Week Three Monday 10-pack

The third week of the 2010 season provided plenty of memorable highlights and outcomes. 

From an overtime thriller in New Orleans to a couple of 0-2 underachievers getting things pointed in the right direction to what nearly became an overtime thrilled in Miami, we hope the next 14 weeks are just like this one.

Then again, some teams would prefer to forget all about Week Three.  For 10 story lines focusing on the good and the bad from Week Three, read on.

1.  Coughlin out, Cowher in?

Two years ago, the Giants started the season 0-2, giving up 80 points in
two games.  This year, after a sloppy Week One win against a grossly
overmatched Panthers team, the Giants have surrendered 67 in two even
sloppier losses.

Publicly, coach Tom Coughlin has taken the blame.  Privately, he has
begun the process of holding his players accountable.

Whether it works remains to be seen.  The Giants are becoming every bit
as dysfunctional as they were when Coughlin somehow pulled a Super
Bowl-sized rabbit out of his hat.  The championship season has become
largely forgotten, however, especially as the Giants become upstaged in their new
stadium by the look-at-me Jets, at whom New York and the rest of the
country are looking, both for what they do on the field, and what they
do off it.

After the Giants collapsed down the stretch and missed the playoffs,
co-owner John Mara blew a gasket.  This year, if the Giants fail to
qualify for the postseason, he’ll do more than talk tough.

Coughlin has one year left on his contract, and the Giants will have to
decide after 2010 whether to re-up Coughlin’s deal — or whether to move
on.  If they choose to thank the 64-year-old coach for his
contributions and pay him not to work for the franchise in 2011, the
most obvious candidate to replace him becomes Bill Cowher.

The 15-year coach of the Steelers, who resigned after the 2006 season,
recently said that he’s looking for the “right situation.”  And former
Steelers tailback Jerome Bettis, who called Cowher’s coming resignation
at the outset of the 2006 season, sad earlier this year that Cowher
covets” the Giants job.

Unless and until Coughlin can get his Giants to play disciplined,
winning football, a guy who led the Steelers with square-jawed intensity
could become the ultimate answer to the cross-town team led by a
player-coach who doesn’t actually play.

2.  Tebow takes a big step backward.

Entering the regular season, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow occupied the
No. 2 spot on the depth chart, behind starter Kyle Orton and ahead of
Brady Quinn.  Per a league source, Tebow was under the impression that
he’d be the top backup all year.

After only two games, Tebow fell to No. 3.  Inactive for Sunday’s game
against the Colts, the elevation of Quinn prevented Tebow from entering
the game before the fourth quarter, essentially eliminating the team’s “Wild Horse”
single-wing package.  As it turns out, neither Quinn nor Tebow entered
the game at all.

Following the 27-13 loss to Indy, Bronco coach Josh McDaniels downplayed
the situation.

“Just made a decision after the week of practice,” McDaniels said. 
“Brady had a good week and it wasn’t anything about Tim — we just felt
like Brady was probably better equipped at this point to handle this
style of game plan, the style of defense that they played.  Again, they
get very few reps anyways, but the reps that they get — we felt more
comfortable doing that.”

Whether it’s a one-time thing remains to be seen.  The fact that Tebow
believed he’d be the No. 2 guy all year makes the move surprising.  The
possibility that he’ll stay at No. 3 shows just how far he has to go
before he becomes the full-time starter.

3.  Pink slips coming soon?

The desperation that has prompted so many quarterback changes could soon
result in a flurry of firings.  Coordinators could be the initial
scapegoats in some cities.  But with bye weeks beginning,
underperforming head coaches could soon find themselves staying home for
the rest of the year, with pay.

The Panthers have looked putrid, and if they hit their break at 0-5,
coach John Fox could be out the door.

The Browns, who are 0-3 but just as easily could be 3-0, face the
Bengals, Falcons, Steelers, and Saints before their bye.  And if the
Browns are 0-7, Eric Mangini may not get a chance to host the Patriots
and the Jets in consecutive weeks — which likely would drop Cleveland
to 0-9, anyway.

