Del Rio says getting Trent Edwards is "like adding a draft pick"

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, who recently has signed backup quarterbacks like Todd Bouman and Keith Null, added another one today via a successful waivers claim for former Bills quarterback Trent Edwards.

Del Rio spoke about the acquisition with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan of Sirius NFL Radio’s Movin’ the Chains.

“We think it gives us an opportunity to add a guy at an important position,” Del Rio said.  “We lost a backup.  After the San Diego game we lost Luke McCown and we have a younger guy who we think gives us an opportunity to add depth at that position.  Todd Bouman is a guy who knows our system and he’s here as our backup right now but to have a guy who has a chance to go forward beyond just next week and the rest of this season, but beyond that as a prospect, it’s a little bit like adding a draft pick and so we’re excited to have him aboard.”

 Asked about the amount of time it will take to get Edwards up to speed with the Jacksonville offense, Del Rio said, “It’ll take a little time.  I think we anticipate that.  We’ll find out how much carryover there is.  Typically there is some but we’re counting on there being a little bit of a learning curve.  He is a smart kid, he did go to Stanford so we’re thinking the learning curve maybe can be accelerated.  But we’ll do our best to get him caught up as quickly as possible.”

But Del Rio doesn’t sound like he’s ready to pull the plug on starter David Garrard.  Yet.

“[W]e expect him to bounce back,” Del Rio said.  “We need him to bounce back.  Obviously, we can’t function as a football team if we’re playing that poorly in particular with our passing game.”

We’ve got a feeling that, once Del Rio believes Edwards is up to speed, Garrard will lose any remaining benefit of the doubt that he currently is enjoying.

90 responses to “Del Rio says getting Trent Edwards is "like adding a draft pick"

  1. if he thinks picking up edwards is like getting a draft pick, he has to be on something and it’s not steroids

  2. Del Rio hasnt signed anyone. The GM Gene Smith makes all the personnel moves and Del Rio just coaches. He just doesnt coach very well, but he does go for it alot on 4th down so he has that going for him.

  3. The only way the Jags can continue to sell out the stadium is to wait until the week of the Oakland game and bench Garrard for Trent. This will ignite fans for about 3 home games to want to come out and see the change. Once they are still losing, they fire Del Rio and pump the fans up for the last few home games. Remember, selling tickets is not just about w’s and l’s, it’s about the direction of the team. If the Jags show they want to make changes and will, the fans will support. If the keep Garrard and Del Rio the rest of the way… Florio will be able to shove the blackouts down Bosseli’s throat.

  4. like adding a draft pick eh? More like mr irrelevant… trust me, and this is coming from a bills fan, this “draft pick” will become a bust

  5. Wait til they find out he’s worse than Garrard. He lost his starting job in Buffalo…..twice. I just hope Del Rio isn’t pinning his career on Trent.

  6. hmmmmm lets see, if it was like a draft pick, why didn’t you trade for him by offering a draft pick

  7. trent edwards is the worst. i can’t wait to watch him curl up in a fetal position behind that line in jacksonville, it’s worse than buffalo’s. hopefully, he is starting when they play buffalo. the bills could use a couple of interceptions and sacks.

  8. Superb owl, nice doors reference.
    I would actually like to see Edwards get another chance somewhere. Granted J-ville sucks,but hopefully he can get something out of his career

  9. It’s like adding Mr. Irrelevant with the last pick in the 7th round. How can a team take a guy seriously who can’t even stick around the Bills?

  10. It’s like adding Mr. Irrelevant with the last pick in the 7th round. How can a team take a guy seriously who can’t even stick around the Bills?

  11. What exactly did you expect Del Rio to say? “I know he sucked in Buffalo, but I don’t make personnel decisions, so I’m stuck with him.”?

  12. What is that saying, “New York: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”
    Isn’t there a corollary, “Buffalo: If you are a bust there, you are a bust everywhere.”

  13. It sounds like the Jags’ brass is expecting a lot more out of Edwards than what they are actually going to get.
    This will not end well.

  14. $1.6M for a backup with experience as a starter? I’ll take it. Hell, he’s already the most popular guy in town and he probably hasn’t even made it down here. Of course I’m sure there’s plenty of folks in Buffalo who are helping him pack.

  15. now u have to make sure ur rb’s can all catch….. oh and dont create any pass plays over ten yards… of course it doesnt matter cuz on 4th and ten, trent will just run out of bounds after 2 yards……………
    good luck with him….

