Mike Tomlin announces what we already knew

It doesn’t get any bigger for a Week Four matchup than Baltimore’s trip to Pittsburgh Sunday.

A Pittsburgh victory would give the Ravens a second division loss and put them two games behind the Steelers, all before Ben Roethlisberger even returned to the field.  The Ravens would be stuck playing a difficult game of catchup all year. 

The Steelers are playing with house money and will stick with what’s been working.  Steelers coach Mike Tomlin made the obvious move on Tuesday by announcing quarterback Charlie Batch would start against Baltimore after his superlative effort against the Bucs Sunday.

“Guys have a great deal of confidence in him,” Tomlin said.

Byron Leftwich will be the team’s backup quarterback. Tomlin also said that defensive tackle Chris Hoke could play despite a knee sprain suffered against the Bucs.

46 responses to “Mike Tomlin announces what we already knew

  1. It’s going to be hard for the Steelers to beat the Ravens. Especially, without Roethlisberger. But, I can only hope the Steelers win.

  2. Best coach in the league is Tomlin, Shame on the Vikings for letting him slip away! I cannot give him enough credit and respect! Kudos to Tomlin, and it looks again like Pittsburg is the Best team in the league again, Go figure???

  3. It seems odd that we can’t comment on this thread. It does not seem as though this type of story would lead to inappropriate or off color remarks.

  4. So what else is new? Ever since the Ravens came into the league, they have pretty much been looking up in the standings to the Six Time Super Bowl Champions. Don’t expect that to change this year.

  5. Two of Batch’s TDs were wounded ducks; so, still expect him to be on a short leash.
    Don’t expect the Ravens to play defense like the Bucs.

  6. Steelers probably will win it all this year. Great example of what good ownership can do for a franchise. The Bucs don’t have that and won’t win until they do.

  7. We need Charlie to play as well as he played Sunday … and Flacco to play as well as he’s been playing.

  8. The Steelers could beat the Baltimorons with Batch’s sister playing QB .. Trash dump of a city with uneducated, low class fans and a team of convicts..

  9. This guy gets abosolutely no love in Steeler Nation. I admit I was a Tomlin basher but he has won me over. When Ben Roethlisberger returns we should be on a quest to go undefeated!

  10. I like Batch, but those two passes to Wallace were each badly underthrown. He did make some nice third down throws, but he worries me against the Ravens defense. Though watching the Browns push them all over the field Sunday gave me some hope, though you’ve gotta think Baltimore got caught looking past last weeks game.
    Was hoping for 3-1 while Ben was out, but lets hope we do one better.

  11. Not to worry – all the Baltimoron homers will scatter like roaches with the lights on around 4PM Sunday.

  12. This will be a tough game, Steelers D is tough as is but in their own house it will be even tougher.
    No chance the Steelers O will have two TDs. As for the classless, uneducated fans and convicts on the team … The Black and Yellow-Ocher does not need to look any further than the next mirror ….
    I always look forward to the Steelers-Ravens games … both playing very similar football … as for looking up … don’t know Ravens won a championship in their first decade of existens as the Steelers until the 70s were the prime example of 5 decades of absolute futility ….
    anyways the games are still played on the field … I always expect to split with the Steelrs, so this should go to the home team ….

  13. i believe that leftwich should start. I saw what Batch did last week and not to take anything away from that performance, but i honestly think that tampa’s defense isn’t so good and that ravens defense will tear batch up when it gets to crunch time.

  14. Oh, that Ravens defense that Petyon Hillis just ran over for, what was it, 400 yards last week with Cleveland. Pretty scary, gotta admit. Maybe the Steelers should just stay home.

  15. The Steelers look like, well the Steelers. Maybe its those jerseys but those guys always are kicking some ass on the field. How great would it be to have a Steelers vs Bears SB at Jerrysplace.
    Love Polamalu’s nose dive on the QB last week. That is known as giving it up. Take notice 49ers, that is how the game is meant to be played.

  16. Isn’t it good to see all of these Steeler fans now, it wasn’t but a few months ago they were cursing their team and calling for Tomlin’s head! Now that the team is playing well and Tomlin has once again proven that he is an NFL headcoach, they’re giving credit to ownership! BS fans……
    Ravens win 24-14………

  17. Pouncey will make a difference in this game he is manhandling NT’s … Ravens middle looked very shaky last week … if they can pound the rock and Ray Rice is gimpy like our chances …

  18. In Baltimore, Sunday night, implications on the line, in his first career start, Dennis Dixon almost beat these guys without Pola and Smith..
    Batch and the boys should have an easier time with a veteran QB at home with the 2 most important guys on defense back.