Another potential candidate for a bye week “buh-bye” is Jaguars coach
Jack Del Rio.  As one league source explained it, multiple factions
currently are clashing in Jacksonville.  “If [Del Rio] survives the
season,” the source said, “he likely won’t survive the offseason.”

Whether Del Rio survives the season depends on whether the Jaguars can
turn things around, quickly.  Outscored by a total of 50 points in two
weeks, things get no easier next week, when the Colts come calling.  (It also doesn’t help that the Jags are stuck in a division with Indy, Tennessee, and Houston.)

In San Francisco, Mike Singletary could be on the hot seat, too — if
anyone there had the nerve to actually communicate the decision to fire him. 
(Would you?)

Then there’s Raiders coach Tom Cable, who faces some risk of being fired
every minute of every day, of every season.

4.  Time to change inherently unfair fumble rule.

While watching the Chargers-Seahawks game, which Seattle surprisingly
won, a play late in the first half reminded us of one of the most
inequitable rules in all of sport.

When an offensive player fumbles the ball out of bounds, his team keeps
possession.  But when an offensive player fumbles the ball out of the
end zone that his team is trying to invade, the ball is regarded as
having been recovered by the other team, and it’s placed at the 20.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora described it as a “long-standing rule, in
place for decades.”

That’s fine, but that doesn’t make it fair.

It simply makes no sense to punish the offensive team for getting so
close to the end zone, losing the grasp on the ball near paydirt, and
then losing possession even if the other team never actually recovers

Instead of giving the ball to the defense at the 20, the rule should
give the ball to the offense, at the opponents’ 20.  Some would argue
that possession should be awarded at the line used for the try after a
touchdown.  Either way, possession shouldn’t be handed over the defense
when the defense has done squat to secure possession.

5. Jets, Falcons seize control of their divisions.

With 13 games to go, a lot can — and will — happen.  But two teams
confidently can claim that, for now, they rule the four-team roosts in
which they reside.

Both the Jets and the Falcons went on the road and knocked off rivals
who had been 2-0.  So now the Dolphins will have to win in New York and
the Saints will have to win in Atlanta in order to avoid what amounts to
a three-game swing in the standings — 2-0 versus 0-2, plus ownership
of the tiebreaker.

Coupled with the Jets’ win over the Patriots, New York has come a
long way in only 13 days

Ditto for the Falcons, who lost a heartbreaker in Week One and suddenly
have broken the Saints’ hammerlock on the NFC South.  It likely was the biggest win of quarterback Matt Ryan’s three-year career.

Again, there’s a long way to go.  For now, though, the Jets and Falcons
have to be feeling pretty good about where they are.

6. Chiefs are for real.

When a team exceeds expectations, expectations eventually will be
adjusted.  For that reason alone, look for the Chiefs to continue to
downplay their success, in the hopes that no one will believe that
they’re a legitimate contender to win the AFC West.

But they are.  Already, the 3-0 Chiefs possess a two-game lead over the rest
of the division, and they’ve toppled the perennial top dogs from San

Moving forward, the Chiefs benefit from a fourth-place schedule.  While
the Chargers play the Ravens and the Patriots, the Chiefs get the Browns
and the Bills. (All four AFC West teams play all four AFC South teams
in 2010.)  Those two games could end up making a huge difference, if the
race gets tight in late December.

The biggest question mark comes at quarterback, but that question mark
became an exclamation point, at least for a day, when Matt Cassel
completed 16 of 27 for 250 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception
— good for a passer rating of 111.7.

It’s the kind of triple-digit performance that became commonplace for
Cassel in 2008, when he replaced Tom Brady in New England.  Now that
Cassel could be clicking with Charlie Weis, the guy who helped make Tom
Brady into Tom Brady, there could be even more strong performances from the
player whom many regard as the weak link on a slowly-improving

Until then, the Chiefs would prefer that we all regard them as
slowly-improving, with no reason to think that they may be headed in the
direction that their 3-0 record suggests they’re heading.