  16. I’m going to disagree with every one on here. Trent Edwards is a warm weather quarterback, who played for a loser organization, with no offensive line and very little in the way of weapons. This guy is getting a fresh start in a warm weather climate. This guy isn’t nearly as bad as everyone says he is. I think some of you guys will be eating your words when it’s all said and done.

  17. Very true Dolfan … guys with moderate arm strength tend to struggle in colder climates and Edwards did not have the benefits of a strong cast around him … I think he’ll be servicable in JVille …

  18. I’m not sure people are going to be “eating their words” exactly… but I will say that I believe Edwards should be given one more shot with J-ville. Garrard has had long enough to sink or swim… what can it hurt to give Edwards a shot with a new team in a situation? There were a few times last year and the year before that Edwards didn’t seem all that bad… unfortunately it’s hard to tell much of anything with the mess of situation that Buffalo calls a team.

  19. Dolfan34. You just like him cuz your a dolphins fan. Trent looks good in practice, smart, great mechanics. Sucks on Sundays. Hes a fine back up but has never been able to put it together.

  20. @Dolfan34 is correct to a degree, but great quarterbacks need to have their own ways to make plays and are not allowed to be so dependent on others. That’s why @Wrathchild is correct as well.
    In Week 1 of 2009, Edwards threw 2 touchdown passes against a New England defense that was less overrated than this one. However, he was sacked 4 times because of a bad line while not having that great of a tendency to hold on the ball for too long.
    I could’ve kicked the New England secondary’s ass on Sunday.
    More people have to be accepting of every QB’s skill set, but QB’s that are treated poorly and legitimately underserved by their franchises need to look less like physically weak pushovers and more like immovable bronze statues.

  21. Buffalo tried trading Edwards before giving up and releasing him. Obviously, no one was willing to give up even a late 7th round pick. Some pickup.

  22. dolfan – ahahahahahahahhaa. yeah right. have you seen that bum play. he is the worst of the worst. he was knocked silly by arizona and was never the same. he will always be feeling “pressure”. whether it’s there or not. that is all for now

  23. We’ve got a feeling that, once Del Rio believes Edwards is up to speed, Garrard will lose any remaining benefit of the doubt that he currently is enjoying.
    More proof Florio doesn’t actually know anything about football (this also shows he hasn’t watched a Bills’ game in the last three years).

  24. Dolfan34, maybe you need help with your homework, but he left a loser organization with a bad O-line, and he moved to a warm-weathered loser organization with a pathetic o-line again. maybe the jags are bad because they think that players like trent are “draft picks”. keep up the good work jacksonville…

  25. Trent started out with big prospects for the future. Then he got his bell rang a few times, and he hasn’t been the same since. Of course, lounging in the sunshine may help, oh wait, it’s still bright and sunny here in Buffalo, scratch that idea. He was given more chances than Losman or anyone else in the NFL gets as the starting QB. I read the bio info the Jags put on their website, it sounded more like selling a car with a bad tranny, the window dressing is there, but no mention of the slippage in every gear.
    The fact that no team would step up and trade anything for the guy should say something.

  26. I agree with Del Rio. It’s exactly like adding a draft pick…. assuming you used that draft pick on Jamarcus Russell , or Brady Quinn, or Matt Leinart, or JP Losman, or Brian Brohm, or …well, you get the idea.

  27. Its adding a draft pick because they dont have to use one this draft or trade one for a backup, for those who are saying they should of traded for him, why, when they could just get him off the waiver. Really what do you fans expect, its not like tom brady is available. Who out there in free agency are they gonna get? If a qb is good enough, they aren’t on the wire. GM Gene is doing the best with what he has. There was no qb on their board when they picked this year. Its better in the long run to get the best players then it is to add a qb thats gonna set your team back. They are doing things the right way, which is to not do everything the fans want.

  28. Agreed dolfan 34
    Buffalo sucks ass since Kelly, they are the laughing stock of the NFL, Edwards suffered a bad concussion, and that line must really freak him out! Fresh start, new line??? Unthinkable he will surprise! Hope so, he is a good guy!

  29. Glad to see him on a time where he might be able to make a difference, Buf is a place where careers go to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  30. Matt Cassel is a prime example. Look at hoe he looked in
    New England, it’s the system, coaching, talent etc. He looks average in KC, but he will be decent. I look for Edwards to bounce back . Put him in New Emgland and he is a pro bowler!!!! Haha I cannot wait for him to thrive

  31. This will Be Jacks last year. He will get canned. His decision to start Garrard sealed his fate.

  32. LMAO. Why does he need to learn the offensive playbook? He’s just going to checkdown on every passing play anyway! Who cares if he’s a model citizen? Trent looks GREAT in practice thats how he fooled two different head coaches into making him a starter! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. At least you can dump some payroll and cut all your wide receivers.