  19. @kravon
    Does anyone else think this guy is a huge douche for his stupid signature? Go by a sports car if you need to feel important.
    I know fans of both teams for see a win, but I think, like all Steeler vs. Raven games, it will be right down to the wire. If I had to pick, I would say the Ravens sneak by, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if the Steelers won. I’m pretty sure you could put Florio and MDS in at QB for both teams and these games would still be down to the wire. Can’t wait to watch it.

  20. This just in. NFL announces teams go to 18 games but caves in to CBS request that the Steelers play the Ravens four times. It’s Yankees-Red Sox with collisions.
    Steelers get a break playing Ravens going into bye week. They can recover. Not so Ravens. They go to New England. Takes the Pats to the bank! This game takes too much out of both teams.
    Ed Reed (when healthy) and Troy. James Harrison and Ray Lewis. We’re talking serious defense. You’ll need to wear a helmet in your man cave.

  21. LOVE it when the Ravens play the Steelers! Absolutely love it! Two very tough physical teams with a lot of mutual respect for each other.
    Of course I believe the Steelers can and will win, but I do expect a close game. I can’t see the Steelers defense bending much and at home playing in cooler weather, so that makes them the favorite to me. So if the offense can sustain some drives, score a few points and use up some clock, while not making big mistakes, the Steelers should win.
    Batch did get lucky a few times last week, but you need luck. I think we still have to air it out long a few times again to stretch the Ravens defense from stacking up to stop the run. Use Miller more please! Also, a few screens and play actions might help.
    Been looking forward to this game since last season! LOVE IT!!
    And after this, BEN RETURNS!!

  22. As usual, Ravens-Steelers will be a bloodbath.
    Ray Rice is a little banged up in the knee but should be able to split carries with Willie Mac. I’ve got a feeling that the Stooler O-line is gonna have a hard time running if Mt Cody plays this game. He owned Pouncey in last years Championship game and is quite familiar with him. Ravens D went light on the line against the Browns to carry extra backs to contain Cribbs, which led to Hillis having a monster game. That WON’T happen Sunday.
    I’ve got a feeling this comes down to the Ravens O vs Stoolers D. The Stooler D is playing lights out but I’m not sure their corners can handle a physical Anquan Bolden leaping up to snatch throws coming his way. If the Ravens can’t handle the rush and give Joe enough time, it could be a long game. Hopefully Cam will react to what’s happening in the game and adjust accordingly- unlike what happened against Cincy.
    Hoping the Ravens pull out the victory but I’ve got a feeling the home team pulls out a sqeeker at the end.
    Ravens 10
    Steelers 13

  23. @rjgreen3 …
    Your fanbase may be single-minded like the Borg, but ours isn’t. Different people have different views on the coach, the QB, and a lot of other issues.
    I’ve been throwing major love Tomlin’s way since his press conference after our loss to the Pats in his first season. Knew then he was my kinda guy. And I give him total props for SBXLIII. His team, his coaching. Love the Rooneys, love Tomlin, think Ben sometimes needs a good kick in the pants but he never assaulted anyone and I can’t wait ’til he gets back. 10-17-10! Love LeBeau, love Charlie. And have always said Arians is better than he showed us last year. The only guy I didn’t love (Zierlein) was sent packing in the off season, so it’s all good with me.

  24. Charlie Batch should have been the starter from week 1. He has always been a reliable QB and he has the record to prove it!!!!! He knows the Steelers playbook forward and backwards. He does not need limited plays. Although both Leftwitch and Dixon are good, Batch has been the long time quality backup for the team and should not have been treated as a stepchild in preseason. If Tomlin doesn’t like him, maybe the Whiz will pick him up for the Cards.

  25. Floppo will live up to his usual status against the steelers. A Big Flop . Ray Lewis will be running around jabbering making no plays so he can get camera time.
    Steelers 20
    Ravens 9

  26. This Sunday you’ll see why batch was not even the backup to lil ben. Ravens defense is a tad better that the bucs!

  27. Stat line that will make the difference:
    Flacco – 13-28 190 yds, 1 TD 2INTs, 2 Fumbles lost
    Batch – 19-25 225, 2 TD 1 INT
    Just my guess, flacco makes more mistakes and pulls a Boller for the 3rd time this season….Boldin wont be able to save him like he could in Baltimore against the Browns….