7.  Dallas Desperadoes deliver for Wade.

Backed against the wall, the Dallas Cowboys proved the value of a single
NFL weekend by avoiding an 0-3 start, pulling into a three-way tie for
second place in the NFC East, and getting themselves back on track for a
season that still could end with a Super Bowl.

Desperation suited the Cowboys well on Sunday in Houston, and now
they’ve got time during their bye week to continue to tweak the offense
and refine the defense and prepare to continue the push toward and
beyond .500.

At a time when the NFL is considering a move from 18 games, it’s
important to remember the impact of a single NFL game when a total of
only 16 are played.  The significance of each and every contest makes
each and every one dramatic and memorable; for the Cowboys, who
faced full-blown implosion after only two weeks, a single game changed

If the season is “enhanced,” that quality could quickly be diminished.

8.  Steelers could run the table.

We know it’s way too early to say this, but we’re going to say it

The Pittsburgh Steelers could go undefeated.

It’s unlikely.  Eventually, they’ll surely lose.  But if they can get past the
Ravens on Sunday in the last game without Ben Roethlisberger and if he
pumps up an offense that is complemented by the best defense in the
league, the Steelers will be unstoppable.

If they get to 16-0, it won’t have happened against a slew of patsies. 
They play at Miami and at New Orleans, and they host the Patriots and
the Jets.

Still, there’s already something special about this team, and it could
become even more special if Roethlisberger helps light up a scoreboard
that rarely will reflect many points from the opposition.

9.  Vick’s historic redemption tour continues.

As the football-watching world waits for Mike Vick’s triple-digit
passer-rating performances to drop dramatically, as they always have done in the past, Vick has instead put his
foot harder on the gas, authoring his best performance to date with the

In a 28-3 win at Jacksonville, Vick completed 17 of 31 passes for 291 yards and three touchdowns, good for a passer rating of 119.2.

In 10 quarters, Vick has thrown six touchdown passes and not a single

He’ll face his toughest test yet next week, when Donovan McNabb returns
to Philly for a game that Eagles fans will want to win more than any
non-playoff game in franchise history.  And regardless of how well
McNabb does or doesn’t play, another strong showing from Vick could make
McNabb’s performance moot.

Meanwhile, at some point we need to acknowledge that we’re witnessing
one of the most compelling stories in league history.  Rather than
merely returning to the level he occupied before missing two years while
in prison, Vick could be on the verge of reaching new heights — and of
becoming the franchise quarterback he never quite became in Atlanta.

10.  Saints need to lose their blind spot for Garrett Hartley.

Kicker Garrett Hartley forever will occupy a position in the pantheon of
Saints stars, thanks to his delivery of the franchise’s first NFL title
via a 40-yard overtime kick in the NFC Championship and a trio of
40-plus-yard field goals in the Super Bowl.

But kicker remains one of the most fungible positions in football, and
if a guy can’t do his job there are plenty of others who can, and who will.

The challenge for coach Sean Payton and G.M. Mickey Loomis will be to
forget about the things Hartley did in the past, and to focus on what
he’s doing now.

Or, more importantly, on what he’s not doing.

Two missed field goals in Week One allowed the Vikings to hang around
much longer than they should have, and a redirection from 49ers
defensive tackle Ray McDonald may have prevented Hartley from being the
goat in Week Two.

The goat he was on Sunday, when he missed an overtime chip shot after
knuckling the game-tying kick that forced the extra session.

Peter King reported on Sunday night that the Saints will bring in
kickers this week
.  It shouldn’t simply be a shot across Hartley’s bow. 
Kickers need to be much more reliable than Hartley has been.  And if
Hartley continues to receive extra consideration for what he did in last
year’s Super Bowl, the Saints won’t win another one this year.