  33. hopefully del rio will strap him down in a lockeroom chair and shave that goofy ass hair and sideburns and make him LOOK like a NFL qb.

  34. Someone tell Del Rio that the “Mr. Irrelavent” pick in the draft is really not a pick even though it is. Just like this waiver claim.
    Although by the sound of the QB depth on that team, Ryan Leaf would be your 2nd stringer.

  35. “it’s a little bit like adding a draft pick”

    He never said it was like a high draft pick, just a pick

  36. When your options are Garrard and Bouman, adding Trent Edwards is like adding a first round pick.
    Jack knows what he is talking about. All you who think otherwise have not been watching the Jags the last 2 years.

  37. I think he was misheard. He was channeling his inner Englishman and said “It’s like adding a daft pick”.

  38. Jage fans. Just get used to Trent throwing for no more than 4 yards downfield. He’s known as captain checkdown for a reason. I just feel bad for Jags fans as they will all fall in love with his physical tools, then he’ll show he has a 2cent head.

  39. Im sure that bank that spent millions to put their name on an empty stadium is happy about this. Keep chopping wood

  40. Somewhere Mel kiper just said, “I don’t understand this draft pick at all, they didn’t give this guy the name checkdown Trent for no reason. He doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the out or the balls to make any throws downfield, just an awful pick in this spot.”
    Maybe what del rio means is playing Trent might help them improve their draft position, but I don’t know if it gets much worse than David garrard, apples to oranges I suppose. But I guess you gotta take what this guy says with a grain of salt when he still hasn’t figured out that running the ball is better than letting garrard throw in nearly every situation

  41. It’s like adding a seventh round pick that’s cut before training camp starts. Should really help the team.

  42. Dolfan34 says:
    September 28, 2010 10:51 PM
    I’m going to disagree with every one on here. Trent Edwards is a warm weather quarterback, who played for a loser organization, with no offensive line and very little in the way of weapons. This guy is getting a fresh start in a warm weather climate. This guy isn’t nearly as bad as everyone says he is. I think some of you guys will be eating your words when it’s all said and done.
    The Buffalo O-line may not be great, but when it comes to weapons, we’ve got them. Lee Evans- an extremely underrated receiver who with the right QB would be in the top 10. Roscoe Parrish- Great receiver with break ya neck moves. Shawn Nelson- One of the most athletic TE’s in the game.
    The three headed monster of Lynch, Jackson and Spiller. Edwards had the tools to work with, he just didn’t know how to use them. Sorry but the Weather is not going to be a factor this time. He will be the same old “Checkdown Trent”. Since that concussion, thats who he’s been. Good guy with no confidence.

  43. Its more a statement on who the Jags have as back ups than anything else.
    Is Edwards starting caliber NFL QB? No, but their current backups suck even more.

  44. He finally escapes the nightmare of Buffalo only to land….
    …In Jacksonville. The city that won’t even have a franchise in three years.
    If that isn’t more sad than the Shawshank Redemption than I don’t know what is.
    We better put Trent Edwards on suicide watch.

  45. This is a great move for Edwards, he’ll be playing back in his home state of California in a couple years. #LAJaguars

  46. Man you people who think Trent Edwards is good (Dolfans lol), you are delusional. The guy is a bust. You can say it was his line, the Bills, etc. but he looked absolutley horrible the 1st 2 games, did nothing, gets benched and the backup comes in and throws for 240 something yards (I think) and keeps the Bills in the game against the Patriots till the 4th quarter. The guy is obviusly still scared to get hit after his concusions. He’s a dear in headlights.
    Jacksonville is taking one from our playbook and rummaging through other peoples trash.

  47. From a Bills fan…good for Trent, hope they can teach him how to make a decision. He’s living proof that being Stanford book smart and being decisive under pressure are two different things.

  48. “it’s a little bit like adding a draft pick”
    Right, and Troy Williamson was a draft pick too. He should turn out about as well.
    I mean the Bills cut him for cryin’ out loud…

  49. I guess for him he is looking at adding these couple of free agents are going to be considered his last draft class.

  50. Oh ive watched more than half, actually every single game he has started and has done nothing but regressed since that hit from adrian wilson. Seeing fitz actually take shots down the field makes the offense actually want to play, as you can see last sunday against the pats. Edwards is a backup, just face it.

