Aaron Schobel works out for Texans, but there is no deal

Former Bills defensive end Aaron Schobel is down to play football again, but the Texans won’t pay him what he thinks he’s worth.

Schobel worked out for Houston Monday, but the two sides couldn’t come to terms, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

“The bottom line is that we couldn’t come to an agreement,” Schobel
said Tuesday. “It’s late, and I’m not in the best of shape. It would
have taken me another week or two to get into [playing] shape,” Schobel told McClain.

“In my mind, I was basing it on what I can do, and they’re basing it on what they need me to do [now].”

This is the tricky part of passing up a huge base salary in Buffalo this year for Schobel.  He’s said repeatedly he’s happy being retired, but money is getting in the way of a possible return to football. Perhaps the workout just didn’t go well.

“I appreciate the opportunity, but it’s just not meant to be,” Schobel said. “I’m retired and proud of my career. Part of me wishes it would have worked out; it’s just not going to happen.”

UPDATE: A telling quote from Schobel to FOX 26 in Houston: “They have a lot of good players and are on the right track. It would have been hard for my ego to be a role player.”