50 responses to “Week Three Monday 10-pack

  1. @#4. Isnt the rule that the ball cant be fumbled foward anyways? Shouldnt that also apply to the end zone? I know the current rule is touchback but if the defense never has possession shouldnt the ball go back to the spot where the fumble occured? It would be weird to see a ball fumbled into the end zone and then the offense start at the twenty, what down would it be if it was second and goal and that happened. I would like to see the rule change also but putting the ball at the twenty just doesnt make any sense.

  2. I’m just glad the Steelers are looking so good with Big Ben. Good job Charlie Batch! Offense looked good against the Bucs. And, the defense is looking superb.
    Good Steelers!

  3. “Jets, Falcons seize control of their divisions.”
    The Jets being 2 – 1 along with both the Pats and Dolphins have seized control of the division? Really? Considering they might lose next week, and since NE is playing MIA, one of them is gonna be 3 – 1 guaranteed? You can’t seize control of anything in the NFL in week 3, especially since you have the same record and two other teams in the division and you still have to play each team once more each this season.

  4. 4. Time to change inherently unfair fumble rule.
    Between that retarded rule, Calvin Johnsons Catch/ Non-catch and “the tuck rule” among other terrible rules the whole book needs to be reworked top to bottom.

  5. San Diego doesn’t play the Ravens this year. Also, the Ravens are ranked the #1 Defense not the Steelers. First defeat for Steelers may be this week vs Ravens. Best rivalry on the league.

  6. i think that cincy and baltimore are reasons why pittsburgh wont go undefeated.
    the fumble rule will be a tough one to change because its akin to the touchback rule on punts and kickoffs that go through the back of the endzone

  7. i think that cincy and baltimore are reasons why pittsburgh wont go undefeated.
    the fumble rule will be a tough one to change because its akin to the touchback rule on punts and kickoffs that go through the back of the endzone

  8. Look at Florio making a real stretch at number 2. Probably the first time he’s stretched in the past 10 years for fear his hair piece would fall off in the process.
    Stop making something out of nothing, you aren’t going to gain any extra readership out of stirring up controversy about the game time status of a raw, undeveloped rookie who plays behind the QB who is second in yards and 6th in passer rating.

  9. I liked it when the Steelers were 17th in the power poll. I’m not liking this talk that we could go 16-0.
    We did look good yesterday. But in all reality, the 2 TD’s by Wallace were screw ups on Tampa’s part. They could easily have had 2 INT’s there, and we would be talking a different story right now.

  10. Look at Florio making a real stretch at number 2. Probably the first time he’s stretched in the past 10 years for fear his hair piece would fall off in the process.
    Stop making something out of nothing, you aren’t going to gain any extra readership out of stirring up controversy about the game time status of a raw, undeveloped rookie who plays behind the QB who is second in yards and 6th in passer rating.

  11. I totally disagree with number four. It’s the offense’s job to protect the ball don’t fumble it. It’s even more criticle in the redzone to protect it (Just ask the Giants)

  12. It was only a matter of time until Hartley imploded. Browns are going the exact direction holmgren wants: being scrappy and staying in games (unlike last year) but still losing so he can fire mangini.

  13. I’ve never heard anyone cry about the offense fumbling out of the endzone, and the ball going to the defense. Never heard anyone even say “that’s kind of weird or ‘unfair’.” Moral of the story, don’t fumble out of the endzone.

  14. As an Eagles fan I must say, I don’t care 1/10th as much about winning this game as I did about winning TO’s return to the Linc. It’s not even close.

  15. Let’s reel off a few more W’s before we……well, you know, I’m not even going to say it. We just need to keep the “back-against-the-wall” mentality….and play like we’re capable of. Seriously though, if Roy E Williams continues to make plays we will be a tough out. No bold predictions here…….let’s just see what happens. But what really scares me as a Cowboys fan right now (besides our schedule) is Mike “He Just Came Out Of The Phone Booth” Vick….Look out!!!!!

