beat any team on any given Sunday. The haters know this and their posts can be pretty funny.

  20. kev86, you know as well as everyone else that was the biggest fluke play in sports history – Eli has never been able to validate that SB title he has and he never will. As far as Coughlin being a great coach, he had a terrific run in Jacksonville but it collapsed in 2000 and he’s never been that good since.

  21. Everyone says that Tyree catch was a fluke play. The only thing that made it a fluke play was that Tyree didn’t catch it cleanly. It was actually a pretty accurate throw. The shiny bling validates that SB title.

  22. i would like to see Cowher in as much as the next giants fan, but this blame HAS TO FALL on kevin gilbride.
    run the ball and keep the pass rush honest.
    no need for jacobs in the game. he is twinkle toes.
    and why dont we switch to a 3-4 defense?
    where is the press coverage
    perry’s defense reminds me of the Tim Lewis era……we all know that isnt a pretty site.

  23. baroneski – oh no it doesn’t – it puts the pressure on Eli to live up to it, and not only is he not living up to it, he’s proving what a hideous fluke it was. It was a sack that wasn’t called, a desperation heave, and a catch that would otherwise have never stuck. By no stretch can that be considered anything BUT a fluke. The real Eli showed up against the Titans – and they deservedly beat him up.

  24. As a die hard Giants fan, I absolutely relate to the pain my fellow supporters are feeling. Obviously, the ship may not be steering in the direction we’d like it to be. And there are a number of reasons for this. Football, as most football “aficionados,” would know, is a, if not, THE, ultimate team sport. It takes the offensive line, the running back, the tight end, the wide receivers, and, most of all, the quarterback, to do their job, almost to perfection to run a play successfully. And the same goes for the defense. With that being said, the play, not matter who calls or draws it, does not succeed when one of these elements don’t perform or under-achieves. I refuse to call out the quarterback, Eli, as the main reason for the teams’ failures as I will do the same with the coach. As mentioned earlier, the team, in its entirety, needs to be held accountable. Eli has not performed to the point that he’s doing a Jamarcus Russell impression. He has done, for the most part what he’s called to do. In Mr. Russell’s situation, yes, the team (Raiders) was terrible, but we can all agree that he can be blamed for almost all of the teams’ problems. Agree? Yes, we may need a new coach or young blood but I can’t agree on blaming all of the teams’ problems with the coach. As for everyone else, I applaud you for supporting your respective teams’, but I’m sorry, unless and until your teams (a certain one from Dallas) can show that you make a serious run in the playoffs (forget the Super Bowl) I really can’t give you any respect that you may think you deserve.

  25. Mike Daly- He almost threw for 400 yards against Tenn. Yeah that was a bad decision near the goaline but the other ints weren’t his fault. Actually none of his ints this year were his fault except the left handed throw. You can’t put the blame on Eli. There was horrible play calling, no running game, and bad pass protection.

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