  28. Having Troy back helps a lot and I think having Aaron Smith back is a making a bigger difference than is being recognized.
    The biggest difference that no one is talking about is not having special teams lose the game. Having all three phases play winning ball is fun to watch.

  29. @Holeinone09
    How is the “cooler” temperature going to give Pittsburgh an advantage? It will be 57 on Sunday in that depressing hole Sh*tsburgh. This isn’t Miami traveling to Green Bay in late December. Get real, these dudes will be sweating their sack off in pregame stretches.
    Purple City Bird Gang – 17
    Sh*tsburgh – 7

  30. @sacgrabby:
    Pretty sure he meant it would be a relief to be back to the Steelers’ own climate after two weeks in the south, not that it would be an advantage over Baltiwhore.

  31. It is so easy to pick out the homers in the comments. The bottom line is that this will most likely be a close game. I expect the same I get everytime I see these teams play: Hard hitting, smash-mouth football.
    I am a Ravens fan so I hope they win, but the season isnt over if they lose. I believe the keys to a Ravens win are as follows
    1. The offense has to find a way to keep out of third and long situations.
    2. The run defense has to bounce back from their performance against the Browns. I agree with Mike Tomlin that giving up 140 yards to Hillis might be worse for the Steelers than if he had only gotten 40. I am hoping for an angry defense ready to prove their capabilities.
    3. Put Batch on his back early. He is a perennial back-up for a reason. They need to limit his opportunity to get into a groove.
    4. Limit turnovers on offense and create them on defense. The Ravens are currently -6 in that department
    Keys for the Steelers:
    1. protect Charlie Batch. The O-line is going to need to play well. I predict a lot of early screens to counter the Ravens pass rush.
    2. play the same defense they have been playing
    3. Score quickly to make the Ravens play catch up.

  32. The game will be decided between the Steeler’s D which played lights out and the Ravens O which has been shakey so far.
    The Steelers O will be an absolute non-factor. Maybe the Steelers should listen to their own coache’s press conference. Heap has more yards than your entire receiving corps…
    Your o-line has not faced anything like Ngata, Suggs, Lewis and possibly Cody …
    The two players on the Steelers that scare me the most are Woodley and Harrison but on your offense …. Mendenhall is no fullback and the Ravens D is great against the run. Hillis was just the 4th runner to get 100 yards in almsot 60 games. The run was not what the D was focusing on but the receivers. Just like the Steelers will take away the Ravens run and force Flacco to beat them.
    There is no way in hell the Steelers get even close to 20 points not even with a returned INT.
    My guess is Steelers 16 – 13 Ravens but more likely some crap result like 9 – 6.

  33. sacdaddy says:
    September 29, 2010 8:25 AM
    How is the “cooler” temperature going to give Pittsburgh an advantage? It will be 57 on Sunday in that depressing hole Sh*tsburgh.
    Did they film the “Wire” in Pittsburgh? I’d be careful ripping other cities when you come from the sweaty crotch and ball sack of America.
    Legendary Only-Team-With-Six Pittsburgh Steelers 13
    Crackmore Bunk&McNulty Rubbletown Projects Ratbirds 9

  34. I cannot wait for the Ravens to give you stinker fans a reality check! Your team will be lucky to have 175 yards of offense the entire game against the number 1 ( thats right #1 )Ravens pass defense. Oh and if you think your gnna run the ball well as Harbaugh said “good luck” I hope the stinkers hand the ball off 55 times. I guess at that rate you will get about 80 yards…..
    Oh and to the IDIOT 6sixtimechamps, Get a life, and incase you have not noticed there are more criminals on your team than the Ravens!
    You know why there are so many Steelers fans everywhere ? Because there is nothing in Pittsburgh worth staying for ( includng the team ) So they move everywhere else!

  35. @somesome:
    “don’t know Ravens won a championship in their first decade of existens as the Steelers until the 70s were the prime example of 5 decades of absolute futility …. ”
    ok, first hole in this logic is that the team was RELOCATED, from CLEVELAND (with how many SB wins/appearances in their history?), not an expansion franchise as your post would suggest…steelers were established in ’33 and won the first in ’75. check your math there chief!

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