  16. Jan Stenerud misses 3 fg’s in the longest game ever (Christmas Day, 1971) and is the only kicker in the NFL HOF. Go figure.

  17. Totally disagree with you on your proposed fumble rule. Like Bear Bryant once said , ” It is better to die at birth than to fumble in the end zone” , I think a touchback for the D is a small price to pay. Take care of the ball . PERIOD. It really pissed me off when these players reach out with the ball and break the plane then fumble when they hit the ground but it’s a TD by rule. That should be a fumble as well , in my opinion.

  18. Seems eveyone is sleeping on the Falcons. They are for real. A game in pitt that they should have won and they are 3-0.

  19. Don’t make excuses or kid yourselves Steelers haters. The Steelers OWNED the Bucs. Defensively, offensively, the running game, in the air. It wasn’t close.
    Now, the Ravens will be a much better opponent. We’ll see what happens.

  20. SlimEagan – you gain control of your division by having the best division record. Its games like these that lay the groundwork come Nov and Dec.
    1st goal is making the playoffs
    2nd goal is having home field advantage in the playoffs

  21. Re: #1
    Fire the entire Giants coaching staff…NOW!
    Not at the end of another pathetic season!

  22. Next thing you’ll have Florio wanting offensive teams to keep the ball when they fumble out of bounds in their own endzone.

  23. Giants merely picking up where they left off last year.
    Saints lost the game due to the kickers mistake. They needed a slap in the face to wake up from their SB hangover, just have to see how they respond next week.
    Cutler has 10 more points on his passer rating than Vick and you badger him endlessly.
    Jacksonville has allowed a passer rating of 108.7 for the season.
    Detroit is at 95, but Favre brought that down with his 68 passer rating, which has been Favre’s norm this year.
    Redskins are also at 95 passer rating allowed on the year. Bradford looked good against them in his 3rd NFL game.

  24. Florio,
    Next time you get a chance, kick Peter “He Thinks He’s A” King in his fat face for me please.

  25. “Instead of giving the ball to the defense at the 20, the rule should give the ball to the offense, at the opponents’ 20.”
    The implication here is that is an offensive player is tackled on a 4th down play at the goal line he could “fumble” it through the back of the end zone and receive a completely new set of downs starting at the 20.
    It would be difficult the pull off, but we would be seeing tons of “fumbles” in that situation it the rule were changed to this.

  26. The Ravens Defense got totally run over by a NOBODY named Peyton Hills :-)….So how do you think they will do against an ELITE RB talent like Rashard Mendenhall ? Steelers are gonna THUMP Baltimore, and the OVERRATED Ray-Ray Lewis!

  27. Fumble rule should be offense ball at point where ball was fumbled. If it is a fourth down then the ball is turned over to the other team at the point where the fumble occured.

  28. This is why Florio isn’t in charge of anything in the NFL.
    If you fumble into the end zone and get it on the 20, why wouldn’t a team fumble it on purpose to kill the clock at the end of the game?
    The Jets would have done have last night instead of challenging the Dolphins too many men on the field call.

  29. Where is the poster that goes by BigBlueFan? Surprised to not see him on here this morning.
    Hey BigBluefan, how was your Sunday? Watch any football?

  30. Although I think Florio is crazy for evening mentioning 16-0 and Steelers in the same sentence – I have to complement him on being one of the few pundits out there that was sticking with the steelers preseason despite their offseason issues and their injuries on defense last year. Here they are 3-0 playing with only their 3rd and 4th string QB. Looks like another steelers team that’s destined to go deep into the playoffs and contend for another superbowl. it happens so often, i don’t know why any pundit or “analyst” doubts them in the offseason.

  31. It is very unlikely the Steelers run the table. That being said they are the number 1 scoring defense and that should put them far into the postseason this year.

  32. “Chargers play the Ravens and the Patriots”
    Is it just me, or did the Bengals not win the AFC North last year?