  51. All you guys that think Trent will be the savior in Jacksonville are out of your minds.He just sucks outright.If you think its then O-Lines fault , you have to be smoking something..The Bills had the same line for the New England game on Sunday.How did the QB do? He got rid of the ball down field and they scored 30 points. It’s all decision making and Trent does not have that ability.As for Dolfan34…Warm weather will make the difference…It wasn’t snowing the first 2 games he played…Figure it out..HE SUCKS

  52. Karma is a bitch!! You screwed us with Rob Johnson, now we get you back with Trent Edwards. Really Jacksonville, Really? You guys are nuts. A sample of comments from
    I’m jumping up and down right now!!! GO JAGUARS!!!
    Great move Gene, Great Move! Can’t wait to see Edwards in action!
    Maybe Trent will be Jacksonville’s Drew Brees. We can all hope!
    He should be starting Right NOOOOW!
    I think this could be the steal of the future.
    Good Luck with Justin Beiber the 2nd or Captain Checkdown, whatever you want to call him, this guy sucks!!!

  53. If you look back to 2008, Trent Edwards had a decent season finishing the year with a 85.4 passer rating and 2700 yards in 14 starts. He has the opportunity to resurrect his career ( like a Rich Gannon) … wishing you well Trent…Enjoy the Florida/California sunshine :)))

  54. Hes still a notch or two better than Garrard and if Garrard stinks up the place this weekend, Edwards will take over the week after

  55. adding a draft pick, that sucks.
    Dude has been every chance in the world to show is competent, but once he hits the field he can not perform. He just isnt mentally tough enough to be a QB in the NFL.

  56. Del Rio is the ultimate optimist;) He sees the glass as being almost full. But, in reality, there isn’t even a glass there.

  57. Aside from picking up a guy on the waiver wire, I am humored at the continuing LA comments and the talk of blackouts in JAX. Just for the record we have had zero blackouts this year and this week against Indy will be a full house again. Any blackouts around the rest of the league this year? NY, San Diego, Oakland, etc.
    And Bills fans … paid for Rob Johnson with draft picks… many did we give up for Edwards? Touch base with me in January when you are frozen in. I’ll be boating on the St. Johns!

  58. Sounds like Del Rio’s trying to motivate Garrard.
    With a change of scenery, it’s possible that Trent will suck less. And there’s always the upside that he might continue to improve in a year or two. I’d say Garcia & Culpepper would be upgrades over Trent, but they’re one season solutions at best. The potential/(remote) possibility of Trent not sucking next year & still being under contract is what Del Rio & friends have hard-ons for.

  59. Boating in jacksonville in JANUARY? LOL You’ll be freezing your butt off when the temp drops to 20 degrees. I mean, lets be honest here

  60. “It’s like getting a draft pick”
    Except it’s not a draft pick, Jack. Let’s call it what it is. I’m sure “1-15 is like resting your players for next year’s season.”

  61. I agree that getting Trent is like getting a draft pick – if we are talking about the WNBA, that is. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  62. Hopefully the Jags put Trent in week 5 so the Bills can finally get a win. Trent ain’t beating nobody.

  63. Hey wsb123:
    “Boating in jacksonville in JANUARY? LOL You’ll be freezing your butt off when the temp drops to 20 degrees. I mean, lets be honest here”
    Moron, had a BBQ for last year’s Super Bowl ……75 degrees. Super Bowl XXXIX in Jax it was 72 degrees. Hasn’t been 20 degrees here in years. To be honest with you…Moron.

  64. All the LA Jags comments from you tools are played out. Just b/c Florio wrote something a year ago that’s not even true doesn’t mean you need to keep repeating. But he knows the IQ levels of you idiots and know you’ll just repeat dumb sh*t over and over and over like robots.

  65. Not that it really matters but in Jan 2010 Jax had 10 days with lows below 32 degrees.
    There were 7 days where the high reached 70+
    And the weather will do absolutely nothing to improve Trents poor decision making ability. I’m with others who feel he never mentally recovered from the concussions.

  66. Guess you clowns are too young to remember another Stanford quarterback who was discarded by two teams, before he won a couple Super Bowl’s with the Raiders. Can you spell Jim Plunkett?
    Young quarterback’s potential cannot be judged based on a couple poor years with a really crappy team, that left him injured much of the time with their total inability to pass block. Smart quarterbacks with good accuracy sometimes surprise you — can you spell Joe Montana?

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