DeMarcus Ware named NFC defensive player of the week

On Sunday Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware sacked Texans quarterback Matt Schaub three times. Today Ware was named NFC defensive player of the week.

It was the sixth three-sack game of Ware’s career, and it’s his fourth defensive player of the week award.

All three of Ware’s sacks came on third down, and the Cowboys say he had three quarterback pressures in addition to his three sacks.

Ware now has 68.5 sacks in 83 career games.

15 responses to “DeMarcus Ware named NFC defensive player of the week

  1. His best games always come against back-ups. Then when the playoffs roll around, everyone is like, “where is ware?”

  2. “FLYINO” u really sound like u r a great student of the game!!! “NOT”! Care to remind us of “all those playoff games” u are speaking off!!! DUH!!!

  3. WowFlyinO, 68.5 sacks in 83 games. The guy even has a 20 sack season to his credit. Just exactly how often is Ware going up against back-ups? I’m sure that you’ll be glad to back up that hot sports opinion with some facts, right. I mean otherwise, we’ll just assume that you’re talking out your ass.

  4. FlyinO is right. Stats lie. For instance, while Brett Favre has thrown 499 touchdowns, almost all of them were in garbage time.

  5. you can also ask mcnabb and eli about him. he also got jake delhomme 5 times in one game.
    flyin0, you’re either a hater or a moron. either way, you dont know a damn thing about football.

  6. Ware is the most dominant pass rusher in the game. he will only get better with the emergence of Spencer. He always steps up and continually plays through injuries unlike Merrimen. I am so glad that Merrimen was not the pick and Ware was. What a soft player. Guess that’s what happens when you quit roids. Ware as the best pass rusher and Spencer as the best run stuffer, what more can you ask?

  7. FlyingO –
    In last years playoffs, he had 3 sacks and a FF in two games.
    Al little research goes a long way toward sparing you the embarrassment of getting called out by people that are much smarter than you, like me.
    Take your weak horse crap elsewhere.

  8. Ware is also one of the nicest guys in the league off the field. Not one of these gun-toting roid-abusing tila tequila-beating thugs that plague the league.

  9. @FlyinO
    Since you never produced any facts to back up your statements, it’s official. “Talking out your ass” is the consensus opinion.

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