  33. I have hated the rule @ #4 for years. I agree that the offense shouldn’t fumble the ball near the goalline but, in reality, they shouldn’t fumble the ball at all…why penalize them for being good enough to actually get near the end zone? If it goes out of the end zone then it should revert back to the point it was last legally possessed. If it was 4th down give it to the defense at the 20, like a touchback…but i could even see spotting it where the offensive player last possessed it. If the defense gained control and then fumbled from the end zone…safety (just like when the offense loses the ball out of their own end zone) This rule has never made sense and ought to be changed. Just because it has always been this way does not make it right.

  34. Don’t think any Steelers fans expect us to run the table. But reports of our death were greatly exaggerated. And we knew that, too.
    Those of us who understand the game of football aren’t surprised Tim Tebow has been bumped to third string. He has all the qualities you could want in a starting QB–except the throwing motion. That’s extremely difficult to change. Perhaps he can do it in time. I have my doubts. It was a foolish gamble for a first-round pick. This is a business, not a wishing well.
    * When the offense fumbles the ball out of the end zone, it should go back to the spot of the last posssession or the line of scrimmage–not the 20. But it should belong to the offense. Stupid rule.
    * When the QB loses the ball, unless his knee is on the ground, it’s a fumble. I don’t care if his arm is tucked, going forward, or detached and lying on the ground. No special rules for quarterbacks!
    * When a receiver hits the ground in the end zone with the ball under control, it’s a touchdown. I don’t care where the ball is when he gets back up.
    * The competition committee should be required to take a drug test before meeting.

  35. The Steelers will likely not go 16-0.
    But after tonight, they’ll be one of only three teams (Steelers, Chiefs, Packers/Bears) with a chance to do so.
    Take that fact, and the reality that Steelers Nation is coming to take over a stadium near you, and deal with them.
    Notes to self:
    (1) Make a concerted effort to restrict fan bases of other teams from calling themselves “(Idiot) Nation.”
    Reason: “Steelers Nation” was coined by NFL Films (RIP John Facenda) in the mid-70s. All other “Nations” are disturbingly unacceptable copycats of the true original.
    (2) Assist when possible in the promotion of the ridiculous practice of the distribution of home team colored towels (TEN blue, TB white) at Steelers road games.
    Reason: So much fun trying to pick them out in the seas of Terrible Towels.

  36. DynastyDays says:
    September 27, 2010 8:53 AM
    But what really scares me as a Cowboys fan right now (besides our schedule) is Mike “He Just Came Out Of The Phone Booth” Vick….Look out!!!!!
    It would be a great success story if Vick could turn his life around, become successful and a decent citizen but…
    He’s still a thug. His success will be his downfall. If he does become successful he will be back in prison.
    Dallas fan and still think Jones needs to fire Garret, demote Wade to D coordinator and bring in a real Head Coach that will bring discipline to the team. Dallas coaching is what is going to kill us.

  37. I live in Houston and there are a lot Cowboy haters here. Even if Dallas doesn’t win another game this season this game was worth seeing.

  38. Deb says:
    September 27, 2010 1:38 PM
    The competition committee should be required to take a drug test before meeting.
    And not allowed to drink during.

  39. not so sure the chiefs are as good as their record…niners had a huge emotional loss , and short week w/ travel. Chargers are always slow to start, and the flash floods did not help them, but love the fact they beat them. Browns are the browns, and are like many of the bad teams of recent that are bouncing back.
    I think we will know a little more about the Chiefs the following two weeks after their bye, and the end of the schedule where 3 of the last 4 are AFC West…..I can only hope the raiders and chiefs are back, and think it would be a great game if week 17 had something riding on it for both teams. I love the raiders /chiefs games, and am tired of the bolts and mules.

  40. MiamiInItaly says:
    September 27, 2010 4:45 AM
    “Isnt the rule that the ball cant be fumbled foward anyways?”

    No, it’s not. It’s that the ball can’t be advanced on a fumble by a player other than the one who fumbled it in the last 2 minutes of the half/game. There’s nothing against the ball being fumbled forward. This caveat prevents the offense from rolling the ball forward when the player knows he will be tackled. (i.e. The Holy Roller / Imamaculate Deception rule)
    No chance. As it is the rules are already stacked WAY too much towards the offense as is. You’re basically talking about giving the offense a “participant” trophy by giving them the ball back. “Oh, you tried, and that’s all that counts. Here you go, have the ball back.”
    How about instead of rewarding the offense for failing to hold onto the ball, you leave things as is and reward the defense for making a goal line stop?
    This is not a matter of fair or unfair, Florio, so quit pretending that it is. You are literally the first person I heard to ever bitch about this rule. How about we go ahead and move to a one-foot possession rule for sideline catches too? I mean, it’s not fair that the receiver did all the work to catch (and hold onto – Calvin Johnson didn’t, get over it) the ball only to have it overruled because he couldn’t get the big toe on his second foot couldn’t come down in-bounds. It’s close enough, right?
    The fumble out of the end zone rule is fine the way it is. I bet you think that the offense should get the ball at the point of the fumble even if it rolls out of bounds 30 yards behind the point of the fumble too. I mean, the offense worked so hard to get the ball as deep as they did, might as well reward their incompetence for making a massively boneheaded (or potentially strategic) play. This is the NFL: reward success, not close calls. Football is neither horse shoes nor hand grenades; close doesn’t count.
    You want an unfair rule? How about the replay rules that state that if a play is ruled as down by contact on the field, it can’t be challenged by the defense as to whether or not the play was a fumble (because they could not be awarded possession)? Now that rule is BS. How about you beat the drum on that one instead of rules that actually work?

  41. Its been 3 games Vick has been outstanding thus far. 3 games with no picks, he’s been patiant in the pocket he’s letting plays develope around him. He has the same ability to run the ball like he did in atlanta but he’s keeping it put away for when the line breaks down and gives him running as the first option. Vick will have a great year all of you who know jack about sports and think that just cause he’s played so well and will fail in the end are idiots learn the game stop thinking you know everything. Cause as it falls right now Vick looks like a new player and someone who has matured enough to run this offense the way it should be run.

  42. @steelkiller says:
    September 27, 2010 10:23 AM
    The Ravens Defense got totally run over by a NOBODY named Peyton Hills :-)….So how do you think they will do against an ELITE RB talent like Rashard Mendenhall ? Steelers are gonna THUMP Baltimore, and the OVERRATED Ray-Ray Lewis!
    How did that “we’re gonna crush Ray Lewis” work out for Rex Ryan and the JETS?
    Don’t tug on Superman’s cape, Son.
    I don’t support the Stillers but I do respect them. Should be a great, slobber-knocking game.

  43. #4 – “Either way, possession shouldn’t be handed over the defense when the defense has done squat to secure possession.”
    The first act in securing the ball after a fumble is to cause the fumble in the first place. So the defense had to have done something. The rule is fine as is. Offense screwed up and should not be rewarded.
    #9 – Keep up the good work, Mike.

  44. Agree with NFLMMAfan:
    The Steelers will not THUMP Baltimore. These rivalry games are always incredibly close. All Steeler fans should be humble and thankful that we are 3-0, not over-confident going into the toughest of the 4 games thus far.
    Regarding the fumble rule, it’s a lame, old-school rule that should have been changed years ago. Agree with others who comment that the ball should be returned to the spot of the fumble and the down should be adjusted forward (eg., loss of down, or 1st down if achieved before the fumble).
    Vick looks impressive. Second chances come to all of us in life … he’s seizing the moment. I don’t condone his past behavior and decisions, but if he stays on the straight and narrow and continues to perform on the field, good for him and the Eagles fans.
    Would love to see an all Pennsylvania SB early in 2011.

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